Upcoming chats on Offline Files and Backups in Windows Vista

Upcoming chats on Offline Files and Backups in Windows Vista

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In his blog, Microsoft IT Evangelist Keith Combs mentions a couple upcoming chats scheduled for July that you might find useful.  On 10 July you can chat directly with the team behind Offline Files in Windows Vista -- check it out if you're interested in learning how to make Offline Files work for you.  All technical chats are listed on the Microsoft Communities Technical Chats page; you can click here to add this particular chat to Outlook or Windows Calendar.  On 11 July there's an opportunity to chat with members of the product group responsible for Windows Vista's Backup, Complete PC Backup, System Restore and Shadow Copy features.  Click here to add this chat to your calendar as well.

And if you're really interested in file storage and backup features, make sure you're subscribed to The Filing Cabinet blog.

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  • I know I am novice to Vista, but last night was my first time meeting Vista closely and I touched it and I could setup a peer-to-peer workgroup including 3 Vista + a printer and all were good tested Ok!

    but then when I tried to come up with backup plan I couldn't as there were no ntbackup.exe file or GUI like before, or where could I have got the option to select my files and folders to backup!

    Ok! I know I can download NTBackup utility but why removing it and not enhancing it in the same interface...! oops sorry! maybe I am too fast.. so please let me know how to backup, I am listening! and I didn't have Internet at the time I was setting up that small office workgroup!



  • Nick White
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    Hey Christoph_P568234:  the two chats I mentioned occur in July, not June, so you're still OK :).  Also, there's an RSS feed for chat transcripts that you can subscribe to for future chats.

  • I missed the chat and would like to read a transcript if this is possible. If there is one where can I find it?

  • Lets try to keep the Halo 2 for Windows Vista comments on the specific Halo 2 post. See my response regarding your issues with Halo 2 for Windows Vista there.




  • jin
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    this is off topic but i got a problem with halo 2 for vista. everything works fine...except that i cant connect to gfw live on my xbox live account. i tried adding halo 2 and port 3074 to my firewall exception list, but it still cant connect. ive created a new xbox account from the link in the game, and it doesnt work. ive searched the net and it seems other people have also faced the same problem. please if you know of a solution, tell me. my email is tv_jin@hotmail.com, or you can respond here if you want

  • I am unaware of a way to disable Synx Center but that is a GREAT question for the above mentioned chat sessions.

  • BillD
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    How can I disable Sync Center? I also disabled the offline files because I don't use it, but sometimes I see mobysync.exe running. Is it a bug?