Windows Media Player on Firefox

Windows Media Player on Firefox

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Have you been itching to enjoy your media content on Firefox?  The Windows Media Player team put a lot of work into evolving media playback on Windows Vista through the new Media Foundation pipeline, and has also been actively monitoring feedback on WMP and playback in general.  While commentary has been mainly positive for Web playback through IE, we've noticed that there's still work to be done to make Firefox users able to enjoy their media content on Windows.

We couldn't respond as quickly as we would have liked to (we had to get Windows Vista out the door!), but now that it's shipped, the team has moved its attention to getting Firefox users up and running.  This week we are happy to say that we have a new plug-in for Firefox that makes WMP work once again -- and even better than it did before!

It's easy to get the new Firefox plug-in -- if you navigate to a Web page today that has the embedded WMP ActiveX control, Firefox will automatically grab the new plug-in for you to install and you will once again be able to enjoy your media content :)

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  • JJDJ
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    I am using Vista Ultimate on a 64 bit operating system.  I'm trying to find a a WMP 11 plug in for Firefox 3.  Does this exist yet?

    I can be reached at


  • So, i have a rig running vista and i use Firefox, recently the sound on FF stopped working . i can't get it to work. i tried to download the plug in but still i can't get sound. when i go to say you tube. i get video but no sound... i know i will forget to check this site plz email me at thanx ASAP plz i need it for college i m in school for music production!

  • I joined just to post this comment, but for some reason the username that I use on EVERY OTHER SITE ON THE INTERNET isn't allowed here. Somebody needs to get over using the letters god in a username.


    I just tested the Firefox plugin mentioned here on Opera v9.25 on Vista Home Premium, and it works perfectly so far.

    I installed the plugin with the installer, and it looks like Opera reads plugins from the firefox dir...

    I found this text in the about page for Opera:

    Plug-in path

    C:\Program Files\Opera\Program\Plugins

    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins

  • A follow-up on my two earlier notes: If one uses the JavaScript code and the content of the object tag that is described in the current MSDN material and the WMP 11 SDK, the combination of the new Media Player Plugin for Firefox works exceptionally well. Avoid the older clsid for wmp 6, and use the new parameters for WMP 11.  The JS code writes one object tag with parameters (which differ slightly for IE and FF) and no embed tags. Good work.

  • One additional point that may make a difference: the js code I am using came from MS Support doc 279022 ( Based on some MSDN material from WMP 11 SDK, that code may be out of date, and the window.GeckoActiveX may not apply to FF.

  • I do like the new plugin and am using it successfully on Windows XP w/Firefox 2.0 and WMP 11. However, installing the same plugin on a laptop with Windows XP - Media Center edition, other components being the same, only the <embed> tag works, <object> doesn't, and a JavaScript code writing (distinguishing between window.ActiveX and window.GeckoActiveX)can see the difference between IE and FF, but still doesn't write the <object> code -- I think it is because FF has the 'old' plugin (with DRM components), and they can't be removed. I would like to design web pages to use WMP and IE 7, but still support FF used by a few users, and not require them to do anything too technical. Installing plugin seems to be easy enough. Any insights?

  • Hi Nick

    Can I ask you when some additional functionality might be added to Firefox WMV plugin.

    This is support for cueing - ie in the link url: onclick='medPlayer.controls.currentposition=<seconds> to cue the player from an external source.  We have apps that depend on this.  The functionality is there with 2000, 2003 and xp ( and for flash) but not in Vista with WMV.

  • raid517
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    The plugin does not work in all cases.

    I am using 32 bit Vista home premium and when I try to play media via certain web pages I get the following error message when using Firefox, it asks if  I want to install missing plugins, but comes up with "no suitable plugins found. Unknown plugin (video/x-msvideo)"

    A specific example of a non functioning web page can be found here:

    Again while I am reading about Linux on this page, I am using Vista 32bit Home Premium.

  • haha sorry about the wallpaper question, I found it after 15 minutes of looking

  • thanks Nick.

    I was confused now re-reading my last posts because even when changing a common WMP ext. like the .wmv to open with the WMP plugin I would receive an error so even if firefox allowed me to create extension options (like windows extension options) I dont see how it would help.

