Windows Vista SP1 Released to Windows Update

Windows Vista SP1 Released to Windows Update

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Today, you can now download Windows Vista SP1 via Windows Update.  For those of you eager to receive the benefits of Windows Vista SP1, you can now do so.  We've seen quite a bit of questions in our comments so we want to communicate as much as possible surrounding Windows Vista SP1 and today's release to Windows Update as we can.

For those of you happy to wait, sit tight because SP1 will start downloading to PCs automatically beginning in mid-April (remember, this happens only if you have your Windows Update configured to automatically download updates and SP1 will automatically download but not automatically install).  But if you want to get the benefit of a year's worth of improvements right now, go check Windows Update today (hit the Start Menu, All Programs, and select Windows Update).

If in running Windows Update you do not see Windows Vista SP1 listed, there are a number of good reasons for this (eight, in fact -- see the whole list).  Below are a few of the most common reasons why you might not see SP1 on Windows Update:

  • You have not yet installed all the prerequisite packages you need for Windows Vista SP1.  To install them, visit the Windows Update control panel and click on "check for updates."
  • You have a pre-release version of SP1 and need to uninstall it before installing SP1
  • You already have it.  To determine if you already have SP1 installed, Open the Start Menu, right click on Computer and left click on Properties.
  • We released SP1 in these 5 languages:  English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese.  If you have any other language installed, SP1 will not yet be offered to you.  (You might not even know if you have an additional language installed -- check the Regional and Language Options control panel to see which languages you have installed.)
  • Back in February we announced that we'd be using Windows Update to help make the update as seamless as possible for our users.  Windows Update will detect drivers that we know may be problematic when updating to SP1 and will not offer the service pack until an update has been installed.

I've received a lot of requests for more detail about the driver situation this last month, so I want to share some more information here.  We spent the last couple of months looking closely at reports of driver problems on pre-release builds and, to be safe, we held the public availability until March.

We've completed our analysis and are happy to report that many of these issues were fixed between the release candidate (RC) and the final version.  We identified a small number of device drivers that may be problematic after an update from Windows Vista to Windows Vista SP1.  Check out the list here; we'll keep it updated with any additional drivers that we identify.  As a result, we spent the past month or so working with our partners on driver updates for these issues.  Of these drivers, most already have updated versions on Windows Update and are available for download now as optional updates.  In a few weeks we'll start to deliver these updated drivers to PCs automatically via Windows Update.

We're working with the providers of the remaining devices to get updated versions of the drivers to our customers as well.  In the meantime, Windows Update will recognize PCs with drivers that may be problematic and postpone offering SP1 to those PCs until it has installed corrected drivers or other applicable updates.  Either way, Windows Update works to detect whether or not your system is ready for SP1 and not offer it to you until the time is right.

Those of you who find that SP1 isn't offered over Windows Update even after updating all your drivers, but would still like to download it can access our "standalone installer" from the Microsoft Download Center here.  Windows Update will help ensure a better experience, so if you do choose to visit the Microsoft Download Center make sure that you read these KBs before installing.

Looking forward, we're also getting ready to begin releasing the second wave of SP1 languages in April.  These are the other 31 languages that we haven't released yet. 

Some users encountered an issue last month when installing the Servicing Stack Update (KB937287).  We've investigated this carefully and learned that it occurs only in certain rare situations.  Specifically, this happens because the update needs to be completely installed before a restart occurs, but something caused a reboot during the install.  While the update was carefully designed to avoid many of the common reasons for an inadvertent restart during installation, this issue was caused by some that were not caught.  By temporarily suspending automatic distribution, and in making a small change on our Windows Update server, we believe we've largely eliminated this problem (our support call volume reflects this).  We did find one aspect of the problem that was exacerbated when the update was installed using automatic updates.  For this issue, we're planning to release an additional update before we resume automatic distribution of the Servicing Stack Update.

So what does this mean exactly?  For those who've already installed the Servicing Stack Update or are waiting to install SP1 until Windows Update offers it to you automatically, you do not need to do anything at all.  But if you want to install SP1 manually and haven't yet installed the Servicing Stack Update, you'll find it on Windows Update when you visit.

I know this post sounds like a lot of guidance, but we would rather over-communicate to reduce any surprises.

In sum, we are extremely pleased with Windows Vista SP1 and the benefits it offers our customers, and we look forward to hearing about your experience.

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  • Since there is VISTA SP1, I can expect to have SP 2, SP 3 and SP 4 in the future.

  • Thanks to the guy who responded to me, sorry that I didn't get to see your comments sooner, as I lost the website address, and I will say that yes, I removed the anti-virus software, plus the SpyBot and SpywareBlaster software, and had turned the firewall off, etc...I also have already Right-clicked on something in WIN-Vista, then have chosen to run the file as an administrator, etc. One problem that in my personal opinion, that I see, is that the operating systems are coming out too quickly, so quickly that half of my hardware won't work because there aren't any WIN-Vista drivers for the hardware, and I'm certainly not going to buy new hardware, that's only a couple of years old, but I will also say that I have been using OpenSUSE Linux since April, but just last week I decided to use the Recovery disks to put WIN-Vista Premium Home Edition back unto the Compaq Presario. Last week, after a few automatic updates within a few days, SP1 came through, it installed, and again the computer won't start. Well, actually the computer starts but Windows does not, and restore won't work, and when I use the fix startup problems automatically, it says that all tests passes and the only notation is that the upgrade was causing the problem, so I have recovered the computer the third time in a week, have reinstalled everything and have restored the files from a backup copy. I have also unchecked the box in the SP1 update, so it won't run, and have placed it into the hidden updates area so that it won't run as it still causes a startup problem for me.

