SP1 Beta release available today

SP1 Beta release available today

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Today we release the Beta of windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) to a private group of Beta testers via connect.microsoft.com.  Brandon over on the Windows Experience blog has installed and regularly uses SP1 on all of his machines (as do I) and discusses the more notable elements of it.  We'll review some of the changes made in SP1 later this week on the blog; what’s more, our VP of Product Management, Mike Nash, answers questions about Windows Vista and SP1 in a video on Channel9Meanwhile, I invite you to read the SP1 white paper we published last month. 

We also released today five reliability packages via connect.microsoft.com for testing by selected members of the community.  These packages consist of numerous improvements to Windows Vista based on user feedback, and while they will also ultimately be part of SP1, we're working to make them available before the final version of SP1 is released so that your Windows Vista experience is the best we can make it.  But for now, they're still undergoing testing and will come your way once they're ready for prime time.

The same goes for SP1:  keep your eyes peeled and stick with us here on the blog, as we'll let you know how SP1 is progressing.

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  • Hi but I found Vista up button http://mavisapps.com/up-button/

  • Hi Nick,

    could you add me to the beta test, too?

    I am evaluating Vista + Netware client for a bigger client rollout next year and have huge problems with bluescreens when accessing files via the network. Hope this is fixed in SP1.

    Thanks and best regards


  • motufmm
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    Hello everybody...

    I was willing to install Windows Vista on my computer at home, wich actually runs XP SP2 and I wanted to know if I could keep my XP installation after Vista installation and when would the Vista SP1 be available?

    If there is any chance for a third-world user to test the SP1 beta, please take me in mind!!

    Kind regards,


  • gacdss
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    Hi Nick,

    Any chance you could add me to the Vista SP1 beta.  I'd like to run some testing on our corporate Vista build. . . . Thanks

  • shyden
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    Hiya there Nick, i have been folowing the plans for the Service Pack 1 for Vista and would like to be able to test it, i don't just provide Microsoft with feedback with betas but I also leanr how to deal with problems myself and help others with issue I experince. I have been onto the connect.micorosft.com page which i have been signed up for a long time with however i have been unable to find it or anything related to it on that website...

    Is there another way because I would really love to test and evaluate. All my feedback comes with clear discriptions, any temporary fixes I made myself, and print screens to show (if available)

  • If possible, can i join to the a vista sp1 testing?


  • Tac-Elf
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    Will SP1 address the many sleep resume issues, or will I need to continue to keep my Vista box at home running 24/7 so I can watch TV over my Xbox360 (extender scenario). The extender wakes the Vista box (the right WoL signal is sent), but the network connection ultimately fails.  Terrible experience with something that looks as if it was intended to work.

  • ScottL
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    I got SP1 installed and it took away all the control panel applets and changed the theme to regular classic.

  • I would like to be a beta tester for the service pack 1. As I am having major issues with Vista...especially the taskbar and performance

  • Hello Nick I'm a PC repair tech i was wondering if you could give some of the fixes that Microsoft is planning on implementing for the SP1 update Due to lack of performance i am forced to instruct my consumers to not upgrade to vista im wondering with the relese of Sp1 if upgrading would now be an option on not quite newer machines   Thank you Steve and ps Where would i nominate myself to testing the beta version of SP1

  • Ara A
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    I would also appreciate if I get an invitation. Thanks

  • vtsinc
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    If possible, please send an invite so that I can start testing SP1 for my customers.  Regards,


  • Please send me an invite. Thank you Nick

  • borisnyc
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    I can't wait to see how much improvements will bring us this SP

  • Nick,

    I would also like to see the customizable "standards button toolbar" to be returned to Vista (up arrow, X button for delete, etc.).  I find it to be very disappointing that this was removed in Vista as it has been in every version of Windows.  This is a very big pet peeve of many users as I have done numerous Google searches on it to find out how to turn it back on.  Thanks for listening!

  • Chadi
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    Please send me an invite. Thank you Nick.

  • Wow! that's really a good news. This proves that it not an end for M$ products yet. Windows Vista will soon be as popular as Windows XP or Windows server 2003. Great Going

  • Thanks Nick.

  • After installation i get a bsod on vista x64 ntdll.dll issue and i think it has to do with display driver. I have an nvidia 8800gts. I don't remember the error as i have restored the machine to its previous state. Just a FYI.