    On second thought my question should have been posted in the firefox forum since its more to do with the "open with' parameters rather than the WMP plugin configuration itself. (mayhaps?).

    Thanks for getting back to me though ;)

    and uhh P.S. do oyu know where can I get a copy of the background image of this page? I like it better than the other Tipso' wallpapers Ive seen :D

  • betamod
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    Thanks Nick,

    Just saw your reply now. Don't have time to do this today but wmpnetwk.exe was acting up again not 15 minutes ago. I will send your Dev team the info you requested in the next few days. I assume that I don't have to wait for the wmpnetwk.exe to be acting in order to generate a log that is useful to diagnose this problem. Yes?

  • Nick White
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    Hey delta9-4hc:  I'm not ignoring you ;) -- I've relayed your inquiry to our FF plug-in team and they're reviewing it; I'll get back to you as soon as they reply.

  • hello there again

    Im not sure if Im being ignored or just passed over but if its my lack of clarity I apologize.

    To be more detailed, I meant I had the Klite codec pack port ALL movie files to WMP. when I directly open a FLV file in my browser  I get prompted to open it with WMP 11.

    Nothing too fancy really but I like WMP because of its library organization power, I have an iPod but I still prefer to use WMP when I can.

    So Ill refine my question.

    How can I configure the firefox WMP plugin to prompt me with the "open file "*" with WMP plugin" instead of "open file "*" with WMP.exe"

    Is there already an easy way to do this? Am I missing something? My question seems to be along the likes of marsiglia's, trying to use the plugin to view flash files.

    thanks again, sory to be a pest but Id appreciate some sort of reply

    betamod, I agree totally. I think everyone like WMP to be more streamlined to reduce the need of multiple media players.

  • Hi

    When i discovered Rossman website (, i was enthusiastic about this plugin.

    But i found one caveat, when you access to this page by a like

    <a href="#" onclick="'','console','menubar=no')">test</A>

    The audio is ok, but there's no video.

    Does anyone know a turnaround ?


  • Nick White
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    Hey betamod:  Thanks for this information; my colleagues on the Dev team have looked into this and tell me that they can investigate futher if you're willing to generate logs and send them to me.  Here's how to generate logs for subsequent emailing:  

    As an administrator, from a command prompt run these commands to enable tracing for WMP NSS, WMP and UPnP:


    mkdir c:\Trace

    echo {d804a67f-4c25-43c1-896f-89ff78b3a911} (0xFFFFFFFF) 7 > C:\WMPNSSTrace.txt

    echo {8ed60a3a-8c12-49c5-a518-fdf451bc10fc} (0xFFFFFFFF) 7 >> C:\WMPNSSTrace.txt

    echo {a7eb57f6-145e-4f18-bd75-dbbf6f7e23a7} (0xFFFFFFFF) 7 >> C:\WMPNSSTrace.txt

    echo {a9c1a3b7-54f3-4724-adce-58bc03e3bc78} (0xFFFFFFFF) 7 >> C:\WMPNSSTrace.txt

    echo {e176aa66-5cc8-4321-9624-f9c1d2b7bf06} (0xFFFFFFFF) 7 >> C:\WMPNSSTrace.txt

    logman create trace WMPNSS_log -o c:\Trace\WMPNSSTrace.etl -pf C:\WMPNSSTrace.txt -bs 64 -nb 6 46

    logman start WMPNSS_log

    Note that the 'logman create' call may warn you that "The output file path specified for this collection does not exist. The "Performance Logs & Alerts" service will attempt to create this file path when the collection starts.". You can either ignore the warning or change "c:\Trace\WMPNSSTrace.etl" to a different path that does exist (but isn't the root of a drive).


    <perform action that tracing should be captured for, such as start the service and wait for it to fail to start>


    As an administrator, from a command prompt run these commands:


    logman stop WMPNSS_log

    logman delete WMPNSS_log


    Using Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Trace

    Right click on "WMPNSSTrace_000001.etl" and choose "Send To->" then "Compressed (zipped) Folder". The .etl file may be rather large, but it should compress very well.

    You can send me a PM via the blog and I can tell you how to get the logs to me at that point.

