Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0 RC for Download

Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0 RC for Download

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My teammate Peg McNicol, product manager for Windows Vista Application Compatibility, wanted to share some news:  

This past weekend the application compatibility team passed a major milestone as they posted the release candidate of the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.0 on the web for download. ACT 5.0 RC is an all in one tool to help IT pros collect, analyze and share application compatibility information.  I think that the cool thing about ACT is that it is based on requirements from our IT Pros and is intended to make their lives easier. It helps scope the work that needs to be done in an enterprise, to ensure they are strategically investing their time. By providing a single place that shows Microsoft's test results, alongside reports from the ISVs and other IT Pros, ACT 5.0 makes it simple to find the areas that need focus within the enterprise.  ACT 5.0 RC also has compatibility evaluators to detect the common application compatibility issues that LOB and other applications might have on Windows Vista.

If you are an IT Pro responsible for deployment, you should go to the connect website and download the ACT product guide and the new toolkit.

The team has done a ton of work and taken in much of the feedback from the beta version (if you were involved in the ACT 5.0 beta THANK YOU!) Some of the changes to look for:

New Vista Compatibility Evaluators (GINA, Session 0, Deprecated Components)

  • Devices support
  • Developer and Tester Tools - IE Test Tool, Standard User Analyzer, Setup Analysis
  • Compatibility Administrator
  • Support for upgrade
  • Changes to UIA reporting
  • Filtering and Custom Reports

We've also posted some screenshots of the new tool to the image gallery for you to check out:  Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0 Start Page and Sample Report.

- Peg

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  • thanx for sharing but i also use that one which is mentioned above.anyways thanx for sharing

  • I am using ACT 5.0 for migration of one application from Windows XP to Vista.

    But I could not get any issues listed. In Some PCs I could get only .xml files when I execute the package file created.

    Anybody could help me in this regard

  • I am using ACT 5.0 on Windows Server 2003 and I have various client computers on the network. If I distribute the package for data collection will computers with XP PRO SP1 also report to the Server or only SP2 computers will do?


  • Hey "Alex Heaton",thx for share


  • fabere
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    I tried to install a copy of RC1 I purchased for 5 bucks today. No go on both my desktop (3.1 Gig CPU & 2GB RAM) or my laptop (1.2Gig & 1 GB Ram). If I'd have allowed the install to progress, I'd have been unable to access my cable modem, had no Norton AV or Internet Security use of my PalmSync, or Digital Camera, etc.


  • Sephiroth
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    TCD:  I'm curious as to how things went with you new notebook.  Keep us updated.

  • There is a problem in Windows Vista, will you fix it? Just look :

    My e-mail:

  • Condor, I had a similar problem with my old desktop PCI network card with RC1 and RC2 of Vista.  Vista would not recognise my Linksys LNE100TX(v5) Fast Ethernet Adapter.

    But that PCI card is way way old so I kinda expected it, probably 4-5 years old.  Hopefully by the time Vista is released notebook vendors will recognise what drivers are needed for their older machines to upgrade smoothly to Vista and offer upgrade advice + updated downloads on their websites.

  • Condor
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    My comment is not about app compat but it is more basic than that. Yesterday I was at a Technet event in the Netherlands (great event) where an install fair was set up for a Vista Demo image. I participated with a 3 year old laptop. The onboard NIC was not recognized (legacy driver, after 3 years?), so the network installation did not work. The Upgrade Advisor result for this laptop is that there are no problems, just a comment to download new NIC drivers after (DVD) installation of Vista. No problem for me, but how is a not so PC-savy user possessing only one slightly older PC (say, three years old) going to connect to the Internet after installation of Vista, when then the NIC does not work anymore? Is Vista only for brand new machines?