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Today is the day.  All Editions of Windows Vista are finally available to anyone and everyone in the general public!


Thank you to everyone in the community (more than 5M testers) who contributed to making this the best OS we've ever released!

And, remember that you can purchase and download Windows Vista from your desk or on the road via Windows Marketplace

Windows Marketplace

Also, it's worth mentioning that, with the release of the retail version of Windows Vista, the support for the Customer Preview Program has ended.  Again, thanks to all the users who participated and provided Microsoft their valuable customer feedback.

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  • home1st
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    i am having trouble downloading msn messanger

    it states you do not have permission required to install windows live messenger on this computer contact a person with full permission. ok if i am the only one that uses this laptop how do i do it?

  • Nick White
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    Hey jhay88:  you're probably thinking of the features offered in Windows Vista Ultimate, about which you can find out more here:

  • jhay88
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    I have a question that I can't find an answer for so maybe you can help me out. Are there any Power Toys availible for Vista like we had for XP??? If not plans for those in the future???

  • windows vista is a big waste of money. i hate it. i have wasted 400 dollars on ultimate when i could have got mediacenter for 110. windows copies mac too much. especialy on vista. please for the sake of your money do not nuy vista. but hey you dont have to listen, its just my opinion.!!

  • The process of switching users will get slower depending on the amount of applications you have running when you switch users. I would post your Fast User Switching problems over on Microsoft's Windows Vista Public Newsgroups as I know support folks are looking at issues there:

    In regards to PictureIt Pro 7.0 - I own a copy of this and I installed it on a XP Virtual Image and ran the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. The Upgrade Advisor doesn't pick it up as a incompatible application.

    However its important to note that PictureIt 7.0 is pretty old and Microsoft no longer supports it.

    You can see that Picture It 7.0 left the extended support phase on Dec. 31st, 2005:

    PictureIt has been replaced with the new Microsoft Digital Image Suit:

    - Brandon

  • clay58
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    I have Vista Home Premium and I am very satisfied with the OS except for two things. First off, the process of switching users is horribly SLOW. It takes 90 Seconds on average to switch users. This is horrible and worse than XP. What gives with this slow switching time. Also my Microsoft Picture It Pro 7.0 software will not function properly in Vista. I cannot believe Microsoft would not even create a system that will run their own software. I await a response from you Microsoft.

  • Sighs...looks like my issue is going nowhere Nick, I'l be contacting you shortly.

  • GS-SSCIA-Fox, my apologies I was a bit snappish that day after getting off the phone with HP, Palm Treo, and Dell Tech support for making sure that they knew I need 64 Bit Device drivers for my 0 to 2 year old products, they were a bit novice in there understanding, and one did not know even what a device driver was.

    P.S. I consider my knowledge about computers average, however the novice users look unto me as a genious.......sighs. Although I've been using and playing with computers since the Commodore 64 days, yet I know very little about coding or writting html. I just know how to find and diagnose software and hardware problems. And I'd never do that as a career, I've got very little patience for helping the novice users, I endured 2 years of ISP Call Center Technical Support and I got burned out of my patience. :D

  • Nick, thanks for your response, I'm waiting for a response still, as my case worker was off sick, I have rescheduled for Wed the 14th for a callback, but I will have to reschedule that as I have to update a certification that has expired on me for work tomorrow. I will let you know, I can provide you the case ID through your private email if you so request it.

  • Hey Nick: no, ALT-TAB wasnt it.. im well aware of alt-tab. I could swear I saw this “third view”, as described in my first post. The presenter from Microsoft had nice setup with a few networked PC’s and a bunch of virtual PC’s on one of the computers for various demos. The Vista Launch event was put on by Microsoft so I really don’t think they would demo a third party app that did this. Now he did demo the ultimate extra, DreamScene, which is something we just got today, patch Tuesday…o wait, the dreamscene patch just says it’s a preview. Could a third view like that possibly be another ultimate extra that he demoed that just isn’t available yet?

    I’ve searched a bunch of sites with no mention of anything like this so I’m starting to doubt myself on this third view thing… maybe I’m seeing things but I thought I saw it demoed at the event.

  • pkarlos_76: My apologies for misreading your post, by simply overlooking “IE 7” in the third line down, your entire post sounds like your having a problem with activating your copy of Windows and you’re trying to go through general support versus Microsoft’s activation hotline.

