Windows Vista SP1 Prerequisites & Non-Security Update coming via Windows Update

Windows Vista SP1 Prerequisites & Non-Security Update coming via Windows Update

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Today we have a non-security update scheduled for distribution via Windows Update that you may find of some interest. The non-security update KB947172, a Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista, addresses an issue introduced by KB941229 where, when watching live digital TV on an Xbox 360, changing channels may freeze the UI. This update is included in Windows Vista SP1.

Speaking of Windows Vista SP1, the final two of three prerequisite updates needed to install Windows Vista SP1 will also be hitting Windows Update.  KB937287 which is the servicing stack update and KB938371 which is a multi-component update are both required before installing Windows Vista SP1. KB938371 will not be offered to Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Ultimate systems until KB935509, the first prerequisite in the series of three, has been installed. Both of the Windows Vista SP1 prerequisites are marked "Important" and will install automatically if you have Window Updates set to the recommended configuration.

I've said it before: these updates are just one more example of how we're continuing to actively invest in improving the Windows Vista experience through Windows Update.

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  • Duane Duane
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    Why can't I install vista service pack 1???

  • Duane Duane
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    BPNTG6  <a href=">, [url=]ihwhizuzvqaj[/url], [link=]uyjzzzhbzmvz[/link],

  • joho
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    Exact same problem as JDSX (above).

    Isn't it about time for MS to admit Vista is a failure.    

  • JDSX
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    It's just tragically comical now.  Not only can't I install SP1 but when I run the standalone installer for that "fixed" prerequisite patch KB937287 it tells me "The update does not apply to your system."

    I don't have any outstanding updates showing via Windows update either.

  • dlu
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    Somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me.  I haven't been able to get the update and I'm guessing it's because of this Install loop I'm caught in.  Everytime I boot my pc it tells me to install kb947821.  I install it, it shows as being installed, then next time I reboot it comes up again.  I called the PC Safety #, but they wanted to charge me to talk to someone.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

  • SamCPP
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    Hey - just the sort of info that I believe people are really looking for. Definitely a step in the right direction because it makes the consumer more confident when they know what drivers are causing the issues.

    I don't think anyone can expect perfection but sometimes these sorts of issues reek of bad/insufficient testing, but in this case it is much appreciated when constructive info is disclosed!

  • arj154
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    basically i cant see sp1 on windows update. I have the 2 updates that are required for sp1 and i do not have any of the products listed although i do have a creative sound card but it is the creative live! 24bit so it cant be the cause of the problem. I am running windows vista home premium btw.

  • wdmso
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    KB938371 is the only update i have that fails to install funny it seems to be the one i need? any fixes thanks

  • I've uninstalled Vista because of SP1 (official) update.  I'm back on WinXP SP2 without any issues and waiting for SP3 for WinXP.

    Prior to SP1, Vista was working -- about 10-20% slower than XP, but it was for the most part working with only a few DX9 games that had problems (usually on exit I'd get the "Stopped Responding" dialog).

    After the SP1 install, every single DX9 game title would either CTD or BSOD with a memory dump.  The only variable in the equation was the installation of SP1.

    On WinXP, none of these titles have any problems at all, run flawlessly for days.

    I'm not sure what SP1 was supposed to do, but it has only made matters worse not better.  As it stands right now, I can't recommend Vista (any version) to anyone and it is certainly NOT ready for prime time corporate release.

    After reading about many other user experiences with official SP1, I guess I should feel lucky I didn't have to wipe my system and reformat my drive like others had to do to get out of the endless reboot cycle.

    Seriously guys (espeically Mr. Ballmer), think it is time you start from scratch, dump the backwards compatibility (you have that with dual boot), and produce an OS that the human race can live with rather than fight with in frustration.

    And finally, please please please revisit security -- these UAC prompts are seriously OUT OF CONTROL.  Security is not the burden of the user.  If you want folks to by your OS, then you need to accept this and make an OS for the human race.


  • After the Patch Tuesday updates, I'm afflicted with the dreaded:

    "Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification

    Service service. This problem prevents limited users from logging on to the

    system. As an administrative user, you can review the System Event Log for

    details about why the service didn't respond."

  • I have been having issues updating vista, so much so that after each update I get a blue screen saying "there is an software problem and Windows shut down to protect your computer" or something to that effect.  I believed I was trying to update to many things at once, so I rolled back the pc to the beginning of the month and then chose to update only one update at a time, only to have the same problem.  I finally had half of the updates loaded despited have to hard boot the compter several times, but after all the updates where done, the computer would stay alive for about 10 minutes and then shut off in order to "protect your computer from harm."  I tried to rollback agian but the system would simply reboot over and over.  I have finally given up trying to update Vista myself and taken it to a service tech for $80 and hour.  Once this pc is up and running I will revert back to Windows XP and relagate this machine as a toy.

