Using Windows Easy Transfer

Using Windows Easy Transfer

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For those of you buying Windows Vista PCs today (or thinking about buying Windows Vista PCs in the future) and wondering how best to move all the information on your old PC to your new one, I'd like to update you on some of the new ways Windows can help transfer all your personal stuff:  documents, photos, music, email, address book entries, Windows settings, and now, even programs.

The good news is that we've made this process much easier for the millions of people who will buy Windows Vista-based PCs in the coming years.  Read on to see how we designed Windows Vista's transfer features to work together with special cables from hardware partners, and to learn about the beta release of our new tool for transferring programs, based on the Alohabob PC Relocator software we acquired last year.

Windows Easy Transfer

This wizard is built into Windows Vista and will automatically transfer your personal data from a Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista based-PC to a Windows Vista-based PC.  It gathers up the data from your old PC and then applies it on your new PC in the right places.  It will move user accounts, files and folders, email messages and settings, address book entries, and Windows settings.  It does not move programs.

Windows Easy Transfer supports a number of ways to connect the two PCs to actually move the data:

  • Easy Transfer Cable (more info below)
  • Home or small business network
  • Removable or external hard drive
  • Writable CD or DVD

WET 1 

Easy Transfer Cables

In the past, one of the most difficult parts about the transfer process has been connecting the two computers if you don't have a home network.  Fortunately, we've worked with hardware partners to create a really cool new product called Easy Transfer Cables.  These are specially designed to work together with Easy Transfer to move all your data in the easiest and fastest way possible.


They're USB 2.0 cables with a special chip that enables them to connect two PCs.  (A standard USB cable cannot do this, even if the USB connectors fit).  The cable will come with a CD which has the Easy Transfer software on it -- you just install it on your Windows XP-based PC and then plug the cable into both PCs.  That's it!  The Easy Transfer wizard will popup automatically on both PCs and you can begin transferring right away.

These cables are being manufactured worldwide by a number of partners, including Belkin International, Vivanco Group AG and Bafo Technologies.  They will be sold at retail stores, online retailers and from PC manufacturers.  Look for the Certified for Windows Vista or Works with Windows Vista logo to know that the cable is supported.

Windows Easy Transfer Companion (Beta)

Although the standard Easy Transfer wizard does not move installed programs, this is a very important capability that's been requested by our customers.  Because of this we have been working on a new tool called Easy Transfer Companion, which will transfer programs and program settings from a Windows XP-based PC to a Windows Vista-based PC.  When used together with Easy Transfer, you will be able to move everything you need to your new PC running Windows Vista.  Easy Transfer Companion has been designed to transfer many of the most popular programs for consumers and small businesses, as well as many others.  You can transfer programs with either an Easy Transfer Cable or a network.  We've released the tool in Beta so that we can take feedback on the overall functionality and get more information about the experience of transferring specific applications outside of those that we've tested internally.  At this point the Easy Transfer Companion is only available in English and designed for use in the US.  It is available for download here.

Easy Transfer Companion is based on technology we acquired from Apptimum, Inc. last year -- makers of the popular Alohabob PC Relocator software.  For reference, here is the original press release on this acquisition.

Because this tool is in Beta, at the end of the transfer process it will ask for your feedback on how well it worked so we can continue improving its performance and bring it to a wider number of users in the future.


I hope these features help you and your family quickly and easily set up your new Windows Vista-based PC.

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  • Hi, hoping you can answer a question for me.  We have a laptop with Vista loaded, the screen died and it was going to cost more to repair it than to purchase a new computer, so we purchased a new computer also with Vista.  Unfortunately we had not backed up photos from the old computer for quite a while and now want to get them transferred to the new PC.  Can I used Easy Transfer to do this even though the old laptop screen does not work.  I suppose what i need to know is once the computers are conected can I do all the commands from the new PC to complete the transfer? or do I have to pay someone cleverer than myself to do it?? Thanks in advance, Sharelle

  • I have the opposite problem: I need to transfer files from a Vista computer to one that runs XP (it's a long story).  How can I do this?

  • Frank75
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    WET is nothing more than an easy massive headache. After spending the past 24 hours (I even let it run overnigh), WET is simply a useless waste of time. I need my new computer NOW and Easy Hang has merely delayed me using it. I've got a brand new Windows Vista machine (my first desktop that I've had with Vista - we WON'T use Vista at work due to the endless problems) and an old Windows XP Pro Machine.

    All WET does is hang and sit there. I've tried just about everything (and am trying to get Easy Headache to transfer over a network) and now I give up! Are there any relatively SIMPLE instructions on how to MANUALLY transfer settings between XP and Vista?

    This is VERY frustrating!

  • Jeannie
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    Also--when it is actually transferring files and operating correctly--you will the green bar-it will keep adding bars and you can read the files that it is transferring.  I have found that if the bars don't start adding up right away--there's a problem and often there is an icon in the right top corner of a cable connection that flashes on the WET screen on both computers.  Cancel the operation and try it again. Again, it's usually because the folder is too large, so I break it down to smaller groups.

  • Jeannie
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    WET Hanging at File Transfer:  Okay, so I spent about 7 hours last night attempting to use WET to transfer from XP to Vista and it kept Hanging on the File Transfer.  Other posts said to be patient, so I did as told and just waited--and waited.  The transfer never happened even when left running over night.  And according to Task Manager it was still running and the Data Light was blinking on the middle piece. After reading other posts I did reinstall the program (using the disk that came with the Belkin cable--not the download), disabled Sophos (AV), Auto Updates, as well as hibernation mode.  I tried choosing different things to see if it was a data issue, but it hung at the calculating size on some attempts and it hung on file transfer on others.  I was able to get transfers ONLY if I chose individual folders from within My Documents (only have attempted word docs at this point, have yet to transfer any photos).  The individual folders are typically 6 GB or less.  When I tried to transfer the whole My Docs (26.2 GB) it wouldn't go.  So, for those of you experiencing this, disable the active monitoring programs and try transferring smaller folders.  It appears based on the comments on this board that there is a problem, but no real solution has been proposed.  Easy Transfer should be renamed to Difficult and Frustrating Transfer and the documentation/instructions(I bought a Belkin) should address potential problems and provide trouble shooting tips.  I would expect more for the $$.

