New Updates to Windows Vista available via Windows Update this week

New Updates to Windows Vista available via Windows Update this week

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As you probably know and as we've mentioned in previous posts, we use Windows Update to periodically deliver updates for Windows Vista.  We do this so that customers need not wait for a service pack or another larger release to benefit from the ongoing improvements we make to Windows. With Windows Update, we can regularly service Windows as quickly, effectively and unobtrusively as possible, so that keeping your Windows OS up-to-date is easier and more convenient for you.  All you have to do is make sure you are signed up to have updates installed automatically and youre good to go.  Continuous improvement is the name of this game.

The non-security updates planned for release through Windows Update this week include:

  • An update on system compatibility, reliability and stability:  extends the battery life for mobile devices, improves stability of wireless network services, and shortens recovery time after Windows Vista experiences a period of inactivity, among other fixes.
  • An update to USB core components:  mainly affects systems returning from sleep or hibernation, fixing problems causing 1-2% of all crashes reported.
  • An update to Windows Media Center:  among other things, affects interaction issues occurring between Media Center PC and Microsoft Xbox 360 when Xbox 360 is used as a Media Center Extender.

The links in the above list will lead you to the KB article related to each update in case you want more information on them.  And, when theyre made available via Windows Update (expected to occur Tuesday 13th), you can also right-click each entry in Windows Update to get its 400-word summary description.

These and similar updates will be wrapped into SP1 for those of you considering installing them in one fell swoop.  We'll let you know here on the blog when we have more news in this vein.

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  • Duane Duane
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    I do not like the change with my new hot mail.  I can't even forward any of my Emails.   Please change it back the way

    it was.


  • Duane Duane
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    Windows new updates available tool keeps flagging Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 2 for installation, event though it shows as it upadated successfully before.

  • Hi,

    Both my Mom and my Dad had computer crashes and needed to get new computers this year. Because they are of the "Baby Boomer" age and neither of them have had a computer class or had education outside of high school, they went to the "Geek Squad" for help. Oh, my parents are divorced and live apart, but they both crashed at the same time!!!  Both my parents were FORCED to buy VISTA. They had no choice. That is what the squad said. Maybe an agreement with Microsoft and "the squad!!!!" I know that you don't HAVE to buy that operating system in a free system building society, but that is what happened and that is the truth!!!!! NOt an option!!!

    Anyway, me having gone to college for graphic design and had html and computer classes - and owned a MAC I had to maintain myself - I am a bit savvy with computers.

    Here is what I would like to say:  I DON'T LIKE VISTA AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

    I can sum up the experience very quickly and swiftly:

    Not user friendly

    Not fun

    Not simple - to the point

    You need to "right click" everything to get ANYWHERE/get results.

    No more Wizards - super helpful in XP

    "Techy" favoritism - designed for IT programers/tecs ... not 80 percent of the "COMMMON PUBLIC"

    I guess that is it. When we had XP there was no problem to have a "share folder" that two home network computers could share. Meaning - I could dump my files on my Dad's computer and then use his printer to print it. Now there is no networking wizard... something about only using a WORKGROUP folder that won't work, FRUSTATION.... FRUSTRATION...

    Oh and the biggie ..... I tried to 'right click" My Computer to get properties and system info..... Noooooo my friend. You have to ask special PERMISSION to dooooo that!!!!!  I find this happens a lot with VISTA. You need PERMISSION to doooooo anything. If you are a secondary user: Example. I wanted to make a folder to hide some of the dumb programs I don't like, like Google Earth and Yahoo this and that. I needed Administator PERMISSION to dooooo that with a password. Give me a BREAK!!!

    Oh and another thing. There are all these cluttery icons and jazz all over the screen!!!! Half of them I don't even use. I know I can get rid of some of them by being the Admin and going to MISCONFIG, but who wants to bother!!!!!!!!!!!

    By now I guess you got the point!!!! This world is absorbed in technology. Much of it is good, but all in all... we are just people!!!! That is why they make things like the Jitterbug cell phone and gigantic sized universal remotes. People are sick of having to know sooooooo much about the ins and outs of technology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Microsoft - hear me!!!!!!  For my sake, my parents sake and my future childeren's sake!!!!!!!!!! For @#%&***_++!!!! sake!!

    I didn't even know where I could vent like this. I'm probably in the wrong blog!!!! Once again - NOT USER FRIENDLY!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year - Hopefully a more user friendly year!

  • Let me add my two cents...

    I built my system from scratch and had a clean install of Windows Vista (32-bit) Home Ultimate.

    With an advanced chipset and 2GB RAM, one would think the system should be relatively fast.  However, that would be tinking logically, which apparently doesn't apply to Vista.

