Windows Vista SP1 RC now available for public download

Windows Vista SP1 RC now available for public download

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We're making available today the RC release of Windows Vista SP1, found here on MSDN and here on TechNet, with an FAQ here.  I invite you to download, install and use the SP1 RC and let us know about your experience by providing your feedback here.

Before you install SP1 RC, please bear in mind the following points of advice, detailed in this short article:

  • If you have a prior version of SP1 Beta installed, you must uninstall it prior to installing RC.
  • This is pre-release code and will change before the final release.
  • This pre-release software is provided for testing purposes only.  Microsoft does not recommend installing this software on primary or mission-critical systems.
  • Microsoft recommends that you backup your data prior to installing any pre-release software.
  • Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate is time-limited software.  It will no longer operate after June 30, 2008 and should be uninstalled prior to that date.
  • Support is through self-help and peer support via the Windows Vista SP1 forum.  Assisted support (phone, email and online chat) is not available from Microsoft Support for this RC release of SP1.  Support is not available via this blog.
  • If you install the Service Pack 1 Release Candidate, it is strongly recommended that you also plan to install the final version of Windows Vista SP1 when it is released in the first quarter of 2008.  To do this, you will be required to uninstall this pre-release code.
  • You must have a genuine copy of Windows Vista installed on the computer prior to installing the Windows Vista SP1 update.

Thanks to all of you who've expressed interest in testing the RC!

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  • @tokm: The "Evaluation copy" text on the desktop after uninstalling pre-RTM versions of SP1 will disappear after rebooting the computer once more.

  • Nick White
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    Hey BobBinns:  actually, there *is* a place for your to log issues experienced with SP1 -- this forum, dedicated solely to that purpose:  Please direct your feedback there, and thanks for reading.

  • Hi,

    I am and MSDN member.  There does not seem to be an official place to log problems installing SP1 RC1 so I am happy you have this Blog.

    I have two Vista Ultimate Machines (All updates, all language packs).  I installed SP1 on them both via Windows update.  The SP1 Installs successfully on both (so it said) but I cannot login afterwards I get an error something like:

    Login failed, Group Policy Client service failed the logon

    Memory access error

    Neither machine has ever been domain joined.

    My only recourse was to go back to the last restore point (which work quite well thankfully).  

    Both machines have a pretty different set of hardware/software.  One is a dual core laptop used for development (Visual Studio, etc...), the other is a Quad core Home desktop with lots of games.

    Any ideas?


    Bob Binns

  • I have a dual Quad core XEON x5482 3.2GHZ (8 cores) with a 1600Mhz bus speed. I played an mpeg-2 1080p video. All was fine, but as I was moving the video around the screen the video glitched. I would not expect a glitch on such a powerful computer even if I am moving it accross the screen. I have an 8800GTX Nvidia graphics card.

    Thank you


  • I've had SP1 RC since about Dec 15th. I have yet to notice any changed in my system at all really. Maybe a slight drop in RAM usage, but not much. It still seems to run at a decent speed. (Running Vista Ultimate x64 on a 2.8 gig P4 with 1 gig of RAM.) I mainly only use my machine for music, gaming (WoW) and web surfing though. Wonder if that makes any difference.

  • Nick White
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    Hey kevanbrown:  I've heard of this issue before and that it has been resolved for many customers by installing the Performance and Reliability updates that form part of SP1 (and are mentioned here on this blog).  You might also check out our public forum deducated to SP1 to see if anyone there has any advice or guidance on the matter:  Hope this information helps.

  • I have an Alienware m9700 laptop.  I normally run Windows Vista Ultimate x86 on it.  I have never been able to successfully resume from hibernation with Windows Vista installed.  When trying to resume, the "Resuming" animation appears for a while and then switches to a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner.  I was really hoping SP1 would fix this VERY annoying problem, so I installed the Vista x86 with SP1-integrated distribution from the MSDN download site and then loaded all vendor drivers for the laptop.  I still have the same hibernation problem with a fresh OS with SP1 and driver load; very disappointing.

    BTW, I've attempted multiple times to install the problem reporting tool to send information about this issue but it will not install and does not report an error.  The Windows Installer dialog appears for a second and then disappears never to be seen again.

  • Hakon Strande - I am impressed by this laundry list of features, advantages and benefits  - although I've not heard any of them "play out" yet, but I'm sure I will.

    However, your list reminds me of the little story about the chicken and the turtle. Seems the chicken lays an egg a day and lets the whole world know about it - the turtle lays hundreds of eggs per day in silence. Perhaps there should have been more crowing a long time ago! ;-)

  • This is a comment for SuperPotato who said "Seriously, it's not like Vista is a massive change in terms of technology compared to XP."