  • I just purchased three Dell Inspirons with MS Vista for my twins and wife and I am trying to transfer files using Windows Easy Transfer.  The first problem I found is that the instructions for finding Easy Transfer in the Dell Quick Reference Guide are incorrect.  Once I got past that, I downloaded Easy Transfer to my old Dell Dimension XP system and went through the process to transfer my sons files.  It immediately gave me a scanning error and shut down the program.  In researching a solution, I have discovered that there are lots of people out there with the exact same problem, yet I have found no solutions.  It appears that Microsoft has a problem that has not been solved.  Does anyone out there have a possible solution?  Thanks!

  • eagletk
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    HELP!!!  I bought a new laptop today - started by creating a new profile.  After messing around with it for awhile I found the Windows Easy tranfer program and though yeah!  Until it completed the transfer from my old desktop and now it tells me the 'new' profile I created isn't valid and I cannot log on!!   The welcome screen is loading with my 'new' profile on the laptop which is not being recognized.  I assume it wants the old profile but how do I 'switch' it to the 'old' profile from this screen?  Thanks!!  

  • pwang
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    I have the same problem as BrendaW has. I wait overnight and the flashing icons are still there and everything just freezes. Tried 3 times and no luck. Guess I'll just re-install my software and move files to my new computer manually.

  • I have the Belkin ETC and am attempting to transfer from Vista Ultimate to Vista Ultimate.  Both are OEM copies pre-installed on Dell Optiplex machines. I can consistently reproduce a freeze at 2 different places. I've done it over 10 times now.  

    I'm pretty sure the program is buggy. I'm willing to help MSFT work out these bugs by providing log files, but don't know who to contact. Do you know?

  • Zyndro
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    I'm having the same problem as Gabriel Milton. Apparently WETC does not support 64-bit Vista. I get the "this application is only compatible with 32-bit operating systems" error message whenever trying to install.

  • BrendaW
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    I am having trouble knowing if the Transfer is happening between my old laptop and new one using a network to transfer. (WET). The new drives is doing nothing per the dirve light. the old one is doing very little. There is a flashing double monitor with a red X at the right top edge of the WET screen on both Laptops. The green status bar has not moved since the 'saving D:\Oulook Backup\filename ... appeared. The new laptop simply says 'Preparing the transfer ...' There is a thin line of status one can barely see. This has been the case for an hour. last night I tried this and the same thing happened. What does the 'flashing /blinking monitors with a X in red' mean? I do not want to stop this if it is working but the time involved with no visible evidence of a transfer happening is maddening. I am moving nearly 20Gbs of data files and settings. No comments mention this situation. Please help!

  • ctitanic
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    Does WET transfer the handwriting recognition personalization from a Vista Business to a Vista Ultimate PC?

  • Nancy J
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    I have a year old HP DV9000 with Vista ultimate which needs to be sent to HP for repair.  I want to copy all my files and settings to a new HP DV9000 with Vista Ultimate in the interim so I can keep working.  Does Easy Transfer copy them to the new computer and leave them in the old, or should I interpret the word Transfer literally, i.e. it puts everything in the new computer and deletes it from the old one?

    Is Easy Transfer what I should be using for this purpose, since I want to transfer all the files back to my old laptop when it's repaired?

  • I have old XP Sp2, bought a new Vista O/S desktop, also bought Vista O/S laptop. I guess I nead Easy transfer. Problem is, I only have ONE monitor for old desktop and new desktop. So, was wondering, can I use Easy Transfer from old desktop with monitor to laptop, then, after transfer, use Easy transfer from Vista laptop to new Vista desktop after I have re-attached monitor to new desktop?

  • simdoc
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    Why does Windows Easy Transfer hang during the collecting data phase so frequently?  I've seen this been XP to Vista and Vista to Vista transfers.  I am using a Belkin F5U258 Easy Transfer Cable for Windows Vista.

    It seems if I break the transfer into smaller pieces, everything works fine.  But if I transfer large amounts at one time, it just hangs after making my advanced selections during the collecting data phase.

  • I have a business client trying to transfer files and programs from one Vista machine to another, newer, Vista machine. The first machine was UPGRADED to Vista, the 2nd came with it. I have tried using the Vista file transfer wizard but have not downloaded the Easy Transfer program yet.

    We can get the transfer wizard to start and run for a couple hours but when it gets approx. 3/4 done it fails with a 'Migration failed. Access is denied. Windows transfer will now be cancelled' error message. It does not give any indication of which file it's failed on that I can find. Anyone know what the problem might be? Or how I can find out which file is causing the problem?

    Next, they would like to transfer their programs too. Is it really true that Easy Transfer can ONLY transfer programs and files from an XP machine to a Vista? Will this program ever be improved to allow a Vista to Vista transfer? How long of a wait?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Kylie
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    Ditto. I ran Easy Transfer 3 months after the purchase of my new laptop and it appears to have completely overwritten my Outlook pst files in the process meaning that I have lost the last 3 months of emails on my new computer. Does anyone know if the original pst file on my new computer would have been moved somewhere in the process of the transfer or is it just gone for good?

  • Can anyone advise if Easy Transfer copies or moves (i.e. deletes) the original files

  • I WETC is not compatible with 64 bit OS?  Why hasnt anyone mentioned this or did I overlook something?  Downloaded the file windowseasytransfercompanion.msi from ms, ran it and got a dialog  "this application is only compatible with 32-bit operating systems"  - Is this really true?