    To clarify myself, I have no knowledge of your technical background and you are very correct that there is a difference between activation and product registration. I work with end users all day long who in some cases are very novice computer users and others are very experienced. Because of this, I have to adapt my terminology to meet the level of the user I am trying to support. The term “registration” was used in this case to keep the terminology consistent with what you had in your post so it doesn’t confuse the person I’m trying to help. One much more common example would be a user calling in and saying he has a problem with his printer and asks if he should bring in the “hard drive” with the printer. So you tell him to bring in the printer with the computer, the big box that everything plugs into. The user responds with “The hard drive right?” ……. Um… “yeah, bring in the hard drive”

    LOL, you gotta hand it to me though, if you WERE having trouble with activation, I fired off just about every question needed to help resolve the issue.

  • Nick White
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    Hey GS-SSCIA-Fox:  it sounds like you're referring to the new view available via ALT-TAB?  Give that a try and see if it's what you're thinking of.

    With respect to your second question, you can find the video on that other, non-MSN Soapbox video sharing site, by simply searching for "microsoft 'share the pain' video" on Live Search.

  • Nick White
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    Hey pkarlos_76:  thanks for the notice of this (and for the compliment!) -- I'll do some digging and see if there is an explanation as to why you've had this experience.  Also, let me know directly if your issue is not resolved satisfactorily.

  • BTW keep in mind that registration, activation, and product key are 3 different things. registration is you providing identifying information to MS to say hey I own this product with this product key associated with it, so no one can steal it from you. Activation is the electronic process by which your computers says hey I'm a valid copy of vista, can I legitimize this users copy and generate a valid product key. The product key is virtual item that when provided to MS says hey this user is a legitimate user go ahead and help him. Sorry for the mispelling in my previous post.

  • No my registration issue has nothing to do with my    support issue. You have completely misunderstood my post. Please reread it. I said I encountered this issue as a result of the browser issue which caused me to attempt to get Tech Support and resulted in this product ID not being supported in North America which is generated by the activation key. The install was a fresh Retail Edition 64 bit install on only one computer. Skip the whole thing about the browser and reread the issue I experienced. No errors were experienced, and MS said both keys were valid. if you noticed I said registration worked with the 64 bit edition of the browser, that was not my issue. My issue was in obatining tech support using the product key, which seems to be only valid in the UK.

  • Hey pkarlos_76: A few questions for you.

    You state that is worked on the 64bit edition but not on the 32 bit. Are you trying to install the 64-bit on one computer AND the 32 bit version on another computer, using the same copy (well different DVD, but same box copy) of windows?

    If you are only taking about a single computer, and have tried the 64 bit version and found it to work, then your PC must be 64 bit capable. In this case, why install the 32-bit verison? You CAN install x86 (32-bit) programs when running Vista's 64 bit edition without any problems. Vista even sorts out x86 app's and stores them in a seperate programs folder.

    You say you cant register.. Vista will normally let you register over the internet, if that doesnt work, the next best option is to register by phone. Note that i am not saying contact MS support.. when the window pops up for registration, look for the option to do this over the phone, this is a different hotline then the support number.

    As far as the key not working, Did you use the key when installing vista (during installation, not post install)? If so, did it work fine and continue setup without errors? If so, i would assume your product key is ok. If you right click on computer and go to properties, does the version of vista listed on there match the one you bought?

    Going back to the registration, after you click on the phone option, it should open a window that lets you select a phone number in the drop down box and below that it should generate a series of numbers, in groups of 5 or 6, that you will need to read out to the automated phone system, or live rep, if the automated system cant help you. Does it generate this group of numbers?

    If you can answer all of the above questions, this will narrow down where the problem may lie.

  • Hey rod12345678910: First off, OEM copies of Vista require that you purchase the unit with a new PC, in which case it should come with Vista pre-installed, or that you purchase it with a qualifying piece of hardware, as-in your biulding a new PC. With that said, if your trying to install this on an existing computer (running windows xp or 2000) than OEM is not the option. For this, you would need the Retail-Upgrade copy of Vista. Or, for a PC running some other OS or older verison and you would like to install Vista, you will need a full version of the retail product.

    regaurding installation on multiple PC's, Each copy of Vista is only good for one computer. It is my understanding that the EULA has changed to allow you to remove the installation from one computer and install it to another but any other configuration such as installing a single copy of vista on 2 or more PC's violates Microsoft's EULA. Volume Licenses are avalible if you need to install it on many PC's.

