Microsoft Announces Silverlight

Microsoft Announces Silverlight

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Yesterday we officially unveiled the name for what was previously known as the extremely catchy "WPF/e" (Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere) at the 2007 National Association of Broadcasters Conference.  WPF/e is now Microsoft Silverlight.

OK, so what?  Just what is Microsoft Silverlight?  It's a new cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in that allows users a new and richer multimedia experience when using a Web browser (for example, it supports 720p HD media playback).  Web developers targeting IE, Firefox and even Apple's Safari browser can all make use of Silverlight for a consistently amazing experience.  It's also a client- and server-agnostic platform; this means that the runtimes are the same on any platform, allowing you to deliver the Silverlight experience from an Apache web server, if you like -- without requiring any MS software on the server.  How's that for interoperability?

Plus, existing Windows Media-encoded content can be streamed or downloaded without the need for re-encoding.

You'll notice that the MS Silverlight Website includes demo videos and FAQ and evaluation downloads.  On 30 April, just in time for MIX07, the site re-launches with a full-on Silverlight experience.

Check out Sean Alexander's demo of Silverlight over on Channel 10.

Tim Sneath has a top 10 list of reasons why you want to use Silverlight.

And saving the best for last, my former colleague from the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division, Loke Uei, shares some excellent information on Silverlight, including a comparison chart between Silverlight and .NET 3.0.

This is just the beginning -- like I said, expect to hear more at MIX07 in just a few weeks.

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  • Nick White
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    Oye Darrell Mink:  you'll want to install the Spanish language keyboard so you can switch between input languages as you require it (I need to do this often as well for writing in both Spanish and Portuguese).  

    To do this, go to Control Panel / Regional and Language Options / Keyboards and Languages / Change Keyboards.  It's there that you can choose Add on the General tab in order to enable other keyboard layouts for other languages.

    ¡Así de fácil!  :)

  • Great news, I've been impressed with the WMV format, which really is better than anything else out there in terms of streaming video quality.  Video is becomming more important on the web, and I cant wait until all Cable TV channels are available over the net, as I don't even have basic cable.  Yes I know, Im that strange 1% of the market that has an internet connection but is to cheap to buy cable.

    The truth is though that internet TV should offer more competition here in the USA, and that eventually gives us all better prices and more choices.

    Searchlight  sounds like something that will push internet video/multimedia forward which is a great thing!

    A side effect of all these multimedia advances is that video in MSN live messenger looks so good, which is great for me as it helps me keep in touch with family.

    Keep up the good work.

    Hopefully there will be an Expression Blend Express Edition, as someone mentioned in one of the links above!  As my copy of Frontpage is starting to look dated :-)

  • Nick, do you know where I can find this wallpaper ( I don't see it in the Vista wallpaper library. I saw the same wallpaper in the following channel 9 video

    Thanks a lot,


  • I just got a new laptop with Vista.  I have always been able to go to control,apostrope, and the nexts vowel would be accented.  I write many things in Spanish and with the new program this key stroke sequence does not work.  What is the shortest way of making these accent marks.