  • I used the WET a few weeks ago to transfer a user profile from an xp laptop to a vista desktop using an external USB drive and it worked just fine.  I'm now trying to do it on another XP laptop and the option to do it to an external hard drive is not showing up.  I'm only given the option of using the USB Cable or a Network Drive.  Any ideas why the USB drive wouldn't be an option?  The drive is showing up in Explorer.  The hard drive of the laptop is 55.8gb and has 31gb of free space.  The external drive is 40gb and completely empty.  Thanks.

  • Nick White
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    Hey Jeff01:  the Easy Transfer Companion only transfers programs, and if you follow the default route, it will only transfer programs with a "Green" rating, which, depending on the types of programs installed. may only be assigned to a hand full of programs.  In order to accomplish a complete migration of files and settings, you must use Windows Easy Transfer, which is available from Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Windows Easy Transfer.  If you would like to try to transfer some additional ("Yellow-rated") programs, then it is safe to re-run the Easy Transfer Companion.  Hope this helps.

  • Jeff01
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    I ran the ETCompanion and all seemed to go well - I got the "Files Transferred" message.  But when I look at the new computer I find that almost nothing is there.  I was going to run it again but got a message saying it was not recommended.  What should I do?

  • Set up adhoc wireless network between this old XP machine and my new Vista machine - HP Pavillion Elite m9077c with Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600.  Ran easy tranfer program.  XP machine saaid transfer complete and follow instructions on new machine.  New machine began displaying files as it "applied" them.  With green marker ~10% across gage, progression of file names stopped.  Started all over few times, and same thing happened with various file names up when gage stopped.

    Since I last tried a couple of days ago, new machine has been displaying message, "Applying C:\Docs&Sets\user'sname\MyDocs\MyMusic\iTunes\iTunesMusic\Compilations\...".  Task Manager shows HP Total Care Advisor, Norton Internet Security - Full System Scan and Windows Easy Transfer running.  

    Is there anyway to save this transfer?  

    Run it again with HP TCA & Norton IS-FSS turned off?  Any way to localize problem?  

    Also, can Ethernet patch cable (10/100) be used to set up adhoc local network between XP and Vista machines; can WET be run that way; and will it be faster or slower than using the Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter Ver.5000 on my XP machine?

    Not loving WET so far - needs better on screen documentation such as telling XP users up front to download network mapping utility.

  • Nick White
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    Hey dles01:  as I've stated in previous responses to readers' comments, WET definitely runs best when *all* processes are shut down,  including the monitoring apps as you suggest.  Hope that helps.

  • Nick White
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    Hey mscmac:  There are no limitations on using the network connection for Windows Easy Transfer.  However, if you continue to have problems, one workaround we suggest is to map a drive and store the items you wish to transfer as a file onto the other machine over the network.

  • dles01
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    I HAD the same issue as MoosieAZ, Billy McCord, Bill Broderick, msafonov, gailmail, dewsyuff, and davebreak and thought that I'd let you know what worked for me. Reading your posts got me to experiment. I started by turning off my AV (McAfee), I then started shutting off the rest of its components. AS I did this, Windows started complaining about Windows Defender (closed it) and Windows Media Player (something about a network monitoring component - at the time, I wasn't planning on writing this so I really didn't pay close enough attention) - But the bottomline - WITH ALL OF THESE MONITORING APPS CLOSED... WET runs fine! Hope that helps - these posts sure helped me!

  • I’m having the same issue as MoosieAZ, Billy McCord, Bill Broderick, msafonov, gailmail, and dewsyuff.  Any solution yet?

  • mscmac
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    I have tried several configurations with Easy Transfer over network connection, including directly connecting 2 PCs with an Ethernet cable, and using a router. If the amount of data is over 1GB, the transfer always fails. I have only succeeded once with a newly created account and the total amount of data transferred is about 100MB. In the failed experiments, the network connection broke in the middle of the transfer. Is there any limitation on using network connection for Easy Transfer?

    I have also tried with Belkin's Easy Transfer cable. Works great even with several GB of data, but the cable is kinda expensive.

  • hoberry
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    I used Belkin Easy Transfer to transfer from XP to Vista.  I followed the directions and clicked ok.  When i started up my VISTA machine I seemed to have lost all my Outlook Express emails and had them replaced with the XP machine data.  What can I do to get my OE back to it's original state?

  • I have a new computer arriving next week and don’t savour the concept of buying a $30 one-time use cable in order to transfer my files.  On the Easy Share tutorials I’ve seen, the alternative to using the new cable is to connect both computers to “a network”.  I only have one computer, so a network is impractical.  In the old XP File Transfer Wizard help page, it says that you can connect two computers together with a network cable (which I have).  Here’s my question: Is linking my two computers with an Ethernet cable the same thing as connecting them to a network?  Please say yes.

  • Skeven
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    I have a problem with Windows Easy Transfer, but it's a bit of an oddity. I got referred here by a Dell Technician (Cause they wouldn't fix my problem unless I paid $129 for their Dell on Call service)

    Basically, I had backed up all my files to a external hard drive with the Windows Easy Transfer client, formated my computer and reinstalled Vista (same version and language), plugged the hard drive back in, opened Windows Easy Transfer, directed it to my file and it gave me this error

    "The Migration failed.

    Windows Easy Transfer will now be canceled."

    Well I tried again to make sure, and again. Then I tried copying it to the

    computer itself and that didn't work. I've installed all the updates, and

    still it does not work.

    I went to the log and it contained this information:

    2007-11-27 20:26:12, Error [0x0804b2] MIG Failed to get source

    working directory:


    2007-11-27 20:26:13, Error [0x08019a] MIG CAgentManager: During

    InitApply agent CMXEAgent threw an exception: class

    UnBCL::ArgumentNullException: WorkDir.

    void __stdcall Mig::CMXEService::SetWorkingDirectory(class UnBCL::String

    *,class UnBCL::String *)


    2007-11-27 20:26:13, Error [0x08030a] MIG MigDoMigration caught

    exception: class UnBCL::ArgumentNullException: WorkDir.

    void __thiscall Mig::CAgentManager::InitApply(class Mig::CPlatform *,class

    Mig::CPlatform *)

    void __stdcall Mig::CMXEService::SetWorkingDirectory(class UnBCL::String

    *,class UnBCL::String *)


    2007-11-27 20:26:47, Error SQM: SqmStartUpload failed.

