Windows Vista Family Discount Program concludes at month's end

Windows Vista Family Discount Program concludes at month's end

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Around the time of the Windows Vista launch we announced the Windows Vista Family Discount Program to further persuade families to become early adopters of Windows Vista.  The program was introduced with a sunset clause that takes effect 11:59 PM Pacific Time on 30 June 2007.  We've been pleased with the response to the program, which has enabled thousands of multi-computer families to upgrade more than one PC in their home to Windows Vista. 

Thanks to those of you who participated and also to those who helped seed and validate the original idea.

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  • Are there any plans to bring back the Windows Family discount program for purchasers of Windows Vista Ultimate?

  • Jediman
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    Microsoft -> As a licensing consultant and expert, the pricing on licenses outside of the VL discounted programs (hell even inside of them) is still way too high.  You keep hoping that people stop pirating software, which in turn reportadedly drives prices up, yet its pricing thats the initial culprit in all of the issues to begin with!

    Why should anyone have to (or want to) pay hundreds of dollars for an OS that seriously needs a service pack before its truly useable?  Not to mention the pricing program above was really terrible when you look at it.  

  • I am not that negative about Vista.  I want to upgrade to Ultimate and just didn't have the money to take advantage of the family discount before June 30.  Since then I have upped my RAM to 2 GB and all my hardware is ready to go.  

    Nick...please bring back the Vista Family Discount!

  • Nick White
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    Hey BruinMan:  drop me an email describing your situation via the Contact funtion on the blog and I'll look into it.

  • I did attend the Vista 2007 Lanuch Party (New Day) and did purchase two full version keys of Home Premium for a total of $100. Ha! MS only gave me keys and no phyical disk(s).

    However, I cannot get the keys to work.  I am guessing because the Vista Ultimate version I got (Launch Party) was good for 6 months.  Which version can I purchase to get these keys working.  Of course please let me know if the cheap UPGRADE or OEM will work.   Grrrr!!

  • statm1
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    Ok, I will be the first to say that I loved this deal. Getting two full version keys of Home Premium for a total of $100. Blew my mind! You could easily spend close to $1000 just on those three licenses alone. And I got them for what half that. I say hell yea.

    Dont see why people are complaining about MS taking a couple hundred dollars off the price. I LOVE MS for giving us this discount.

  • Hi Sam... Heres a link to the Acer website

    you can select Aspire 5670 from the drop down menu to get updated downloads like BIOS updates and drivers.  That link is for the USA, if your in Europe, the european acer link is as follows:

    Remember to back up all your files before upgrading, Good luck.

  • Nick White
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    Hey Sam:  we're not the best place for you to seek technical product assistance -- I'd suggest visiting the public newsgroups to look for answers there.  However, your devices are likely in need of updated drivers, so check Windows Update for new drivers from the manufacturers being released via MS, and if those are not available, then I'd suggest visiting the manufacturers' websites.  Hope this helps.

  • Sam
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    Sam here, I have a Windows Vista Premium Ready Computer (bought Oct, 2006 laptop) Aspire 5670! That when I tried to Load Vista I found hardware Incompatabilites, Like my monitor, Audio & Video would not work! So why should I use Vista?

  • Watzman
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    I think discontining this was a mistake also.  Not only might I have bought two copies of Home Premium, I might have bought Ultimate just to enable me to do it.  As of now, I'm sticking with XP and not using Vista at all, and there isn't much incentive to move to Vista at this time.

  • Watzman
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    I think discontining this was a mistake also.  Not only might I have bought two copies of Home Premium, I might have bought Ultimate just to enable me to do it.  As of now, I'm sticking with XP and not using Vista at all, and there isn't much incentive to move to Vista at this time.

  • Hopefully deals like these will run in the future to, this was a great deal for those who got in on it.

  • This really does stink.  I have bought nearly every new MS OS since 95.  I put off buying Vista here in the UK figuring that the family discount would be extended worldwide after the trial.  I have 3 PC's and there is not a cat in hells chance I will fork out for 3 retail copies.  So I guess thats bye bye for to Vista for me.  I guess I should start looking at the alternatives (Apple??).   MS should start thinking of customer loyalty, it's not like anyone is singing the praises of Vista from the rooftops.