    Here are some of the things the Windows Sound Team did for Windows Vista:

    > User Mode Audio migration: A complete re-write of the audio subsystem to allow for enhanced audio policy, transparency, low latency, high fidelity, extensibility, stability, reliability and security.

    > Audio performance enhancements to enable UMA’s high fidelity goals.

    >  a new streamlined audio render sink, the platform component of the Media Foundation API which is a big part of the important playback of premium protected content scenario

    >  Audio Accessibility improvements necessary to meet government regulations and allow Windows Vista to be sold to government institutions

    >  Protected User Mode Audio, an infrastructure that allows content owners to control the protection level of their content on the PC – this was built to enable premium content playback scenarios on the PC

    > System Effect Infrastructure, insertion points for 3rd party audio processing value-add. Supports the UAA class driver initiative by allowing IHVs to use class driver and have their own value add audio processing algorithms in user mode (which in turn means increased stability for our OS)

    > A re-design on how volume is handled by the OS, focus on fidelity and ease of use.  One result of this work was the per-application volume mixer.

    > Improvements to the USB Audio class driver. USN Audio is one of the standardized technologies required for Windows Vista logo certification under the UAA initiative.

    > HD Audio – a new class driver based on a driver model that promotes stability, reliability and high fidelity that will support a technology that is required for Windows Vista Logo certification. This is the big bet that will enable native (in-box) audio driver coverage on new OS in the future even if the 3rd party driver fails.

    > WaveRT – new driver model that moves audio buffer handling into user mode to increase stability and transparency. WaveRT also enables low latency audio streaming and improves glitch resilience of the audio pipeline

    Windows Vista is a great improvement over Windows XP in the audio pipeline domain but as with all new technologies there will be things to work out - the PC is not a closed ecosystem, it is WIDE open and as the comment from ProAudio1 shows even OEMs and OS vendors can miss behavior from bad hardware/drivers.

    Hakon Strande - Microsoft Windows Sound Team

  • Rick J
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    Is there a trick to using Nero 7 to turn the download into an install CD?  I was able to install from the copy on hard disk but the CD copy failed twice in a row.  The install is not trivial and took about an hour to complete.  Having the code roll itself back kind of upset me.  Having it do that twice made me quit for the day.

  • Nick White
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    Hey Korn1699:  we can't provide support for SP1 here on the blog, but you can discuss your installation experience with others and report the issues you've identified at this forum:

  • Korn1699
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    I have been having a lot of trouble with installing SP1.  With the version that I first tried, my laptop appeared to install fine, but then the installer said it didn't work and rolled everything back.  My desktop would contantly blue screen during the setup, but it let me load safe mode, which also ended up rolling things back.  I tried the refresh yesterday on my laptop, which I have switched to 64 bit Vista Ultimate instead of 32 bit, which I had last time I tried SP1. After the installer restarted the first time, it would blue screen after the windows loading screen.  There wasn't an option to go into safe mode, and doing a repair with me windows disk also didn't work.  Luckily I did a full backup before that, so I was able to go back.  Have there been many people with similar issues?  My laptop is an Inspiron 1520 with basically max options, and I think that is a fairly common model.  I know I saw at least a few of them around where I was sitting at a VS 2008 install fest that had about 100 people.

  • Thank You very Much For Your Response Nick!


  • Nick White
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    Hey Hellishdevil:  you can turn off chosen updates in Windows Update by going to the Windows Update control panel -> View available updates -> right-click selected update -> choose 'Hide update'.  Hope this helps.

  • When will I get a response from you peeps?

  • tokm
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    I installed SP1 then I had to uninstall it because the mouse would freeze for 2-3 seconds randomly.  After uninstalling the 'Evaluation copy. Build 6000' still appears on the desktop.  WINVER shows 'Evaluation copy. Expires 6/20/2008 6:59 PM'.  And the mouse still freezes.  Any clues?

  • I think I'll join in too!

    First of all I love Vista and im using Vista Ultimate

    Secondly I Need Help!!

    I installed SP1 RC with the help of Windows Update service...well I didn't liked it very well and it SLOWED my computer way down...

    My PC specs are:


    Pentium D 3.0 GHz

    NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT

    2 GB RAM

    The thing is that Vista Ultimate worked FINE before installing the SP1 as you can see the specs are good enough and I have the Windows rating of 4.8

    Now the thing is that even after uninstalling SP1 it still shows that it is an important update in Windows Update and I get annoyed with isn't there a way to stop that?

    Please help me with my problem as soon as possible I had no one else to turn to...I tried system restoring and all but nothing helped because you can't uninstall the first three updates that were installed so please help me MICROSOFT i don't want to format my PC!