    I'm not sure what that means, but if anyone can please help me find a way to

    remedy this, it will be greatly appreciated. Even if someone can refer me to

    another program or something to open the archive itself. Cause apparently Dell wont help me unless I pay them. Thanks.

  • I’m having the same issue as MoosieAZ, Billy McCord, Bill Broderick, msafonov, and gailmail.  Any solution yet?

  • Today I have spent all day using Windows Easy Transfer to migrate everything from my husband's old computer (an QOQ Model 01 running XP Home SP2) to a new laptop with Vista Home Basic.  The transfer took several hours (done via wireless network since I don't have the cable) and all went well.  Then found this blog with the info on the Easy Transfer Companion so I downloaded it and installed on both machines.  It's running now, but my problem is, one of the main things I need to transfer is Office - but it won't, because it's telling me it already exists on the new computer.  BUT, first thing I did today was to UNINSTALL Office from the new Vista machine (it was a "trial version" that came preloaded, but never ran it, and in fact uninstalled both the trial version and also some companion application that was installed that was to help "upgrade" to a full purchase version).  SO, I infact don't (or shouldn't) have Office on there but Vista somehow thinks I do.  What does the Easy Transfer Companion look for, to know that a program is already installed, so I can manually delete whatever is being found, so that I can go ahead with the transfer?  Thanks!

  • zonker
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    I tried using Easy Transfer from an XP machine to my new Vista machine....

    I set up the vista machine with the same user name for each and the same password, loaded some key apps and set Easy Transfer to run overnight...NB I did NOT put in any password on the XP machine..

    when i got up, the Vista machine said i had transferred protected content from DJP****; so I put in the password for the old XP machine (DJP****). I used my current password which has administrator priviledges, but no joy - all were the 'wrong' password!! I used every password I could ever remember using on the XP machine, including the original setup password, but they all failed and I had to press 'cancel'....

    I now have various folders i can't access such as users/[username]/Local Settings, and NetHood, PrintHood, Recent, Send To, Start menu, Templates... ALL of which come up 'access is denied'.  Is there anyway to rectify this and does it matter? Nethood and Printhood are XP folders anyway. Its really annoying and I am not sure if I have to reformat and start again without using so called "easy transfer".

    I also noticed that it transferred EVERY itunes song twice.......

    Can anyone PLEASE help?

    Best regards,


  • Hello--Let me join the group of folks who are having Easy Transfer "freeze" on the XP computer...let it run for several hours (twice) and it only got 2 bars completed near the beginning of transferring My Documents. HELP!  Love my new laptop, but I can't use it!  

    I did use the companion program and it worked pretty well transferring programs. I had pre-installed most of the programs on Vista I have the disks for before doing it. I was a little disappointed that it didn't bring more over. I used to use "Alohabob PC Relocator" and it moved everything--programs and all--flawlessly. This isn't even close--having to run 2 separate programs is a huge pain and time committment.

    It is tough for all the programs I have bought online that do not provide disks for the software. Finding all the proofs of purchase, websites/downloads etc. is going to be a nightmare. Lucklily I did create a Word file and I dump in all the purchase info/confirmations each time I buy software. Still, now I have to hunt down about 20 little programs to reinstall manually.

    Any ideas on how to fix "The Big XP Freeze" would be appreciated!  

    Thanks--  Gail

  • I am having the same problem as Billy McCord, viz., "When I try to run the new Easy Transfer tool on my XP machine it just locks up and the tasks manager shows it "Not Responding".

    Is there a solution to this problem yet?  

  • Cat45
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    Have a new Dell and want to transfer my programs from my Old Dell to the new one running Vista Home Basic, but I want to do this via and external hard drive. Once I transfer my programs I will use teh external as a secondary drive on the Vista machine (larger capacity drive), Any instructions on how I do this and do I need to make the external a master or slave drive when I do this? I have programs that I may not be able to run if I was to reinstall them on the new machine because of the CD keys may shoe up as already in use - have had this happen before when I iinstalled programs on my existing machine running XP SP2 - even though I had the license for the program,, talk about frustrating and expensive....

  • Nick White
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    Hey Mark2046 and BillyMcCord:  I've been away from the office for a few days, hence the delay.  Please send me a PM and we'll coordinate getting and reviewing your logs.

  • Continued from above

    It appears that to application is sort of still doing things even though it shows up as "Not responding".

    Hope this helps. -Billy

  • Here are the last several lines of my setupact log from the migwiz directory

    2007-09-11 10:20:52, Info       [0x080489] MIG    Setting system object filter context (User)

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803e6] MIG    Removing mapping for HKCU\Software\Classes

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803e7] MIG    Successfully unmapped HKCU\Software\Classes

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803e6] MIG    Removing mapping for HKCU

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803e7] MIG    Successfully unmapped HKCU

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x080489] MIG    Setting system object filter context (System)

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803df] MIG    Adding direct mapping from HKCU to HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3220319194-3923238864-1059422980-500 (R/W)

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803e1] MIG    Successfully mapped HKCU

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803df] MIG    Adding direct mapping from HKCU\Software\Classes to HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3220319194-3923238864-1059422980-500_Classes (R/W)

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803e1] MIG    Successfully mapped HKCU\Software\Classes

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x080489] MIG    Setting system object filter context (User)

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803e6] MIG    Removing mapping for HKCU\Software\Classes

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803e7] MIG    Successfully unmapped HKCU\Software\Classes

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803e6] MIG    Removing mapping for HKCU

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x0803e7] MIG    Successfully unmapped HKCU

    2007-09-11 10:20:56, Info       [0x080489] MIG    Setting system object filter context (System)

    2007-09-11 10:21:21, Info                  MIG    EstimationThread ended at 9/11/2007 14:21:21

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Warning               MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::WaitForHostTermination: Parent process unexpectedly exited. Terminating host.

