New Extenders and Internet TV unveiled for Windows Media Center

New Extenders and Internet TV unveiled for Windows Media Center

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Today at Digital Life in NYC the eHome Division and partners together announced new Extenders for Windows Media Center.  In combination with the new Extenders, we're also releasing a beta of a new feature for Windows Media Center called Internet TV.

Take a look at the new Extenders for Windows Media Center and you'll see that users are getting sleek and quiet devices that bring content to any room of their house.  Upcoming this holiday season is an impressive line-up of Extenders:

  • Linksys Media Center Extender DMA2100:  In a small form factor, the DMA2100 offers dual-band Wireless-N and all the necessary features to take full advantage of Windows Media Center.  Perfect for smaller bedrooms and offices where a small device is needed.  Estimated street price is US$299.99.
  • Linksys Media Center Extender DMA2200 with DVD Player:  Bigger than the DMA2100, the DMA2200 offers dual-band Wireless-N with a built-in DVD player on top of its Extender capabilities.  Estimated street price is US$349.99.
  • D-Link DSM-750 MediaLounge HD Media Center Extender:  The DSM-750 connects users to their home networks either via Ethernet or dual-band draft Wireless-N.  It also includes a USB 2.0 port for access to music, photos and videos stored on removable USB flash drives or hard drives.  Users of the DSM-750 can also enjoy HD videos at 1080i.  Estimated street price is US$349.99.
  • HP MediaSmart LCD HDTV:  The HP MediaSmart LCD HDTV (available in 42-inch and 47-inch sizes) has embedded Extender capabilities allowing the HDTV to tap directly into a Windows Media Center PC on home network via wireless (802.11N) or wired connections.  The HP MediaSmart HDTV supports HD resolutions up to 1080p as well.  The HP MediaSmart LCD HDTV is expected to be available in Best Buys nationwide.
  • Niveus Media Extender – EDGE:  Supporting 1080p video, the Niveus Media Extender – EDGE takes in the 3D user interface found on the award-winning Niveus Media Center as well as the proprietary Niveus Glacier Passive Cooling System for quiet and cool operation.  Pricing has not yet been announced for the Niveus Media Extender – EDGE. 

These new Extenders, available to users of Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate, allow quick access to premium cable and HDTV and support popular video codecs such as DIVX, XVID and WMV.  Users will be able to pause a recorded TV show and then resume watching that very same show in a different room.

The eHome Division is also launching a beta (currently for U.S. users only) of Internet TV for Windows Media Center users.  On 28 September, users of Windows Media Center on Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate will see the addition of Internet TV under the TV + Movies section.  Internet TV will deliver high-quality video content streamed over the internet to Windows Media Center.  Users will be able to watch full episodes of TV shows, concerts from artists, high-quality movie trailers and clips from MSNBC.  Internet TV is designed for both TV and PC screens and is accessible via Media Center Extenders (including the Xbox 360).  Brandon will have a more in-depth look at Internet TV on the Windows Experience blog shortly.

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  • I am extremely unhappy with the way Microsoft talks about Internet TV...all I can get are full episodes...Microsoft claims you can watch full episodes on Internet TV Vista Home Premium on my Windows Media Center...WRONG...What makes things even more frustrating is I can go to the TV Networks Website and watch full episodes aired recently. When I first started using WMC I used my cable TV and a tuner and was elated with that and Netflix. I no longer have cable and Netflix has very little to offer to watch "instantly" when it comes to TV(unless you want to watch episodes of Gunsmoke, etc) Netflix still has most of the media content I am looking for on DVD's I receive through the now I am asking myself what good is WMC to me???

  • Ronnie
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    I am trying to connect my X-Box to the medai center and all I keep getting is My Extender not found.  They are connected to the same network, the setup key is correct, and I did change the firewall to allow the media extender.  Any suggestions?

  • turland
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    Any plans to fix the HDTV subchannel bugs in Media Center. I'm surprised that it hasn't been addressed. Pinnacle's products pick up the subchannels on the channel scan and their viewing guides support them as well.