  • nrempe
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    Was hoping for "XP-like" file network transfer speed to be restored after this update. No dice. Transfers are still unbelievably slow.

    Also when I use Vista's built-in zip decompression, it is still (on average) about 900% slower than XP was (an average test of 12 files - all varying sizes).

  • XXRay
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    Installed the SP1 on my Aspire 9410 Laptop T2250, Geforce Go 7300 with Intel 82801GB USB2 controller. After the install everything seems to work as it should until I started to copy an 2Gb file onto a USB memorystick. It copied for a whole night, after hours of searching for a fix I gave up. Uninstalled the Sp1 (great that this feature is there!) and now the USB copied the file in 15min (still slow). I hope that there are many more with my problem it would be terrible having the final Sp1 release with same problem.

  • my HP phootsmart 2610 all-in-one does not scan anymore after i installed service pack 1. any workaround out there?

  • I've got a brand spanking new Dell XPS (2.4GHz Dual core 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD) and the machine is great but Vista, that came installed on it, is the worst OS I have ever had the misfortune to use. I did some comparisons with my 3 year old Dell Inspiron running XP SP2 (1.8 Centrino, 1GB RAM, 150GB HDD) and just scrolling a fairly large text document (71MB) in wordpad on Vista is awful compared to XP SP2. I couldn't believe how many simple tasks I do regularly were so much slower in Vista. I'm just so frustrated that I can't get DX10 on XP which is the only reason to keep Vista hanging around (I'm a game developer so I have litte choice).

  • my 2610 does not scan anymore after i installed service pack 1. any workaround out there?

  • Please we need the Service Pack 1 as soon as possible... we are really experiencing problems with Vista and especially the copy pasting... it takes so much time to copy and paste even a 1kb file. I hope that you will make it available soon to the public ASAP.



  • I have came up with a bunch of recommendations for VISTA SP1.

    1) Vista does not manage power as it should. Especially on laptops, and people who upgraded from XP. Sometimes the PC goes blank for no reason, battery and power cords are plugged in(strange). This then triggers the graphics hardware to fail.This then kills aero and driver does not work. Code 43

    note* This happens mostly to ati graphic card users.

    2)UPDATE KB936357 update to fix compatibility on Intel and AMD pcs. Under vista this causes the graphics device to some how disable (CODE 43). (problem with WDDM driver).

    Note* It seems that many of the vista problems happen to be with their new graphics system which is buggier than bugs itself.

    3)Vista power management does not work well for mobile PC'S.

    Now onto performance

    The SP1 pack has many fixes for performance but I hope they got these.

    1)Startup and shut down takes much longer than XP. Most systems out there suffer from this.

    2)Update configuration at shut down and startup is very annoying. It takes long depending on PC specs.

    3)The build in disk defrag is way to slow almost useless.

    4)System restore takes as much as 1.5gb hard disk space everyday.

    XP only takes megs daily.

    Note* In one day of heavy use you loses like 2 gb a day, not even knowing where it went to.(temp files, memory dump,sync etc).

    5)Network speed is 1/2 what xp is.(Test with youtube videos or cnettv

    own. Faster better.

    6) Still not compatible with many software and hardware.

    7) Many system apps take allot of memory.

    These are just a few problems which I came across while testing vista .

    Note* Thousands of people will upgrade rather than my a new PC and Microsoft needs to remember that because not everyone can afford like they can.

    There are many good things about vista. Gaming is good. Many new apps which are useful. It looks cool. and many new security features are put in place to protect you.

    Vista is web 3.0 in terms of advancement (If I could use this term)

    In the next couple of years, Vista will be better than a Mac(I love mac but just telling the truth) :)

    I just hope Vista SP1 and the following service packs fix this problems quickly...

    Many people who have ATI cards on their vista systems are displeased because in vista its full power is not used except for AERO graphics.

    (Hope Omega comes out with drivers soon).

    I have tested Vista SP1 and the system is much more stable, and faster than before,just hope they move the graphic bugs in the updates to come.

    Well back to XP/Ubuntu FOR ME :)

    Thanks for reading, any comments please feel free to add them, and do let me know if any of the information I stated above is wrong, my spelling is not that good, please do not be bashful

    Thanks!!!!!! :D

  • I uploaded my image for my situation

  • I installed SP1 onto my Fujitsu A6030 notebook.    

       Upon final reboot, SP1 left me with program compatability errors with the Fujitsu HDD schock sensor (cant find any help at all via internet), doubled-row icons on the logon screen. That mean if i have one account then i have a pair of icon at logon, if i have 2 accounts then have 2 pair of icons.

    (SYSINFO - T7300 Core 2 Duo, Vista Home Premium, 120Gb HD, 2Gb DDR2 SDRAM)

    Please help me to remove one icon from logon screen and turn off program compatibility assistant notice every time turn on windows (shock senso run normaly on Vista pre-SP1).