  • October 16, 2008 Vista update totally crashed my Toshiba laptop.  Hours to load and screen froze at Step 3.  Toshiba now in shop.  Could not restore.  My bill is $150.  Hmmm...  And what is Bill Gates' address?

  • Stress
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    I built a new Vista Ultimate x64 machine at the beginning of 2007. I recently formatted and rebuilt it to try and resolve problems with a fresh, clean install.

    - 64bit Core2 Duo 2.67GHz

    - <strike>P5N32-SLI WiFi Premium</strike> P5NE-SLI (downgrade replacement)

    - <strike>HiPer 730W</strike> ThermalTake 850W (upgrade replacement)

    - 4x 1Gb 800Mhz DDR2

    - 2x nVidia 8800GTS

    - 3x ViewSonic VP2030b LCD

    From day one, I have had phenomenal hassle and frustration getting all three monitors to run at 1600x1200. Typically it would take 6 or 7 resets before the machine would use all 3 monitors, or I would have to reset the Display Properties manually. I have had to do this on a daily basis - it has cost me one motherboard and one power supply so far.

    I have persisted for 18 months now, hoping that the updates from the software and hardware companies would improve things, and to be fair, for a while, they did. In fact, just last week, this machine was working beautifully and I was getting all 3 monitors at full res on the very first boot. It was a golden age.

    But recently, and specifically following SP1, I have had no end of pure frustration and despair. My third monitor has been black for days now, none of the usual fixes has worked, the hardware detected sound ding-dongs repeatedly (presumably trying to find the hardware), multiple instances of rundll32.exe are spawned (often more than 100!) processor usage maxes out and the machine chugs along and becomes unusable. It takes hours for this to abate until I can use the computer, and I dare not use Device Manager to find the missing third monitor, or change the Desktop Display Properties, as this triggers another orgy of rundll32.exe processes which bog the machine down for another hour or more!

    This is completely insane and I for one (of the apparent many it would seem) have had a guts full of this rubbish and will be rebuilding and formatting this machine to remove Vista forever.

    It's enough to make one go and buy a Mac.

  • Still no European DVB-C Support in Media Center?!?!? That's poor! The implementation to support BDA-Driver DVB-C or DVB-S cards from Microsoft is YEARS behind!

    When will they finally be supported with full HD capacities, AC3, and all that comes with it???

  • James68
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    Nick or Brandon, my system just re-booted and Vafter Vista restarted, an error from Microsoft advising me that Intel Turbo Memory needs to be installed. Microsoft took me to this site and installed it. I have 4GB of memory installed. Is this Intel Turbo Memory related with what my system has. I have a Dell XPS 410/RAID 0/2.4 DUO Core. My network adapter is Intel. Do you think the Intel Turbo Memory is link to my network adapter. Please advise. Your help is greatly apreciated..James

  • Noor
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    Windows Vista Sp1 is absoluteley CRAP....! never seen like this kind of Service Pack to load 4 Hours and System does freez...

  • Vern
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    Tried to install SP1 on my HP Pavilion yesterday through Windows Update. It took a long time to get as far as step 3 then sat on 0% for a couple of hours doing nothing.

    I forced a reboot by disconnecting the power and booted into safe mode. The install continued in safe mode and after a couple of hours step 3 completed but gave me the error that installation had failed and was reverting, which took another hour or so.

    Later in the day I tried again, only this time I disabled Norton anti-virus software permanently before install. SP1 installed with no problems in about 25 minutes. I re-enabled Norton and as far as I can tell all hardware and programs are working correctly.

  • I recently built a new system and installed Vista X64 Ultimate. Installed SP1 through Windows Updates and initially everything appeared fine...until I tried to introduce some "new" USB printer being the most crucial.

    After some research I found others were having the problem.  I tried uninstalling SP1 and it resolved all my problems EXCEPT for my USB printer.  I went with the nuclear option and formatted and reinstalled and did NOT install SP1 this time.

    I have not seen any new articles on this particular SP1 issue since about April 19th.  Is there any new information regarding the USB issues with SP1 and it's prerequisite update?  Will there be a fix soon.  I do NOT intend to try installing SP1 until I know there is a definate fix for this one.

  • PeteSL
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    SP1 is now showing up in my Dell laptop's WindowsUpdate!  I have hidden it until I see that it will no longer cause BSODs.  It is no longer showing up on my 64 bit HP desktop (it has not been applied).

  • eone
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    I did a restore to before the sp1 install.  It didn't seem to help or maybe the damage has already been done.

    Currently, I am getting random BSOD flashes with a restart going directly into chkdsk before windows comes up.  Chkdsk is finding/fixing(?) several errors before continuing into windows.