  • no html codes eh? that sucks. would it work if I used a rel="nofollow" target=?

    sorry bout that

  • I have the <a NAME="k-litecodecpack" HREF="" TARGET="_blank" CLASS="linksk-litecodecpack">k-lite codec pack Home</a> installed and it ports everything to WMP 11.

    My question is that files like AVI and DIVX are ported to the wmp 11 player itself and not the plugin, is there a way to configure firefox to port certain file extensions to the WMP plugin?

    thank you by the way for even having support for the firefox browser, it saves from having to install multiple players.

    thanks again

  • betamod
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    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for passing on my comments. Also, while you are at it, could you mention that "wmpnetwk.exe", the media sharing service in WMP, has a reputation for eating up CPU resources . . . in case they were not aware of this.

    I just noticed that my XP machine was chugging, looked at Task Manager and found wmpnetwk.exe to be the culprit. I googled it and lots of folks have been complaining about wmpnetwk.exe in online forums, so its not just me.

    And again, it seems to be a a bug that has been with WMP since before v11.

    This is relevant to Vista beacuse I use my XP desktop to share media to my laptop, and anyway, I run the latest version of WMP on both machines so I presume that I will have to keep my eye on wmpnetwk.exe on my Vista machine as well.

  • Nick White
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    Hey thomas3000:  we're not the best place for you to seek technical support -- you should direct your inquiry to our public newsgroups, which you can search here:

  • been getting this error message C00D11B1 while using Windows Media Player on a particular file.

  • Nick White
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    Hey betamod:  thanks for the detailed feedback.  I'll bring it to the attention of the teams responsible for both the FF plug-in and WMP itself, and they can consider it for upcoming versions.

  • betamod
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    Hi Nick,

    To clarify: my complaint is not about streaming video but rather downloaded video.

    As an aside, I am glad that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has switched from RealPlayer to WMP to deliver their content because RP was a big bloated buggy pig with crappy video quality.

    But back to my specific problem: I download lots of DivX/XviD video over the years and it is my consistent experience that audio and video go out of sync more often than not when played for any length of time in WNP, while the same files play flawlessly in VLC, even Winamp. I am not making this up. I have noticed this problem on my XP and Vista machines, older and even on contemporary hardware. My friends notice the same problem and that is why we all use VLC when we watch downloaded movies. And again, I have noticed this problem since DivX/XviD became common. I have not done a formal survey but I don't personally know anyone who has NOT experienced this bug while using your software. I therefore find it hard to believe that this is some anomaly and not a genuine bug in WMP, but hey, don't shoot the messenger.

    Even though it seems to use way more memory than VLC I would personally prefer to use WMP since it is a complete media player/manager, but this is juts not an option. I have experimented with Democracy Player but its is not mature enough yet and leaks memory. Itunes is by far the most elegant and ergonomic of your competitors and I think the audio quality is superior to WMP but Apple likes to have it all their way and can't seem to play DivX/XviD avi files at all. But if ever they did . . .

    Also, since I have your ear, I should say that I am concerned with the footprint of Media Player as it becomes a Swiss army knife. Perhaps things will be different when I migrate to a duel core architecture machine, but for now, I find that WMP can be a bit too much of a hog too, even on XP. I mean, I use my computers for work and while of course I would like to play music in the background, this is not the center of my computing universe and so such an application should not, in my opinion, take up as much resources as WMP does.

    Anyway, I hope you will consider these issues in future updates to your software. I sure would like to not have to install four different media players and just stick with one that plays everything and has all the features that I need without eating or leaking too much memory. Maybe that is too much to ask?

    - betamod

  • Hi,

    I'm using a standard installation of vista on a new notebook. I am not a tech genius, and do not claim to be. I am simply having a problem watching selected streaming content. In some cases the content will stream perfectly. In other cases i get what i can only describe as a video freeze while audio plays perfectly. At first I thought it was a bandwidth problem, but I tested the problem videos on my XP laptop. No problems there. I have tried allowing windows media player through the microsoft firewall, also nothing. I am at my wits end with this ridiculous problem, it's probably so simple to resolve, yet I have searched everywhere, and all microsoft answers lead nowhere.

    please, shed some light,


  • Nick White
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    Hey bmacphoto:  I forwarded your note to the team testing this plug-in and they've confirmed that they're able to access both sites without incident; consequently, it sounds like the issue resides somewhere on your specific system.  Hope this information helps you find the root cause.