  • How many builds have passed since RC1?  Any word on when the code for SP1 will go gold?

  • Nick White
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    Hey revelation:  your valid copy of Windows Vista is altered when you install SP1 and this is the notice that appears on the desktop.  When SP is released to market (RTM), you'll want to uninstall the RC/Beta version and install SP1 RTM itself, which will return you to your formerly licensed state.

  • I am not sure if this   is part of it

    I have a licenced copy  Windows Vista Business it shows activated now when i rebooted this morning in the corner  it shows Windows Vista

    Evaluation copy Build 6001, does just state to me that I am using SP 1 evaluation or has SP 1 turne a licenced copy into a evaluation copy of Vista

  • Update

    I posted earlier about an issue where audio and video slowed down - no matter the source, DVD, tuner, tuner-recorded video. After two hours of research on the Net, I was able to isolate the culprit. It's a Wireless-N, Linksys USB Adapter. The internal wireless of my HP was not strong enough to reach the router/transmitter so I used this device instead - and it worked perfectly, except (come to find out) it royally botched my A/V. I pulled the device from the USB port and I haven't had the stuttering problem since. Thank goodness it's an external adapter, not a PCI card. The poor souls who'd posted this issue on-line had a PCI card. All I have to do is pop the adapter out when using A/V. And no, I shouldn't have to do that. For the record, HP has released a patch that fixes a low signal level read on their built-in wireless card. Had this been right to start with, I probably would have not had to pay $100 for this external unit and it would have saved me countless hours of misery and wasted time trying to call HP - what a joke. I'm sure MS will look at this as Linksys' problem, not theirs. Bottom line: I don't care whose problem it is, there should have been collaboration between MS and Linksys to start with - it is a Vista-certified device. I am very happy I have isolated this issue - I'm very disappointed such is allowed to happen. I've wasted hours (which translate to big money) on this problem with absolutely NO help from HP or MS engineers here.

    P.S. I am still waiting for somebody to tell or show me what VISTA does for me that XP didn't do. As I see it, it is half baked and the chefs don't know how to run the oven. When local yokels have "patches" all over the place on the Net, it appears not enough or the wrong people are in the kitchen. To release a product in such a state of disrepair would never fly if this was an electric product - wouldn't get a UL certification. Wouldn't be tolerated if it was an airplane or automobile. Do you think the National Transportation Safety Board would allow it? But for some reason, we (and the government being part of the WE the people) seem to let this slide with computers. Go figure.

  • Well since Vista SP 1 was released I have installed Vista Business so  far it seems faster and feels  a bit  more stable , the laptop  is not running as hot ,  so who  knows maybe this update will lure more people to Vista

    If I do see any  bugs  I will post them

  • @Nick: DO you have any idea why I get this error with vista, it's been happening even more recently (ever since I updated my Bios).

    The previous system shutdown at 10:50:56 PM on 12/26/2007 was unexpected.

    Event ID: 6008

    Now I would love to say something is wrong with my laptop, but the chances me and some friends all have the same problem is unlikely...

    What happens is our computers just randomly shut off, and wont even turn back on until we remove the battery and power cord for about 30 seconds.

    Don't really play games on the machine so its not an overheat factor, sometimes it even happens within 5 minutes of logging into windows.

    Any help would be nice! Or if this issue has been acknowledged and being fixed, oh and please request getting free support, at least free e-mail support for windows. We already bought windows I don't want to pay another $30-50 whichever it was just to get email support that might not even fix the problem :(

  • Nick White
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    Hey revelation:  at the risk of looking like I'm passing the buck, your situation sounds like it's being brought about by the driver for your device -- I'd suggest 1) ensuring you have the lastest device driver version (which it sounds like you do), and 2) reporting the issue to the device manufacturer.

  • Nick White
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    Hey gkshastry:  you're better off directing requests for support to the kind folks at the Windows Vista public newsgroups, as we're unable to provide product support via this blog.

  • Nick White
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    Hey niks3:  Peer support for SP1 RC is had through this forum:

  • Nick White
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    Olá marcosvelasco:  you can provide the Dev team direct feedback on SP1 RC here:  Obrigado.

  • Hi,

    I get a new laptop, with XP installed for higher costs, I decide to take Vista Business. Oh god, what a bad decision.

    I only need few minutes to find out, that this machine is absolutly useless. I cant copy simple files from my other XP systems to Vista. There is something with streams and NTFS.

    Maybe its good for security reasons, but how safe is a useless machine?

    Please, tell me, which is the right way to get XP and Vista-systems working together without problems?



    If there is no solution available, Vista is dead.

