Addressing WGA validation issues

Addressing WGA validation issues

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Earlier today (25 August) we began receiving reports of Windows Vista customers running genuine systems but experiencing failures when attempting a Windows Genuine Advantage validation.  This situation has since been resolved and validations are now being processed successfully.  

We've since learned that very few customers were affected.  Sr. Product Manager Alex Kochis and a team of engineers have been working on the issue and has blogged about it to keep customers up-to-date.  Customers who received an incorrect validation response can fix their system by revalidating.  I'd encourage anyone who received a validation failure since Friday evening to visit this site now; after successfully revalidating, any affected system should be rebooted to ensure that genuine-only features are restored.

Alex will be updating his blog with information as more information comes to light.

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  • cquirke
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    I dropped 3 comments here:

    Given that...

    1) MS has pushed updates through AU even when AU is set to not automatically download or install them, as reported recently

    2) WGA is pushed via AU

    3) For whatever reason, WGA has failed-deadly (this thread)

    4) WGA failure can trigger full activation DoS payload

    ...the risks are too high.  If my ability to use my own PC and apps hinges on your servers working, I may as well rely on Web 2.0 apps using a far cheaper "thin client" and so costly applications at all.

    Is that really the selection pressure you want from these user-hostile WGA/activation technologies?

    On (4), see...;EN-US;925616

    ...with these extracts:

    "To use Windows you must activate this copy of Windows."  (implies full DoS payload, 3-day countdown to death, etc.)

    (under Causes) "You are running a version of Windows Vista that was detected as non-genuine" (implies WGA can trigger the unactivated state, and thus DoS payload)

    Those dice are too big to roll, IMO.

  • Nick White
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    Hey boohumidity:  in follow-up to your inquiry, here's the explanation for the temporary "disappearance" of the language packs:  on Friday 24 August, an internal process change inadvertently caused the current versions of the Windows Vista language packs offered as Ultimate Extras to be withdrawn earlier than normal.  This occurred  in preparation for release of new updates to these language packs.  We've since resolved the situation and the language packs are once more available to Windows Vista Ultimate customers via Windows Update.  The content of the language packs themselves has not been changed.

    Hope this clarifies what happened.

  • Nick White
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    Hey izumi:  from reading the forum you linked to, it looks like there are issues with a number of different VOIP clients, and the root cause appears to be with the sound devices and accompanying drivers being used.  I would make sure you have the most recent driver version for your device, which can be found at the OEM's website.  If you need help with enabling your sound device/driver, I'd look for assistance here:  I hope this helps and good luck.

  • Is this related to the recent disappearance of all the language packs from Windows Update for Vista Ultimate? Lots of people seem to have gotten this to happen in the past two days, and I was wondering whether the two problems were linked...


  • Xepol
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    I'm reminded of that song line "gonna tear your playhouse down."

  • izumi
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    Sorry to pop up here as it is not related to this post but as you seem quite competent on issues related to Vista I was thinking you could maybe help me.

    I am using a VoIP software to call on the internet...and it doesnt work on Vista. It works perfectly when I try it back on XP.

    It is an issue raised already on some forums

    But none of the forums give the solution to the problem yet.

    I hope you know more about it.

    Thank you,


  • I have been stomped since yesterday on this, a great example of why the whole WGA thing is risky and a bad idea!  Once I buy my copy and it is seen as authentic, that should be it, treating me like a felon forcing WGA checks is just not right.  What if the WGA server falls (like it has now to some extent) what about the inconvenience and possible loss of work because of it?  all in the name of Microsoft I guess, and MS wants customers to be loyal....what happened to run out of the box? why should a user have to go through this? I ask you, why? sell windows at a real price, one that reflects properly the cost of purchase against units sold, then you wont have to worry so much about WAG and such schemes, people will actually bother to buy windows £199 is still pushy for home premium, but that goes into why so many versions, does anyone at MS actually stop to think through these schemes? cause they don't work with the customers....