Update on Windows Vista SP1 Prerequisite KB937287

Update on Windows Vista SP1 Prerequisite KB937287

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UPDATE 2/21: When calling 1-866-PC-Safety - be sure to let the support agent know you are calling in reference to a Windows Update issue. Also: Microsoft has released KB949358 containing information regarding the issues related to KB937287.

We've heard a few reports about problems customers may be experiencing as a result of KB937287, the servicing stack update I blogged about last week, and I wanted to provide a quick update for you. Immediately after receiving reports of this error, we made the decision to temporarily suspend automatic distribution of the update to avoid further customer impact while we investigate possible causes.  

So far, we've been able to determine that this problem only affects a small number of customers in unique circumstances. We are working to identify possible solutions and will make the update available again shortly after we address the issue.

Customers who may be experiencing this issue can use system restore to correct it or contact 1-866-PC-Safety for help troubleshooting.  Additional guidance will be available via Microsoft's free Update Support Center soon.

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  • I have a laptop HP AMD with vista home edition, the system did the update and it keeps restarting after step 3, looks like a loop on the process. Tried to restore the previously working configuration, but the system does not recognize the command, to be honest don’t have any clue how to solve this situation.

    Is there any body there that could help me to solve this problem?



  • Once again Vista steals my time and money, thanks to KB937287 my PC crashed. I built 2 PC's last year, one for myself and one for a friend but he uses Linux and has had 0 issues. So what am I or can I believe from Microsoft??? I am now faced with loading XP Professional once again or loading Linux. I do have one other alternative, get a Mac! At the cost of issues from Vista I for one believe Microsoft should be paying me to use it. Vista ranks up there in corporate disasters such as when Coca Cola changed their recipe and lost millions only now it is the business and home users who are losing! If Microsoft was any other industry they would be bankrupt from class action lawsuits or simply shut down by the government. Solution??? Don't release something that's broken to start with!!!

  • I have been sitting here reading about all the problems you have all been having. I just can't understand that so many people would be having this same problem, and nobody has found the REALLY solution to the problem.

    You can all sit here and complain about Microsoft, and how bad a job they did writing Vista. And most of you have been doing just that for months now.

    The blame cannot be pointed only at Microsoft, although I must agree Vista hasn't been the answer to all our prayers as they would have you believe. You are at fault. Each and every person who went out and bought a new computer with Windows. Who told you that you had to get Windows Vista? Who told you that you had to get Windows? Who told you that you had to use anything written by Microsoft?

    Each and every person here complaining is just a follower. You can do everything that the Microsoft promised you could on LINUX. You can even do things that you can't do on Windows. Linux is FREE, much more secure than Windows, faster than Windows, more reliable than Windows.

    There are programs for Linux that allow you to open/edit/save/create MS Office documents. There are mail clients that let you connect to MS Exchange servers. If you need to connect to a remote MS VPN or Terminal Server, you can do that in Linux too. And heck, if you Must run a program that will only run in Windows, you can even do that in Linux. You can even have Linux act as a Windows Domain Controller.

    If you want more information or you want to try this solution to you problems for yourself, then just go to Google and search for "Ubuntu" or "PC LinuxOS". These are two of the easiest versions that I have found for people to try out for the first time.

    You can either listen to my advise or continue to you Microsoft products. It doesn't really bother me that much, because I make money from fixing computers with Windows on them.

    Did I mention that Linux is FREE!!

    I hope this helps you all.

  • Duane Duane
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    This computer has been a nightmare from day one! It is crimminal for microsoft to not recall Each and EVERY computer they have sold with windows Vista!

    I hae wasted more time and aggravation,on this POS...

    It has never  from my email to other systems,I have had a frozen ,error,and shut downs refusal to open,no hibernate,so many issues I cant do this anymore

    and I shoudlnt have to be the one figureing out the reason,when they are the ones that sold it KNOWING dam well it is not working properly,I am told  even in the BETA programs...it was cra and people were saying it shouldnt go to  market! I will rally all to send me a email and we will band togather and I will get a lawyer and

    we will all demand a mac!

    Because NO ONE SHOULD PAY ALL THAT MONEY and have reasonable expectation that we were sold a working,system bundled with our devise and programs!  IT is the burden of them the creators that they knowingly sold us this horriable machine and  operating systems! Reguardless of anything else,My daughters MAC does not have any of the issues! Not to mention the crappy Gateway  keyboard that I also encountered on my Inspiron..ITS GARBAGE we have been sold and knowingly..


    linda a

  • Duane Duane
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    Hi, I am very frustrated right now. I have a new Dell 1721 Inspiron. After installing the recommended update, my pc never even completed the update. It is limbo, I cannot reboot, I have tried everything for the last 3 days now. System Repair and Windows Complete PC Restore do not work at all. System Restore just hangs, My DVD isnt working

    I use my computer for work, I can't afford  to loose my files and data by doing a reformat.  I really need a solution, Can someone pleae offer me some advise.    =(

  • Duane Duane
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    @Brandon LeBlanc

    Well, I was trying to install Windows Vista on my current PC. the installation went well after the windows finished gathering information and installing components. The problem comes after reboot ( from where after the installation is done it restarts automatically) when it reaches windows and enters the windows/desktop it reboots automatically (looping), I can't get it in using F8 menus like safe mode, dos mode, just keep on rebooting. I knew that the installer is not the reason for this coz I tried this on my other Pc unit and it works well, and also i tried windows XP it works well on my current PC. The only problems is the Windows Vista Home Premium!

    Does anyone experienced this kind of problem?

    Please if anyone had, share your experiences and the solutions thanks!

    and oh my specs:

    Core 2 duo 2.6ghz intel E4700

    250 gb seagate sata

    2 gb ddr2 800mhz samsung RAM

    9400gt Palit geforce

    asrock wolfdale 1333/intel chipset

  • Duane Duane
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    it is now october 2008, and i have just recently experienced this problem. i called toshiba and they had me restart in safe mode but of course it did not work..they told me my only other option was to restore my conputer to factory standards.

    now i am wating to make an appointment to get it checked out by my computer guy to prevent myself from losing files upon files. will this renaming thing effect my files?