  • Nick White
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    Hey michael98 and everyone else looking to join the SP1 Beta:  the Beta team is no longer able to add anyone to the program, but I encourage you to keep an eye here on the blog for news on the next release.

  • Hi Nick, Can you please add me to the recipients of SP1. Thanks!

  • K£v!n
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    Thanks for the update, it makes an interesting read!

  • Nick,

    we are an MSDN (ISV) member and would like to get access to the Vista SP1 Beta Version.

    Can we join the Beta program?

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey nick@mynicknet.com:  this is simply part of testing a Beta; I suspect that text will change or disappear when we get to SP1 RTM.  No need to file a bug.

  • Is the Beta supposed to always show the build number water mark on the desktop now?  I've had my users/testers asking me why it is showing that now.  In addition, it says 'Evaluation Copy' when it really isn't; We use Vista Enterprise KMS.  I'll file a bug report if it really is one, but I figured I'd ask first.

  • vai
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    Hi Nick,

    If you are requesting access for people would you be so kind as to put my name forward? I would love to use the beta to give feedback on bugs and the changes (I have both a MSDN and Technet subscription through work but it still hasn't been posted there :( )

    Thanks :)

  • Nick White
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    Hey xporvista:  thanks for taking part in the SP1 beta.  The Connect platform has a fine mechanism for bug reporting, so please use it to report any issues you discover.

  • Well, I decided to try the pre-sp1 and did have a couple of issues with IE. Browsing and then clicking on a link, caused IE to stop responding.

  • viva
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    thanks nick, you have been very helpful, i will write something in newsgroup, hopefully the problem will be sorted out

  • Hi Nick,

    Any chance of getting that invite, the MS people here is keeping mum :( and being a heavy user, I think SP1 could really help me :)

    Thanks in advance

  • nhaslam
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    Hi Nick,

    Can I get an invite to test out Vista SP1 too ?



  • Nick White
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    Hey viva:  glad you got in :).  Can you please log this issue as a bug on the Connect site?  There are newsgroups there too that can help you sort this out.  Thanks for your help!

  • viva
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    thanks a lot for the invitation i really appreciate it, ill see what i can do to get it working, ill try contacting Microsoft ;)

  • viva
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    hey nick, i just upgraded to vista and i got an error 0x80071aa7, i got this one "Windows Vista SP1 Beta 5-Language Standalone X86 and X64"  and im a bit confused, when vista sp1 was executed it was extracting the content to my virtual hard rive, when it told be to restart, it started up with "there is something wrong with you hard rive,  a disk check will be performed to the hard drive,  this is probably not a typical problem for everyone who installs it, but im sure some people might get it    

  • Thanks Nick,

    I'll also ask the nice microsoft people here in the region :)

  • viva
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    thanks Nick White, if you can please give me access to vista service pack 1 beta, i would really appreciate it

  • adrian
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    For one thing here are some reasons why...

    There's no Up button: It's gonna be redundant since the Back Button functions the same way. And, clicking on the folder listing, that "replaces" the old explorer's address bar, is actually way more intuitive than clicking the up button/back button since you can skip several screens through it.

    The search button is missing? It's still there, it's change locations in the start menu, but it's still there. By the way, I was taught of some special tricks with the Start Search that actually works like the main/full search.

    I'd just like to advise of proper training, even if the user's a boss. A few minutes of teaching the interfaces (and patience) will be worth it.

  • I may regret asking, but a look at SP1 beta would be useful.

    I've held off installing Vista so far, using XP under Vista downgrade rights, and complained at many of Vista's poor features and reviews. However, I can either whinge or do something about it - thus, I'm prepared to give decent feedback.

    Spec : Core 2 6300 w/2GB RAM, 975XBX2 (badaxe 2), two 7600GTs running three monitors (non DDC CRT monitor @1280x1024, CRT DDC monitor at 2048x1536, TFT at 1280x1024), soundblaster audigy 4. Used for programming, games, productivity, video transcoding, internet, connecting to OpenBSD, NT 4 and OS/2. I hold an Ultimate OEM license, which I will eventually install as 64 bit.

  • solo
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    I would love to try the beta out and see what all it does and does not improve upon, all in all it looks like it will be a good performance boost!