    With regard to updates, recently, about 10 updates came down and I clicked to install. After leaving the PC on all day (8 hours), I checked back and the update installer was still trying to create a restore point! So, I stopped the process. i then tried to install one update at a time during shut down. It took close to 8 hours to install one update!  What gives!

    Further, when I manually try to create a restore point the option is unavailable 9and yes, I am running as an administrator).

    My wife, who relatively PC-illiterate, suggested that I go back to XP, since it appears to work better and is more compatible with a wider range of devices. (I have a new Motorola Q smartphone, that although Vista recognizes, refuses to synchronize with the device).

    Long story short, I am sorely dissappointed in the new Vista operating system. There should be an option, (similar to the "click to continue") even if you had to password protect it, that allows full control over the processes and security.

    If you can let me know if the slow update and the mobile devices issues are fixed in SP1, then I may wait.  Otherwise, I guess I revert back to XP, wait for SP3 and a couple of years from now when Vista is stabilized, I'll install it (but not over XP, that'll kill everything).  Vista does not play well with anything; even itself!

  • Also, Denman430...

    One thing I should mention is that to do the winmgmt /salvagerepository step, I had to manually stop some services which depended on the WMI service. Some people report trying it three times would do the trick, but not for me. It may be the Dell add-on thingy did the trick.

    BTW, the evidence is that my WMI repository had been broken a long time. It really should have been detected and reported automatically a long time before this update came along! (And even fixed!).

    As soon as I fixed it, the LEDs on the side of my laptop (Dell XPS M1710), which froze months ago at one color, and no longer could be changed, started animating again. I suspect I'll be able to apply the BIOS update that wouldn't apply, too; I suspect Dell goes through WMI for both.

    I also didn't have room to mention what the WMI issues were -- they were with Moniker connections and connections in the terminal services piece, and another area I forget (I could dig up the logs if anyone is interested).

    I hope this is helpful. I hope Microsoft can move from Windows Update being an attack that denies access to our systems (e.g. my Win2K box killed by Windows Update) and consumes our time, and more of the delivery channel for solutions that it is meant to be.

  • OK, having bitched -- let me share the solution I found. It was MUCH too hard, and I've been at this 37 years. I think it really shows that Windows Update has utterly failed at making the update process easy for end users -- it's even a nightmare for IT professionals.  The root focus is not on empowering the end user.

    Anyway, here's what I posted to the Windows Update site as a "support request" as a way to get the info about the problem into the system. Note that the Windows Update support site, once you find it, is NOTHING like what I suggest above. Not to mention, totally broken if you use Firefox. (I have to assume it's better under IE).

    There was no space in my post to Windows Update (they have a secret character-count limit that kicks in and starts deleting stuff at the end!), but let me say that this Windows Update experience is quite at odds with the experience I have with the Problems and Solutions tool. While that lacks any sort of aids to self-help or community help, it does, in fact, provide a path from problem to solution, which often actually succeeds! (Not as often as I'd like, but it sometimes even succeeds for third-party pieces, which is Really Cool). In fact, the overall emphasis on diagnostic aids in Vista is great, it's just this Windows Update thing that's the fly in the ointment.

    I hope this information helps keepitsimpleengr.


    [Stooopid widgit committed my response when I selected the OS in the middle of editing -- without my clicking on the button! Perhaps you need to test against Firefox??? The whole UI for this page is spastic, with this text input box changing size, font, and color when move the mouse!!! We'll see what resubmitting does...]

    KB941649 would not install -- repeatedly, and blocked several updates from the current Patch Tuesday as well.

    The problem turned out to be a WMI issue. It was MUCH too obscure to track down. I happen to be good at such things -- consumers are not.

    After a lot of googling the error code -- usually 8007054E -- and getting some hints from experiences people had with updates to SQL Server 2005 -- I downloaded and ran WMIDiag from the Microsoft download site.

    This found a few problems:

    1) A Terminal Services reference to the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\CSDVersion registry value couldn't be opened. It doesn't exist, I think they mean HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Windows\CurrentVersion\CSDVersion? I created a DWORD, value=0 there, and that error went away.

    2) The 8007054E's were not a catastrophic media failure (the hard drive is fine -- in fact, this started out on another hard drive I graded, which read 100% and is still fine...) They were reported against WMI's ROOT and ROOT\CIMV2.

    More googling, winmgmt /verifyrepository agreed it was corrupt, so I did winmgmt /salvagerepository, and those went away.