  • This is the latest driver from HP  Web site

    Type: Driver - Storage

    Version: A (9 Mar 2007)

    Operating System(s): Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista HomThis package contains the driver for the Texas Instruments PCI (TI-PCI) 6x12/7x12 Cardbus (Media Card Reader) for the supported notebook models and operating systems.

    Again I do not know what the issue and why it is having the issue , I have emailed HP but nothing ,

    If the issue can be corrected I will install  Vista again  

  • Even with SP 1 for Vista the manufactures still have to catch  up  with Vista

    Case in point HP Compaq NX 6325 built in card reader is very tempermental with Vista sometimes it works and sometimes it will ask you to format you SD card, though HP has released an updated driver for Vista there is still the issue ,for me that is why  I have to stick with Windows XP till this is corrected,  which is too bad I started to enjoy Vista but I do need this card reader working ,  

    I hope  the engineers at Microsoft can correct this

  • I will only be happy with Vista SP1 if it fixes these three things

    1. PnP

    2. Time to run exe files that are 500mb+

    3. My damn graphic card compatibility lol...(Though I think that has to do with the Bios :P)

  • CodyT07
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    I have installed the windows updater and ran things, I must say, it was horrible downloading it :-(

    Windows Updater keep crashing on me and when I finally do get it, it was extremely slow and BSOD me when I try to shut down.

    I had to system restore back to the version it was, however my system restores, pre to downloading the file for windows update is gone. So now I am stuck with windows update getting the Vista SP1 Rc on windows update.

    Is their a way to get it back to its original state ?

  • tjmk24
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    Any one can tell me, when coming the real vista sp1  SP1 RCM  ?????

  • Any one can help me to work sony wireless projector VPL CX 86 to work wirelessly with windows vista it is working fine with windows XP. After N number fo trials, I concluded that the USB dongle (USB Wireless LAN Adapter) which is bundled with the projector, the vista compatible drivers are not available.  I spoke to sony also but nothing is coming out.

    Please help me out in this issue

    This Windows Vista hase become curse instead of a gift

  • Any one can help me to work sony wireless projector VPL CX 86 to work wirelessly with windows vista it working fine with windows XP

  • Hi NS2K,

    >Curiously why are you so set on EFI based machines, surely there are advantages and disadvantages to this technology?

    Surely ;) If you're really interested, check out this MS video (ref'd in the following post) with a couple of their lead developers. About 10 mins into the video, they start talking about some of the really significant benefits of EFI. ~Brad

  • niks3
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    hi all,   from some days i am trying to install SP1 RC1 for windows vista.   The strange thing is that the installer seems to freeze every time at the same point(look at the screen) and didnt go Forward. I try even with windows update but the instalation freeze at 50% at the stage 1.   Any solution to resolve this problem?   I have vista ultimate 32 bit retail

  • After updated,I have a problem with Fujitsu Shock Sensor program.It's not compatibility with SP1 RC..

    My notebook: Fujitsu LifeBook A6030, T7300, 2GB Ram...

    "Sorry about my English"

  • 1 that says the reward to giving VISTA SP It that discovered one bug at RC that uses SP1 supports USB that fell in a word. The phenomenon of the interruption appears to one at the USB time. However, compared windows xp sp3 is fortunately used. The performance doesn't have what rises by 15% to the SP1 performance rather rises for the entire XP. It is hoped to descend as Microsoft notes it.

    Thank you it is hoped that Microsoft takes a hit on the success in the pirate edition.

  • To: Hakon Strande

    I appreciate greatly your response. I did install SP1 and DID find improvement with ASIO drivers now showing up - and although I have not given them a full run - they DO appear to be working.

    What continues to drive me nuts is the buffering issue where, when watching a DVD, both audio and video appear to go in to "slo-mo" for five or six seconds and then catches back up. I am running an HP Multimedia Desktop. So far, it's a multi-misery computer. I contacted HP customer service and they sent me stock URLS to run tests - and everything tested fine, of course. I cannot be the first or only to report this problem. I would prefer somebody "fess up" to the problem than to give me stock URLs of no value.

    Again I greatly appreciate your candor and help. I've got to get to the bottom of the buffering problem before it drives me insane.

  • dovella
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    yes but in "EFI" of MAc

    you not move timing of ram

    you not patch firmware of GPU

    You not meet the clcok of RAM in 1t

    for PC???

  • Hi Brad

    I didnt even know what Extended Firmware Interface (EFI) was until I just read up on it here:

    and here

    Curiously why are you so set on EFI based machines, surely there are advantages and disadvantages to this technology?

  • Can anyone please comment on the availability of x64 motherboards that can boot Vista SP1 using EFI? Surely they exist, right? Surely MS has done some in-house testing on such motherboards?

