Improving reliability and performance: Update preview release available today

Improving reliability and performance: Update preview release available today

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Surely it's no news to you that we use Windows Update to continually deliver ongoing improvements to our customers so that Windows is always up-to-date.  Plus, doing so eliminates the need to wait for larger releases like service packs.  Some updates are released to the community for general feedback prior to delivery via Windows Update, as is the case today.  The Windows Serviceability Team today is rolling out another update on the Microsoft Download Center.  The update is categorized as a "preview release" and may be subject to change before it is released via Windows Update (we expect that to occur in January).
Today's update preview release is geared toward improving reliability and performance in Windows Vista and we highly encourage you to install it.  It includes:

  • Improvement of previous issues affecting going into or resuming from sleep/hibernate under some scenarios
  • Update to address a previous issue with the disk spindown feature to improve battery life for portable systems
  • Up to 15% improved performance of disk I/O (i.e., copying/moving/deleting large files)

I'm running this update on one of my systems -- the one I'm using to draft this post, in fact.  I suggest you try it out and let us know how you fare.  You can find more information about today's update preview release in this KB article.

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  • Hi All,

    I have some questions on using the "hybrid sleep" option and its affect on WiFi associations. Based on the white paper I read I presumed that when I went into this hybrid sleep the information passed between the router (Wifi) and the Wifi client adapter would resume after a minute or so.

    In this state, the user must often intervene and perform a "re-association" with the WiFi.  What is this the expected result for placing the laptop in "sleep" vs "hibernation" in Vista?  Can we modify it?  Is this in combination with the Wifi adapters default behaviour?


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    Hi, was already fixed in rev. 5 of KB943899 (fev 2008) those known cyclic-rebootings in  certain sata systems (dell etc)?

  • Nick White
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    Hey neilm:  SP1 performance questions are better directed to the Windows Vista SP1 forum here:

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    I have Vista on a couple of machines and 2 versions of Server 2008 (build 6001) running. I just applied SP1 to the vista boxes, they no longer talk SMB2 with Server 2008. The 2 S2008 boxes negotiate SMB2 when talking to each other as do the vista boxes. But now they do not talk SMB2 between Vista and S2008. The question is this deliberate ?

  • I absolutely HATE the update process in Vista.  It invariably decided that the best time to do the update is when I'm in the middle of working on somthing. With absolutely no warning or option to postpone, it takes control of the machine, shuts all applications without saving the data and reboots.

    This is a vanilla Dell installation with only McAfee virus software installed post purchase.  This has happened about once per month since purchasing the laptop last March.  I use this computer as little as possible.

  • Okay... try this one on for size (and Merry Xmas BTW...)

    While the Windows Updates download just fine, when I go to install them, they take several hours to do so, or at times, do not install at all and do not have an error message as to why they failed!

    Why do the updates take so long to install?

    I installed Windows Visa Home Premium on a new clean PC. What could be the problem?

  • IE quit working! I spent two days trying to fix it - uninstalling M'soft updates,  changing configs, etc, etc.  I live chatted with HP for an hour.  No help.

    THEN: I remembered that I had installed ENCARTA 2004. THEREIN lay the problem!  I find it unbelievable that MS would permit installation of ITS product that would BREAK my machine!  A pop-up, at least, is warranted - mandatory, like I get for many non-M'soft programs!

    MICROSOFT, PLEASE send me a fix for Encarta 2004 or a working version. AFTER ALL, It is YOUR product, and there is NO excuse for it not running under VISTA via an update or comp'ed newer version.

    This has been an awful experience.  Simply unbelievable.  

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    Hey shivani:  It was definitely included in both the RC and Beta releases, so if you're not benefiting from it, you may be experiencing a slowdown based on something else.  I would visit our public newsgroups to seek help.

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    Was the following performance fix mentioned in the SP1 whitepaper included in the RC?

    "Improves the performance of domain-joined PCs when operating off the domain; in the current release version of Windows Vista, users would experience long delays when opening the File dialog box."

  • Update to my previous post directly above.  Vista SP1 fixed the ReadyBoost issues.  Things are running great now!

  • This update disabled readyboost on my SDHC card (with Vista Ultimate on an x61t).  Maybe I'll try the SP1 RC and see if that enables it again.

