Ship-It Awards presented to the Product Team

Ship-It Awards presented to the Product Team

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When we release a product to market at MS, tradition holds that everyone involved in building it is usually given a small gift in recognition of their efforts.  These "Ship-It Awards" are usually of more sentimental value than anything else, but everyone who's received one displays it proudly in their office as a badge of honor (and often in remembrance of the sacrifices it took to get the product out the door).  Senior Software Development Engineer Larry Osterman makes mention of his Ship-It Award on his blog and even includes a few photos.

The front is inspired by the Windows Vista Ultimate packaging.  On the reverse is the text:


Delighted customers, great ideas, tough deadlines, clever solutions, lines of code, pages of specs, runs of automation, lines of text, screens of UI, missed dinners, fixed bugs, inspiring teamwork, countless iterations, courage to break the rules, time away from loved ones, times you rose to the occasion, late nights, early mornings, delayed vacations, chances you took, long meetings, short meetings, canceled meetings, killed features, features that wouldn't die, crashed machines, moments of victory, moments of defeat, coffees, doughnuts, pizzas, beers, relentless dedication, blood, sweat, and tears.


To say that Larry's been around the block more than once is to vastly understate the matter.  What's significant in his blogging this Ship-It Award is that in >22 years working at MS, Larry notes that what's normally a private affair this time has become a very public one here in our halls:  "...there were lots of people walking around the halls showing the box off to others."

Perhaps it's because now that the challenge of building Windows Vista is behind us, people find themselves still wanting to share the glory (and relief) of the moment and relive a little bit of their part in making software history.

The Windows Vista Product Team (Devs, Testers and Program Managers) also received the final installment in their "DVD Cubes" a few weeks ago.  The Cube contains DVDs of Windows Vista Beta 1, Beta 2, RC1 and now Windows Vista RTM -- all the major milestones in the Windows Vista project.

Ship-It Award 2

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  • RonV
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    Reply to Jackskellington


    There are some very good tutorials on the internet on how to surf websites and find what you are looking for. On the Dell website, in the Search Box at the top of the home page, enter Windows XP. The first link in the results will take you here:

    Dell Inspiron Desktops With Windows XP:

    There is a link at the bottom of that page that will take you here:

    Dell Inspiron Laptops With Windows XP:

    Also, teach your brother how to shop and do a bit of research before he makes a decision on what to buy. Are you sure he's ready for college?

  • I think it is good punishment for the team who worked on the vista project to have to use a machine with vista. I refuse to be duped by microsoft any longer. This  is the last machine that I buy with a microsoft product on it. Any company that sends out machines with operating systems that are non-operating systems should be shut down. It is a case for false advertising. I own several "legal" copies of microsoft office, front page, windows 98, winxp and vista. They are available for yardsale. They aren't worth a quarter. Buyer Beware.

  • thank you for your working hard.


    Full Software Downloads - Download For All

  • Congrats to all. The release a product Vista is a milestone in itself if people thing back to DOS and what we had..just 20 years have passed and the progress has been awesome. I'm a gamer and love what Vista has to offer for now and the future!

  • Great to see you are rewarded for producing such a turkey. Vista sucks! Microsoft's death rattle.

  • jackskellington- I have had windows vista premium and i have had the exact opposite experience. Everything connected with ease and also the wirless network connected without a problem. Maybe it was ur dell laptop that was messed up. Windows cannot controle if it can or cannot connect to the network. If it cant see it then that means that 1. your to far away or 2. your wirless card is totaly messed up. Anyways that dose not appear to be a vista problem but maybe your unlucky in that case.

  • zune
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    it is very good!I also thank you for your working hard.

  • someone
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    With all due respect, Larry Osterman's MSDN blog should be about audio technologies in Vista and giving out maximum info to people but it's just the opposite. Rarely does he blog about audio stuff.

  • Boy do I have a story for you! I just found out that my brother purchased a laptop from Dell, to take with him when he goes to college in September (yeah, it's kinda early, but he wanted to pay it off before he left). Not only did he purchase a laptop from Dell, but it had Windows Vista Home Basic on it. I discussed with him, the importance of seeking advice before purchasing these items, as he seemed quite unpleased with Windows Vista. We talked a bit more, and I found out that Dell's website does not allow you to select Windows XP (any version) anymore, as a choice of operating system; he wanted to select Windows XP Pro, as that's what I've told him to use in the past. I went to Dell's website to "order" a laptop of my own, and it's true. You can only select from Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, and Vista Business (please keep in mind, this is for an Inspiron home/home business laptop). My brother has read nothing about Windows Vista, so I showed him the Apple commercial Tom sent out the other day via e-mail. My brother completely agreed with what the commercial was saying about Windows Vista... and he's only had the laptop for ONE DAY! On top of it, he was begging me to install Windows XP Pro... but I wanted a chance to play with Vista, so I told him I'd do it later.

    Well, that's not all of it... I sat down to connect Windows Vista to my secured wireless network at my parents house, and it wouldn't connect. It wouldn't allow me to manually specify SSID (as it was hidden), WEP key, etc., so I added a wireless network profile. One would think that setting this as a preferred network would work, right? Nuh uh... it still didn't see the wireless network. So I thought I would start over and disable/enable the device. I was able to disable the device, but when I enabled it, Windows did not recognize the device. It's like it never existed. All wireless options were disabled, and the "Dell Wireless Network Manager" was complaining about being installed and no wireless device was available. Ugh... so I tried disabling and enabling again, with no luck. I finally resolved to rebooting the machine. After a reboot, the wireless device was available and low and behold, I was able to "Manually Connect to A Secured Wireless Network"! I quickly entered the details so I could stop having to deal with Vista, it was quickly getting annoying with the Allow or Cancel messages. I went to click Next so I could connect to my wireless and "BAM!", it popped up with an error message that stated, "Wireless name is already in use. Would you like to use the existing one or specify another?" Grrr... I clicked "Use Existing One" and it took me back to the screen I had started at. I tried it as many times as possible, even after removing the profile I added, thinking it was referring to that. After 20 more minutes of attempting to make it connect to a hidden, secured, wireless network, I gave up. In the end, I was more frustrated with the constant nagging of "Allow or Cancel" than I was with the fact that Vista was broken and wouldn't connect.

    I see this as a foreboding into the future; users will get frustrated and either a) begin using Apple, b) install Linux desktops, or, c) wipe the HDD and install their old version of Windows XP.

    Oh well... just wanted to pass on my experience with Vista for all to read.



  • I havent checked that site myself ... however I'ld be doubtfull, the above link may lead you to a spam site or may download a trojan/virus to your computer.

  • glaeken
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    Congratulations! Its good to have one's efforts recognized.

    I'm working for  customer service, consumer support and for every top box that we got for our QoS (surveys from the customers) we do get goodies. Small but meaningful, not every call is a good call so every appreciation that we received is meaningful.

    How about for the Office 2007 team, did they get similar award as well?

  • Im glad you work for a company that appreciates your hard work, the company I work for sometimes gives us small gifts covered with the company logo when we achieve major milestones either personally or as a company.

    Although sometimes these gifts aren't always that usefull it is the thought that counts, particularly with so many people working these days in jobs where it is hard to directly see the results of your hard work.. it is nice to have a physical reminder of the hard work you have done.

    Congrats to all.

    Did the Office 2007 Team get a similar reward?