    I'm having trouble finding any for sale.

    I figured that Intel *must* be on the verge of selling at least one such model, since they did invent EFI, but I haven't been able to get an affirmative on that from Intel tech sales.

    Any clues appreciated! I'm not moving to Vista until I can boot EFI. Not one more new legacy-BIOS machine in my workspace, thank you.

    Thanks, Brad

  • Actually Glenn you should also check HPs website apparently the DVD drive in your machine may scratch discs and may need to be serviced:

  • Glenn.Merideth have you tried compatibility mode in Vista

    or looked at the website of the software vendors incase they have issued a patch for vista.

  • allthough I'm not as tech savvy as the rest of you seem to be, I can give you a perspetive from a laymens point of view. A lot of programs that I have spent a lot of money anf time invested in these progrms to, only to find out when I purchased this new HPa6244n

    with the Intel Core 2 Duo @2X 2.2GHZ E4500

    that they are no longer usable in your wonderful VISTA Is there a fixthat I'm unaware of or do I just throw away a couple of hundred dollars of games?

  • I read the Overview and Notable Changes but I find nothing about usability issues addressed by SP1.

    Plenty on Performance, Reliability, Security, Efficiency, etc. but why does "Usability" not feature as a category at all? Are any "Usability" issues addressed under some other heading?

    Specifically how many of this (limited selection) of Windows Explorer issues are being addressed (Windows Explorer is where I interact with the system all the time when not in applications...)

    inconstant Folder Views,

    the black-holes that are Folder Templates,

    the lack of control of automatic folder type discovery,

    absence of per window control of Preview,

    lack of preview handlers for older MS products (Office)

    accurate refresh of shortcuts to mapped (esp network) drives,

    absence of a "New Folder" button

    Please tell me that such issues are being addressed...


  • Hi!

    I want sent an email to "Windows Vista Development Team".  Maybe I found a bug and I need contact the team.

    But... What's email to contact ?

    Thank you


  •     I installed SP1 about 18 hours ago onto my 5 month-old Fujitsu A6030 notebook.  I had to uninstall it 6 hours ago.  

        Upon final reboot, SP1 left me with no audio, no internet access (INTRA net only), program compatability errors with the Fujitsu HDD schock sensor, the Wacom Tablet, and doubled-row icons on the logon screen.

        I reinstalled the various drivers, but only the HD audio came back.

        With no internet access (using ie7, Firefox, and Netscape), I then performed a system recovery which rolled the system to pre-Sp1.  All works now except I am stuck with the double icons.

    (SYSINFO - T7250 Centrino Core Duo, 120Gb HD, 2Gb DDR2 SDRAM)

  • don't you mean firewire 800

  • decoda
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    will vista sp1, add suport for fiewire

  • Hakon, I think the biggest problem here is the lack of backward compatibillity that Vista has with XP. Seriously, it's not like Vista is a massive change in terms of technology compared to XP. Yes, it has a snazzy interface and that horrid UAC, but I get the feeling that a lot of the changes have no real use other than to show that Vista is a different OS to XP and that Microsoft actually did something during those 6 years of development.

    I'm just assuming, of course, but I would love to know the actual reason why Vista had to lack backwards compatibility.

  • Additionally - due to a problem with certain prosumer audio hardware with our Vista RTM audio system we have made a code change for Vista Service Pack 1 that solves a problem with some ASIO drivers not loading correctly. If you are having these issues even after installing SP1 you will need an ASIO driver update from the manufacturers of your prosumer audio device.

    Hakon Strande - Microsoft

  • To ProAudio1

    There are no known technical reasons why ASIO drivers and applications that leverage the ASIO interface for low latency audio content creation scenarios shouldn't work on Vista with fairly small tweaks.

    In fact Vista has driver models (like WaveRT) and application resource management features (like MMCSS) that will enable even better experiences once drivers and applications are updated to take advantage of these features.

    Mostly it is a matter of prioritization of development and test resources from the IHVs and ISVs creating such solutions. As with XP Gold back in 2001 it will be a little while before all these fairly small companies find it financially viable to spend development and test resources on a development for a new OS.

    To your stuttering playback issues; most of the time the stuttering is caused by a bad driver (not necessarily and audio driver) that holds off the system in long ISR/DPCs preventing the audio stream buffers from refilling in time and thus creating audible stuttering.

    Storage, network and graphics drivers have been identified as culprits here.

    The relationship between RealTek, HP and MS is such that typically bad driver bugs are root-caused and fixed in matter of days but the publishing of the new code takes a lot longer due to testing and web release schedules. I doubt your audio driver is at fault here though but you can try to disable the audio enhancements in the Sound COntrol Panel and see if that helps.