  • zr1
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    I just got this issue two days ago.  SP1 showed up in Auto Updates, so I took the plunge.  That box is now thoroughly crippled with the reboots and thus far, recommendations from KB949358 and other places have been unsuccessful.  For example, booting from the install DVD, the Vista install doesn't show rendering the repair option unusable.  Navigating from the command prompt won't let me view the c: drive and says it's corrupted, though I can navigate the other drives.

    The box was on an auto-backup for data and I have other boxes from which to work such as XP and Linux.  So at worst, it's just about a week of data plus the time to reinstall the OS and the myriad of apps.  I'm just looking for intermediate options before the reinstall.  I may even just reinstall the OS on a new drive and tinker with the current drive to try to save the data.

    The frustrating part is that it's expected that OS updates wouldn't extirpate a healthy system.  Vista is pretty and smooth in the UI.  I've been working with it since Beta 1 and watched as it became a workable tool around RC1 and 6.0/launch time. But this and other instances with it since launch call to mind a fragility I haven't seen in an OS since Sept. 14, 2000.  Though not quite to that scale yet.

  • Some errors are coming.... need to work on it..

  • I really wish that the updates were not necessary, I seem to do fine until the updates come along.

  • Is it possible somehow to avoit MS Office updates?  don't really like that student edition

  • Those of you looking to find out more about the issues regarding KB937287 - we have more information for you in the following post announcing Windows Vista SP1 hitting Windows Update:




  • i think the true testament to the failure of Vista is the fact that IBM actually ships XP Professional recovery disks with Vista laptops. If you ask a tech why this is the case, they respond that the overwhelming majority of customers who purchased Vista are completely dissatisfied so they want to give them a chance to revert.

    the fact that Microsoft refuses to accept responsibliity for their mistake and claim that the issue is not widespread is merely further proof of their arrogance, which they displayed prominently with Office 2007's new file system (yes i realize there is a patch now, but this still causes problems when sending files to less computer literate individuals who may not know about this). I definitely plan to purchase a Mac for my next computer since XP support will likely drop soon. The fact of the matter is that being in the military i dont have the luxury of spending hours on end with tech support for issues that should have been handled in the development stage of production. I need my laptop to work for briefings and meetings reliablility is assuredly not one of Vista's strongpoints.

    I've grown up in the Microsoft age (I'm only 21) and even as a kindergardener learning DOS i didn't have as much trouble as i did during my foray into Vista.

    If MS plans to keep fighting anti-trust lawsuits they may want to consider putting out a product worth standing behind because you couldnt pay me to put Vista back on one of my computers.

  • nextacy
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    I recently purchased an Acer Aspire 4720Z from Circuit City on Feb 26, 2008.  After a few days, I started getting these random "display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" issues at first causing me to have to hit the reset button. So I uninstall the drivers and reinstall. Same problems, and they've gotten compoundedly worse for the last few weeks. I now get the "display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" error randomly when just working on the laptop and then the system crashes. I have since done numerous system restores to try to pinpoint the problem. I did a search on the internet to see if others have had the same problem.  To my surprise, I have seen many with similar problems that range from them getting this error message due to playing a computer game, to the video card needing updated drivers.  I don't play computer games on this laptop and have tried to update the drivers at the Acer website. The problem would go away for a few days, then start up again.  Thus, I've done another system restore and noticed I restored the system right before the Windows Update KB937287, the lcd monitor on my laptop has stopped flickering and crashing (so far). I have turned off automatic updates and set it ONLY to notify me of future updates where I can pick and choose what to update/install.  I am looking forward to the Vista SP1 to rollout this Tuesday, but I am worried that since the KP937287 is a prerequsite to the SP1, I am assuming I will need to include this update.  I'm worried that if I do update with KP937287, I'll be back to square 1...but I would like to have the Vista SP1 updated as well.  Any suggestions? Or is anyone else having these same problems? I noticed that the KP937287 update has caused some problems with some users of Vista and like Nick said up top...Microsoft has temporarily suspended distribution of this update...but has it been resolved???

  • Oh, and I forgot to mention that along with the "configuring updates stage 3 of 3" message and   "could not log onto system event notification service" error, the system is very slow when changing between user accounts, or loggin off, and  of course restarting takes ages as it is configuring updates everytime it shuts down and boots up.

  • It seem that for me KB937287 installed correctly when Windows Update downloaded and installed it on the 14th of February, but on the 12th of March Windows Update installed update KB946041 and after that I have been getting the "configuring updates stage 3 of 3 0% complete" message upon rebooting, but it doesn't send the computer into a endless loop. I get into windows and everything seems to work fine, but I get a "could not log onto system event notification service" error when trying to log onto an account which does not have administrative rights.

    I have restored my system to before KB946041 installed and everything is fine, but I haven't seen anyone having problems with this update, and the "configuring updates stage 3 of 3" message has me thinking the problem is with KB937287. However I do not have a system restore point old enough to restore my system before that was installed.

    I haven't seen anyone else with my problem. Is it possible this is a problem with KB946041, and not KB937287? KB937287 didn't give me any problems when it installed and according to the Update history it did install correctly.

  • As suggested below ...  I do experience a blue screen error now and then but it doesn't stay long enough for me to determine what is causing it.  I know there is something wrong and I simply call that a VISTA problem.  Why doesn't Microsoft come up with a utility that will anaylize the system a report offenders (bad drivers)  and suggest solutions such as un-install or run in compatiblity mode.  I would gladly un-install anything making the PC unstable -  Like "VISTA" itself recently ?  