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xdc0].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xf3c].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xea4].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xa94].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xe70].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0x9d8].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xea8].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xf50].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0x8bc].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xc00].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xba4].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xec].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0x768].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0x358].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xaa0].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xb28].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xaa4].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xb18].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xc80].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0x78c].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xac0].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xa6c].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: CMigPluginSurrogate::COMGenericThreadingHostThreadProc: Exiting ThreadID=[0xc04].

    2007-09-11 10:33:59, Info                  MIG    MigHost: Exiting process.

    maybe that will help

  • I completely uninstalled my AV program and it still goes to "Not responding" stats as soon as it starts up. I am a consultant and my comany is a MS Solutions partner, I am trying to get this figured out before I have customers requesting help with migrations from XP to Vista.

  • So if I understand you correctly my AV program maybe keeping a file open and that is why migwiz is lockingup?


  • Nick, may I PM you as well?  I have had the same scanning error problem.  I can send you my logs, although both of my machine's miglog.xml folders are empty.  I can send you the contents of both of the setupact.log files.

    Can you still help?

  • EShy
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    That's nice, why don't you get the original Windows Easy Transfer to work properly, or at least give us a tool to extract our files from those compatible-with-nothing MIG files.

    I installed a 64bit Vista OS (what a big mistake), since there are no drivers for it and nothing really works at the moment, after a couple of months, I decided install a 32 bit version.

    for some reason, it's a problem to restore anything at all from a 64 bit version (hello, my documents and other files have nothing to do with 32 or 64 bit, why not just disable some settings that can't be restored???)

  • I'm having the exact same problem as both MoosieAZ & Billy McCord.  Unfortunately, I don't see any replies addressing their problem.  When I run WET on my XP machine, and click on "NEXT" in the "Welcome to Windows Easy Transfer" screen, the program just freezes and the only way out of it is to cancel using the Program Manager.

    If either Billy or Moose have gotten around this problem, I hope that they will write a post explaining what they did to fix the problem.

    I'm at my wits end.

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey KodaK:  My colleagues working on WET state that this type of error is usually associated with a file being in use, but the file that is in use is usually also messaged along with the error.  Or, perhaps a process is running in the background; it's very important to turn off services such as Windows Defender or any anti-virus programs which may have processes running in the background.  Another tip is to turn off Desktop Search.

    If you would like to send me a private message so you can then send us your log files, the WET team is happy to help.  We would need the following logs from both the source and destination machines:

    "setupact.log" and "miglog.xml"

    Location of logs in Windows XP:

    \Documents and Settings\[profilename]\local Settings\Application Data\MigWiz

    Location of logs on Windows Vista: \Users\[profilename]\AppData\Local\MigWiz.

  • Nick White
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    Hey verge112:  for WET troubleshooting tips, I'd take a look at the Help docs, which can be found here:

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey BillyMcCord:  you should note that the Companion is in beta and only supports US English language, x86 architecture and connected (LAN or Easy Transfer Cable) migrations.  Also, you will need to download and install the companion on both PCs.  Once installed, you should first run the companion on the "old" PC, following on-screen instructions.  Then, run the companion on the "new" PC to complete the migration.  Hope this information helps.

  • Can someone please help me?

    I just finished using Windows Easy Transfer to move data from my old computer to a new one.  However, something did not go right, and so I simply want to delete all that I transferred.  Is there an "easy" way to do this?  

    I am a appreciate any help you might offer.

    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    I am trying to use Windows Easy Transfer to move my files etc, from an XP SP2 machine to my new Vista machine.

    I have used the old migration tool in the past with no problems.

    When I try to run the new Easy Transfer tool on my XP machine it just locks up and the tasks manager shows it "Not Responding" Any ideas as to what is wrong? I really want to get every thing moved over correctly, I also have a lot of software installed that I want to move with the companion, so any advice there would also be helpful. -Billy

  • KodaK
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    Why is there no official information on this scanning issue?  You know the one.  "There was an error scanning the data on your system."  Gee, thanks.  What a very helpful and typical Microsoft error message.  *What* error?  How can I fix it?  Give me a clue, please.  I'm not surprised that yet another microsoft POS app doesn't work, but usually they at least provide a knowledge base article blaming someone else for the problem, and then give you some sort of work around.

    This is incredibly frustrating.  Out of the 10 times I've tried to migrate users from XP to vista not ONCE has "Windows Easy Transfer" been easy, nor transfered anything.  I hate it and I try so very hard to keep people from moving.

    It would be nice to get a response.  At least you can join mailing lists or forums and get insulting but accurate answers for Linux stuff.  Other than marketing masquerading as blogs like this place, it's just a gigantic wall of silence from MS.  We're not stupid, Microsoft, please stop outsourcing to India and make some free support available to the people forced to buy your half-working attempts.

  • hi guys, has anyone found a fix for the above mentioned " Windows cannot find '[path]". Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. posted by dboatwright on the 8th June?

  • I am purchasing a new HP Slimline computer (Vista Home Premium) and want to transfer my programs from my current Vista Home Premium system to the new computer when it arrives.  The current system has one HD that came partitioned into C and D drive.  D is the restore drive with all the software and is static.  C is the partition with the system and installed programs.  I have a portable exterior drive that I used for data that can be plugged into the new computer.  Is there anything I need to know about using the transfer companion when transferring programs from one VISTA system to another.  I plan to de-select the D partition and only transfer the C partition as it has all the programs.  I also plan to use the Belkin transfer cable.

  • Nick White
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    Hey prounds:  no, apps are not removed from the source system.

  • prounds
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    Does WET remove the applications from the source system?

  • Thanks for the reply Nick.  Had an idea that was the problem.  I'll get another cable

  • Nick White
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    Hey olsontru:  I sounds like you're trying to use a cable that's not an acutal WET cable, which is required for use with Windows Easy Transfer.  You can find them from various retailers on the net.