    3) Then an additional problem showed up -- complaining about the security descriptor for ROOT/MICROSOFT/SQLSERVER/COMPUTERMANAGEMENT lacking the entry for Everyone. It nicely told me (in a very technical way) what it expected to see there, so I added that, and WMIDIAG pronounced my WMI repository clean.

    Of course, I have a suspicion that the Everyone entry was deliberately removed by some prior security update, and that I've opened up some security hole, but I suspect it would be one requiring local access, and on this system I'm not concerned.

    Once I did that, the updates ran OK -- except for the random unexpected reboot after I logged in the first time. (I'd seen that when I tried to install it before -- it shouldn't let you log in if it's just going to reboot out from under you!!!!)

    I must say, this is all insane.

    1) The error reporting is abysmal. What these obscure codes from the NT header files are doing as the description of update problems is beyond me.

    2) There was NOTHING in UI to point to a WMI problem. Or anywhere in particular.

    3) The link in the Details (if you even know to right-click to get that menu option!!!) in the update history takes you to a help page full of obscure error codes, that provide no assistance, even in the rare case the error code you encountered is actually present!

    4) There should be a link that takes you to a page for issues WITH THAT UPDATE. Where people can provide feedback, statistics on failure rate are shared (so one knows whether it's specific to your system or a common problem), and solutions can be shared.

    The whole windows update user experience is horrible. I understand very well it's a very hard problem, but I don't see anything of substance being done to make it easier for ordinary users (or even power developers) to get from problem to solution. It's not even easy to find this site, and even when you do, it is really not particularly helpful except in a general way, and having a rather broken submission system for submitting support requests.

  • Let me add my voice to the chorus screaming about KB941649.

    How ironic that a "stability update" is itself so unstable that it fails to install on so many systems, while simultaneously destabilizing them.

    It's already been through one revision, without reaching stability. Now another Patch Tuesday has come and gone, and it's blocking additional updates!

    Microsoft HAS to do better than this. This is giving new meaning to the old term MS-DOS -- Microsoft Denial-Of-Service, AKA Windows Update.

    Could I suggest creating a site, and a team, to address issues with updates? That is, one-stop shopping where people post problems, they are investigated, results published?

    People with problems already posted could simply click a button and add to the count for that problem, giving information to the developers about the extent and urgency of the problem.

    From what I've seen, Windows Update is currently the most destabilizing element of Vista. (Probably XP, too). Even worse than drivers, at this point.

  • bipinp
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    While installing Vista, I have used Nvidia driver thru Floppy drive. and after installation in device manager disk is shown as SATA.

    But After Windows Update it again change to SCSI Drive.

    Is there any problem for using Vista by setting?

    I try to Update the device using WinVista [new driver from nVidia] but i got error the current drivers is latest one.

    also my PC hangs sometimes after installing some programs(like Live Messenger) and all. is this related to above driver problem?

    please reply

  • Soon might be too late.  I'm glad I paid all that money for our MSDN for nothing.  Ubantu is really looking more promising.

  • Coz
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    Problem with Girlfriends Laptop, running Vista.  Automatic Update ran during the night and this morning the whole system is SNAFU!!

    Reboots alternate between Safe Start Up and Restore.

    Any backtrack tips?

    Ran System Restore to a date last week but no luck.

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey perrybucsdad:  all I'll say is, soon.  I'll be sure to let you know here on the very date it's available.

  • The sad part Vistaisadog, is that MS won't even let the MSDN members (who paid to have this service) know when they will be getting SP1.  I have some serious performance issues and as the Director of IT for my company, I have to make a recommendation by the end of December as to how we want to go on 250 new laptops that we will be buying.  I'd really like to see the SP1 so I can be fair, but at this stage, I'm almost about ready to make the switch to Ubantu and OpenOffice.

  • Installed the latest updates. Didn't notice any appreciable difference. Problems we had before remain the same. Our simple timekeeping package, Billquick 2007, still runs poorly and slowly on an AMD Dual Core 5000 with 4 gig of ram. Not near as smooth and as fast as it does under XP SP2 on an old AMD Athelon 3000 with 2 gig.(BIllquick blames Vista) Looking into downgrading to XP even though it will cost us some addtional licenses. Sure impressed with the fact that it works better with X Boxes. If entertainment is the main purpose of Vista, MS should just admit it and deploy a hard core high performance, compatible, OS for businesses. We just don't have th time to keep screwing with this OS.

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey keepitsimpleengr:  I don't have advice for you on how to troubleshoot operation of your system after installation of this update, but I'll make sure the Sustained Engineering team is aware of your issue.

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey RAZZA:  we're not equipped to provide tech support on this blog - please address your question to one of our public newsgroups.