    You can manually add the subchannels in Media Center, but the guide still doesn't seem to pick them up.

    Try the Pinnacle products and you'll see what mean. I think it's a major bug.

  • Thanks, Nick.  It makes me grumble that Kodak uses such a limited software for their movies, but I'm stuck with that.

    I'll see what I can find - - but my life would be easier if the Media Center just played quicktime files.

    Thanks again

  • Nick White
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    Hey tegler27:  while we do not offer out-of-box support for .MOV files in Media Center, there are third-party extensions that do; I'd encourage you to check them out.

  • How about Quicktime files?  

    I have a Kodak digital camera, and spent much time setting up the Media Center on my in-law's TV, but the Media center is blind to any .mov files.

    This, I find out only after spending $$$ on new stuff for Vista.

  • I have a wireless network and it seems that the signal from the wireless reaches my 360 but I cant acess the Infrared fuctions through my 360. Its like the remote control has a hard time to change to the different menues. Is there another setting that I am not aware of or maybe try the wireless network on a different network channel maybe?

  • Xepol
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    I have to echo the complaint about the lack of divx support.

    That said, I have an extender problem with my 360 - I find the picture is way, way to dark.

    Short of adjusting my tv brightness (which is already maxed) - is there any way to digitally increase the video signal brightness?

  • Tac-Elf
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    So far, I haven't been impressed by the offerings on the new extenders.  Nothing in the announcements which make me feel I need to go get one of these right away.  My XBox 360 seems more than adequate except for the usual things (heat, noise, lack of DIVX).  Add to this the price, and I cannot see these selling very well.

    As for Internet TV beta, can't say I'm impressed there either.  The picture quality ranges from so-so to terrible, the organization is confusing, and the content itself uninteresting.  The "movies" part is just trailers... Big deal.

  • Could you let me know where I could get help to have my Xbox360 connect with my Windows Media Center on my new HP Vista Home Premium?  I see that my computer can see the Xbox360, but when going through the extender setup it stops and tells me my firewire might not be setup for UPnP.  I have looked everywhere and tired everything.  The computer is wireless and the xbox360 is hard wired in the 2wire modem/router.  The 2wire modem/router software can see the xbox360 and my computer in the home network, but the two just don't want to allow the extender process to take place.  I am only using Windows firewire have not even put any other virus protect on it yet.  I think I am close and was hoping to get help as to what I am doing wrong. Love Vista, very cool, but considering both systems are so new I can't understand why they don't work.  Thanks in advance

  • I am wondering what will be the UI of new generation media extenders. I use extensively current models of D-Link extenders and familiar with Linksys device (probably having the same internals as D-Link) and they are pretty far from being called "user friendly". My media library is huge so usable "search" functionality is the key factor for extender UI.

    As far as I understand new extenders will be based on another network protocol(s) - hopefully better then current :-) Could we say the same regarding UI?  

  • shellp
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    OK, I've gotten past all the previous issues. What if any Extenders are needed for Hp Media Ctr. m8120n?

    It does show none detected? When trying to set-up.

  • Good news. I do have a system running with the MCE.

  • I have a Vista Ultimate system as well and I do not have Internet TV icon either. All updates are installed. Any ideas?

  • bmmce
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    I have a Vista Ultimate system, with all updates installed yet I do not have the Internet TV beta icon in Media Center...any ideas why not?

    I have another Home Premium system and it's there and works fine.

  • I am getting an error that the video is not available when i try to play anything under internet TV beta whether i go to media center or from X-box 360 extender

  • Hi Shellp,

    I would ask Vonage for help, as your trying to get service from them they have a financial interest in helping you with your problem.

    I also looked at the specs for the m8120n from HPs website it seems like HP have pre-installed a lot of Dial up offers/Boadband offers from many different providers on your machine so maybe the problem lies with that.