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    Hope this isn't off-topic, but my system was updated (via Windows Update) today and, after rebooting, the multi-monitor setup no longer worked.  I rolled back via system restore and multi-monitor works again.  couldn't find any reports of similar problems, so didn't know where else to go to report and/or resolve the issue.  If someone can point me in the right direction...

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    I installed.

    System hung when trying to shutdown (configuring updates....)

    On re-boot, system worked but it doesn't look like the update was installed.

    I have all the latest updates.

    When I tried to reinstall got message "this update doesn't apply..."

    So the systems seems to think it was sort of installed.  Any way to confirm it was or delete it so I can try again?

    I have always had a lot of shutdown problems.


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    very well

  • I too, am tired of the whining, hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing over Vista. I have used Windows since 2.0, and new releases of Windows have always been met with the same tired diatribes. I think it just comes down to two personality types. Those that like and welcome change, and those that don't. The user community has always helped mold the new Windows with feedback. Microsoft then changes the OS, or users find third-party ways to fix it to their liking. Like the UAC - As Nancy Reagan always said, I "Just say No", and turn it off. For me, new Windows is like having a child, when you first have one, they are helpless and stupid, but you have the joy of watching it grow into a smart and powerful adult. I happen to love it, and can't wait for it to mature!

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    Quote quote quote!!!!!

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    Your statement is irrelevant. Don't like Vista? Don't use it. Don't like Windows? Go Linux or Mac. Don't like computers? Don't use them.

    Vista does what the consumer- and professional markets asks for: Nice Looks, fun gadgets and a sense of speed. 2b users, 2 b opinions. So please start developing linux apps or something instead of crying like a malcontented baby.

  • Thanks for the reply Nick. Attempting to boot into Safe Mode or Last Known Good Config mode both do the exact same thing as booting normally - albeit in a much lower display resolution.

  • Nick White
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    Hey jhayward:  sorry for the frustration, this sounds like an unhappy situation.  Have you tried starting in Safe Mode and rolling back to the Last Known Good Configuration?

  • I'm running into the same problem that DDustin and dovella seem to be having - after installing the latest round of Windows Updates, the computer now does not log into Windows - I get the normal glowing Windows Orb logo, then it says "Please wait...", then "Configuring Updates...". After that sometimes I'll see my login picture and password box for about a quarter second, then it switches to "Shutting Down...". It then repeats this process indefinitely :(

    I've tried all the repair tools on my Vista DVD to no effect - even System Restore doesn't work (gives me some error message about transactions or something).

    Not a happy camper.

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    Stai giudicando un bambino appena nato, sei invato a guardarti i blue screen di Leopaard.

    Vista è il migior sistema operativo commerciale disponibile sul mercato, siete invidiosi su quello che sarà il miglior sistema operativo di domani.


  • Hi, I'm a long time Windows (since 3.1) user and developer and I can say without a doubt that Vista ("Ultimate edition", hah what a farce) is not worth it, it's not even worth the time to download if it was Open Source.  I've been staying clear of the OS until at least a year past its release data, just to avoid any role-out issues.  Yesterday, I received a new laptop from work, did a fresh Vista install and attempted to install all my usual applications (Visual Studio 2005, some games, etc...).  Wow, did microsoft drop the ball on this one.  I could not install any, i repeat any, of my apps without error.  Upon searching the net for several solutions, I found thousands of posts of exactly (I mean "to the word" exact) the same problem I was experiencing, but no solutions.

    As a software developer, I know no software is truley bug-free, but Vista seems like they failed to even go through a BETA test.  In addtion, the annoying pop-up that asks if I want to continue running an app is a complete waste of time and voilates some of the basic Human-Computer Interaction principles, and to what end?  Would anyone in their right mind run an application again knowing that it is infected?  This is mearly a "snake-oil" attempt in fixing what ails you.

    In a cruel twist of irony, when installing Visual Studio 2005, it was the "Windows Compatibility" (whatever it's really called) service that preventing me from installing VS 2005.  As explained in a technical forum, I should copy the contents of the VS 2005 DVD onto my hard drive and install from there because Windows Compatibility was interfering and marking the install app incorrectly.  I've even seen error messages that say you need to install Windows XP Service Pack 1, on a (fresh) Vista install!  

    This is a classic example of "catch-22", as the tools necessary to create these applications (e.g. Visual Studio) will not work on the OS it is targetting.  I smell something akin to complete incompetence.  I mind as well as try to create an app for OSX.