  • Hello Aroni,

    Did you ever resolve your non detect issue for the Data Transfer cable?  I have the same problem, I'm beginning to think my cable is not compatible, it came with a previous isue of PC Reloctor.

  • Nick, I'm at the end of my rope.  For the past several weeks I've been trying to get WET to run on my old XP-SP2 machine.  The cable is properly installed as is the software [about 30 times!].  When I start WET on the XP side, it displays the 1st welcome screen but that's it.  I click 'Next' and it seems to take the CPU to 100% for a few minutes, then just hangs - I have to kill it with Task Manager.

    Examination of the install & error logs doesn't help me a bit, and noboby on any forum has been able to help.  Any thoughts?

  • Thank you, Nick

    Your suspicions were correct.  I figured it out on my own, after much frustration.  

    I did get the Belkin/Easy Transfer thing to work. Here's what I had to do. First, because I was transferring photos, I disabled the "Photos" screensaver on 3 computers on my home network. All were pointing to the same file folder on the "old" computer. Next, I disabled power save on both computers. These two actions apparently made the difference. I was able to transfer several batches of files, including one 95 gig session of video.

    That said, I think there should be some kind of clear instruction in Easy Transfer that emphasizes what you've said:  The need to disable all automatic processes, antivirus blah blah.  Because, for many file transfer applications, this is not necessary.

  • Nick White
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    Hey AnthonyMoor:  This error is not one we usually see -- pressing "continue" should work for you.  However, considering you are seeing it with a few different files and once with a photo makes me wonder if you're using the computer for other things while the transfer is in progress?

    It is important that *all* processes are shut down (which WET automatically does when it begins, but users can then re-launch apps) on both computers until the *entire* migration is complete.  Also, if you have any automatic processes running in the background, such as virus scanning, automatic updates, etc, you should disable them while performing a migration.

    Hope this helps overcome the errors.

  • Nick White
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    Hey Ed Bolton:  If you only want to transfer items from your C: drive, then you should deselect the D: drive in the "Advanced options" route.  Notice the "Select drives" option at the bottom of that window; click on this and you can deselect the "D:" drive.

  • Nick White
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    Hey BrianAllgar:  You are correct in having identified the problem as being the cross-language migration scenario.  Unfortunately, you will only be able to apply your files and settings to a French-language Windows Vista machine, as they were captured from a French-language Windows XP system.

  • Nick White
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    Hey APKhaos:  I'm not clear on the entire scenario here, but the only way to prevent Windows Vista from applying settings imported from Windows XP would be to deselect "Outlook" under "Application Settings" prior to the transfer.  "Application Settings" are available in "Advanced Options" when choosing which items you want to transfer to your new PC.  By default, everything that is selected to transfer is automatically applied -- in other words, you can selectively capture, but you cannot selectively apply.

  • Nick White
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    Hey bobminer:  just got a reply from our WET product expert:

    Windows Easy Transfer matches drives by default, so in this case if C: and D: are on both the old and new PC, then WET will automatically transfer C: -> C: and D: -> D:.  You're given the option to remap the E: drive because there isn't a corresponding E: drive on the new PC.

    Two suggestions:

    1) Deselect the D: drive for migration by choosing "Advanced options" on the "What do you want to transfer" screen -- this way the C: and E: drives will transfer successfully;


    2) Rename the D: drive on the source PC to a letter that doesn't have a corresponding match on the new PC.  This can be done through the Computer Management Console under Disk Management.

    Hope this helps.

  • beege
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    Thanks very for the confirmation of my worst case. BTW without doubt--Belkin cable does not transfer between W2K & Vista. Do not be fooled by claims of W2K drivers; they don't.

    Attempting the network connection transfer, I experienced same "Disk is full" issues with transfer attempts from C:\; D:\; E:drives to a New "DELL partition (D:\RESTORE)as bobminer(8/6). DELL Tech suggested I reformat new drive, reinstall OS & CDs that came w/PC and THEN try transfer from the multiple drives... There has got to be a better way.

  • AronL
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    Nick: Thanks for the August 03 response, but now I'm having a problem with auto-detect of easy transfer cable.  I went ahead and bought the cable anyway, as I was reluctant to reformat my external drive and I figured I needed something to walk me through settings, etc. that I wanted to transfer.  However, after having loaded the Belkin cable driver software on both computers, when I run the easy transfer software, I get to step two where it says to plug in the cable.  I do, the little circle thing goes for a couple of seconds, but then it does not get automatically detected and I have to quit the program.  Neither computer recognizes while in the easy transfer program.  However, they both recognize when NOT in the easy transfer program, i.e., they autorun to the easy transfer program, leading to the same problem of no detection.  Upshot is I can't run easy transfer because it won't autodetect.

    Thanks for any help,


  • OK and now I just tried again, and both computers just locked up at some point... with no error message.  This is just horrible.

  • Hi,

    I am quite frustrated by this Easy Transfer software.  I've got the Belkin cable and going from my XP machine to the Vista machine trying to transfer photos.  Previously I tried to transfer documents.  But at some point, the transfer program hits a file -- in one case it was an access file, in another it was a photo -- and announces it's timed out and can't transfer the file.  Both computers have the error and ask if I want to skip the file and continue.  I click to continue on both computers and... well... that's it.  Nothing happens.  Both computers appear to lock up and transferring never continues.  I have to cancel out of Easy Transfer.  What's going on?  This is very frustrating.  I'm ready to string someone up with the Belkin cable.

  • ds1111
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    I had the 'scanning error' problem and, looking at the diagerr.xml in the MigWiz directory, discovered an exception handling problem with a filetype identified as .avi"

    Looking through the registry, I discovered a number of (mainly multimedia) filetypes with an additional "

    Deleting all these eliminated the scanning error problem. Whether any other problems will emerge with Anything But Easy Transfer remains to be seen...