    Please think about a utility to help us here!

    from the chain below:

    "If you previously experienced a blue screen, or errors due to some third party software installs, and if there was no resolution and/or none yet provided by its owner, postpone your software installation for the time being - complementary, deinstall your application(s) and their respective drivers that you are still having trouble using for the moment. Perform System Restore to a previous working restore point if necessary to restore Windows functionality."

  • As suggested below ...  I do experience a blue screen error now and then but it doesn't stay long enough for me to determine what is causing it.  I know there is something wrong and I simply call that a VISTA problem.  Why doesn't Microsoft come up with a utility that will anaylize the system a report offenders (bad drivers)  and suggest solutions such as un-install or run in compatiblity mode.  I would gladly un-install anything making the PC unstable -  Like "VISTA" itself recently ?  

    Please think about a utility to help us here!

    from the chain below:

    "If you previously experienced a blue screen, or errors due to some third party software installs, and if there was no resolution and/or none yet provided by its owner, postpone your software installation for the time being - complementary, deinstall your application(s) and their respective drivers that you are still having trouble using for the moment. Perform System Restore to a previous working restore point if necessary to restore Windows functionality."

  • We all agree Vista isn't there yet - In a weak moment I actually turned on automatic updates - I figure that I would have robotically approved this last abombination update manually so that isn't the answer (although I'm now changing auto update because I had a fit this morning when I saw the reboot message after spending hours F#$@ing around restoring a completely broken PC during work hours.

    I saw a Microsoft post that this was a small number of affected people and this note is to just let you know one more voice of anger at this joke update crashing my PC.  

    In my world people would be held accountable for such a mess on the custome base.  

    On the other hand I'm thankful for the info here that helped me correct mt problem yesterday (using the DVD to restore)  Shouldn't of needed this but thanks for the info.  Please go whack somebody up the back of the head for me over there !  please

  • Presumanbly, there is still no fix for all the customers who have Visat pre-loaded abd do not have a Vista DVD (short of going out and spending £100/$200 on one.............big boost here for MS profits)

  • Yeah KB937287 has finally gone but now Kb946041 and KB929735 have popped up.

    Could anyone tell me if they will crash my computer if i update them please?

  • Well it looks like KB937287 (released date 2/12/08) IS NO LONGER BEING DISTRIBUTED by Window Updates.

    I hope I never see it again!


    Please tell us that KB937287 is really gone for good!)

  • I dont know if its the same update but when an update got stuck I downloaded the patch directly and it suceeded but the fact that its id is different ,the update still showed and I ended up hiding it. I ended up  reimaging my computer and since then my files are installing except for a

    kb929637 which is to fix special pool with nero, fix lagging with high precision event timer  and fix missing icons and not being able to start games(this is through think vantage update) which has been this way for a while.

  • Nick White
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    Hey again TXCruiser:  (My comments are not all making it live to the page immediately after I add them, so apologies if you see a delay in their appearance -- strange, being that I'm the admin of this blog ;).)

    I'm not sure exactly why Windows Live OneCare would require 937287, but it likely has to do with servicing the Windows Update installation mechanism.  This update is a requirement for installation of SP1.  Unless you have a compelling need for SP1 on your system, I'd suggest you ignore the notification and wait until SP1 is in broader distribution and available via Windows Update, which will occur later this month (Read Mike's post here for specifics:  http://windowsvistablog.com/blogs/windowsvista/archive/2008/02/04/announcing-the-rtm-of-windows-vista-sp1.aspx).  At that point, the notification should go away.

    Hope this information helps.

  • Nick White
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    Hey kooljulez:  please be sure to have your daughter read the information and applicable troubleshooting steps in both KBs, 937287 and 949358.  If need be, have her contact Support at 1-866-PC-Safety for troubleshooting help; there should be no charge for the call outside any applicable tolls if she mentions the issue is related to these KBs.

    Hope this information helps.

  • My daughter is in Spain and her computer will not reset.  Starts and closes. Happened when Vista updated.  Any help in getting her back up and running?

  • Nick,

    Thanks for your personal response.

    I have another question...

    Do you know why Windows Live OneCare really wants me to load KB937287? It's telling me that I'm missing a "high priority" update and when I click to see what "high priority" update I'm missing the only update that appears is KB937287.

    I'm not going to load KB937287 (release 2/12/08) unless I see a newer version.

    The risk versus benefit is too high.  Up until this fiasco with KB937287 I had been keeping up with all the MS updates, but at this point I'm staying put.  It will be awhile before I take the plunge with SP1 with the way things are going lately.  "If it's not broken then don't fix it" is my way of thinking for now.

  • Nick White
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    Hey emulator:  we're still making this update available via WSUS but how you handle it is left to your discretion.  An advantage of using an update management solution like WSUS is the fine-grained ability to test and control the deployment of updates, so WSUS admins can choose how to manage this update within their environment.

  • Nick White
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    Hey TXCruiser:  this update is still available to users to actively seek it out via Windows Update, but we are not automatically distributing it for the time being.

  • With Deepest Respect

    Why is KB937287 (released date 2/12/08) still being distrbuted by Window Updates?


  • WHOA!! People please, mellow out! It's a extremely hard job to answer the phones on a help line. These folks get payed by the hour, like you and me, they are not superhuman or less than, and deserve at least a modicom of respect. Every OS since the very begining has had some issues. I didn't have an easy time with vista at first, but then as I remember there were lots of headaches with 95. As far as you angry would-be tech experts are concerned, your not worth the money if you can't fix this issue. Quit complaining. I have learned to like vista, stay positive and you might too.

    with the deepest respect

    Old Fellow

  • Nick White
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    Hey TXCruiser:  This update is still available interactively via Windows Update, it's just not being distributed automatically.  We've ceased only automatic distribution for the time being.

  • It's BACK!!

    I'm now seeing KB937287 (released date 2/12/08) when I check for Window Updates.

    What is going on here?

    Hello Microsoft???

    Please pick up the phone and answer us!

  • Hi All..