    Now  I have a question directed at Microsoft, have you considered what hell you've release on to this earth?  These new implementations, at their current state, are useless in what they achieve.  Frustration is through the roof, and any promises of these new features are overshadowed by their complete failure to do what "you've" promised.  There's nothing worse than breaking a promise, Bill.

    I hate to end a rant without contributing something in the form of a solution, unfortunately even considering the vast resources microsoft has at its disposel I can only suggest everyone to revert to Windows XP and voice their opinion to microsoft, someday they'll check their email.  What do you guys do at work all day anyways?

    I know that I may be a marginal portion of Vista users, but as someone who contributes to the most sold type of software (i.e. games) I feel that microsoft has left many loyal users with a very expensive bill to pay for.  You can expect no more support from me.

  • @ezechiele2517, though its not guaranteed that these updates would be present in SP1 RC,as Nick as told in his earlier comments, they would be present in the final RTM

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    This Update block my Windws Vista , in reboot computer stop , in sefty mode stop  :(

    I reistall my windows Vista :(

    Now i love windows OLD Folder in new set up.

    my hardware

    Nvidia asus 650 SLI

    Nvidia 8800 GTX

    2 gb ram croisar 1t

    cpu dual core intel E 6400

  • Hi, can you tell me if can I install this update with sp1 RC1 installed?


  • dovella
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    Mille ringraziamenti a tutto lo Staff. Di VIsta SP1,

    Un vero grazie di cuore, aspettiamo con ansia anche qualche future come regalo per aver supportato Vista dal primo giorno ed amiamo il nsotro sistema operativo VISTA


  • For all those who asked for Vista SP1 RC,Download it from here -

    Released to public for testing :)

  • DDustin
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    Ouchie!  THis update did not gel well with my laptop.  Vista Business 32bit, all normal MicrosoftUpdate hotfixes, no extras.  SATA HDD.

    Installed this and after rebooting it went into a boot/crash/restart cycle.  Safe mode still crashed, Last known config crashed.  Reapired using boot media and all is well.

    No chance to see a BSOD and I was unfortunaley more concerned about getting the machine running again than spending a long time debugging.

    Let me know if you want me to try again and I'll make sure I'm in a position to be able to debug properly.

  • adrian
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    I read the included items in the SP1 documentation, and it has that 15% speed improvement for Vista

  • Nick White
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    Hey phpmaven:  while I do know that this update will be included in SP1 at RTM, I'm not certain that it made the RC in time for its release, assuming that's the version of Windows Vista you're currently using.  It's more likely the case that SP1 RC simply will not allow you to install this update and that you'll have to wait until the RTM to take advantage of it.

  • Nick,

    I have SP1 RC installed via TechNet and when I try to install the update mentioned here I get a "this update does not apply to your system" message. I'm assuming that these updates are part of the current SP1 version and not ones that will be added to SP1 later, right?

  • Havoc
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    Great thanks for the clarification all the updates and such got a little confusing

  • Nick White
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    Hey Havoc, et al:  the update mentioned in this post ultimately will be included in SP1.  SP1 RC is not yet publicly available but will be shortly, at which point I'll let you know.

  • Nick White
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  • Robert, IIRC, Vista SP1 RC is currently only available to MSDN subscribers or Microsoft Connect members ( in the private RC test.

  • Havoc
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    Hey Nick,

    Can you clarify some of this for us, this release is a pre-SP1 rc for the public?  

    Is Microsoft still goign to release the SP1 RC to the public this week?

    I noticed there were quite a few releases on download center and WU over the past couple days, however, none of them say specifically SP1 RC.

    Thanks for any assistance in clarifying this

  • Scott
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    I got scads-o-updates today on Windows Update. this was not one of them.

    The KB article states that you can download the file manually or via Windows Update.

    I did *not* get this via Windows Update.

    Also, you mention it's listed on the Download Center.

    If it is, I coudn't find it there...

  • would love to try sp1 rc is it being releaed to the public or not?

  • where can i get Sp1??? I didn't find it at Microsoft Download center... Please, some help!

  • Nick White
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    Hey  this update is separate from the Windows Vista SP1 RC, and it will be included in SP1 at RTM.

  • I'am confused: this is not the public SP1 RC? Is this patch included in the SP1 RC?

    I guess: "no" to first question and "yes" to the second,...

    Keep up the good work