    Also, if you buy a PC with the Certifed for Windows Vista Logo ort upgrade your PC with parts that have this logo you have a better chance at a validated experience.

    If you use devices and systems that do not have the Certfied for Windows Vista logo the experience with Vista on that system has not been validated by anyone and is more of a crapshoot.

    Imagine Apple buying random hardware pieces and assembling a PC without testing it - even once - after assembly. What OS X experience would you expect from that PC? :-)

    Essentially you would have the same level of validation that a PC without the Certfied for WIndows Vista has had.

    Hakon Strande - Microsoft

  • shollomon
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    The point of my post about the message was the same as mfisher1967's.  Why not let the user decide if they want the warning on the desktop?  If we're installing this kind of thing, if fact if we know its there at all, it means we're savvy enough to understand its only slightly better than beta quality code and could hork our systems.

    Treating bleeding edge adopters like adults can play big benefits.  

  • Well I just installed SP1 RC on a test system states SP1 is version v.668, it took more than half an hour + to install.  So far not much different to before SP1 before except I now have a How to Share Feedback button on the desktop.

    IE7 does seems a little faster, however I may just be imagining that.

    One difference I did note was that before I had 20 something days to activate windows on this test system and now its states 30 days?

  • I mean to say "same goes for video" - all my video capture devices will not work with VISTA.

    Back to audio, no matter what I play on my VISTA-powered machine - DVD, video captured from the tuner, whatever - the video/audio "spits and sputters" every few minutes. Seems as though it's a buffering problem. I have Realtek audio drivers and have updated the drivers to the most current available. What's the relationship between HP, MS and Realtek?

    Will SP1 RC fix this spit and sputter issue?

  • I was stunned that ASIO drivers don't work with VISTA.

    1.) Will they ever? If not, what is the work around? And the final solution?

    2.) We're almost a complete year since the shrink-wrapped roll-out of VISTA, yet most pro audio interface manufacturers STILL don't have VISTA drivers! Same goes for audio.

    This is totally unacceptable. I did everything creative in my shop on a MAC for 18 years - makes me want to go back - and I am NOT a purebred Apple guy AT ALL. I'm just looking for a solid system that allows me to be a musician, not a geek.

    1 Posts

    It seems that I always have to "buy" something to support VISTA.  My environment:  Windows Vista Home Premium with all updates.  Windows MovieMake does not support my Canon DC-100 DVD Comcorder.  Is there a special driver?  XP always managed to handle it.

    Sorry Mr. White, but to me, VISTA was rushed to market without support.

  • I am just wondering why the SP1 RC was not built to allow for SP1 RTM to install on top, without having to uninstall it first?  Also, why not allow for the user to decide whether or not the evaluation/build message appears on the desktop?  

  • @shollomon, the current releases of SP1 are meant to be for pure testing. So be to any Vista System you install (OEM or RTM), that *Evaluation Copy* indicates that its now in testing mode. So, when next service pack build comes out, you know that you have to uninstall that build and install a new one. It becomes lot more easier for testers to keep tract of ;). Even if you run *winver* from your *Run Command*, you can see that there are some changes done there too :D

  • shollomon
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    Running SP1 seems ok. At least it didn't break anything when I installed it (although the install was, as they say, non-trivial).  

    Just wish it didn't say "evaluation copy" in the corner of the screen.  Found a patched version of user32.dll.mui that is supposed to get rid of that.  Why do you guys do really minor but highly annoying stuff like that and then make it hard to get rid of?

  • swyoung
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    Just a comment...

    Is there any way for Microsoft to mandate that programs installed on Vista cannot provide folders within the Start Menu.  With the advanced indexing features, it seems as though folders are kind of silly.  I would prefer just a list of all my applications.  I can set it up, but it's kind of a pain.  Just a thought...

  • borisz
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    I will try it to see how it performs, Thanks for info

  • SP1 is a step in the right direction, although I still miss the speed and reliabilty of my Commodore Amiga 1200, that thing booted up almost instantaneously (around 11 seconds) sure back then an OS was only a few Mb big, however I really dream of that speed for every PC owner.

    Of course Windows gets slowed down by sloppy antivirus code and other ram hogging programs, but I really hope that sometime soon that dependable flash ram can be placed on motherboards to significantly speed up boot times to around 10 seconds for the average user.

    There are some who have PCs that can boot in 10 seconds with Vista, but their machines are top of the line.

  • Does it fix the lack of verifying a cd/dvd after burning it, its pointless to burn a disk, if only to pull it out later to find its a dud.

