Windows Ultimate team provides an update on Extras

Windows Ultimate team provides an update on Extras

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The Windows Ultimate Extras Team today posted a short notice on the Windows Vista Ultimate site updating the community on the status of Ultimate Extras; go here to read their post.  To sum it up for you here, the team recognizes that they've been dark for some time on the topic of Ultimate Extras, but want to go on record that they plan to deliver pending DreamScene and Language Pack Extras by summer's end, and expect to disclose a schedule of further Extras releases after that milestone.  The reason for the Extras' delay has been the team's staunch devotion to final quality; your feedback, on DreamScene in particular, has been key to ensuring their focus on meeting the community's exacting standards.  They plan to add to the Extras line up from then on out to make Ultimate the only version of Windows Vista you'll want to use.

And before you ask:  no, I don't have any additional details, as the team has priorities that supersede my questions (in other words, they're hard at work).  But, know that I'll pass along any feedback you may have for them, be it regarding the current slate of Extras or what you'd like to see the program deliver in the future.

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    I am a Microsoft OEM but i am new to doing all this except by using software bundles but the problem i have right this minute is my own home PC, I have a dell pc and i had to change the mother board because i did something stupid and shorted the old one out putting in memory while the machine was hot. and my eyes are going and I tried to place the memory in upside down so I had to replace the MB ,,, NOW after everyone stops laughing because I am a tad stupid please tell me how to use the list of numbers to activate it that windows sent me or please tel me how to get another number which will work ,,really i should not have to pay again because the software is legal but i will if I can use the 66G-036++ that i have on my list of new activation numbers please help I have to have my home computer to make a living. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  • Where do we suggest new features for Vista Ultimate extras?  I tried posting on the Windows Vista Communities discussion forums, but every time I clicked on "Make a suggestion" it just brought me back to the listing of discussion topics.

    I think the Ultimate Extras so far are worthless.  An online backup service would be nice, or a feature like the latest Mac OS X's built-in Time Machine backup.  Right now I use Mozy, but at this point I don't actually trust them to be around in the long term.

  • Peter
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    See the announcement yesterday regarding the language packs:

  • Oh Vista extras where art you?  Better hurry up or the class action boogie man will get you "M"

  • Peter
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    re: remarks by boohumidity,

    I lost my language packs from my hidden updates after installing SP1.

  • Nick White
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    Hey abuthemagician:  you're surely tired of hearing this, but more news is coming on this front soon and will appear here on the blog once the Ultimate team is ready to discuss it.

  • Gee Wizz, Jan 23, 2008 and still no extras. Glad I paid for this :(

  • hwmike
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    I DO have a suggestion for an Ultimate Extra:

    How about a utility that will allow you to change the bootup screen graphic?  (I know there is one on the web, and you can enable the "No GUI Boot" option via MSConfig)  , But it would be nice to:

    1) EASILY change the actual graphic that is displayed on bootup (Maybe even use pictures with better quality)

    2) Have the Bootup Progress bar overlay that graphic....

  • hwmike
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    I Too have been disappointed in this "Extras" thing.  

    I LIKE Extras ..  and DO Pay extra for them..  But Value for that extra money is appreciated.  The Hold 'em poker and DreamScene are the only ones that have promise (for me anyway).

    I even went so far as getting the "Bill Gates Signature Edition"  What a disappointment THAT was.  OK So it had an Embossed Bill Gates Signature on the cover and a serialized edition number...  BIG WHOOP!  I would have at least it would have come with some special screen savers, or special DreamScene, or SOMETHING that would have been worthy of the name it was given....

    And I won't go into the long wait and disappointing performance of Dreamscene.....

  • Nick White
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    Hey boohumidity:  I'm looking into this with the Extras team now, will let you know as soon as I have an update.

  • Has anyone else had the language packs disappear?

  • What about useful extras...

    Seriously, I have not found the extra's to be useful unless:

    1) You like poker

    2) You speak/think 2 or more languages... regularly (why get the spanish pack, even though I speak spanish fluently, when I don't use it for anything other than to talk to family face-to-face)

    3) You want a desktop background to be a repeating movie...

    What about useful stuff!

  • Look all things are providing in vist os are fine and appreciated by all my mates and family but keep it up it make history one day......

  • Actually a nice Extra for Ultimate would be a secure Screensaver builder.

    I say this because at work due to Sarbanes Oxley compliance our screensavers need to be password protected and restricted to only an IT approved screensaver that displays nothing after 15 minutes.

    Not a popular decision from IT, at least I dont like it.  However I can understand that all computers left inactive or unattended must be protected by at least a password, and that a screensaver could inadvertantly display a restricted picture document that was misplaced in the "My Pictures" folder.

    A screensaver builder that could build/create a secure screensaver which would only display approved pictures would be nice.  A way to easily enable only this screensaver with a different password other than your logon would also be nice.

  • Nick White
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    Hey Seadog:  can you please try re-posting your comment, as it seems not to have made it through entirely?