  • I have XP Home on my old computer & Vista home basic on the new one. They both have  one drive with a partition for recovery with the letter"C" as the main partition & "D" for the recovery partition. When I try to use easy transfer it alway goes to the "D" drive which is not large enuf & I want the stuff on "C" anyway. Is there anyway I can make the files,etc. go to the "C" drive? I'm not very computer savvy so plain english please.<G>


  • WET sounds like a good idea, but based on my experience I would say it isn't ready for prime time.  I'm able to install it on my old computer through my home network, but get an error message that it can not scan and will close.  No suggestions, no offer of help.  It just shuts down.  (I'm seeking support through other channels, but this seems like the right place to comment on the dead end error message). A search of the MS Community for this error will show that I'm not the only one running into this problem).

  • I used Easy Transfer with the Belkin cable.  My old computer has a C, D, and E drive.  The first time I used it, the transfer was interrupted saying my disk was full.  What it did was transfer  my files from the C drive to the C drive, from the D drive to the D drive, and from the E drive to the C drive (I didn't notice it had a choice of which drive to transfer to).  The D drive on my new computer was partitioned as 10gb by Dell for Restore files.  I have since manually transferred several files from the new D drive to the new C drive. When I retry Easy Transfer it lets me specify the C drive to the C drive, gives me a choice of the E drive to the C or D drive, but is grayed out for the D drive.  It only lets the D drive go to the D drive, which is what got me in trouble in the first place.

  • APKhaos
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    Thanks to a bone head move, I inadvertently transferred setting as well as file. The files were all I wanted to transfer.

    Is there any way to prevent Vista from applying setting imported from the XP world??  Every time I try to start Outlook, it starts 'Configuring Outlook' with a profile from the XP world that I do NOT want to use on Vista. Is there any way I can bypass this and any other app settings from being applied???

    Did I mention this was my own bonehead move??

  • I'm trying to use Easy Transfer from an XP machine. On the XP side, everything goes well, and I have created 3 CDs - although the program says that DVDs can be used, it doesn't accept them, so I had to use CDs.

    When I try to install in Vista, the first CD is read, but the second one produces the message "There was an error reading all pieces of media. Windows Easy Transfer will now be cancelled". I've tried it three times with the same result.

    The old machine has Windows XP in French, and the new machine has Vista in English. Could this be the problem, and if so, is there a way to get round it?

  • Nick White
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    Hey AronL (and xjben):  This is occurring due to a limitation in the way the drive is formatted, FAT32, which supports a maximum file size of only 4GB.  The way to make this work is to reformat the external hard drive to NTFS.  Of course, you'll want to be sure to backup any data currently on the drive prior to reformatting, as all data currently on the external hard drive will be lost when reformatting.

  • Nick White
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    Hey VistaZip:  I'm afriad that there's no simple solution that doesn't involve creating a network connection between the two PCs.

  • AronL
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    Any ideas on the 7/26 Posted by xjben ?  I'm having the exact same problem and error message.  

  • Hi

    I'm upgrading from an old PC with Windows98 (V2 with USB) to a new PC with Vista. Unfortunately the CD-drive of the old PC is out of order and I only have a Iomega ZIP 100MB drive to back-up my files. However, Iomega ZIP is no longer supported by Vista.

    So: how am I going to transfer my old files? The "easy transfer" route won't do (W98, CD drive broke), the transferring via Zip won't do (Iomega Zip software no longer supported by Vista).

    So, any suggestions how I could transfer my old data to the new Vista PC?  Many thanks in advance!  

  • xjben
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    I got a new computer, and want to use the Windows Easy Transfer application to move over data using an external hard drive.  However, it isn't working.  Here's what I did/selected, what should I do to resolve?

    (1) Selected "Use a CD, DVD, or other removable media"

    (2) Selected "External Hard Disk or to a Network Location"

    (3) Selected the "Browse" option and selected the E drive from the My Computer window that opens, which is the external hard drive, and that selection then populates the Network Location box with "E:\SaveData.MIG"

    (4) Selected the "All users/accounts" option.

    (5) It calculates the transfer file size, which comes in at 47.3GB (there is 123GB of free space on the external drive).

    (6) I hit the Transfer button to tell it to proceed and it immediately (no delay at all) pops up this message: "Problem with the selected media. Please try different media, or drive, or select another way to create the transfer disk.(FAT32)"

  • Henk
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    I tried to use Windows Easy Transfer from a USA WIN XP SP2 to a Dutch Vista machine via my local network.

    I had to install the USA version of the program on the XP while the Dutch version was of course already available on the Vista PC.

    After connecting and entering the password I got a window showing that it was not possible to use this method due to Language differences.

    Any suggestions?


  • Nick White
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    Hey epjr:  sorry to hear of your troubles.  If it's possible, I might suggest booting into Safe Mode and then reverting to a previous System Restore Point.  Hope this info helps.

  • Nick White
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    Hey susang:  If I understand correctly, you want to migrate the contents from 2 separate PCs to 1 new Windows Vista PC.  That is certainly possible, but you will have to perform two separate migrations using Windows Easy Transfer.  The tool will detect whether a version of a file already exists on the machine and prompt you with replace/skip dialogue in each case.  

    Alternatively, Windows Easy Transfer also allows you to re-map users, so the contents from multiple users can be migrated to one single user on the new machine.

    Hope that helps.

  • Nick White
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    Hey Dr.Mike:  I've conferred with my colleagues to see if there's a way to help you out of this situation, but there is unfortunately no way to revert to Windows XP from Windows Vista using Windows Easy Transfer.  I'd suggest you backup all of your files on the Windows Vista machine and then restore by re-installing Windows XP.  Sorry I don't have a better answer :(

  • epjr
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    I used Belkin's easy transfer cable to transfer from winXP SP2 to Vista Business Tablet. all indicators said it was complete & successful, but on restart got Black Screen message "error loading operating system" and have to use 0n/off button to shut down. on every second boot, same message occurrs,  Lenovo says to re-image harddrive. does anyone know a less painful process?