    I am guessing that my hard drive is somewhat trashed at this point since I can do nothing but boot windows and it will eventually reboot with several disk errors each time.  Again, I am not sure this is a sp1 thing but I have ran vista for over a year with no problems.  Suddenly now I have BSOD's, disk errors, and an unstable environment since the install of sp1.

    Going to try the route of new drive, reinstall vista (no sp1), software install, and see what happens.

    Aren't computers fun?!!!  NOT!!!  =)

  • eone
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    I installed the vista(32) sp1 a few days ago.  I started out fine, with some good speed increased overall.  I had one or BSOD flashes followed by a quick reboot.  Now I am getting BSOD's every hour or two.  *sigh*

    They flash so quickly that it is hard for me to tell what is going on.  Sometimes I can't reboot with failed auto chkdsk's before entering windows.  I have also repaired the windows install to get it back up and running.  Confusing and frustrating, not sure if it is all the same as others have described above, but I just thought I would share my experience.

    So is my best option to restore, reinstall, or reinstall but don't install sp1?

  • PeteSL
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    I posted about the BSODs on my Dell Latitude D630 on March 29.  Sorry it has been so long reposting but work got in the way of reporting back.  I continued to get the BSOD.  I am running the Intel graphics chipset.  My memory is fine (passes all diagnostics).  All drivers and bios are 100% up-to-date per Dell web site (32-bit Vista Ultimate).

    I did note that SP1 reported about 127,000 bytes less RAM than pre-SP1.  The BSODs have continued about once per day since SP1 installation.  I am now running AVG antivirus, MS Defender, and MS Firewall to minimize any interactions from a 3rd party protection suite.

    Uninstalled SP1 yesterday morning.  System is solid as a rock again.  NONE of the BSODs pointed to a driver.  All were memory manager related (but not memory releated).  Windows Update still does not show SP1 as available which tells me that there is something it is detecting that is preventing it from offering SP1.  Too bad it won't tell me what it thinks is not correct.

    I have an HP system with Vista 64-bit that is showing SP1 available, but I am scared to death that system will become unstable.  It is running a database application using MS SQL 2005 which a BSOD could be deadly to.

  • Oh, thank god.

    It's funny how the second I give up and ask for help, I find the solution. It was incredibly simple. I had to highlight Speakers/Headphones and click 'use default'.

    Hope that helps some other clueless person!

  • I installed SP1 with very little trouble - the only small glitch was that initially I had no sound, but restarting fixed that.

    The problem came when I did the manual install for the SigmaTel Audio CODEC Driver 6.10.5614.0. Now I have no sound at all. The install notes warn that this may happen because "After installing this driver, some audio settings are reset to factory defaults." And then it tells me to go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound -> Playback or Recording tabs and "change audio settings back to your preferences".

    Well, that's completely unhelpful. I know nothing about those settings - never had to mess with them before - and I see nothing in there that might explain why I have no sound. I can't even change the settings in Properties, because it just keeps telling me that the driver is working correctly.

    Can anyone help me? I use my laptop for everything, and I'm really screwed without sound. I can't even get into Vaio e-support - it just keeps telling me the server is busy.

  • Have been trying to install SP1 x32 since March 18th through update. Athlon 64 on Nvidia Nforce4 mobo. PCI-e root port fails to work after SP1 so no graphics card. Reported through MS Tech Support, they say they can't resolve it. Banking on Nvidia Tech Support now. Only good thing is rolling back works a treat. I've had a lot of experience at it now.

  • neko
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    I'm one of these who have this "Vista SP1 3/3 100% Service Pack Did Not Install Reverting Changes" -problem.

    I have done everything I have found on internet but no luck. I have contected Microsoft and with their instructions I got some changes: now installer stops at 1/3 100%.

    Luckily I have True Image so it is quite easy to revert original state after these experiments, but I'm quite disappointed with Vista right now, first time.

    I REALLY LIKE TO KNOW, IS MICROSOFT AWARE OF THIS 3/3 100% Service Pack Did Not Install" -problem?

  • I purchased a Dell laptop in December that came with a Vista 32 bit operating system.  I've had a ton of problems with the machine and ended up doing a factory image restore.  I would like to get SP1, but I can't figure out how to get it!  I have run windows update and it has installed tons of updates, but I don't see SP1 listed.  It tells me that no new updates are available.  In this blog Nick said, "To determine if you already have SP1 installed, Open the Start Menu, right click on Computer and left click on Properties."  I don't see it listed there either, so it's not already installed.  How do I get this thing and why isn't windows update getting it to me automatically?

    p.s. The problem was identical prior to the factory restore.

  • Honestly nothing short of a miracle can save

    Vistas reputation. Its the Windows ME that

    I thought would never happen again.

    The bungled SP1 deployment, the lawsuits on Vista Ready hardware, the list goes on.

    I can find no independant review that states

    Vista Sp1 is "significantly" faster than XP but could find plenty of comments about how Vista doesnt work with App X Y or Z or doesnt work with hardware X Y or Z. Of course all those things work in XP just fine. Worse yet, people uninstall Vista, install XP and get a noticable performance boost. The internet is full of those stories.