    I have one quick question: I've noticed that Microsoft has NOT pulled this update from WSUS (at least our WSUS server still has the update available for download, and it shows not revisions). The minute I heard about these issues, I pulled it from our WSUS servers. Is Microsoft going to do something about WSUS customers?


  • I found a fix. I used a Windows Vista DVD to fix my wife's PC and it wasn't even her copy !!! Just 1) boot PC from any version of Vista DVD 2) then select: REPAIR THIS COMPUTER and (after diagnosis): 3) then select: System Restore to a point before Vista Update came out. That's It !!!

    I hope you understand this it's that simple.

  • Yhis is the situation..... endless reboot after trying to install step 3 etc...

    The MS 'fix' assumes that users have a Vista DVD but many users have had Vista pre-installed and do not have a DVD. Is it not feasible for MS to provide a download option that would enable users to burn a start up disc to at least the repair option point?

    Maybe it's just the MS way to force users with this problem to got out and spend cash on buying a disc!

  • Hi im new to this but im really angry with microsoft/vista.

    Ive read through all the comments on here hoping i would find a solution to my problem but its all been useless.

    About two weeks ago I let windows vista do the update KB938371, as you do, but when it was suppose to restart it got stuck on configuration 3 of 3 and kept on restarting, so i had no latop for about a week.

    I eventually found a way out of it but it cost MONEY and TIME.

    Now my laptop has been working fine for a couple days the Vista update KB937287 wants to update but I dont know whether or not to let it do it.

    Could someone please give me some advice on whether or not I should install it or just ignore it?

  • Against my advice my biggest customer purchased employee laptops with Windows Vista.  Now they're scattered all over the country with no ability to access critical files at the home office.  In spite of my warnings, guess who they're mad at?

    Did someone mention class action suit?

  • Chris(UK),

    Thank you for the link to the fix.

    However, my problem is worse. My laptop is unable to boot or post. There is no way to go any further. I can only guess that there is a problem with the boot-rom, since I had installed F.39 bios from HP along with critical vista updates, again from HP site.



  • In reply to Ravindra, the fix is here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949358

    Scroll down to the method for no restore points etc.

    I found just renaming pending.xml gets me in OK.

    But it's not really a fix anyway, its just supposed to allow you in to back up your data before reinstalling VISTA (as if you'd want too!).

    Seems a good point to reformat & install XP to me!


  • here my new windows vista blog join now


  • just like the doctor one APPLE a day keep windows vista away

    go mac

  • All empires fall.  Just think Vista team:  one day you'll be able to tell your grandkids that you were there when Microsoft's dominance began to end.  Be sure to tell them how large a part you played.

  • Ceinach
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    " and will highly recommend to my customers to stay with Vista."

    My mistake...

    I will recommend they stay with XP.

  • Ceinach
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    It appears obvious that Microosft simply doesn't care what we think on this forum. The only thing they keep telling us is to reference the KB article or call the pcsafety number in order to avoid directly answering any of our questions. If this is NOT the right forum, then I would kindly suggest to Microsoft to direct us to the official Microsoft forum where we WILL get the answers to our questions. I truely feel they wish we would just go away at this point and we are simply a liability to sell more Vista. I'm truely saddened by Microsoft at this point and feel they do not have my OR my customers best interests in mind. Is this not a partner forum??? Does NO ONE AT MICROSOT HAVE THE GUTS TO ADDRESS US? No one I see...again, how sad.

    It's not just us...check out this article. Only 15-27% of users overall were "very satisified" with Vista. This seems to confirm my personal observation that only 1/3 of Vista users like it. That means 2/3 of ALL Vista users are less than "Very Satisfied".

    In contrast, XP users were about 52% "very satisfied" and 81% of apple users were "very satisfied". That's some incredibly troubling, but very real findings. People simply don't like Vista very much.


    Personally, I think it's becoming pretty obvious that the Vista management team is simply ignoring us, our customers, and anyone else that is getting intheir way of selling more Vista. ROI be damned. Addessing partners be damned. Providing solutions be damned.

    Nick, Brandon, and Mike...you should all be ashamed of yourselves at this point. A previously loyal MCSE (who stuck with you THROUGH the ME issues) has now given up on Vista AND the Vista team competely and will highly recommend to my customers to stay with Vista.

  • I'm no longer seeing KB937287 (released date 2/12/08) when I check for Window Updates.

    Thanks MS for finally pulling the plug on it.

  • No one responds to comments here, but check out the blog entries for tv watching and online storage.  MS loves to communicate with their customers to talk about those subjects.  Vista problems, not so much.

  • It seems like there'r not a small group of people pissed off with vista. But it does not seem a right forum to complain about vista, as none has responded to our concerns.

    I wanted to inform Dell about this problem, because they are the ones who sold Vista pre-installed notebook. They should be informed about this problem, they should provide us another free copy of XP. But the problem is I did not find any place to relay this message to Dell. I will keep on searching.

    In the mean time, you guys try to fix the problem (at least) or make us fool pretending you are working on it.

  • From the posts I've been reading all over the net, this is not a "small number of customers", but a very large number of very unhappy customers.

    I am not all that computer literate, so this may sound like a dumb question.. but!! Is it safe to install WINDOWS XP and replace Vista.. I have had nothing but bad luck with it, and do not like it.

  • MarkB,

    Your comments are great.  I think it definitively blows away the comments of the blog:

    "So far, we've been able to determine that this problem only affects a small number of customers in unique circumstances. We are working to identify possible solutions and will make the update available again shortly after we address the issue."

    My customers are scared of Vista, also.  Not to mention that I am, too, especially based on this crisis and how MS responded to it.  