  • Seadog
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    Hi Nick

     Now then what about the problem with the intel chip and SCSI. Dreamscene just crashes  when it does not come out of sleep (SCSI)?Reboot . The windows explorer error

  • Thanks Nick for the reply, I havent noticed any bias on the blog with regards to posts.  However a few of my posts dont appear immediately usually though theyre long ones that may be more prone to getting caught by a spam filter.

    Kinda like my yahoo uk email which was once blocked at my work because when I logged in/out the webaddress was "gdgflogin" and the word starting at f apparently is bad, although in the context of login in you can see that there was absolutely nothing bad about it.

  • LintMan
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    I have to say I've been disappointed with the Ultimate support as well, and the extra language packs and finalized Dream Scene don't really help.

    One suggestion maybe you can pass to them: make the XP powertoys an Ultimate extra.  Fancy new "Vista-fied" versions of them can wait; just direct copies of the XP ones would be fine for now.  A programmer there could probably make the cool powertoys calc work in Vista in an hour (no reason it shouldn't already work except it checks the OS version).  A Vista-equivalent TweakUI would take more effort, but would be a great Extra just by itself.

  • brand
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    "Windows DreamScene and the remaining Language Packs. Windows DreamScene and the remaining Language Packs."

    "satan is good, satan is our pal. satan is good, satan is our pal."

    I'm sooo pumped for the 20 language packs!  I can't wait to see my windows in 20 more languages!  I'm soo happy I bought windows ultimate!

  • Nick White
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    Hey newscientist2000 and Bring More Extras NOW:  I read every comment and 99.9% of them are automatically and immediately posted to the blog w/o any sort of censorship.  There is a spam filter on the blog that catches suspect comments and puts them in a queue for later review, and at times I'm only able to do this periodacally, so there can sometimes be a delay in getting your comment posted if it happens to trip the spam filter.  Aside from those, unless you include objectionable language or engages in a personal attack (let me say that threatening to hack this blog is coming dangerously close to that line), all comments are posted immediately and uncensored.  

    We're not interested in only posting good news, but instead having a productive dialogue that helps us improve our products.  If we all adhere to that tenet, it will make reading and writing this blog a worthwhile experience for all.

  • shollomon
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    Some suggestions for ultimate extras:

    -ssh at the command line and sftp support in explorer

    -much greater ability to customize the look and feel of desktop elements.  Things like skinning the taskbar (heck you can't even really change its color now), change windows decorations, per application window transparency/translucency (transparent consoles, yes) and whatever else.  Think KDE.

  • kitron
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    I agree with you on Linux as I don't think people will make the switch to that but OSx is a different story.  I am afraid that for most people the Macbooks are good enough at around 1100$ and they would rather get that than lets say spend about the same amount to get a machine that can run Vista Ultimate properly.  Style is important these days and thats what Apple bets on.

    As far as gaming goes, pc gaming is not as strong as it used to be and I read countless times that people won't switch to Vista because games run slow.

    Microsoft has the potential to correct all these problems but they need to do it fast.

  • Speaking of OSx... a real nice Ultimate Extra would be support for Linux and OSx filesystems so you could read write to a linux or Mac OSx partition from within Vista.  Sure you could argue that this could encourage people to make the switch from Windows to MacOSx or Linux, however if this was an Ultimate only extra I would doubt that would be the case.

    But lets face reality most regular people like Windows a lot, I myself run PCLinuxOS2007 on my machine next to Windows, and its good, but not yet a complete Windows replacement, for someone who isnt into tech as much as me the leap is bigger.  Sure Linux is a threat, but then hardware (e.g. printers) and software (e.g. Office 2007) support is kinda lacking enough to drive the average user away and back to Windows.  Don't even mention gaming on Linux, thats a real weakness of the free OS!

    Also Windows Vista runs pretty good on a 2 grand Mac, so long as Microsoft could sell Ultimate to those rich Mac users they'ld be getting some more cash.

  • kitron
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    I don't even care about getting any extras at this point.  I just wished this whole Extras team started working on converting windows apps to WPF.  Microsoft needs to get its act together and fast.  How can you look at Vista and think it is cool, sure the UI is improved and looks nice(I prefer it over the OSx) but all the applications look the same.  What is the incentive to move to Vista.  XP users will take a hard look at OSx before moving to Vista.

  • Hi "Bring More Extras NOW", yeah sometimes my posts dont get posted to, usually though its because I post links to other sites that may not be approved/or have a unapproved post like msblog or the like.

  • kaneda
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    After all this time and the extra money spent purchasing Vista Ultimate over Home Premium or Business edition, all we get is a footnote to say 'it's still coming?'.

    I don't understand how the team responsible for extras can suddenly be in the dark for producing extras (what, you temporarily disbanded to go work on someone else's team?), but get your act together.

  • someone
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    An iLife kind of suite (especially, powerful versions of Windows Movie Maker & DVD Maker) may stop the drain to Macs. And of course whatever-happened-to-Garageband-clone (Monaco) and beefed up WordPad, Paint, Sound Recorder, Calculator, Windows Contacts etc... all written in WPF.