  • So, here are a couple of sites that I can't enjoy because I have Vista and WMP11....

    Okay, truth be told, I can't enjoy any website with their audio or video running on embedded WMP.  Any other embedded audio/video player works perfect.  

    Thank you Microsoft.....

  • I go to ESPN radio, and it will not load on my Vista x64 machine....Works fine using an XP machine.  

    I try to sign up and use Urge, the music service which you all have teamed with to support WMP11, and it will not work on Vista x64.

    In taking a quick look at the link you provided, it looks that I may need to hire someone to set up my computer to use WMP11....Don't get me wrong, the program does work for watching a video or listening to music stored on my computer, but it does not play with the web.  In all honesty, I would love to know if Microsoft considers this to be acceptable in terms of your goals with Vista.  

    I'm not trying to be a pain, just very tired of  finding that a work around seems to be the answer to everthing associated with Vista.  

  • Nick White
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  • Nick White
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    Hey bmacphoto:   not quite sure what you're referring to, as it sounds like you're stating that Windows Media Player 11 is not supported by 64-bit Windows Vista.  However, this is not the case:  64-bit WMP11 does exist and is supported on Windows Vista x64.

    WMP on x64 launches the 32-bit version of the app -- but, the wmplayer.exe is in fact located in the 64-bit directory of the hard drive and you can indeed launch it.  In other words, 64-bit WMP is on the system and nothing prevents a user from changing the default to use 64-bit WMP.

    The issue in this case is that Windows Vista x64 launches the 32-bit version of WMP by default in order to avoid application compatibility issues, as the existing third-party plug-ins and codecs are all based on 32-bit architecture.  This is handled by a function called WOW (or WOW64), which refers to the "Windows on Windows" layer that allows 32-bit applications to run on the 64-bit OS.  (You might also note that even when 32-bit WMP is run, .MP3 and .ASF content are run in a separate 64-bit pipeline process.)

    Our intent here was to provide an ideal solution that gives the user complete choice between compatibility and functionality on a single system.

    Hope this information clarifies your doubts.

  • So, I need help understanding....I've been criticizing the folks at Real for not producing a player for Rhapsody that works with Vista 64it.  Now I find out that Microsoft is incapable of producing a player that works on their own operating system.  I'm sorry, but this seems incomprehensible....Is there any light you can shed as to whether Microsoft is choosing not to support their 64 bit operating system or just can't do so.

  • Nick White
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    Hey jimich:  strange.  I'll notify the team of this issue and if they have any advice, will pass it along here.

  • jimich
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    "Hi Nick, I found the reason for the plugin not working, there seems to be an error in the installer. My Firefox is installed at "E:\Program Files (x86)\Firefox", and the installer puts the plugin-dll at "D:\PFiles\Plugins\" (my boot drive is C: btw, so it's strange it ended up at D: ). I found it by accident while looking for some other files. After moving the dll into the Firefox folder, all videos play correctly. So this is an installer issue, maybe you can forward this to the development team, thanks."

    --> same for me

    Windows Vista Business 32 bits

    Firefox aka Bon Echo (nightly build ... automatically upgraded, but first install done with a regular installer ...


    Firefox 3 alpha 5 aka GranParadiso

    --> it wasn't working, even by relaunching the installer and restarting 2 times ...

    and then i found it in c:\PFiles\Plugins instead in my c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Plugins directory ... just copy paste and then it works ...

    seems that the installer is not detecting nightly versions of firefox ...

    But VLC, flash or Joost did ...

  • Nick White
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    Hey betamod:  I'm not quite sure what you mean by "playing videos in sync?"  If you mean in sync with the audio, then WMP does that just fine; if yours does not, then a re-install may be in order.  If you're referring to smooth transitions between videos in a playlist, know that this is an uncommon request but one that I've forwarded to the product team for them to consider.

  • betamod
    9 Posts

    Hey, slightly off topic but can you tell me why it is that the after 11 iterations of Media Player your software still can't play videos in sync that other software like VLC player can? I have tested this on different hardware and versions of windows up to Vista and consistently your Media Player can't cut it. This is the only reason why anyone downloads VLC for Windows.