  • Hey Nick, When i was at a Vista Launch event for IT pro's, i thought i saw a third way to see/toggle through multiple open windows at the same time. There was flip 3d (windows key+tab), flip (Alt+Tab), and i thought i saw a third one that pulled up all the open windows and put them side by side, but taking up the whole screen like flip 3d does. similar to how quick tabs does it for IE7 exept larger and for all open windows, not ie7 tabs. Do you know what the hot key would be for this?

    Also, i cant remember the name of the MS rep that did the event, but he was going post up the "share the pain" video on his blog, do you know where i can get this?


  • I have a an intriguing story of personal experience with a retail ultimate vista full edition in which I purchased from CompuSmart here in Canada and it's Product ID key. I recently decided to take advantage of the 90 day support cycle due to a problem I encountered while trying to register my Windows Vista with IE 7 32 bit edition which did not work, but did work with the 64 bit edition by the way. Here are the steps I used;

    - Goto and under Support New Products click "Windows Vista"

    - Next I clicked on "Contacts" in the left menu and then clicked on "Contact a support professional by chat, e-mail, or phone. Live chat support may be available to you."

    - Next under the Select a Product options I clicked on the windows vista ultimate version I was using which is "Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition (All Languages)" Also please note the language in the top left corner that is selected which in my case is "Canada".

    - I then was presented with 3 options, Email Support, Individual Chat Support, and Phone Support, keep in mind I tried both Email support and Individual Chat Support and obtained the same result.

    - I then clicked on "Start Email Request" to take advanatge of my 90 day support period.

    - I am now presented with the option to Select a computer, I then chose " Yes, this Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition (All Languages) problem is on the computer I am using now " because the issue was ont his computer that I am using and clicked the "Continue" button.

    - This next step I am presented with the options  " Let Microsoft locate the product identification number(PID) To help resolve your problem more quickly, your product ID number and other technical information will be collected by the file that downloaded to your computer. ", so I try this option and am presented with message after a few seconds " We could not find your product ID number automatically. Please enter a product ID number below." So I try the second option "Type the product identification number.

    How to find your product identification number? I get this from my "System" option in the control panel which lists the product ID key and enter it and I get the following message "The product ID number you entered is not supported in the country that you have selected. Enter another product ID number or select a different support option below." So I reenter the number with the dashes and get the same result.

    - I then change my region or language in the top left corner by clicking on it to change to "United States", and repeat the process and get the same result. I then at the behest of the MS Support Case work that I contacted by phone try "United Kingdom", in which I am presented with Email Support and Phone Support options, and no Chat Support option. This works for the Email support option, however I'm in the UK.

    - My MS Case Worker contacts MS Customer Service and they advance my Retail Vista Ultimate key product ID key is in fact a Windows XP key according to them, so the generate me a new key and we repeat the process all over again only to come to the same result.

    - My assigned case worker is currently working on finding a solution right now and we have my fourth call back scheduled for tomorrow. Also to note I worked for a outsource company at one time that took MS Windows XP Tech Support Calls, so I questioned my case worker if she in fact worked for a outsourced company, her silence and avoidance of the question indicated that this is indeed the case. Because outsource companies are on a need to know basis with Microsoft, I feel that my issue may not get resolved, which is why I wish to bring this to the attention of a well respected site.

  • Hi

    I am interested in purchasing the OEM or Retail versions of Windows Vista.

    How many times can you install Windows Vista with a retail version compared to a OEM version using the same purchased product key????

    What Im saying can I install Windows vista (Retail version) on 5 machines using the same product key???? Thanks

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey mesaboogie:  the Upgrade Advisor is a beta tool at this point.  You computer will run fine with a DVD-ROM drive, even if the tool happened to indicate otherwise.

  • DON
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    Well nick, I like vista, But like xp, at first I have some issues, Lost all shared printers and shares xp computers, Ive read about it a rried alot, but still when will the fix be

  • u2v
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    It's here and it looks good! You can't beat Dutch design:

  • Hey, when I ran the advisor, It failed to noticed that I had a DVD Rom???? This is a pretty poor advisor. I have a year old viao TX650P..... which I wanted to upgrade..Looks like I'm not upgrading, it's tooooooo bad microsoft lost another sale/ and probably customer. I'm also now looking at mac laptops for my kids vs. pc's............. very long time pc guy going over to the other side.....