    2 Posts

    I am having problems downloading software from my Creative Zen Nano Plus MP3 player onto my Acer Extensa 5620 Notebook. I have also tried to download software from the Creative website with no success. Can you please help ????

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey rotten:  you may try rolling back the update as described in my earlier comment above, and if that doesn't work, you could seek help in one of our public newsgroups.  In any case, I'll make sure the Hotfixes team is aware of the trouble you're having.  Best of luck in ironing this out.

  • The update "update on system compatibility, reliability and stability" (KB941649) fails to install either automatically or manually and occasionally hangs the computer on our Vista Ultimate 64.  There is no information on the error code "80041002" on  The MS Vista forum has several posts about the problem but no solution and no post from MS.  Is MS ignoring this?  With XP, update support is provided, but not with Vista.  We are reluctant to devote additional resources to a (for us) still experimental operating system, especially when an "update" to improve "reliability and stability" fails and the vendor fails to acknowledge or support it.

  • rotten
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    hey, nick

    I don't think it's on topic, but i've still got 2 problems:

    Since I installed Vista Ultimate on my laptop(it says vista ready), it doesn't recognise any USB memory stick, and also the in-built wireless network card(wich i have a router for) doesn't work anymore, so i'm on cable now.

    What do I need to do now?

  • I'm having a problem with installing the kb941649 update. The installation keeps failing to configure. It seems from the windows forums that quite a few people are having this issue. I get error code 8007054E, but that code is undocumented so it doesn't really help. I've tried to change the Software Distribution folder, but that didn't help. I also manually downloaded the update and tried to install it and that also failed to configure. Any help on this would be appreciated.

  • Dan8381
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    I am having problems with my New HP Elite Desktop, not sure if it is with the computer itself or not.  My windows updates are failing, I have had the computer for 3 weeks and about 70% of the updates are failing.  Just today I finally got the Zune software to install correctly, and am having trouble installing other software ex. Nero 8 Ultra.  I always get the "file is corrupt" message.  Even though I can install that same file on other computers.  I am thinking these problems are connected.  It is running Vista Home Premium.  Any thoughts?

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey BARMotorsports:  you should be able to roll back the update(s) in question by going to the Programs and Features control panel, clicking View Installed Updates, and uninstalling the particular update(s).  You may need to boot into Safe Mode if you're getting repeated blue screens at boot-up.  Hope this helps.

  • World of hurt. After performing Windows Update on the 15th of November. My solid Windows Vista 32 machine "blue screen crashed" while rebooting to complete the update. All came back well EXCEPT the on-board USB ports in my Dell XPS 600. One week later, after many evenings with Microsoft Tech Support in some foreign country, they say the development team will call me in a few days?!?  Can anyone suggest a couse of action? Dell won't support me because the system didn't ship with Vista installed. I can not roll back the change because my restore points are not available.

    Thanks for your help.

  • It still would be nice is the MSDN subscribers would get some ETA on when SP1 will be available for Vista. We buy these subscriptions because we believe in Microsoft products and want to promote their use.  Keeping us out of the beta group I think is slowing the roll-out to all users quite a bit.

  • my operating system is home basic vista but i can't get latest update I have download the update from microsoft web but it doesn't have any effect

  • ShaneB
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    Well I run the Media Center update at it crashed my machine, would not reboot and getting BSOD immediately on reboot. I installed the optional ATI PCIeX update as well. When I repaired Vista using the Vista installation CD and got back into Vista it said that this update had failed..

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey prodigal:  you can find a list of Windows Vista-related newsgroups here, one of which will surely be a good place to post your question:  Good luck.

  • I need to be directed to the proper forum for help with this problem:  I applied this update to my home system running Vista Home Premium last night.  After the update and re-boot, my mouse and keyboard were dead.  If I booted into setup or dianositics, the keyboard/keyboard and mouse worked.  Again, where can I go to get help with this?  Thanks.

  • Thanks Nick.  Any idea when that will be made available to the MSDN community (days/weeks/months)?

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey perrybucsdad:  the current release was to a private group of Beta testers only, but once the RC is slated for availability to the broader MSDN/TechNet community, we'll let you know.

  • I keep updating and hoping that the newest update will fix the email problem that has plauged me for the last moth.  I cannot delete an email or even open it.  I keep getting an error message,and that is as far as you can go.  Anybody got an answer>

  • Thanks Nick, but my interests are now more on SP1 RC!!! wait until I install it , lol!

  • rotten
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    oh wait, I see now that x86 means 32 bit and x 64 is 64-bit. Thanx for the help

  • rotten
    4 Posts

    Yes, i've done that with the USB update, where you have to choose between 32-bit and 64-bit.