  • adamb78
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    Hi Nick,

    Can you see if I can get an invite for the SP1 beta for Vista? I'm having a few headache-and-a-half's with Vista that look like they'll be cleared up with the SP.

  • Nick White
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    Hey wadebart:  as stated in my post above, the Beta of SP1 is only being released to a smallish group of beta testers (all of whom know who they are).  If the RC is made more broadly availalbe, I'll be sure to let readers of this blog know.

  • When will MSDN subscribers be able to get the SP1 Beta download?  I'm still not seeing it when I login to my MSDN account.

  • If possible, I want to get acess to SP1 Beta too.  Thanks!

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey WeetaBiX:  I'll see what I can do -- no guarantees, of course.

  • OH - MY - GOD!

    Sorry for the bad language, but only a complete IDIOT could have had the crazy idea to scrap the search button that has been on the start menu ever since!

    The instant search box on the start menu is a nice and welcome addition, but it's actually pretty much useless most of the time if you're dealing with a huge amount of documents. So who on earth is responsible for the removal of the search button that gives direct, easy-to-grasp access to the advanced search functions in the OS (be it Vista's own services or those of a third party app)!? Who is responsible for f...ing up the pile of rubbish Vista already is, GUI-wise, even more?

    I was looking forward to SP1 because I expected some substantial improvements, but instead of that things are even getting worse!

  • Hi Nick,

    Any chance of requesting an access for the Beta SP1 too? I'm willing to do almost anything to make my work machine more efficient!!


  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey bezee and someone:  thanks for your comments -- I've made note of your feedback and shared it with our Dev team.  

    Note that Power Toys have been replaced by Ultimate Extras.

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey viva:  Beta testers are not allowed to redistribute the bits they're given access to via Beta programs, as doing so violates the EULA.  I'll see what I can do about requesting access to the Beta for you.

  • viva
    10 Posts

    i really want to be a beta tester :( if it is possible someone please upload it somewhere

  • viva
    10 Posts

    thanks so much Geeking Microsoft, please some how upload it to the mass!!! I really need sp1 please man!

  • viva
    10 Posts

    can someone give me an invite to use service pack 1

  • bezee
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    I'd like to emphasize the post by 'someone'.   SP1 needs to address some UI issues, usability issues like hiding control panels commonly used by technicians and advanced users.  

    PAALEESE bring back the UP button!  When IE7 came out and was installed on my bosses computer, It was no more than a day and he wanted to know what happened to the menu bar.  Microsoft, get this please, users understand they need to look for the menu bar.  Should I say it again, MENU BAR!  Can you hear me?  MENU BAR!  UP BUTTON!  As a network admin for a Microsoft Partner I need a way to customize Vista (strip it down and conform it to XP...to what people know) so that my business users will not be flooding the help desk with calls about all the stupid UI changes.  I personally consider this SP1 as RC1, Vista is still on trial and the business user jury is ready to hang.  

  • someone
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    Microsoft can still make some changes for usability:

    1. Windows Explorer and UI changes

    * File types UI/tab back on Folder Options

    * Customizable Standard toolbar back including the much requested "Up" button

    * Simple options to turn on/off autosort/autorefresh and full row selection in any view

    * Option to expand "Connect To" and "Printers" on Windows Vista style new start menu. It's only there in the Classic Start menu.

    2. Optionally display multiple icons for different network connections for quickly disconnecting any one of them.

    3. In Power Options, add an action that asks the user every time what to do when the power button is pressed.

    4. For non-indexed files, make searching inside files for specific strings easier/effective.

    5. Bitlocker in Vista Business because that's the edition most businesses will use and which business laptops are shipping with. And Services for Unix because it is available on XP Professional.

    6. Backup changes

    * EFS files backed up

    * Allow user to configure which files to backup and which to exclude

    7. Desktop.ini files showing on the desktop.

    8. Take a look at the Raves & Rants official MS forum on ShellRevealed.com and fix some minor things which can be quickly fixed.

    Although not related to SP1, why isn't MS releasing PowerToys? Are they cancelled or not planned for Vista at all?

  • viva
    10 Posts

    ok... so where is it, someone give me a link, i really want to use sp1 i dont care if it got bugs just let me use it, please just give me some invite or something

  • Colin^
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