  • MarkB
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    So far 7 out of my 10 customers have encountered this problem. The other three haven't even deployed a singe Vista box. That makes a 100% strike against Vista. One of them ended up re-imaging the laptop with XP. Two of them are still trying to work out the issues with the 1-866-PC-HELP number that was provided above, but they are now telling me the wait times are dramatic and they are looking for my assistance. Two more of those managed to find the information on their own and repaired the box, but they are now completely turned off by whatever the service pack requirements did and are now asking me my advice for upgrade/downgrade (whatever you want to call it) back to XP as well. Two others are in a holding pattern. One had a replacement laptop they loaned out and the other was, funny enough, the test machine that they were using to make the case to move to Vista. Those plans seem to be fading fast now that they see major problems still.

    Microsoft, how could you do this to us? How could you blow it so spectacularly on this one? How can you sit back and ignore us? How could you read through these hundreds of comments, most of which are from your best and brightest consultants, and respond with shifting the problem to a help line that appears just as frustrated and lost as the rest of us trying to solve this problem. You aren't helping at all by just sitting back and watching this. We would like more input. What have you narrowed it down to? How will you work with us better and prevent issues that were raised all the way back in December but apparently were ignored in the rush to get this service pack officially released? It's obviously not done at all. It sounds like you didn't listen to the experts, decided to release it anyway, and have major (and I mean MAJOR) managment problems where the left hand has not a clue what the right hand is doing.

    I don't know much, but I'll tell you this. Service Pack 1 has done a huge amount of damage to the credibility of Vista. I don't think Vista will recover from this. I really don't. My clients are now scared of Vista, they are hesitant to deploy ANY more Microsoft patches regardless of it being Vista or not, and they are getting pretty vocal about it. If I want to lose a gig, all I need to do is be an advocate for Vista. That appears to be a sure method of getting yourself removed from a "preferred consultant" list.

    This is getting ugly out here and I would like Brandon or whoever is in charge to address us and speak to us as the "partners" we are supposed to be so we can understand and help. Partnerships go both ways, perhaps Microsoft has forgotten this?

  • Automatic Updates Are STAYING OFF for me as long as I keep seeing KB937287 (released date 2/12/08) in the list!

    The gamble of loading it is way too risky!!

  • Ceinach
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    Okay. I called the pc-safety number. We went through a number of steps and it comes down to them recommending I reinstall Vista as none of the restore points are accessible. I can now get in and get my data, but Vista is not working and crashes about 10 minutes after launch.

    Now what do I do? Neither of your suggested methods have worked (call the 866-pchelp number or the KB article). How is Microsoft going to help me...an MCSE of

    When I talked with "John" on the other end he also informed me that THOUSANDS of people have been calling in with the same problem and that they've had to bring in additional help to handle all the calls. This is definately not "a few reports" as you indicated above and it seems you are being deceitful with us.

    Brandon, I would like to know how Microsoft will help me fix this problem that they caused, restore my computer to the state it was before Microsoft, and compensate me for my time.

    I've been a loyal Microosft fan for over 10 years. How is Microsoft going to repay me for my loyalty? That's what I want to know.

  • Hoi,

    I have windows vista Ultimate 64 bit and I have a question. A couple of days age to be exact 23/02/2008. I had the option to download Vista SP1 from windows update. Of course I did and installed. Everything is working great right now! No hanging nothing..My Pc did not crash since.. So My question is , How come my friend who has the same windows vista 64 bit Ulti. Did not get this option to download the SP1?



  • Chris(UK):

    Can you share what solution MS gave you? If it gets me to the boot window, I'll know I have made progress and that there is nothing wrong with my hardware.

    Thanks in advance.



  • I've tried avoid VISTA, but my daughter's new notebook came with it already installed. Now of course it's not working because she had automatic updates turned on, as advised by Microsoft. She's at her wits end & not knowing what to do has asked me. The solution given by Microsoft appears to be a fudge & although it gets you past the the continual install/boot screen problem it breaks the update processes entirely.

    I've wasted three days on this already, any chance  of users instigating a class action against Microsoft for damages?


  • My HP laptop dv2000z would not boot. I had just updated the bios to F.39 and installed SP37736 from HP site. This SP37736 is a critical update for Vista. I would like to know if SP37736 has KB937287 as a part of it. If yes, what do I do in order to get the laptop up? Kindly advice.



  • Nel
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    Hello All,

    I understand this is quite frustrating but in a nutshell, the most common problems seen are due to some third party drivers initialization timing – this contributes with extra latency in Windows Vista's boot-up time performance.

    Please do not install Vista SP1 until all the following issues are resolved.

    If you previously experienced a blue screen, or errors due to some third party software installs, and if there was no resolution and/or none yet provided by its owner, postpone your software installation for the time being - complementary, deinstall your application(s) and their respective drivers that you are still having trouble using for the moment. Perform System Restore to a previous working restore point if necessary to restore Windows functionality.

    Schedule and perform a Disk Scan on the hard drive where Vista resides – you may also perform a Disk Defragmentation soon after Disk Scan completes.

    Install all suggested critical service packs that Vista might still have them in queue.

    Download and save SP1 in Downloads folder, but do not proceed with its installation just yet.

    Backup all documents you may have and all your files considered important.

    Specialized antivirus drivers also contributes to Vista boot-up latency, but before disengaging your antivirus software, perform a deep system scan - on all your hard drives available on your machine.

    If you are are a home user, enable, and or use your IS's provider firewall and antivirus features at the moment – most, if not all ISPs nowadays have this extra security feature in place.

    In the IE Internet Options, in the Advanced tab, click on Reset button to reset Internet Explorer settings to Microsoft's default – click OK and close IE (remember, Skype had a plugin not long ago causing IE to crash on exit?)

    Disable your third party, local “Launch <your_antivirus_name> at Windows startup” feature, and disable all its hidden drivers in Device Manager menu, click on View, then click on Show Hidden Devices. Those drivers should reside under Non-Plug and Play Drivers – you may also want to check you antivirus provider's web site for a complete procedure on how to keep  the program disengaged during SP1 installation.