    I went out and bought a MAC desktop and plan to become a hard MAC fan and use Windows only for some web browsing and maybe play a game once and a while.  Good luck Windows.

  • Recent update installation problems!

    I have only been able to install KB938371 on my wife's Vista Ultimate desktop computer after uninstalling the Comodo firewall and disabling all non-Microsoft services and all startup items. I tried this on my Vista Ultimate computer and it still won't install. I tried installing it from the standalone installer and it gives me a popup that says "The update does not apply to your system." Windows Update originally downloaded it last month and then when it was getting ready to install it, I got the same message and it never offered it again. Come on guys. I am having to jump through hoops just to install prerequisites for Vista SP1 and one or two other recent updates. KB942763 and KB937287 wouldn't install until I uninstalled my firewall and disabled all non-Microsoft services and all startup items. Updates shouldn't be this hard to install. My wife and I both run Vista Ultimate machines that are configures exactly the same. Her laptop that is running Vista Business has also had problems with these KB942763, KB937287 and KB938371 updates.

  • chelan
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    80071AA7 w/ KB938371--need I say more?

  • Last Saturday I was using my new Ace 6420 and a Norton renew now or later message popped up.  When I checked later, my machine shut down and restarted.  Since then the machine has been unusable eccept in dos prompt mode.  It keeps looping endlessly through startup and shutdown with message "configuring updates stage 3 of 3 0% compete, do not shut off your machine".  Safe modes do not help, nor does repair.  Need a down load fix for machine with no avaialble previous backup or backup DVD/CD.

  • BillD
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    There's a bug in Windows Update because Windows Update shows me an optional update dated 5/11/2007 for Windows Liver Writer, but I already have the latest version 12.0.1367.1128. Please fix this bug.

  • Telligent Test, please ignore

  • Hi FakeSteve.

    I guess that confirms that Vista + SP1 your bread and butter!

  • smearp
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    The Terminal Services blog covered the /console to /admin change here:

  • Heads up to everyone:

    The /console switch in Remote Desktop has been changed to /admin

    Do you MS programmers get bored and decide to change things that don't need changing just for the heck of it?  I'd love to hear the reason this change was made.

  • Hey! Must I remind you people that Vista is the best thing since sliced bread? A little less whining please!

  • Windows update automatically installed the series

    of updates today (2/25/08) and promptly proceeded

    to cause a black screen of death. Finally got back to safe mode and used restore point.  Update

    list reflects all the days updates installed

    except the much discussed ******287.

  • pholman
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    I would like to automatically get these updates but automatic updates does not work. I get error code 80070490 every time for my Vista Home Premium running on a HP me8170a media centre.

  • fredclown
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    What ever happened to the Ultimate Extras?  So far we've gotten a card game, bitlocker, and Dreamscene.   I don't consider language packs to be all that extraish.  Who installs language packs for fun?  Personally I'm beginning to think there aren't going to be any extras.

  • Havoc
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    Installed Vista Sp1 via WU,  And so far the system is more stable, more responsive and i did not have any issues with the Update. The copy time is definately less and the speed seems to have improved slightly

    Vista Ultimate X86, running on an HP Pavilion DV6500T CTO

    T7300 2.0 Ghz

    2GB DDR2

    160GB Hitachi Sata

  • Since installation of the recent update, I can no longer access a streaming radio station which I enjoy listening to (not subscription radio).  The update apparently changed a setting.

    Please advise.

  • Since installation of the recent update, I can no longer access a streaming radio station which I enjoy listening to (not subscription radio).  The update apparently changed a setting.

    Please advise.

  • markm66
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    my current rant on the continuing lack of respect users are getting from the Vista team.

  • It will be nice to have Vista running with more RAM and SP1,  I bought some more RAM recently online for my Vista box but it was DOA, so Im going to have to RMA to the ram manufacturer.  Luckily ram is fairly easy to RMA today with most of the major manufacturers standing behind their products.  So maybe in a week or 2 I'll be upgrading my machine.

    SP1 will be nice, but my old box really needs more RAM for Vista!

  • I really hope you guys get it right this time.  I just had to turn down a sick laptop deal b/c I couldn't get it with XP.

  • markm66
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    I have been dealing with(well emailing back and forth) the Visual Studio team and you wouldn't believe the contrast between them and the way users are being treated by the Vista Team. I am not a MSDN or Technet subscriber yet the Visual studio team have gone out of there way to help and  have been timely and clear and concise. They obviously don't assume that people are stupid as it appears to be the case with the team handling SP1

  • Can anyone tell me if they know what i can do, my brother has done an update on vista today and it gets to 3 of 3 0% then the computer restarts and it say update 3 of 3 0% and restarts again tried restarting in safe mode but still wants to do the update what can i try?

  • Robert
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    Me & allot of other people have been deemed by Microsoft to be to stupid to handle a few driver issues so we have to wait Until march . I have built allot of computers And I deal with driver issues all the time but the elite at microsoft think you have to have all kinds of technical certifications to understand these things .