    This is horrific. Over 20 years in the software

    biz coding Ms stuff and I cant figure out

    how this could happen again!

    MS doesnt lack money, nor personal to make an OS.

    So something must be fundementally wrong in the

    MS management chain.

    I would love to hear what people think

    allowed something like Vista to be made.

    Too many Kingdoms perhaps?

    I am sure internally there are quite a few folks pointing fingers in the other direction.

    As for me I have a 64 bit version of Vista   sitting on a shelf because I dont want to deal with the frustration named Vista.

    I just personally built 3 new quad cores and loaded XP on all of them.

    Work just deployed over 100 NEW workstations this week they all have XP on them.

    Vistas reputation is such that

    not one developer here wanted Vista.

    I can recall when XP came out several of us wanted to get our machines updated.

    I am a technoholic. If its new and shiny

    I want it and I am glad we here are skiping Vista.

    This OS is too fat, slow and smart for itself.

    I hope MS doesnt make the same mistake with what ever is next.

    They can afford to do this again and again as they can twist the PC supply sides arm to force them to use this OR else.

    I just dont understand, MS has everything possible at its disposal and created Vista?

    Well good luck on the next release of Windows


  • aemarques, we will be posting more information on the rest of the languages for SP1 in the near future.

    - Brandon

  • Hi,

    I'm running a Portuguese version of Vista Ultimate. When will SP1 be available for the this and other languages...?

  • Bernardlj


    As i read your concern windows vista has a strong security center so you need to get configured and make it compaitable with firewall or anti virus /any icon (software)or (isp) does not work then simply right click on the icon left click on properties and then click on compatiblity and check first and the last box where it states run this programme in compaitable mode for windows xpsp2 and run as an administrator then click on aply and ok it will start working and error for enough memory will not appear any more while connecting to isp

  • sachin, as you have avg free edition and you want to desable it completely you need to go to start-run-then type services.msc-ok to it you will get services local window select avg -rightclickthen click on properties you will find startup type as automatic click on dropdown menu beside it click on desable then below service status is needed to stop aply then ok  go for all avgs and try after restarting pc hope it will work.

  • jpmct
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    I've spent the weekend trying to install SP-1. There seems to be a real issue with the way the install handles drivers. I have two machines with 680i chipset motherboards that run in RAID 0 config. One installed effortlessly and is running well. The other refuses to recognize my boot drive after Stage 2 restart, giving me a 0x7B Stop error requiring System Restore. This clearly is an issue with SATA/RAID that has occured to quite a few people blogging on the net. I am already working with MS Support, but they communicate poorly and seem overwhelmed. I join others who feel that sp-1 seems to be fine for some, but is a beta product.

  • For those used to the way Windows has worked in the past, like e-mail for a small example, and the way you uninstall programs, etc., you now need to "relearn" a few things, as there's no longer an Outlook Express, it's Windows Mail now, and there isn't an Add/Remove Programs either, it's "Programs and Features," etc...the "way you do things" have changed quite a bit, as far as I'm concerned anyway, with Windows Vista over the way Windows worked before.

    Also, I used to use WIN98SE and WIN-XP, both of which I had purchased in a store, then one day, when trying to install WIN-XP again, after installing it a few times in the past because of a failed hard drive, or because of buying a different computer, etc., I received a message stating that I ran out of activations, and they wanted me to send them another $80.00 or so to "buy" another activation key.

    Well, after spending over $200.00 on operating  system software, I didn't feel like sending them another $80.00, as I wasn't running a business, just personal, home use, so I then downloaded an ISO image of SUSE Linux, since my ISP had been using that operating system, and tried that out...Later on I downloaded Mandriva Linux and installed that, and was using that until I got this 2.4 Ghz Presario, which came with Windows Vista Home Premium on it, and I have made a set of recovery disks for it, 3 of them altogether, but that was before SP1, so if I need to re-install/recover, then I'll have them available.

    I am having problems with Vista though, like I can't import pictures from my digital camera for example, because there isn't a Windows Vista driver available for it, and the GE Easycam webcam is unusable also, but at least I can use the Labtec webcam, although it's a cheaper webcam than the GE is and it doesn't even have a decent base to it, just a small, rubber one, whereas the GE webcam has a better base, etc...

    Well, Have a Great Day,


  • A few days ago, 2 or 3 days ago, Service Pack 1 did install automatically on my 2.4 Ghx SR5313WM Presario, and I didn't touch a thing, and I just happened to be able to watch the update "fly."

    I saw the computer install SP1, shutdown, finish installing SP1 during the shutdown/reboot, but when the computer restarted, the computer "stuck" on the startup screen where the colored bars go across the screen and it just "locked up" there...Stopped cold...I actually had to unplug the computer to get it going again.

    I ran the diagnostic, or whatever it's called, but nothing worked until I started normally, but the computer wouldn't work right or properly, so I uninstalled SP1, then I let it re-install itself yesterday.

    The computer appears to be working ok now, but even though the computer has 1 Gb of RAM, sometimes it says that I'm low on resources or RAM, even though I'm not running much extra stuff.