  • zed260
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    you should probably make an early ie8 and vista service pack 1 beta available for ultimate users since most of us are the more tech savvy crowd and can more easily fix problems that do go wrong

  • caywen
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    How about beefing up some of those ancient accessories? Those would make great Extras, IMO.

    1. An enhanced replacement for notepad that does not take forever to load large files and has lots of great text editing features. Also, a beefed up WordPad.

    2. A graphing calculator. (WPF 3D would be great for surface plots. hint hint)

    3. A beefed up mspaint.exe that has a small subset of the most useful photoshop features. Also, icon editing would be great.

  • fredclown
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    I somehow left off the first part of my previous post.  What I meant to say was ...

    A GREAT extra would be the ability to use a second vista box (either ultimate or home premium) as a media center extender.

  • fredclown
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    the ability to use a second vista box (either ultimate or home premium) as a media center extender.  If you guys can do it with the XBox 360 surely you can do it with a full blown computer.  As a laptop owner it would be great to be able to use media center on my laptop (Vista Ultimate) to access my media center content on my desktop (home premium) ... and I'm not simple referring to sharing the videos folder.  It would be great to be able to control the TV Tuner card too.

  • i only said about the hacking part was because a few of my posts was not posted. I wish i knew how to hack I would then start my own security biz. like kevin mitnick.

  • Im glad your just joking about the Hacking the site down threat "Bring More Extras NOW", that's not cool.  Software companies have often had trouble meeting deadlines due to unforseen circumstances, Microsoft is no exception.  However its better that they perfect the code now rather than release it buggy earlier, in this case giving the team a little more time to get things just right could pay off with a better performing Ultimate product with Extras.

    Hopefully by the end of Summer though the new Extras will be out!

  • so let me get this right...

    we users have to wait 9 months to get was was promised to us??? how is this called a sorry ?? a sorry would be giveing a few offers to say sorry for waiting 9 months to get what you paid for 9 months ago.

  • They only said what they said because they dont want us the users and they media that have been covering this issue to change sales because of not having the extras. this is just a PR stunt because Ultimate sales was down ever since this issue came up.

    I still dont trust them. i guess only time will tell in about 2 months time. but why in 2 months ??? that would be more then half a year without the extras and the extras was promised to use?? so what kind of deals is microsoft going to give due to the fact that they are making users wait for what they paid for and what should have been worked on and 100% done way before the selling of Vista .

  • I'd be more interested if there were some details, some information about actual contact that isn't just visual bling (say : actual useful *tools*) and a ship date for Vista SP1...

    In the meantime, I continue to exercise my XP downgrade rights, and will do so until Vista is usable by business as well as consumers.

  • I was just joking about the Hack part

  • To anyone thinking about buying Vista Ultimate

    Please do yourself a Favor and wait till end of summer and see if they kept their word before buying.

    They said that we will get extras before and all we got was 3 useless extras and one of them is still in preview/beta. So that right there shows that they will not keep their word. Also how long did it take them to reply to this matter?? A long time so that proves that you should just wait. Also if you look on their site they removed the teams Bios because there is NO Ultimate Extra team anymore.

    If this message don’t get posted I will HACK the site. I will not be silenced from telling the TRUTH.

  • Nice to know that the Extras will be of a high quality, hopefully they will be fully supported when released to, i.e. in the unlikely event that there are any bugs in them after release they will be smoothed out and addressed.

    I loved the Powertoys in XP, never had a problem with any of them, they all worked 100%, no bugs...however the message saying not officially supported when you install them makes you think twice.

    Hopefully though the Ultimate Team will be behind the Extras before and after their release.

  • Nick White
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    Hey Islander:  thanks for this feedback, I'll be sure that the DS team receives it -- much appreciated.

  • Of all the extras, I like the hold'em poker game the best... I would very much like to see it become part of Longhorn Server! To some this would sound odd, but IMO the Server version of Windows is preferable to the client versions. It is easier to enable the stuff one need in the server version, rather than turn off the annoying stuff in the client version.

    But that Hold'em game is not annoying, and I'd love to see it in the server product.

  • It only took a couple weeks, but Microsoft's Windows Ultimate Extras team has finally opened up...

  • Islander
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    Hi Nick,

    maybe you can pass along some feedback regarding DreamScene. When I tested it months ago, it wouldn't work all that good with RDP (that is, when you remotely log into a computer that has DreamScene installed). The [static dreamscene] desktop background would always show up even if you turn it off in the RDP connection settings. I found that a serious issue which made me uninstall the beta, since my RDP connection is not really fast. Hopefully it's fixed (or can be tested before release).

    Some additional technical info: I tested it on Ultimate x64 German with english language pack installed, both using RDP 5.0 and 6.0 and having XP Pro on the remote computer.

    Thanks a lot!

  • tN0
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    For me DreamScene beta and the current language packs work great, without any issue.