    Restart your computer system and launch the Performance Information and Tools, click on Advanced Tools, then click on View performance details in the Event log. Under Microsoft>Windows>Diagnostics-Performance>Operational log list, a lot of events are registered, and mainly attributed to the Boot Performance/Shutdown Performance – they are reported by the Diagnostics Performance Source.

    Keep track on time when you restart Vista and check the the event log again soon after to if there are any new reports. You could also check in Reliability and Performance Monitor application failures in Reliability Monitor – this on screen report is very straight forward.

    If things ran smooth up to this point, uninstall your accelerated video card drive, restart Vista and proceed with SP1 installation.

    If anything else goes wrong after this point and during SP1 installation, then something else has been omitted.

    Vista is designed for speed, but if there are any virtual machines opted by the local, third party, antivirus software (normally designed to combat threats), or any other proprietary drivers and third party software that did not installed correctly and/or have initialization lags, then performance is crippled. This is the main reason why some security updates and patches may not install correctly. And, when SP1 stalls or freezes on a computer system is almost certain something didn't “wake up” on time. Windows restarts in attempt to re-initialize the driver but stumbles again at the same stall point. That driver, in the pool of  billions out there, some of which are not even tested properly, is more likely to create the problem.

    Good luck and regards.

  • rodrinn
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    I am appalled by the way this has been handled by Microsoft. And here in the UK you have to use an 0870 number that pays MS money to find out how to fix a problem they caused.

    I have a dual boot XP/Vista machine with vista installed on the V: Partition. Oddly enough this partition V is the only one I left to have system restore run on. However after the reboot fiasco neither the Vista Boot restore technique or when I finally got back in by hacking the registry did Vists itself have any records of a restore point.


  • Magic
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    Brandon, Mircrosoft, etc...

    I'll ask it again since it appears to have been completely ignored:

    Is nobody going to address us other than to continue shifting the problem to a 1-800 line and a KB article? Neither of which are acceptable answers to a MUCH larger problem going on here.

    If not, then I'll reiteratee my previous statement as well:

    Great way to handle a major screw-up...duck and run. Great leadership.

  • I had to use system restore thanks to the fiasco on the Feb 12/08 update.  How I am very leery of updating anything, especially when I was unable to get any technical help from Microsoft, without dishing out 249.00$ for the assistance due to Microsoft's mistake.  Totally unfair.

  • After last updates my brother's Asus G2K notebook with Windows Vista Ultimate wasn't able to boot. I hope this error will be fixed.

  • My home PC now fails to bootk, going to a blanck screen with mouse pointer.

    In SAFE MODE the screen locks up.

    Booting with the Original DVD I get the blue Green background with the mouse cursor.



    as reports flooded in on Valentines Day

  • Ceinach and taugusty (and others still having issues) - please call 1-866-PC-Safety for help troubleshooting your issues. When you dial in, let the agent know you are having a Windows Update issue and a issue with one of the updates - you should not be charged for the support call.

    - Brandon

  • Ceinach
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    I have the same problem as taugusty above. I can't get KB938371 (even the standalone package) to install without getting the error 800736CC. What am I supposed to do since I can't install SP1 now. This was AFTER having to restore my home computer from the endless rebooting issues as well due to the patches being deployed automatically. Someone really messed this up at Microsoft.

    So far my experiences with Vista just on a personal level are really beyond the breaking point and I just want out sometimes. Other than ONE of my clients who is still investigating Vista for bitlocker, they all think Vista is a dud with very little ROI.

    I remember Compaq DOS 3.x all the way to 6.x I was there for Windows 3.0, 3.1, and 3.11. Was an MCP on Windows 95 and and MCSE on 3.51. I'm now an MCSE on Windows 2003 and hands down...Vista is causing me AND my customers more issues than any other operating system Microsfot has EVER produced, INCLUDING ME. One of my customers is calling it "Vista BS (Brittany Spears) Edition".

    I'm not hear to whine so much as I'm here to point out that this is a serious problem and I'm...along with a number of other consultants I know are ready to just ditch this whole Vista experiment and pretend it never happened.

    Afrter this latest round of Vista craziness I don't think I can stand by, defend, or support the Vista team anymore. I'm seriously...for the first time in my life...considering buying a Mac. Microsoft, take that for whatever you think it's worth.

  • Magic
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    I'm feeling ignored by Microsoft. There are some great technical people on these forums all asking great questions.

    Al we get from Microsoft is silence except to point us to the KB article or dial the 1-866 pc help number. Both of these tactics seem to attempt to avoid taking any responsibility for what has gone on.

    In no less than 3 weeks, we're talking absolute disaster after disaster for Vista.

    1. First we were told there were some "drivers" causing issues.

    2. Next we find out the press has it before any of the peopl who paid money for the service. That's okay, the pirate sites were great for us to all learn how to use.

    3. Next we find out it's not really driver problems, but Vista's inability to prevent having to reinstall drivers.

    4. Next we find Vista SP1 breaks the NYT reader. Hilarious since this was THE touted Vista app for compatability.

    5. Next we find that it's actually SLOWER than Vista RTM and the major fix to the networking was to basically replace the Vista networking with the XP networking...voila...speed issues somewhat solved.

    6. Next, the prequisites aren't included in the patch because the patch breaks the great seamless install features of Vista RTM. Whatever.

    7. The prerequisits kill computers spectacularly. We all find the fix on thir-dparty sites DAYS before microsoft posts anything, and then they add the exact same kludgy steps to the kb (without crediting the original authors) and providing no real fix.

    8. SP1 accidentally relased on Windows Update.

    9. Microsoft can't be bothered to answer any ones questions in any meaningful manner. Mike Nash ahs apparenlty gone into hiding. Great way to handle a major screw-up...duck and run. Great leadership.

    Guys, are you joking? Are Krusty, Bozo, and Kludgy the clowns running this show? This is THE MOST IMPORTANT SERIVICE PACK EVER and you've managed to screw it up royally at pretty much every turn.

    Is nobody going to address us other than to continue shifting the problem to a 1-800 line and a KB article? Neither of which are acceptable answers to a MUCH larger problem going on here.