    I'm not running the weather "stuff" I was running earlier, I'm not running Google Earth, like before, I'm not running Last.FM, or Last.FM Helper, or that weather plug-in or add-on that I used to use with the Firefox browser...that was Fox Deluxe or something like that...I'm not running any of the extra add-ons or plug-ins that I used to use, but when trying to install a program that takes care of my photos, it says that I'm low on resources, even though I used to use the program before.

    Weird, and one other thing, this is "off-topic" but I used encryption to protect my files when I used WIN-XP, and now, with Windows Vista, I can't even access those files...apparently not only do I need to use the same user name/administrator name as when I encrypted files, I also need to use the same operating system and the same hard drive/same computer to access the files with, so I'm no longer going to use encryption.

  • DeeDee
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    can not figure out Windows home premium

  • sdaemon
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    I have been using SP1 since the alpha and I can say I had no problems whatsoever with Vista. Well that may be a lie as I experienced one single BSOD in the last 14 months (I tried to run tcpdump - windows build - in Vista SP1 and it crashed the windows). Overall, since SP1 my system seems faster and comparing to the XP SP2 its a lot more stable. Just give it a Core2Duo and 4Gigs of ram and it will run - fast.

    Keep it up!

  • Mission Impossible: Buying a Windows Vista license

    Hi, I am from Rosario, Argentina. Rosario is one of the top 3 cities in my country and it has a population of almost 1 million (I tell you this because is relevant to what I am going to write).

    I've recently bought a new notebook with Vista Home Premium, and I decided to buy an upgrade to Vista Ultimate, even though it cost about half of my monthly salary.

    I've tried buying it on Microsoft Internet Store, but it will only sale to the US or Canada. So, I called to Microsoft Support Center to ask where I can buy the Vista Upgrade. They gave me the names of 3 resellers none of them had stock of any Windows Vista neither offered me any way to buy the upgrade. I call again to Microsoft, another 3 partners, when I contacted them they told me they had never sold Microsoft products. I called Microsoft for a 3rd time, they told me they will figure it out, and that they will contact me later. They did, and they gave me the phone of a Microsoft Solution Provider, that didn't had stock, and they told they do not usually have. They could get me one but in no less than 45 days (useless for me).

    So, they are constantly saying consumer not to use illegal software, but when a client wants to buy a legal copy of Windows Vista it's impossible. It wouldn’t be nice that they spend a little less in those communication campaigns and use that money to search a serious resellers and to control that these resellers keep 1 o 2 of each of their products all the time? So, when some stupid guy like me wants to buy legal software, he is able to do so.

  • Eltawil
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    I have been using Vista for a while now and I never noticed that UI problem you mentioned, Photo1921. I didn't even have to reactivate Vista after installing SP1. Maybe you have a bad installation of the OS. I advice backing up and reinstalling Vista.

  • Photo1921
    22 Posts

    Whats ironic, what keeps me from using Vista on a regular basis is the UI, I don't like the fact tool bars, menu bars, icon bars, address bar, are locked into Microsoft's new vision of what Windows should look and feel like. With all the complaints about this, (and I've seen numerous) I would have bet that service pack 1 would addressed this issue for so many of us. I'm a little more than disappointed with Microsoft's stance on this.  SP1 did require me to reactivate Vista, a slight inconvenience. I just really wish Microsoft would address the UI issue....  

  • So, went to the site suggested (, typed in the required info and got


     An unknown application error occurred. Please try again in a few minutes.

    and, it wiped out my personal info so that I have to type it again and a few minutes didn't help, either

  • Mine is still failing to install!  I have had email support for the problem which has not been any use as I was instructed to go through the steps that I had already tried, install the pre requisite updates for SP1 etc.  The last email i had was to ring the UK support number so from that point of view was a failure from MS.

    Fortunately I have been contacted by a MS person requesting that the error log files be zipped up and sent (thank you iRead for the zip tip) to him and he will get back to me if a solution is found.  Glad to see MS is looking into the issue.

    Rich (happier now that I was in my first post!)

  • iRead
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    It is highly recommended that an technophiles who post to a forum for support also post their system spec's.

    I'll demonstrate:  I have a washer with a worn out fan belt.  Can you please give me a replacement?

  • TafkaD
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    First of all it is good that there is a Microsoft based forum where it appears that staff are listening and trying to be helpful with peoples problems/experiences with Vista.

    I have recently built a new PC and decided to go with Vista Home Premium x64 and am writing this from my XP laptop whilst my aforementioned system restores back from Vista SP1.  Being available for update, I thought I would give it a shot as I thought maybe it would speed things up a bit and might even fix my WiFi occasional local access only problem.

    I've been using Windows for years and I have never had so much problems with an OS.  It really is a shame as I want to like it, really like the interface and in theory dx10 is a pretty good thing but once I think it is settled Vista plays up and I am sorry to say that I currently can't recommend the OS to anybody I know - and part of me even regrets the decision to go Vista over tried and very tested XP.

    Anyway to let you know I have backtracked on my SP1 install as after the install, my graphics, audio and apparently wireless drivers had mysteriously uninstalled themselves.  This would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that without the WiFi access, downloading drivers is via an additional PC and a pen drive.  On the best of days I get local access only problems without SP1 on Vista which is what it is doing now even after system restore.  Do you have a fix for this yet either?