  • hi this is my first post in here. my system was realy slow befor installing SP1 beta but now i can see its improvet too much and thanks for that MS.

    second thing is i have seen to many convos here that MS Vsita is not giving the best as we r doing alot to keep it runing but i think if we are runing matching hardwear then there is no prloblme

    anyway i have never seen use of hardwaer for geting all the results what we want i think MS doing its best to keep us uptodate...

  • Kura
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    posted in the wrong forum...sorry.

    these comments were for the 12/11 release, not the SP1.  Sorry.

  • Kura
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    I installed.

    System hung when trying to shutdown (configuring updates....)

    On re-boot, system worked but it doesn't look like the update was installed.

    Checked the update log and last update was a couple of days ago.

    When I tried to reinstall got message "this update doesn't apply..."

    So the systems seems to think it was sort of installed.  Any way to confirm it was or delete it so I can try again?

    I have always had a lot of shutdown problems.


  • A lot of you who has thank you are we who give WINDOWS VISTA SP offer.. and now ..pirate edition VISTA... Those kinds of that might stop time. It is hoped that true new version SP1 can improve the pirate edition. However, vista cannot use bitlocker at many at a corporate version for which it to which one bug appears uses vista in a word now. So much with stability as of seven with IE that hopes to improve it still still. It is hoped to improve it.

    Thank you the software of microsoft long ..the hope for it red...

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    I'm not sure about all these whiners, but I love Vista...I've had it since March 07 and sure there were a few problems, but I find I have many problems still on my XP machine as well and that's been out a LOT longer. Seems many people just don't want change, or to learn something new. Anyways, I've installed SP1 and yes, it does seem to have improved quite a few things. As for installs, just make sure you are using Administrator for any updates that let you install as Admin..I've been doing that and don't seem to have many problems. So far all I can say is good work !

  • someone
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    Dear Microsoft,

    I still do not understand the point behind URLs/websites showing up in the dropdown list in Open/Save dialog boxes. If it's a bug, why not fix it in SP1 RTM?

  • I second in his request for a Connect program for released products. We can help fix the problems and give you better bug reports if you let us. We will help research problems and provide you with more information but without a systematic way of doing so, it seems like a total waste of time. Learn from Mozilla's Bugzilla tool, it's great.

  • Korn1699
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    My desktop was built over 4 years ago.  I have upgraded the memory, graphics card, and added a couple hard drives since then, but it runs Vista Ultimate fine.  In some cases programs actually run better then on my Inspirion 1520 laptop that I bought during the summer with basically the best options.  My old laptop that was about 3 years old and ran Vista fairly well, although I ended up upgrading the memory.  I don't just run windows on these systems either.  Most upgrades were to keep up with the newest games and increase performance when doing development.

    Just because a computer is new or old doesn't really matter a lot. If you buy a faster system, it will run things better.  Also, dual core systems have been around for a few years on both laptops and desktops.

  • after installing the SP1 RC, was hoping to fix my major problem which ( Calculating time ) while copying or moving files from my Internal Hard Drive to a NAS or a network Drive.

    But No Luck, i still have explorer not responding and the system freeze.

    hopefully with the final release of SP1, will have this fix.

  • It certainly seems true that Vista allows itself to be hogged by any program that wants to. I constantly have CPU at 100% and I have a fairly new PC (single core). The big difference seems come with dual core machines, where one core can be maxed out but the other is still available to respond to the user. Perhaps Vista could restrict any single program to 50% CPU when running on a single core.

    Microsoft developers should be made to use machines no newer than 3 years old so that they appreciate what users have to put up with.

  • Sure, for those of us that know how to configure a system it's also not as fast as it should be--as it could be. But folks, this is a V1 product. It's bound to get faster over time--but how much faster? 10%? 20%? Microsoft has taken a big step by moving into the .NET Framework managed code approach to building applications. But these applications are stored on disk in intermediate code that must be compiled before (each) execution unless the binary is still in cache--again, more RAM means fewer compiles.

    Another issue seems to be what I call "Application Arrogance". That is, "My application is more important than any other application running." PowerPoint is one of those applications that has this attitude--it consumes all available RAM and the RAM of any system within 40' of the podium. But that application does not start at boot time. Because these arrogant application demand resources (robbing others of RAM and disk IO resources) at boot time, the system struggles to get started. All too often these are the virus protectors and services that can't be used until the system is fully started.

    Personally, I think that we're all in for some rough years until the "standard" user system is a quad-core with 16GB of RAM and 256mb video processors that require a liquid-cooled radiator attached to the LCD panel. I expect that to take about 4 years. By then (or before then) Microsoft promises to do it again--reinvent the wheel and give us another OS that consumes 150% of the available resources in a "standard" system.  

    Perhaps if the Vista team opened up Connect for feedback on the "released" product, it would not be so "in the dark" when it comes to these serious issues.