  • llbrad
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    VISTA is such a horrible disaster. Bill Gates should be ashamed to sell it. Now you say the SP1 update causes more problems ?  How about FREE repacement of VISTA for XP? Send VISTA back to Microsoft and trash it !

  • Dear Nick,

    I have Vista Premium 64, and can't get KB938371 to install without getting the error 800736CC.  I downloaded kb937287 as a standalone successfully, and still can't get 938371 to work.  I am not going to pay $60 for help on this because your software is bad.  What do I do?  Signed, About-to-buy-a-Mac

  • ad69 (and others) - Microsoft has a KB online explaining the issue and resolution methods here:




  • adt69
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  • adt69
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    Had to download vista startup and create a disk because like most new machines Vista was preinstalled.

    System restore failed.

    Unable to reinstall windows as the windows disk is on a partioned drive but the vista startup only looks at the cd, it does not give you the option of choosing another drive!

    Great work guys!

    I run a golf business and cannot access any of my teaching or customer software!

  • viva
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    yer i got vista service pack 1 in my update list, but thought i will finish the download the next day

    next day it said it couldn't download it and was removed from the update list

    i was pretty excited about it and they removed it, i was thinking wow they finally released it lol

  • I wouldn't all get your hopes up for Vistas SP1. I've been testing it for a while, and there are not too many improvements. I would say the most noticeable is that the file transfer speed has got a little fast, which is great for people like me.

    I am just tired of hearing "Vista is a rubbish O/S" ... when in fact it isn't. I've been running it for over a year, with no problems whatsoever -- yes, that's great stability. I've said it many times, people moaned when XP was released, and many of us preferred 98. Now look, everyone loves XP, and the same will happen Vista. People will learn to love it, Vista is the way forward; XP won't last forever.

    Regards Jason

  • I had exactly the same problem with the update loop on 16th Feb.  I'm running Vista Home Premium 32-bit.  Automatic updates were turned on and so with absolutely no intervention from me my Toshiba laptop attempted to do the KB937287 update and then got stuck at Stage 3 of 3 0% and started the reboot loop.

    Incredibly "Safe" Mode startup didn't resolve the problem and it simply remained stuck in the loop.

    Next plan of action was to switch the XP desktop PC on and search the net for the problem.  On 16th Feb the problem wasn't widely reported but I did manage to find one blog that mentioned Comodo firewall.  I knew that I had this installed, and having previously had some major Vista "Blue Screen of Death" issues with ZoneAlarm firewall I figured that Comodo might be part of the problem.  Trouble was I couldn't even get to a C: prompt to do any manual deletion/renaming of files.

    I considered using the Toshiba Product Recovery disk but wasn't particularly thrilled with the idea of losing all the data on my hard disk so gave up on that plan.

    Eventually more by luck than judgement I managed to get a different boot menu that offered the Repair option.  Fortunately this repair option worked and I was able to get back into Vista.  First thing I did once I was back in Vista was to uninstall Comodo and try the KB937287 update again.  This time it worked without any problems and the update is now listed as sucessful.

    So in my particular case I believe that the incompatibility with Comodo was the main problem.  Might not be the same for everyone but I'd be interested to know if anyone else who has suffered the update problem also has Comodo installed.

    Frankly I'm amazed that Microsoft can release an auto-update that clearly hasn't been fully tested and that completely cripples a computer.  And more than just a "few" of them...

  • terri
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    Hey, old fellow - from the URL in the email notification of a new post I have set up, the Steve Ballmer post's url was fakesteveballmer.blogspot.com.  :)

    Regardless, Nick does an excellent job of keeping readers informed. We may not always agree with the message, but it's not the messenger's fault.  :)

  • Nick,

    It was the comment by steve ballmer that caused me to write. Currently I am a semi retired service tech. I worked at the Redmond campus of MS. developing xp. I understand the pressures to get a product to market. Your comment that,"we've heard of a few" ,issues is highly misleading. In the last few days, since wed. morning I have had non stop calls on the update loop issue. Blinders on maybe,Nick?

    Steve B.'s comment that it's employee's like you that keep MS on top indicates that he and the top decision makers are more concerned with market share than created a trouble free product. Might that be the reason apple has captured an increasing share of retail market?

    Interesting SB was watching though.

    With only the deepest respect for a hard job,

    AKA. old fellow

  • terri
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    Hi, Tony,

    RSAT should be available within a month or so.  I'm not sure about GMPC.

  • James68
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    Just today about an hour ago, my system keeps rebooting. What had happened is I updated the iTunes to v7.6.1. Everything went well, than system keeps rebooting. I un-installed itunes completely, but system keeps rebooting. Do you guys think it has somehing to do with this KB937287 update. Maybe iTunes update screwed up vista files. Not sure here, so if anyone knowing, please let me know. Thank you guys for your quick response. JP

  • Did not have any problems and running SP1 now...will the GPMC and RSAT utilities be available anytime soon?

    I really like the new features on 2008 that will integrate with vista....I am itching for those tech articles to start planning the migration..

  • Nick:

    Thanks for you and the crew reacting so quickly, great employees like you and you crew is the reason that we are and shall always be on top!

  • itis rather bothersome that after only 2 weeks I had to reformat my new laptop because vista killed itself on an update. i understand that glitches are inherent to any program, but this is insane... to be honest, i reverted to XP Pro after that. Maybe after a few more updates are released I'll consider upgrading again.

  • After letting Windows Update do its thing, I now have the dreaded System Event Notification Service failure:

    "Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification

    Service service. This problem prevents limited users from logging on to the

    system. As an administrative user, you can review the System Event Log for

    details about why the service didn't respond."

    I did a system restore to a date prior to Feb. 13th, which cleared up that failure - but if I let the updates install it happens again.

    I understand that there is no cure for this.  My question is whether others are experiencing this as a result of these updates.