  • SthAus
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    I note the "rave" review by MitchelK and suggests he try to be a real user upgrading with a Vista Upgrade product. Noting the availability of a MS antivirus product, I thought I'd upgrade my Toshiba M40 notebook to Vista to get rid of the all consuming Symantec product.

    I bought a legitimate copy of both Vista and MS Office Pro 2007 from a large retailer in Adelaide, and went to install them. I activated my trial of MS Office 2007 with the new key, and it seemed to register. I then installed Vista upgrade over my XP SP2, latest updates etc system. After the more than 2 hour install, Internet Explorer would not work, Windows Explorer crashed every few minutes.

    I ended up doing a further install of Vista, this time as a "clean" install. I had all my files on my Genie Backup Pro data set on an external drive, and assumed I'd get a real "clean" install. Instead, all my files were shoved into a "Old.Windows" directory, and somehow apeared in My Documents, but with curious permission settings. Certainly most OS functions now seem to be there, but my accounting software (Quick Books) no longer works - it seems to have been  un-registered in the Registry, and Office 2007 went west. On re-install of Office 2007, it failed to register online, thinking there was a license exception - which cost a lot of time.

    Norton AntiVirus is now back on my machine,as is Office Pro 2007 after queueing on the phone registration system for a very long time. Ive spent two days working with licensed versions of Vista and Office Pro2007 to overcome the problems of this "commercial release". I am not impressed. And I'm no novice at computers - I started working with Control Data and Digital equipment in the late 1960s.

    My wife asks why I upgraded and I have to say, I have no answer other than temporary insanity!

  • pee
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    hello. i have bought vista ultimate, and the problem is the next: i have 2 hard-drives, and i can install to drive"H" because on drive C and G not enough free space. but the installation process, cant see the drive H :(... i can install to the drive C, but i need my Xp too.. can you help me??


  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey someone:  If you buy an upgrade to Ultimate from Premium using Windows Anytime Upgrade, you can order a 64-bit DVD as part of the ordering process of the upgrade.  When you receive the disc, you would need to install 64-bit version of Premium and activate it using the product key that came with your Premium edition, and then install the Ultimate key (which will be placed in the Digital Locker online for you -– see the confirmation email) and then perform the upgrade to Ultimate using the same DVD.

  • I have a real issue with Microsoft and it's ability to deliver " Express Windows Vista Upgrade " upgrades in Europe from it's distribution centre. All the people who have " Express Windows Vista Upgrade " upgrades seem to be having to go to one centre in Europe - isn't this a monopoly situation that the EU should look into.

    Not only that it is almost impossible to contact any one, there is nothing about delivery dates on the web site, in this centre to find out when you will get your upgrade as either get engaged or nothing at all....if you do get through then you end up in a call waiting system.....for hours and then it drops out...

    Microsoft...are you listen... you may have written a better operating system this time round but your logistics of delivering it to your customer base bad at best and is ru******h at best....

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey susang:  when we met with Best Buy employees and managers during our Coach Tour, they mentioned an internal set of trainings that were available to BB employees.  Alternatively, you might check out the WV Product Guide, which is linked to here on the blog in several entries.

  • Nick White
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    Hey garyb:  all versions of Windows Vista are indeed now available; it may be that you're looking for a version that is not carried by a particular retailer.  I do know that there are large online retailers who offer all versions, both full and upgrade, ready for order.

  • susang
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    do you know of a Vista Training Disc?

    I work with best buy and would love to have something for training other than the best buy elearning.

  • I, too, would like to hear something about the Vista EU pricing, even though I'm in the USA.  I doubt Nick or any of the technical folks here on this blog will know much about that aspect of Windows, however.

    garyb -- the fact that your local Best Buy screwed up and gave you inaccurate information is irrelevant.  Why in the world would you want Best Buy to install Vista for you anyway?  Can't you install a hard drive yourself?  Copies of all versions of Vista are available at numerous retailers.  I bought my copies online and they arrive today.

  • I hope this is the correct place to post this, if not please let me know where is best and will duly post it there.