    Typical of a bunch of executives know it all's.Their response to all the complaints is we hear what your saying , but we don't care because we already have your money.  

  • PipoX
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    Hi Nick,

    Many thanks for this information.

    Since these hotfixes have been applied by windows update on my laptop (ASUS X51) I cannot boot no more and when I re-install the system from scratch, everything works fine

    Of course, as soon as windows update upgrades the PC, it crash again  :(

  • srgport
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    quero por o windows mail a fazer correção em lingua de portugal tenho o windows vista. como fazer essa operação! obrg.

  • dSTeVek
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    I've had major problems after performing Todays update.  On reboot it sits with a black screen for about 1 minute before it starts to boot up.  If you reset (crtl-alt-del)it comes up ask to start in "safe mode",  If I try safe mode it still waits about 1 minute (w/black screen) and then starts booting up.

    Once it boots up it seems fine...

  • eltair
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    Update KB947172 introduced a major problem for me and I had to revert.  See my post here for details:

  • And something in those updates has broken my digital TV in x64 Media Center.  GRRRR.  I'm not getting any channels now.  Have re-installed drivers and everything but a re-scan just doesn't pick anything up.

    I'm going to have to roll back just to get TV working again.

  • something in those updates completely removed aero.  i only can get the windows classic view.  i can't even switch to vista basic view.

  • Alright already, We have put out a release candidate for the Vista Service Pack 1!

    Now let's see what the critics say!

    I was getting pretty sick of them beating the old "Wait for SP1" drum. Soooo here ya go!

    Download it here.

    Some site named "Gizmodo" has already speed tested it vs Vista and XP on a dual quad-core Penryn HP xw8600 PC with workstation-class NVidia Quadro FX 4600 graphics, all eight processor cores running at 3.16GHz, a 15,000rpm SAS hard drive and 4GB of RAM. This machine is well within specs for Vista.

    The **results speak for themselves:

    Now! For goodness sake let the buying begin!

    **Results only apply to Vista Ultimate run on any dual quad-core Penryn HP xw8600 PC with NVidia Quadro FX 4600, eight 3.16 ghz processor cores, 15,000rpm hd and 4GB of RAM - performance may degrade from there.

  • As posted by Tape_Worm: KB937287 will not install on my x64 machine.

    I looks like I'm going to have to try to install this manually, if possible.

    The other two updates that I posted about earlier, did in fact manage to be installed with Windows Update after several attempts.

    There are obviously problems somewhere, and I'd feel a little more comfortable knowing why this error occurred.  I'm not feeling particularly confident about SP1 at this very moment.

  • [[Superpotato "You have to update your installation of Vista before you can update it again with SP1?"]]

    Nick White wrote in his Windows Vista blog post: The final two of three prerequisite updates needed to install Windows Vista SP1 will also be hitting Windows Update. KB937287 which is the servicing stack update and KB938371 which is a multi-component update are both required before installing Windows Vista SP1.

    The updates (KB937287 which is the servicing stack update and KB938371 which is a multi-component update) are both required before installing Windows Vista SP1. What's being updated is the Service pack and not Windows Vista. (Windows XP has a SP1 & SP2 as well) The two of three and one update to come are updates FOR the SP1 - aka Service Pack 1. This is not a Vista OS update. It is a SP1 update. When the complete SP1 is ready, then we will be updating Windows Vista with the SP1. I hope my comment helped to clarify...

  • I haven't followed this blog so my question may have already been touched on or even answered. Do we have a final release date for Vista SP1? Thank you...

  • That's interesting.  I have the same problem.

    Looking now at KB937287, I see that it has indeed failed.  Two other failed as well:

    Security Update for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems (KB943055)


    Update for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems (KB943302)

    Now, Windows update says there are three important updates that need to be installed.  I will let it do it's thing and see if it works.

  • FYI,

    Several users of Vista x64 (including myself) have had a LOT of trouble getting the KB937287 update to install.  

    It claims to install successfully but then windows update will keep asking to install this update.  The solution (for me and some others) was to download the standalone update and install that instead.

    The standalone can be found here:

    <a href=""></a>

  • Let me get this right...

    You have to update your installation of Vista before you can update it again with SP1?

    Maybe I'm missing something but couldn't these requisite updates have been included in the actual SP1 installation file?

    I could have it all wrong but sometimes I could swear you guys are actually working for Apple trying to get everyone so frustrated that they'll switch...

  • markm66
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    A major prerequisite is to actually be able to get hold of SP1 which alas seems to be limited to the press. Having said that I did pick up a copy of SP1 via "other channels" and will be installing to day on a virtual machine to check it out just a pity I cant get it thru additional channels because I am not deemed worthy by the all knowing Microsoft

  • dovella
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  • dovella
    303 Posts

    im ready.....................

    in Italy :D

  • Cool...but sorry Nick, I am already in Vista SP1 :D