Microsoft's Biggest Launch Ever Has Begun

Microsoft's Biggest Launch Ever Has Begun

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Today's multi-product launch has shaped up to the biggest ever in the history of Microsoft product launches.  CEO Steve Ballmer appeared at NASDAQ headquarters in New York City to announce the Business Value Launch of Windows Vista, 2007 Office System and Exchange Server 2007 and we were able to experience the event first-hand.

Before the press conference, Steve Ballmer turned up at NASDAQ to "press the button" to open the day's trading on the exchange.  Here are some shots of him as shown on the NASDAQ's huge display screen in Times Square in NYC.

NASDAQ BV Launch 2 

NASDAQ BV Launch 1

NASDAQ BV Launch 3

At the press conference immediately following, Steve highlighted how Windows Vista, 2007 Office System and Exchange Server 2007 will help companies seeking to run "people-ready" businesses.  With Windows Vista and 2007 Office System, users now have tools that will help them do their jobs more efficiently.  In part, this means finding the right information at the right time -- usually right now.  Further, both Windows Vista and 2007 Office System offer "live previews" of the potential changes a user could make to documents, spreadsheets and presentations so s/he can quickly tell whether a given change works for that document or not.  In other words, no longer must you rely so extensively on the Undo function.

Rather than blow our own horn, we had customers tell the story at this event.  For instance, Interknowlogy and the Scripps Research Institute talked about a new application they designed together that takes advantage of the .NET 3.0 Framework running on Windows Vista in conjunction with SharePoint 2007, in Scripps' efforts to detect and fight cancer.  Their application literally allows you to drag a Word Document "onto" a hi-res graphic of a specific protein molecule, thereby combining the two documents and uploading them to SharePoint 2007.  Anyone using the application can then browse to that protein molecule and see the associated Word document.

Now that businesses have access to Windows Vista and 2007 Office System, we've only just begun.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  when it comes to the consumer market launch of these two products, stay on your toes and keep reading this blog, as we've got some amazing things in store for you between now and the end of January!

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  • Mobile
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    well Nick white you have shared a very vital info with us! i appreciate it.

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Ciao MAUPOL:  your Microsoft Account Manager would be better able to provide you an exact date, but I understand that Italian for VLs is either already available or is expected to be very shortly.

    1 Posts

    Hi Nick,

    do you know the release date for the italian localized versions for business volume licences subscribers? we want start installing to power users.... Mant thanks.

  • That is great news Nick. I will definately be on board this cruise. I think community feedback is an excellent way to inprove Q.C.

    Thanks again

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey mesean13:  

    Actually, since the license change (due to community feedback), your interpretation of the Windows Vista license is no longer correct, per this post:

    In other words, "you may uninstall the software and install it on another device for your use."

    Hopefully this helps.

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey calligaris:  definitely not.  We continue to recommend using anti-virus software on all versions of Windows -- this is what Jim Allchin's recent blog post was about:

  • I am concerned about Vista"s EULA and it's policy towards installation. I am a hobby computer upgrader and I frequently upgrade components. If I were to install it on my hard drive now and then later create a RAID array and reinstall, I would not be allowed to install it again if let's say my

    hard drive took a big dump, which it eventually will. What gives M.S?

  • Others who have submitted bug reports have received free copies, I submitted dozens related to ALC660 driver issues, among other bugs, no free here..  Also wasn't invited to the Power Together program, can't be a partner...NTFS come on... I'll stick with Xp until they phase out or offer something better than Vista...

  • I was invited to the Irish Tech Community Launch in Dublin today, and everyone who attends receives a full free license for Vista Home Premium, If we get the DVD today and the small print on the EULA remain to be seen. But its a nice little Thank you,

    and yes I did Beta test and Believe me every error I found was sent back with gusto, Don't complain about Bugs when you had the chance to error report!!

  • phopp
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    Glad the launch is happening, as part of that we just ghosted a few of our machines and were going to upgrade them to Vista Business(or possibly Vista Enterprise/Ultimate with Software Assurance) but we've hit a minor snag.  We haven't been able to find Active Directory/Domain Controller management tools for Vista anywhere.  Any updates on when those will be published/downloadable, or links to more info.

  • Gabriel
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    Sephiroth, I agree although the number of people who downloaded Vista is probably much higher than the number of people who actually installed, used and reported bugs on it. But I'm done groveling. Now I'm just looking forward to the goodies Nick is hinting at PLUS whatever goodies Steve Jobs offers at MacWorld in early January. Business is, after all, business. ;)

  • Sephiroth
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    It's very, very unlikely that Microsoft will give us a deal.  I think there are about 3 million people who downloaded the beta versions.  That's a lot of money to lose if you do the math, right Nick and Steve?

  • I am wondering if all the people who have Beta Tested Vista all the way through the development will get a deal on the final product, I will look for a posting on this because this is the best operating system available for the common user as well as developers...truely cutting edge!

  • Thanks.


  • Sorry the images bother you guys. I think its pretty cool the celebrated the release of these products at NASDAQ and displayed it on the big screen at Times Square. I also thought the press conference wasn't too bad. I thought it would be pushy or markety but it wasn't. And after using Vista for many months both in beta and now in out, Ballmer really hit some really good key features like search and UI changes that making working with data a lot better. One of my favorite features of both Office 2007 and Vista together is the "live previews".

    I try not to base decisions on buying software based by the specific company's CEO though ;-)

  • Sephiroth
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    You know, images of those guys kinda reminded me of the movie, "V for Vendetta."

  • Gabriel
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    Those images of Steve Ballmer make me much less likely to purchase Windows Vista.

  • Sephiroth
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    Everyone should take a look at PC World Magazine's report on Windows Vista.  There are some errors in their report.  Here's the link:,127629-page,1/article.html

    This will be out in their January's issue.

  • Andy
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    Not sure whether that is true or not !

    I feel that Vista will be alot more secure but at the end of the day all OS are susceptible to viruses, as long as you have a good virus checker then you have no problem.

  • Is there any truth to this?

    "Vista vulnerable to malware from 2004",130061744,339272506,00.htm

  • Albert
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    That last sentence just gets me so about being a And Nick, I just barely read your little line at the bottom, the last sentence, rub it anymore on our faces?...LOL. J/k, it's good to show off all of those Microsoftie perks.

  • Love the Scripps Research Institute, I drive past there at least once a week on the way to SKCC.  Small world, its great to see technology being used for such a worthy cause to help speed up basic research into cancer and other diseases.  Computing tools like the application developed in .NET can make a big difference, hopefully in the Future with Vista combined with the TCPA computing will continue to move us forward to a better future.

    Hopefully with effective development of the TCPA in the future, maybe signed documents will eventually be a thing of the past for big Pharm and Biotech, and drug manufacturing can be sped up, making the drugs of tomorrow cheaper, and safer, so many possibilities!