    Firstly I DO NOT work for Microsoft. That might just settle some of you Microsoft haters out there. I also work extensively with Linux and have done so for over 12 years and still do. I have also in that time worked extensively with MAC operating systems and still do. So you can say I have done them all. They are ALL great and I cannot stand these little wimpering idiots out there who cannot find any happiness in their lives except to run someone or something down at their every opportunity. Simply put Microsoft products are great, they are more user friendly, they cater to the masses and they work. Sure they have security holes but so does MAC, Linux and the rest. (Yes they DO !!!) And as I say Linux, Mac and the rest are also great products.

    I have been using Microsoft products since DOS version 1. I have really been through all the ups and downs and growing pains with Microsoft over many years now both personally and professionally.

    In years past each new operating system release was a nightmare to say the least with virtually 50% + of hardware never working after an upgrade resulting more often than not in an immediate downgrade and a WAIT until Service Pack 1 scenario. Well that has certainly been the case as far as most Microsoft OS Releases goes. I got Vista from MSDN during early December and did not install it until Mid-January when I got my new laptop. In fact the day I opened the box of my brand new Acer Laptop, I took a look around the preloaded XP for an hour or two and though what the hell let me load Vista. The drive was wiped and Vista was loading.

    The installation was the smoothest I have ever seen from Microsoft. It took the better part of 20 minutes and the system was up and running and Microsoft can certainly be commended for that. Not even Linux, Mac OS or anything I have ever worked with has loaded to completion in such a short time. For large corporations and system admins this is going to be the biggest time saver ever.

    I then took a look around this snazzy and snappy new Vista (Aero) interface. Of course Microsoft spent a lot of time on creating a really great interface. At first it's a bit confusing but it took me an hour or two and it was second nature. I did however turn on my Windows Classic start menu, the new start menu (while intelligent) is a lot slower than using the classic menu. The new visual features like page flipping are truly awesome and fast.

    I had to turn off User Account Control (UAC). Being an advanced user and a security expert it was very annoying for me BUT the new User Account Control is a great security feature and will certainly STOP a lot of this spyware, adware, conware, hoaxware and cr*pware from ever loading on your machine.

    Microsoft certainly put a LOT of hard work and actually listened to users input when they designed this OS. It's the first release EVER that I have not uninstalled within an hour. I got used to it quickly. Every piece of software I own (and I have lots) all work just dandy. All my hardware works although I had to download a few hundred megs of driver updates but STILL it all works just fine. Not to mention that Vista is fast .. much faster than XP ran on the same laptop. It really flies and is the snappiest (best word to explain it) interface ever that I have worked with.

    Now lets talk stability. Having been built on a Windows 2003 base I can certainly say this is the most stable Desktop operating system I have ever worked with (Mac and Linux included). In 10 days since I installed it I have had NOT ONE error, NOT ONE crash .. NOT ONE NOTHING !!!! Sometimes I think I must pinch myself because I must be dreaming but WOW this OS seriously ROCKS. Being a developer I was of course concerned about Visual Studio 2005 running but so far everything works. I had to apply a Visual Studio Service Pack which was minimal in size and so far everything I do in Visual Studio works just fine, despite there being a series of known bugs with running Visual Studio on Vista.

    Now that I am onto Bugs, lets talk bugs. So far I have not identified anything that I can consider a bug. This system just works and I have so far had nothing to complain about which is a LOT so say considering past Microsoft OS release which always left me bitching about something. Even though I have not identified any bugs that affect my workings, Microsoft and the Developer community certainly have. On the official launch day of Vista about 8 updates were released for Vista with only one being labelled as important. And the next day (today) another update was released. That is excellent as far as Microsoft goes, quick releases of patches means this product gets off the ground a lot quicker than any predecessor.

    Of course blogs all over the web say things like "just launched and already patches" ... YOU BETCHA !!! I do not know know of ANY other operating system that has released maintenance patches so quickly. That is a true committment to service excellence. Something which (I admit) Microsoft has been a bit snooty about in the past. Certainly Vista has brought a fresh vision and a fresh attitude to Microsoft and as a user since the beginning I can say I am certainly very impressed by the new attitude and commitment. It's a fresh OS and a fresh attitude and I hope it lasts.

    Of course as I say there are the whingers and whiners who NEVER have anything good to say about Microsoft but you have to ask of them "How would you know unless you use the products?" .... "Surely you must be using the products in order for you to have something whine about?"