  • susang
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    What is my customer has 2 pc to migrate into one vista pc????

    Will it overwrite one with the other, or will it ask for different users??


  • Nick White
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    Hey Dr.Mike:  working on getting an answer for you, so please be patient ...

  • Nick White
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    Hi again Ricky Ricardo:  The WET tool checks to see which OS locale was chosen at the time of install, so you shouldn’t see an error message if US English was chosen when you installed Windows Vista.  We haven't seen issues of this type with any other customers, so I'm thinking your situation has to do with the OS locale chosen at install.  Note that WET is in Beta and only supports US English presently -- sorry I cannot be of more help.

  • Nick White
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    Hey Ricky Ricardo:  let me see if I can get hold of an expert on Windows Easy Transfer to see if this is a known issue.

  • Dr.Mike
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    Hi NIck, et al.

    I have been running Vista 64-bit for painful 3 weeks, and must bail out. Unfortunately, I cannot do so. The original problem was that Vista-64 lacked drivers for my new HP printer, a nice HP scanner that is about 4 years old, as well as some valuable 16-bit analysis programs. It also would not work with the dial-up modem. Due to all of this incompatibility, I am forced to transfer my files and settings to another new computer running XP. Unfortunately, Windows Easy Transfer will not allow such "reverse" transfers. (It does not generate an error message, it just keeps gathering data from the same file for hours). Worse, Vista-64 is incompatible with Alohabob PC Relocator (interferes with the USB port software) and with LapLink PCSynch that came with the Belkin Easy Transfer Cable (keeps disconnecting the XP computer). Can anyone help me migrate from Vista-64?

    Dr. Mike

  • Re:Windows easy transfer companion(beta)

    installation on Vista Home Basic US english error message

    Although, I live in US and downloaded easy transfer companion in US, I recieve an error message : only supports US english and will

    not allow me to use.

    At one time we did have English Canada as second language mainly as a joke because

    it is 99.9999% identical to US English.

    However, Easy Transfer forbids any usage

    other then US English.

    My XP laptop will download and install perfectly Easy transfer companion, even

    from English Canada language selected!

    Can someone help me sucessfully install

    Easy Transfer companion on my Vista Home Basic

    laptop purchased in California, without recieving the US english error?



  • I have the same problem as Matt-NZ and Imax.  When I try to use Easy Transfer I get the message, "There was an error scanning the data on your system.  Windows Easy Transfer will now be cancelled."  I used Easy Transfer Companion successfully, so it is not a cable problem.  This issues has also been posted on the Vista forums several times and has never been answered.

  • byron
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    I'm looking at my device manager and it says it's an Intel(R) 82801DB/DBM USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller - 24CD

    The location is PCI bus0, device 29, function 7

    All of my USB connections are working properly.  I've tried to "force" it to find the driver but no luck.  And I've got the latest download from Belkin - F5U258

  • Are the USB ports USB 2.0? That could be your problem. I am not sure how the Easy Transfer Cable works if at all with any USB port other than USB 2.0 ports.

    - Brandon

  • byron
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    So here's my problem with Easy Transfer.  My XP Professional SP2 does not seem to recognize the cable.  I've downloaded the latest software F5U258 from Belkin but it doesn't seem to recognize the cable.  My device manager shows it as an Unknown Device under the USBs.  I've swapped ends of the cable and I've put it into different USB ports.  The XP machine is a Dell 600M.  Any ideas?

  • SquidgeyFlint, glad I could help! Let me know how it goes!

    - Brandon

  • Brandon, Thank you for the pointer. I'm embarrassed to say that somehow I had ended up downloading the Windows Easy Transfer Companion and that is what won't run on my multi-OS system. Using the link you provided -- the real Windows Easy Transfer app -- I was able to bundle up all my stuff. I'll be transferring it over to my Vista install shortly. Thanks again for the pointer.

  • SquidgeyFlint, you can use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer files to a CD, DVD or external harddrive. There is absolutely no reason why you can't then take what you transferred out and transfer it into your Windows Vista install on your other hard disk.

    I have a Windows XP Virtual Image running in Virtual PC 2007 and I was able to download Windows Easy Transfer and transfer my files out to my external harddrive. I was then able to import those files onto my Windows Vista laptop.

    You can use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer shortcuts, favorites, email, deskop files, and more to Windows Vista from XP regardless of where Windows Vista is installed.

    You can download the free Windows Easy Transfer tool for XP here:

    Windows Easy Transfer is already built in to Windows Vista.

    Let me know if this helps.

    - Brandon

  • Machines w/multiple windows installs aren't supported? That's a real shame. I've got a copy of Vista and I'm currently running it on another hard disk  on my XP machine to work out all of the various driver kinks and other compatibility issues so that I can feel comfortable "upgrading" my main drive.

    I had hoped to be able to transfer settings over to the 'test' image to see how well that works, again, to make the main transition smooth. I'd like to not loose all of our stuff and would like the transition to be easy.

    The ability to transfer installed programs is kinda cool in that I don't have to dig out all my install disks and what-not but I would go so far as to say that transferring settings (like shortcuts, favorites, desktop) is a much harder thing to do manually. I wish WET were more flexible about multiple installs.

  • To find the driver for your Detto USB transfer cable, I suggest going to Detto's website.

    However, I would not think your Detto cable purchased in 2004 would be compatible to work with Windows Easy Transfer due to the fact it wasn't designed to work with Windows Easy Transfer. According to the above statement from Nick:

    "These cables are being manufactured worldwide by a number of partners, including Belkin International, Vivanco Group AG and Bafo Technologies.  They will be sold at retail stores, online retailers and from PC manufacturers.  Look for the Certified for Windows Vista or Works with Windows Vista logo to know that the cable is supported."

    So it appears to identify Windows Transfer Cables in stores... look for the brands specified above as well as those cables carrying the "Works with Windows Vista" or "Certified for Windows Vista" logos on the product packaging.

    - Brandon