    I really want to like Vista and I am a technophile, however I feel very let down with Vista which has been exasperated through your problems with SP1.  I really look forward to the day when Vista will be as stable and easy to work with as XP and I hope that is sooner rather than later.

  • Hi,

    I installed SP1 today. Everything went fine except for the monitor resolution problem.

    I have a DELL E228WFP with ATI Radeon HD2400 PRO.

    After the service pack installation the maximum resolution that I am able to set on my display is 1024 by 768

    Could you please kindly let me know how to resolve the issue as this is not the right resolution for my monitor and I need a higher resolution.


  • iRead
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    Was there something that you wanted to discuss or contribute to this forum, BobWells?

  • "I created the iRead ID here specifically as a play on words"...

    Oh, yes iRead. Be proud of your accomplishments here. Why without you we'd...well...I dont' know what we'd do and that right there is the point. We don't know what we'd do without you and your "perceived" ways.

    It's so good to hear you are fine and well and nothing gets in your way of providing the Vista community with the best self-servicing RTFM-advice available.


  • iRead
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    Garmin support site has manuals:

    I would also navigate to this url:

  • poits45
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    Hi, I have Garmin Nuvi GPS Unit, and am running Windows Vista Business. I have issues with Windows. Whenever I connect my GPS Unit to pc by using USB Cable, Unknown device connected. I have checked Garmin website, and found no result on how to fix this prob. Have tried on every usb port on my pc. Will Vista SP1 fix this problem??

  • iRead
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    I created the iRead ID here specifically as a play on words pointed at thsoe who do not read, yet complain loudly when the data was right in front of them.  Therefore, I continue to be amused.

  • iRead knows it all. Listen in awe while he belittles you and tells you about your "perceived" issues with Vista.

    My, oh, my. Glad we have people like iRead who can sacrifice their life in order to monitor these threads and show us how unenlightened, backwards, and wrong our perceptions of reality really are.

    Thank you iRead. Thank you.

    Now, can we get some REAL support around here Microsfot? Please?


  • KieranM
    5 Posts


    I agree with everything you have said. I just don't understand how I can have been so misguided, so unenlightened, and so full of myself. I just hope my ego will survive.

  • Compumind (and others), we are taking action regarding SP1 issues via the proper Microsoft Support channels. We take this very seriously. And of course "blog talk" is what you'll find on a blog right?

    Sorry to repeat myself again but this blog is not a technical support channel. We cannot solve your problems here - only direct you to where you can get help in solving your issues in regards to your installation of Windows Vista SP1. As we continue to blog here and interact with folks via comments - we continue to be dedicated to helping folks find answers and direct them to get the support they need. I also continue to direct feedback being left here to folks internally at Microsoft.

    You can still get and continue to get support for Windows Vista SP1 here:

    Be sure you choose the option "Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (All Languages)".

    Also: compumind, you should feel free to continue to leave comments and say what is important to you (of course as long as it remains constructive). There is no need for your comment to be your last. Its great interacting with folks such as yourself and many others here via comments on the blog.

    gkanitz, thanks for leaving a comment about your findings! I am forwarding it on to the folks working on SP1 here at Microsoft.

    - Brandon

  • iRead
    36 Posts

    Two weeks running two machines with Vista SP1 and not an issue.  I thank MS for this update and improved security.

    The fact that there have been few new posts here in the last several days shows me that the few minor wrinkles have been worked out.

    BTW, Compumind, if you were a channel partner, you would not be tooting another product here or looking here for someone to magically fix your perceived issue.

    I shall disregard your comments, enjoy my April Fools Day, and remember you in that regard always.

  • Compumind
    34 Posts


    I understand that Mr. Nick White is no longer with Microsoft. I wish him the best of luck.

    Nevertheless, the myriad of SP1 issues still remain.

    In my many past comments here, I believe that my feelings were fairly communicated and that there is little need for more.

    Therefore, this post will be my last.

    I will be reading comments and acting just like a "regular" end-user to see if the problems with SP1 are resolved and amount of time it takes to do it.

    So far, I have just noticed "Blog Talk" and no real action on the part of Microsoft.

    Hopefully, this will change.

    Best to all.


  • iRead
    36 Posts


    Sorry to report that I find it rather humorous how you have used the car example.  Can you also please provide statistics on 'users' upgrading the engine in the car of their choice, in their living room, by themselves?

    You say no one needs to know what is under the bonnet (hood for us on this side of the pond), but when it does come to upgrade or repair what is under there, how many actually do the work themselves?  Almost no one.  They hire a professional.

    I say when 95% of drivers can add 100HP to their car and make it run for 7 years, I will agree with your analogy.  Until then, if you would not take apart your car, your washer, your dryer, your TV, your house, then why in god's name are you taking your computer apart?

    Simply because a part is available does not mean that you yourself have to install it, right?

    When someone can answer that to me, I will be a much happier man.

    BTW, please don't do the things noted above just to prove me wrong.

    The notion that computer upgrades are simple is wrong.  The only ones who say that, IMHO, without a full disclaimer that this is not simple and should only be attempted by trained personnel (as I have stated clearly) are only looking to sell more wares.

