Upgrade to Next Version of Windows Live OneCare Announced for All Subscribers

Upgrade to Next Version of Windows Live OneCare Announced for All Subscribers

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The new version of the Windows Live OneCare service is being made available today, running on both 32- and 64-bit Windows Vista systems (32-bit Windows XP SP2 is also supported). 

We built OneCare because we know that most homes have more than a single computer (surely not news to you if you're a reader of this blog), with PC security and maintenance being needs consistently expressed by both home users and small business owners.  A lot of these customers run PCs without basic anti-virus and anti-spyware protection, and even fewer perform performance-enhancing tasks such as disk defragmentation and regular system back-ups.  Furthermore, the plethora of digital photos stored on PCs means that more and more people are trusting their systems to archive digital memories, but given the general consumer's lack of understanding of archival software, doing so becomes a risky proposition indeed.  And, when you factor in the prevalence of wireless networks in use in homes and small-businesses, you quickly get the picture that there is a lot of data at risk out there and customers are ill-prepared to take the necessary precautions to ensure it.

It's not a question of being lazy, but rather having the right tool for the job.  That's where easy-to-use OneCare comes in.  As a subscription service, all OneCare subscribers benefit from new updates as they are made available, including major releases such as this one.

The latest version of OneCare affords users these advantages:

  • Home Network Management now further simplifies management of multi-PC environments, including support for printer sharing and one-click wireless network security implementation.
  • Performance Plus enhancements consist of proactive system recommendations designed to improve the computing experience, as well as a monthly reporting regimen tallying the actions taken by OneCare in the last month plus recommended actions for all covered PCs.
  • Back-up and Restore now enables central configuration and monitoring of back-ups for all covered PCs, with all data being archived to a central location.

A free 90-day trial of OneCare can be downloaded http://onecare.live.com/standard/en-us/default.htm.  A 1-year subscription and maintenance for up to 3 PCs costs only US$49.95. All current Windows Live OneCare subscribers benefit from new features as they are made available, including major updates such as this one.

Click here to also read PressPass's Q&A with Windows Live OneCare Director Amy Barzdukas.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more information on receiving the new Windows Live OneCare release.
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  • Duane Duane
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    yes they did something like this live must upgrade the nation can not open msn i thank you to update without your knowledge

  • Hi there. I need assistance and have not heard back from anyone else yet. I have a couple ticket #'s created and the most recent one is

    Support Ticket Number: 1063415384.

    I created a LiveOne site and paid for a domain name. The 1st day the site was viewable online, but now, when I type in corporatemaven.net , I am not able to view my site - let alone anyone else.  Can you help with this? Windows LiveONe Users support has not responded to my emails for help.

    my email: sungelica@hotmail.com

  • Hey Nick, if you've already got OneCare, when will the old version get updated.  I'm looking at my version right now and I don't see anything about multi-PC management.  

    Is there a link that existing users should go to in order to update it?

  • Nick White
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    Hey windows:  this is an issue better handled in the public Windows Vista newsgroups than on our blog - pleaase direct your question there, thanks.

  • windows
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    I recently bought a HP Notebook with Windows Vista.  I cannot for the life of me, open my hotmail account!  I called the HP Help line, and he was not able to solve my problem.  How can I check my hotmail or go into msn via Windows Vista?