    More than likely 99% of the Whiners out there are all using Illegal versions of Microsoft products and the only time they whine is when Microsoft introduces "Genuine Programs" which prohibit them from getting updates and addons for free. Which leads me onto the point of why there is so much whinging and whining about Vista. I BET YOU its because the activation cracks have all been identified and disabled by Microsoft ... so ... of course if you cannot get your free Vista from the Warez sites you of course have something to moan about. Well Microsofr products are not free like Linux and if it's free that you want then stick wih Linux but stop your whining ... it gets you NOWHERE and certainly does not make anyone take you more seriously. Mac OS is certainly not free ... in fact it costs a lot more to own a MAC than a PC with Windows. But seriously when I hear Linux people moaning about how bad Windows is I say to them "how would you know?" .... "Aren't you just whining because you can't have Windows for free?" ..... there is always a silent pause before they figure out something else to say about Windows. GIVE IT UP DUDES !!!!!

    Anyways I am just really sick and tired of the bitching I have seen in the last few days. Those of you running legit copies of Vista will know that this OS ROCKS !!! Those of you trying to run cracked copies are no doubt going to be disappointed. Microsoft is closing the gaps in their software fast. If you want it pay for it. If you want Linux download it for free. If you want MAC OS buy a MAC and pay for it ..... it really is THAT SIMPLE !!!

    I state again ..... I have been a user of Linux, MAC and Microsoft operating system for many years. They are ALL great. They ALL have their purpose in society. They ALL are great products and I really wish to see and end to this fraternity out there who choose to run down other products at every opportunity. The more I hear the Linux community bitching about Microsoft the more I try to stop using any Linux products. I have NEVER in all the years ever heard ANYONE from Microsoft EVER run down Linux or MAC products .. NEVER !!!!. That says a lot and the LOT OF YOU should be embarrassed as hell reading a statement like that. The software giant never mocks, never runs down anyone .... so STOP your whining.

    VISTA ROCKS !!! and the world of computing is going to become very interesting.

  • Hey "Nick White",thx for share


  • garyb
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    nick, you should start the gadget tool back-up until all versions of vista are available.

  • garyb
    3 Posts

    the big was a flop as far as i am concerned. i called the local bestbuy and they assured me the vista software arrived on schedule. i tore my pc down and took it to bestbuy to have a new harddrive installed so i could have them clean install vista ultimate full version and guess what? they got the software basic, home premium upgrade, and signature version of ultimate upgrade! some launch. i would have thought we would have got a heads-up here if there were a problem with any version. what-up?

  • I managed to get my own copy (OEM) at my local memoryexpress store. So much cheeper. (Canadia only)

  • someone
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    MS, why dont you answer questions on your blogs?

  • goalie
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    Nick, i have serious concern regardig the retail packaging for Vista and Office 2007.

    The seal on the packaging can be easily opened and resealed onto the pastic case without leaving a mark. It is prompt to tampering if someone with access wants to steal/copy the 25 alphanumeric string of product key.

  • Since when US dollar became stronger than euro ? No other reason can explain prices of Vista in europe. This way MS is promoting piracy, not fighting against it. Now in Slovakia the price of Vista Ultimate is nearly the average monthly wage.

  • omgbbq
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    Congrats. Have you guys finalized your Anytime Upgrade and Home Discount offers yet? I am still not completely clear on everything. I posted some questions in your post where you announced them.

  • incy247
    4 Posts

    I live in the UK and im very dissapointed with the  prices here, i wouldnt be surprised if most European customers try to get a US import for half the price.

  • Congratulations, however how can you justify charging double the price for Vista in the UK against the price in USA.

    From today's BBC website

    'But Microsoft could face a backlash from consumers over its pricing plans - with the cost of Vista versions in the US roughly half the price of equivalent versions in the UK.

    Prices for the OS in the UK range from about £100 for an upgrade version of the Basic package to £249 for a copy of the upgrade to the Ultimate version of Vista

    In the US prices start from $100 (£52) for an upgrade of Vista Home basic to $249 (£127) for the equivalent Ultimate version. '

    It would be interesting to hear a defence of this strategy, regardless,  it will still leave a lot of UK (and European) users with a very bitter taste in their mouths.

  • someone
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    MS please answer this: I currently own a Vista Home Premium license. As stated by MS, only the Ultimate edition contains both discs x86 and x64. So, I will have to order a x64 disc for Home Premium AND STILL have to pay shipping and handling charges. Later, if I upgrade to Ultimate edition using Anytime Upgrade, am I eligible to receive an x64 Ultimate product key? Will I be sent the key?