    I can't imagine you are unaware of this fact, so . . . is this a bug or a feature? If its a bug, how come you have never fixed it in all this time?

  • Nick White
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    Hey ivanua:  we're not the best place for you to seek technical support -- I'd suggest directing your inquiry to one of our public newsgroups, which you can search here:

  • ivanua
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    Plz help me, I have Windows Vista Ultimate, and recently my Media Player, stopped working, it won't even start, what should i do? plz email to . Greatly appreciated!

  • jchandler
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    Well done Microsoft,

    A really engaging experience has now been unleashed on the Firefox Users, I am sure I speak for most FF users when I say that most content providers encoded their content in the Windows Media 9 Series, I am glad to see that Microsoft is accepting that some users who want to view Windows Media Content may not all be using IE

  • After installing the plugin, is there any way to cause a link that would ordinarily cause the media player to open in FireFox to open outside FireFox (i.e. in a separate media player window)? There are certain long-running audio and video podcasts that I have to launch from the browser (since my authority to launch them has to be checked first), but that I don't want to actually play in the browser (so I don't mistakenly close the browser or navigate away to another page). Sure, most of the time I do want clips and such to open in the browser, and for that the plugin is great, but it gets in the way for the long-running content.

  • pjs0607
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    It seems to be the case that buffering causes the crash. Using the Navigator-Buttons while the connection is established doesn't cause any problems, but when I use the buttons while the WMP is buffering Firefox crashes.

  • pjs0607
    3 Posts

    Hey Nick, we created a test-page which is available at The crash occurs when you use the back- and forward-buttons of your browser a few times. We use WMP11 and tested Vista (32 bit) and XP (32 bit), but the crash occurs in both of them. Thanks.

  • Nick White
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    Hey pjs0607:  we've been unable to reproduce  this issue.  Could you please provide your OS version (XP or Windows Vista, 32- or 64-bit), the WMP version you're using, and if possible, an example of the script where you encounter this problem?  Thanks.

  • Nick White
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    Hey CollinM:  We'll need more info to be able to diagnose this issue, as the team has not heard of it to date.  What OS are you running (Windows XP or Windows Vista?  x86 or x64?  Home Premium, Home Basic, Ultimate, or Business?)?  What type of system are you running on?  And what browser version are you using?  Please include anything else you can think of that would be relevant.

  • Nick White
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    Hey gluzd:  the plug-in works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP as well.

  • pjs0607
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    Firefox constantly crashes with the new plugin when you set the "Windowless"-Attribute to "true". Is there a solution for this? Setting the attribute to false is no option because I want to put layers in front of the video.

  • CollinM
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    I get this error

    The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed.  This occurs if you are running Windows in Safe Mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed.  Contact your support personnel for assistance.

    any ideas?

  • Nick White
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    Hey gluzd:  the plug-in works on both Windows Vista and Windows XP.

  • gluzd
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    nick, will this work only in vista?  how about XP?

  • Jamessd
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    This download doesnt work for me... most likely because i have vista x32. Using firefox, it asks if i want to install missing plugins, butcomes up with ''no suitable plugins found. Unknown plugin (video/x-msvideo) can anyone help me with this??.

    if so, please email me @ or

  • How come this doesn't show how much of a progressive download has finished in the progress bar? (like youtube or quicktime)

    Either WMP 9 or 10 did.

  • Islander
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    Hi Nick, it used the regular downloaded executable from the link you posted to install the plugin. Firefox was a fresh install of its latest version, also installed the regular way with its installer.

  • Nick White
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    Hey qannaboss:  Assuming you're running the 32-bit version of FF, could you check to see if the plugin ended up at 'drive':\PFiles\Plugins, where 'drive' is a drive letter?  Thanks.

  • Hi Nick,

    I too have installed this plug-in on my Vista Enterprise X64 box with the latest FireFox version  And I am having the same problem other users have mentioned.  I have looked through the FireFox addons and cannot see it installed.  I have uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired with no avail.  Please let me know if you need further information from me to get this addon working.  Thanks!

  • "Have you been itching to enjoy your media content on Firefox?"