    I have the 32-bit installed, so I downloaded the corresponding update.

    BUT the update on System reliability and stability makes you do a choice between version x68 and x84 or something and I don't know what THAT means.

  • My friend Nick, I see a broader invite was sent out to about 15,000 Vista users today for a newer SP1 RC.  How do I get invited?  I thought MSDN members would be able to participate in testing this?  I am a MSDN member and would really like to be in on this if possible.

  • The last set of updates decreased the wait time when switching users dramatically.  The new patches seem to have slowed this process again on both my Toshiba Laptop and Compaq desktop system.  Are others noticing this?

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey chakkaradeep:  this week's releases are roll-ups of multiple separate updates, so you may have applied one or more of those separate updates at a previous time.

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey rotten:  this is easy to determine:  just right-click Start | Computer and refer to the System Type under System, where it'll tell you whether you're running the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows Vista.

  • Nick, I doubt that these updates were released during mid october? Becoz I remember applying these as those download links resides in my history and also if I try to install these updates, it says that the updates arent necessary for my system (Vista Ultimate RTM). I think thats becoz I already have installed these updates.

    I had installed the update KB941649 on 26/10/2007 (October 26th)

  • justauser, did you check Event Viewer to see any error  messages reported ? There should be something would be helpful for the vista team if you could put that down here :0

  • well, i have all the patches installed that are listed.  I can say that they did NOT fix my hibernate issues and I think they are worse.  I now routinely crash after resuming from hibernate.

  • rotten
    4 Posts

    hey i clicked on the first update option and I had to choose between an x86 version and a x64 version. How do I know what version my laptop is?

    Any help owuld be appreciated, I already looked

    at most places for sustem info(like Config.)

  • Nick White
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    Hey justauser:  this is a roll-up of a number of existing patches, so you might want to look into the specific patch that affects your symptoms instead of applying this roll-up wholesale.

  • Are these new versions of the patches?  I've installed all of these and things got worse not better.  The second release of 961469 actually made my USB and sleep/hibernate issues worse and increased my number of crashes.

  • Is there any update to be expected for the "calculating time remaining" feature? I'd really like to get rid of that.

  • lgeurts
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    I installed these updates a few weeks ago (found them via KB). They killed 2 testing rigs. Description of the problem:

    After installation and reboot everything worked OK. We made new CompletePC backups.

    After restoring these backup(s), the systems went crazy. 100% CPU utilization. Only way to stop it was a hard reset. The test rigs are a Dell and a HP PC. Vista was Business and Ultimate.

  • skywolf
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    I have the problems with mediaplayer too. Actually both of them, the invisiblity stuff, and the playing after closing. If your mediaplayer goes invisible, dont restart your system, just close MP11 in task manager. I dont know why but it helps. I also have problem with running western raptor disk on my system. Somehow I think its still not compatible.

  • I have had WMP on vista, do both of those problems, from the start, just that the closing one happens less often now, maybe just luck there.

  • SavNout
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    Nick, I hope this recent USB Core update resolves my problems with my Vista Laptop not reconizing my iPod. It reconizes my iPhone fine (First thing i plugged into this laptop) but it couldn't find the iPod Drivers so i had to manually direct windows Vista to the c:\Windows folder and it found the drivers and now all is well. I have to say, these iPods worked fine on my XP Desktop...called Apple and they said to call's a Vista problem obviously. It was like once Vista used the USB Drivers for the iPhone it didn't wanna let anyother Apple product use em. LOL...anyway hope this info helps.

  • cwaters
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    Islander, I have been having the same problem with WMP11 for months now. The latest WMP updates and Vista stability updates have not resolved the problem. In addition to WMP launching and playing 'invisibly', sometimes after I close WMP, it continues to play 'invisibly. Have you noticed that, too?

  • Islander
    46 Posts

    I installed the reliability update a couple of weeks ago after Windows Explorer crashed on me and advised me to do so. Well, I can't tell if it fixed any problem, but ever since then Windows Media Player has a weird behaviour. Every now and then (means often but not always) when I click on a video (AVI, MPG or whatever), WMP starts playing invisibly, I can tell because I can hear the audio and see the player in the task manager. But it's not on screen, nor in the taskbar. I have to click on the WMP icon in order to make it appear (it just continues playing, no interruption when it appears). So there must be something screwed with that update...

  • dovella
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    i Wait SP1 :D now im Happy :D :D :D


  • Titan602
    34 Posts

    That's a great update. Bug fixes and preformance improvements are the most important.

    The only problem I think is wrong with windows update is that updates are only sent together every week or month. They should be released every day they are created.