  • vibe
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    Ummm sorry I repost the link ...


  • vibe
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    Hi. I'm Vista Home Basic user and there is only one failure with the update... KB937287. The update said that it was installed not correctly and a day after it installed it correctly and I don't see any problems at the moment ...


    by the way I'm from Poland... Niepowodzenie means Failure... Now I'm waiting for the SP1...

  • Greetings,

    Well, this seems to be the place to send feedbacks on Vista SP1 RTM for now, right?

    Then let's start.

    I am an unofficial (non-Microsoft Connect user) tester for Windows Vista SP1 RTM now. After the first relaese of Vista RTM, we did a test on it.  As a result, we found a very serious problem, that was/is the IME issue related to the KEYBOARD LAYOUT of Uyghur (aka Uighur in Vista) language.  Afterwards, we sent a feedback to Microsoft China, and they DID AGREE that they will fix this through the coming service pack, SP1.  However, the problem still exists in the SP1 RTM for Vista.  I'm not sure if this issue will be fixed through later hot fixes.  I think this blog site is apparently not the place to provide too much details.  Here I would like to know how I can send this important (for us, maybe also for you) feedback info to you or Microsoft, DIRECTLY.


  • Microsoft has just released KB949358 in reference to issues related to KB937287 which includes quite a bit of information you may find useful - please be sure to check it out:


    Also: when calling 1-866-PC-Safety be sure you let them know you are calling about a Windows Update issue.

    - Brandon

  • The SP1 RC causes OEM copies to fail re-registration as the serial umber is changed during insatallation.

    BECAUSE IT IS AN OEM COPY MICROSOFT washes their hands of the problem, saying consult the OEM seller.

    RESULT wipe the HD & start from scratch, with Windows XP, bye to VISTA

  • tiso
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    I was home at lunch and my Vista 64 box was downloading SP1.  I have not loaded any of the RCs or any cracks.

    Should it be doing it now?



  • xxvga, I do not believe your problem is related to the issue being talked about here (and discussed in the blog post) with KB937287.

    Instead of calling the support line you could always try posting in the Windows Vista Discussion groups. Its a great way to get support for issues as Microsoft Support folks take part in the discussion groups.


    - Brandon

  • xxvga
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    for some reason since this update (and the media center cummulative update) I am getting all sorts of codec erros when watching video through media center.  What's the deal? All was working perfectly before and now is not.

    Anyone else with this problem?

    Microsoft, how do i fix this and why do i need to pay $50 to call your support line for something that you just messed up on my computer?  

  • I have the same question as  powerfactor202. I would like to roll back to XP. How do i do this? vista is painful!

  • I just went into Windows Update and manually had it check for updates and low and behold KB937287 (released date 2/12/08) appeared all by its lonesome.

    I promptly turned off Automatic Updates now matter how much the Vista OS hates me doing that.

  • Korn1699
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    LJ, to add to what you said about backups, people also need to make sure that they can use them to restore.  I have Acronis set to weekly backup my main desktop at home, but when I tried to restore after these updates, I noticed that I can't restore that.  I think the backup is fine, but it might not like that the drive is Raid 0 or something...  The same software works fine for backups or restores on both my laptops.

  • fredclown
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    Why have we not heard anything about the promised "Extras" in like months?  Come on guys ... don't promise something your cannot follow through with.  People paid lots of money for Vista Ultimate.  Shame on you.

  • Honestly, I can't believe people will allow someone else (including Microsoft) to just download software onto their PCs automatically without first checking that the download was safe. I've had my Windows Update set to only notify me of updates and let me decide what to do ever since XP's service Pack 2.

    I usually check with Symantec to make sure the software is safe, but this time I decided to look further and I'm glad I did. It's your PC. You have the right to decide what goes on it and what doesn't.

    Nick and Brandon: You need to know that PCs are STILL being told that this software update is available and it's listed as "Important". You haven't successfully pulled it from release as of this writing (21 Feb 2008, 11:35 am eastern).

    User254: You should <i>always</i> back up your software before downloading an update ...which is not to say that I've done that. It's just a known "Good Thing To Do" going back to the days when systems were backed up to reel-to-reel tape. I'm constantly being told by my PC Health Check software that I haven't backed up my system yet, so I'm about to as soon as I post this.

    By-the-by: It would be helpful if people could know *before* installing the update whether their computer will have a problem with it, but I suppose that's too much to ask. It'd probably require something excessively complicated like testing.

  • Hey guys!

    I have a fix for the windows "Configuring updates 3 of 3. 0% complete" error. Basically you can try a system restore or delete the update pending install file.

    Check out more details on my blog: http://thefakegeek.com/?p=253

  • markm66
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    All this and they wont release SP1 to the public because of potential issue talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    PS SP1 continues to behave on my production PC

  • on my machine,i had a lock up problem, that caused me to hit the restart button 4 times.

    after each  forced restart it would start right away on the next section, after restart # 4 it finally said sp 1 installation finished. it may have been a small pain but well worth the problems.

    asus p5n e sli

    gigbite  video 512 mb

    2 gig  muskin ddr2 ram

    intell 2duo at 2.2

    200gb maxtor ide drive

    vista ult.  32

  • I am sorry, if this is not right forum, but I just want to remove vista from my computer. I tried to find answers on many forums, without success. You can not believe that I my machine is Centrino Duo looking at its performance. It is like XP in PII.

    I do not want to embarrass you guys, but I need help to install XP and Office 2003 (without paying anything) from my current OS of Vista Business and Office 2007. I do not want plain message saying, “buy both XP and Office 2007, format your hard drive and install XP”.

    Is there any way that I can rollback OS to XP?

  • wryks
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    The rename of pending.xml solved the issue with a student's ACER laptop which died the morning of Feb 15. There were no restore points available.  The situation is serious, as more and more reports are coming in regarding this issue. Please keep us posted when an official fix is made available.

    W. Ryks

    Director, Information Technology Services

    King's University College