    In closing, when we see those who proclaim to be experts having what should be, to an expert, a simple problem, we should pause and question the validity of such.

  • gkanitz
    1 Posts

    I'm running Vista 64 Enterprise.  WU didn't list SP1 until I removed the Ink Correction option from the Regional and Language Options - Keyboards and Languages.  I havn't seen this documented anywhere else so I thought I'd post it here.

  • KieranM
    5 Posts


    You make a number of points, some of which are best discussed over several beers.

    But... the problem remains that the Vista SP1 install does not look after your drivers as it should. In my case, any drivers I downloaded post-SP1 install (to return my machine to it's full working state) were the same version as I already had on the machines pre-SP1 install. Therefore it seems clear to me that the manner in which the SP1 install handled drivers was not satisfactory. No amount of spin can alter that.

    The fact is, 95% of people who use computers are somewhat clueless as to what actually make them work. Do they need to know how computers work? I would say not. No more than a car driver needs to know how their car fits together under the bonnet. My point is that, if MS are to provide, and encourage the use of, Windows Update, then whatever comes out of it needs to be fool-proof from the perspective of the user. At the very least things that worked before should still work afterwards. Anything more is a bonus. Which leads me to...

    Should we really allow updates to be installed on our computers if they are already working OK? After all, mobile phone and motherboard manufacturers are careful to state that you should only perform firmware updates if a new release fixes a problem you are experiencing. Where might that sit with Windows Update, and the manner in which is part of daily life? Maybe a bit of reeducation is required regarding the unrgency/necessity of performing updates...

  • iRead
    36 Posts

    KieranM, everyone:

    I can certainly appreciate the fact that many Vista users simply do not have the know how to deal with the problems beset onto them (by poor overall system implementation by the major OEM's).  I ask then, and I do ask this of MS, when servicing peoples computers becomes a boon to the OEM's, who needs to bring them on par that this is just simply not acceptable?

    I ask readers here to review my posts, and strongly suggest that you can take the non-OEM versions of hardware that is in each of those major OEM's computers, build a PC, add a new HD with a full retail version of Windows and not have even a small percentage of the issues faced by those who have bought a PC from an OEM.

    If, as some have colluded already, MS is far too supportive of the financial goals of some of their hardware partners, then I say this must end, and end today.

    So, as you can see, I have my own thoughts on all of this, which is not that MS and their hardware partners are not working together, clearly they are, it is that MS should simply make rules that apply to all hardware makers and be done with it.  It is at the same time that MS release, in a clear and public way, the hardware configurations it recommends, not just minimum spec's.

    This same goal must also be stringently applied to all software, including any that the OEM's throw in (and shouldn't).

    This all being said, I certainly still advise those who do not want to take the time to read the notes, or simply do not understand, to hire a professional (and, yes, that starts with MS Support - but don't expect them to teach you how to maintain a computer).

    Which, of course, brings us right back to square one.

    So what is the solution?  Yes, whether they like it or not, the hardware people need to maintain standards and stop changing them on a whim.  Basic hardware should run basic software, premium hardware should run premium software, business systems are generally high end as they are an invaluable tool to industry, and ultimately, the best PC's should run Ultimate, and we all know that there is server grade hardware.

    Why so few get that is beyond my comprehension.

    The best MS can do is make the above true (they have) and hope the OEM's follow the rules and are honest with their customers when they are not.

  • paulfp
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    Without wanting to sound like a suckup, I'd like to reiterate what Nick and Brandon have been saying about customer experiences.

    I used to have an MSDN subscription so I was lucky enough to be able to get the RTM build pretty much as soon as it was finished. I installed it on my Dell Inspiron 6400 (I was staying in France at the time so it was my only machine) and even though not all the drivers were out etc., I had absolutely no problems whatsoever and had an absolutely excellent user experience.

    Sure, there are still problems here and there... for one I don't like how over the ~18 months I've had to format and reinstall every 3-4 months to fix a problem or general performance. But that's Windows for you, and it's just something that needs to continue being improved over time. However, Vista is a huge huge improvement over XP, and I really can't understand people who when they have a legit copy of Vista choose to use XP instead.

    At the risk of offending those who've had problems, I'd say in 90% of cases it's the fault of the user rather than with Vista and/or problematic drivers. Sure, that 10% exists but I'd say it's probably only about that, ten percent...

    Since first installing Vista on my own laptop, I've been using it every day on that and my (very old) desktop. It runs like a dream on my old Pentium 4 3Ghz with 2GB RAM (Only recently bothered to upgrade from 1GB... didnt really need to on this one, but it was just so cheap...)

    I've also had countless experiences of installing it, and more recently the SP1, on other machines for various clients and I can really say that I've not had one issue with it. And if I had, I would have just solved the issue, not slated it and craved for XP.... to be honest XP has more holes than a sieve! And I'd never, ever recommend it over Vista unless the computer was really so old it can't run it.

    So I'd like to be one of the few users who pipes up to say what a great product Vista is... sure, it's not perfect but then what is? Keep up the good work Microsoft, I know it's a work in progress just like everything of this nature is.

    One last plea: PLEASE let me download an .iso of an integrated SP1 install disc with all editions on... I'd be *SO* useful! I'll happily prove I have a licence to do so....