    I already have *cough**cough* ^_^

    I will use this plug-in though, as I occasionally run across a malfunctioning WMP control while surfing.  Quite annoying.

  • I have a question about this plug-in:

    Could I believe that this plug-in is supported by Microsoft officially?

  • mrasool
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    There is some problem in the signing up form. My time zone is not displayed. It is IST (+05:30 UCT)

    Getting to the real issue at hand. Could you possibly release this as an extension in the .xpi container so that it can be used on all versions of Firefox - irrespective of the OS ?

  • falcon7
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    Nick....I am running Vista Ultimate 64 and it does not work...any ideas ?  Thanks as always


  • Driveby
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    Zephyr - Those attributes are from the media player 6.4 embedding code, WMP7 and later doesn't support them at all. These days you should be using XHTML compatible embedding code

    You can instead uimode to control some aspects of the embedding

    Implement controls, sliders etc with javascript and images if you want to override the default skin in WMP, when using uimode="none", or you can do like most people and use uimode="mini" to leave most of the WMP UI skin elements in place

    You can read about the object model and embedding code changes since WMP6.4 was superceded ~5 years ago~ <g> on these pages :

    General information

    Scripting and embedding properties changes


    Cheers - Neil Smith

    MVP Digital Media

  • Great! This plug-in resolved many problems that made Firefox users in trouble.

    Do you have documents about public interfaces that this plug-in provides?

    I notice that I can't use attributes like "showcontrols"/"showdisplay" to control wmp's UI mode. Does it not provide this feature?


  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey again Islander:  thanks for the info, I've brought it to the attenton of the Dev team.  Can you say whether you installed FF from the installer, or in some other way?  We need to ferret out why the FF registry keys are missing in order to get a better handle on this issue.  Hope you can oblige this information.

  • Works great! Thanks!

  • Nick White
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    Hey Nusi:  This is strange.  Can you please verify that you're actually running x64 SP2?

  • Islander
    46 Posts

    Hi Nick, I found the reason for the plugin not working, there seems to be an error in the installer. My Firefox is installed at "E:\Program Files (x86)\Firefox", and the installer puts the plugin-dll at "D:\PFiles\Plugins\" (my boot drive is C: btw, so it's strange it ended up at D: ). I found it by accident while looking for some other files. After moving the dll into the Firefox folder, all videos play correctly. So this is an installer issue, maybe you can forward this to the development team, thanks.

  • cookiez
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    taomyn >> there is difference between an extension and a plugin.

    adblock is an extension and comes with xpi while adobe flash player is a plugin and comes with an exe just like this wmp plugin.

  • Nusi
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    The installer which you point to (and which might be installed when FF wants to install a plugin) doesn't work on Windows XP x64.

    The installer stops with following error message:

    "Package requires Windows XP SP2 or greater."

    XP x64 has SP2 builtin by default.

  • Taomyn
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    Typical, Microsoft releases a Firefox extension as an executable rather than the native XPI format all FF extensions are supposed to come in.

    This is Firefox not Internet Explorer!!! Get with the program!

    Oh, btw, thanks for hard work and effort, it is appreciated despite this little oversight.

  • Islander
    46 Posts

    No 64bit version of Firefox here (is there any?). I already tried uninstalling and re-installing, installing as administrator (right mouse click and using that option), running Firefox as administrator, repairing option, restarting the computer before and after, but no changes. Also, when typing about:plugins in Firefox, nothing that looks like the WMP plugin shows up. And I tried other pages that require this plugin, and they don't work either.

  • What about Opera users? We would also like a plug-in :-)

  • Yey, thank you Microsoft!

    Finally i can enjoy WMP files in FireFox

  • I've been waiting for this a long time. Works great on 32-bit. I can listen to Amazon music samples again!


  • Nick White
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    Hey Islander:  Do you happen to be

    running 64-bit Firefox?  If so, then our 32-bit plug-in will not work.  Please let me know if this is not the case.

  • Seems to work fine on Vista x86 and Firefox on the site posted by previous commenter.

  • Islander
    46 Posts

    Might need some more testing, because it doesn't work on my machine. Using Vista Ultimate x64 and Firefox, and trying to watch the videos on the newsportal keeps resulting in Firefox asking for the plugin again and again.