    Your machine boasts Easy sign-up to major dial-up and broadband Internet Service Providers:(s)

    - AOL Basic Dial-Up (offer included)

    - AOL Dial-Up Advantage (offer included)

    - AOL High Speed (offer included)

    - MSN dial-up (offer included)

    - NetZero Dial-Up (offer included)

    - NetZero Accelerated Dial-Up (offer included)

    - EarthLink dial-up (offer included)

    - EarthLink High Speed (offer included)

    - High Speed Internet Services Comparison Shopping

    That said Geek Squad should have done a better job, what did they set up and install?  The computer, your network? if you paid them to connect your computer to vonnage then call them back and complain.

  • shellp
    8 Posts

    I have what Hp has assured me is one of the newest Media Ctr. m8120n, Vista HP Editions. And I've been trying to figure out how to configure card with Vonage. All I get is asked for dial-set up?? No wireless set-up? And also seems to interfere with use of PCI soft data fax modem?

    I'm a Newbie who paid Geek Sqaud to set-up & install? Did they miss something or is it the PC?

  • Nick White
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    Hey Good_Bytes:  the team has not discussed their international plans, so I cannot say.

  • Yeah Hopefully there will be internet TV for Media Center 2005 users sometime, if Microsoft really wants people to use this technology then they need to make it as accessable as possible that means XP users aswell.  The competition will support XP, so Microsoft should not abandon XP.

    That said the Xbox 360 seems like the obvious choice for a media center extender if the thing ever gets a cooler running CPU.

    Having said that maybe the Wireless N functions in the new third party extenders will make them a good choice, and easier to setup and thus justify their relatively high price right now compared to the Xbox 360.

    What can Microsoft do to get everyone in this market...Ild like to see Microsoftl release a Wiimote like controller for the Xbox 360.  That thing is very cool and would make navigating a Media Center feel special.

    Its not that the Xbox 360 controller isn't nice, but its not shaped like a remote.  Which makes me wonder if Nintendo can see the true potential they have to clean up if they ever slapped a small hard drive/flash drive in the Wii 2 years down the road when costs are down and then competed with the 360 on the media side of things, Microsoft if your making a new console look at the Wii, and borrow/steal or beg for its best feature, the Wiimote.

    Otherwise in 2 years maybe Nintendo will partner with Google, or Apple.  Heck Google should just buy Nintendo.  The potential there is enormous.

    Nintendo arent really competing with Microsoft directly which is a shame, as it might cause more innovation.

    Sony well they are competing with Microsoft on this end but on the low end Nintendo is killing them.  Whats suprising is that they are more complaisant than even Microsoft, all they'ld have to do is release an official wireless controller for the PS2 and bundle it with the console along with a game or 2 and they could perhaps hold Nintendo Wii sales for a year until they could make the PS3 affordable.

    This market is very exciting for sure, how entertainment is being delivered is changing fast, even Itunes is getting competition from amazonmp3.

    One things for sure in 2 years I will get TV from some new box in my living room, a digibox or console with an ATSC tuner and maybe some form of internet TV being streamed from by computer it all depends on what works and what is cheap.

    If it is too complicated, which computers and networking are for most people are... then it needs to either get simpler or cheaper $300 is to expensive for a set top box that doesnt play games or do something else so Microsoft please concentrate on the 360 and be innovative.

    Hopefully a year or 2 from now a Xbox 360 will cost $200 or less and have a built in Hard Drive and ATSC tuner and allow DVR like functions and come with a wiimote like controller.  I can dream :-)

  • n4cer
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    Just check for the option sometime tomorrow, Bryan.

    "On 28 September, users of Windows Media Center on Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate will see the addition of Internet TV under the TV + Movies section."

  • Bryan
    13 Posts

    I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate x64, and I don't have an 'Internet TV' option in Media Center. I tried checking for updates and restarting my PC, but the option is still not there. Do I need to download something to activate it?

  • Awesome!

    Any info on when it will come in Canada, or it's the US just for the beta, than it will expend to other countries?

  • someone
    156 Posts

    No Internet TV for XPMCE? Yeah, no one uses XP. It's dead as of 2007.