  • This does stink - I purchased a new Dell with Vista, only to find out the discount does not apply to me anyway. Why did I pay extra for Ultimate? I haven't seen anything in it I couldn't live without. I was going to upgrade another machine with the Home Premium or whatever, and put a tuner card in and hook it up to my HD big screen TV - nope. Sorry, if Microsoft is going to do that, be ready for people to load up other computers in their house with Linux (Ubuntu) with MythTV. I'll pay $30 to $50 to upgrade my other Xp machines to Vista, it's worth that to be legal, and have the same desktop everywhere. But why would I pay more than that when all I need is an OS that's going to run a browser, get me to Google's new office suite, and allow me to archive/watch video?

    Make the upgrade require that all machines are on the same network if you're worried about theft. Make it activate through the Vista Ultimate machine or whatever. Vista/Word/Excel and probably Powerpoint should be packaged somehow for folks with multiple computers in the house. I've got five, plus two laptops, about to be three. I can't afford to keep them all upgraded and loaded with Office - my kids computers will be Linux and Open Office - and there are probably other parents that will go the same way - does Microsoft want the next generation growing up on Linux and Open Office? That's a quick way to kill you're company. Schools are already taking older PC's and loading up Edubuntu and Open Office to have more computer labs. We're recycling 20 '98 machines next month with Edubuntu to put in our libraries at the school. The kids are getting comfortable with Linux, and our programming teacher teaches off them because the tools are free. As software packages and applications go web based, there just won't be a good reason for even businesses to run the Windows OS.

  • This as stated by others is a bad move on Microsoft's part.  From inception it was not the "greatest" but it was still a worth-while shot at spreading adoption.  With Vista Ultimate ranging in price from $200-400 USD adoption outside new computers purchases is almost impractical.  Microsoft needs to take into account that most home users will NOT purchase this "upgrade" and will stick with the current version that they are running especially when they can get a new pc for $100  more at Wally-World, not that great of a business strategy...

  • Well nothing surprises me about Microsoft.  Its all about profit and the heck with the customer.  As much as you have to pay for the full version it was nice to be able to have accompanying versions for a decent price.  The bottom line is that people will now stick with XP rather than pay full price for an additional copy of Vista.  This was a grand opportunity for Microsoft to get people to upgrade existing computers to Vista but now these same people will simply wait until they purchase a new computer.  I suppose greed as always wins over common sense and of course customer service.

  • Titan602
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    Windows Vista is too expencive in the UK. It can really put you off since it's double the price it is in america! They think we're dumb because we'll by anything...

  • It's sad to see this program disappearing. I agree with mrmckeb that it should have been made available to other countries. I'm in the UK and I would have purchased the family discount if it were available. I know many other families that would have purchased these licenses if they could.

  • mrmckeb
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    Honestly, this wasn't a bad deal, but:

    - It should have been offered to customers in ALL COUNTRIES,

    - You should have been selling extra licenses to customers that purchased Home Premium or Ultimate, not just Ultimate,

  • Nick White
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    Hey hartelc:  sorry you're disappointed with the program and its pricing structure.  This was a trial for us to see how people responded to the offer and we've gotten lots of constructive criticsm as to how we could make it better if we were to do it again in future.  Know that your words are have been heard and will be taken into account if we do go that route.

  • hartelc
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    I have 2 computers, vista ready.  This really sucks.  I thought it was bad enough that we have to pay $50 for an additional license to get a downgraded version of ultimate vista, and it has to be ultimate, in my same house.

    Now I have to pay for 2 separate software boxes, one for each computer?  At these prices this is painful financially just to get up to date software.  Why can't you guys make it more affordable?

  • Isn't that the same program that Microsoft sorta had to be dragged kicking and screaming to offering because of a few very vocal bloggers?  Just wondering :)

    I really like the concept but I was disappointed that it was for 1 Ultimate plus other Home Premium products.  The issue is now that Home Server is coming out you can only remote into *Ultimate* machines, not Home Premium, yet it's often your other family members machines you need to remote into to fix things.  While it was a great start I feel that having so many product levels muddied the program.  

    In this regard Apple's "Family Pack" is light years better than the Family Discount.  Five "household" licenses for $199 for the "Ultimate" version of OS X and the offer *never* expires compared to 1 Ultimate plus only 2 Home Premiums, for a limited time offer.  Hmm, seeing it written out makes you realize just how bad the Family Discount really was in comparison.  Maybe it's a good thing it's finally expiring.