  • Compumind
    34 Posts

    Hello Nick and Brandon:

    Thank you both very much for your responses!

    I appreciate the fact that Microsoft is indeed looking at the SP1 situation very seriously.

    As mentioned in a previous commentary, I like Microsoft and am pleased to be a partner.

    With that said, let me briefly explain about the feelings of the end-user. Most of the commentary in this Blog is of a technical nature. The end-user just wants a product that works, without error messages and other problems. This will come with maturity.

    The desirable nature of the Apple MAC is it's ease-of-use and overall stability.

    Then again, it's NOT a PC. Guess you both know that already.

    In the case of Dell, when I call their XPS Technical Support and they direct me to a KB such as:

    What should the end-user do? They are totally amiss concerning the procedures, which may or many not address their situation.

    Therefore, a "regular" update in this Blog is crucial for me to help support these people and myself.

    I have my own Microsoft partner support channels and other resources which are many times only slightly better than the support which an end-user will receive.

    So, here I am attempting to get some resolution to the problems encountered with SP1.

    If you peruse my commentaries, you will see that I am only trying to share my concerns and issues with you for the betterment of Vista.

    Thank you for your ear and I look forward to your continued commentaries.


  • KieranM
    5 Posts


    Thank you for your valuable advice.

    However, I feel I should point out that I was not actually 'complaining' about SP1, more a case of making some observations, and surely that is a legitimate undertaking in this forum?

    The bottom line is that the SP1 installation is clearly not bullet-proof. From my perspective, this is an annoyance, rather than a 'rip your hair out' disaster.

    On the other hand, for a 'normal' user, any hiccups along the way are likely to result in some discomfort. It was these people I was thinking of.

    On the plus side, full credit to MS for system restore doing an excellent job rolling back my initial SP1 install. Also, I have to say I am generally happy with Vista per se, so have no real axe to grind.

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    Installation reporting tools probably don't show those installs where the system never booted again without having to reinstall two of my systems did...  They seem to generally work fine from a clean install now though, although I do get the occasional word file that shows up in my recent files, but word can't find when I try to open it from there...  Not sure why because it opens fine from the recent files in word, and sometimes it opens fine the other way..

  • Compumind, nothing is wrong with this blog.

    It is my job to help respond to comments which is why I'm doing so here. Nick chimes in when he needs to. I've been making myself available here via comments especially on this post - having two of us running over each other's toes wouldn't make sense.

    Microsoft is not giving "half-backed hacker" solutions to SP1 issues. We do not support many of these "solutions" folks are offering in the comments here on this blog. Our official response is for you to contact a Microsoft Support Agent as they are well equipped to help you with your SP1 installation issues. You can do so going here:

    SP1 won't be pulled back however Microsoft continues to be working on the issues being reported here, through the Support channels, and elsewhere.

    We will try to post a update to the status of SP1 here on the blog in the near future.

    Rest assured your feedback is certainly being relayed to the folks working on the issues and who are responsible for SP1.

    - Brandon

  • Nick White
    1204 Posts

    Hey Compumind, TXCruiser and everyone else:  as I've stated before, I read every single comment posted to every one of our blog entries.  In the case of this post, Brandon has done a great job at fielding your commentary and feedback and also has marshaled our support personnel so that you can seek effective resolution of your issues.  He's done such a great job, in fact, that there's been mainly little more for me to add and hence, I've kept my peace.

    To be clear, we've never trumpeted SP1 as a cure-all or broad panacea, but rather as an improvement on Windows Vista RTM in the vast majority of installations.  Our installation reporting tools show that this it has been.  Nevertheless, we certainly recognize that it has not gone smoothly in the case of every single customer, and in particular for some readers of this blog.  Bear in mind that there will be issues in a small number of cases and that those customers who experience problems are more likely to register their voices than those for whom the process comes off without issue (the comment volume here surely attests to that).  Those of you who work in software or IT have an idea of what we’re trying to accomplish with SP1 and the attendant issue rate.  We've done our best to respond to the issues you've shared with us and to provide avenues for resolution.  If SP1 did not work for you, we ask that you review the instructions Brandon has provided here; you're also welcome to let us know the particulars of your situation by commenting here.  Because we read each and every comment, Brandon and I will ensure that your voice is heard and that the product team is aware of your feedback.

    I appreciate those of you who've kept the conversation constructive, as those are the comments we are best able to act upon.  Every one of you who has experienced an issue has important information for us to hear and take into consideration.

    Finally, a broader thanks goes out to everyone who has taken the time to comment here -- you've kept us apprised of your experience in the moment and given us the opportunity to further improve upon SP1.  I can assure you that we are doing exactly that.

  • iRead
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    Why do I feel uncomfortable that a Microsoft VAR/Systems Integrator and Partner is using this forum?  I feel confident that a Microsoft VAR/Systems Integrator and Partner has other channels directly with MS.  Why does this seem to me to be off base?

    BTW, this issue has been addressed in this forum by jamieburchell:

    "Russieb and others regarding Sigmatel drivers.

    One of my machines had the Sigmatel driver file stwrt.sys with a version less than the one required on the Microsoft article. I simply uninstalled the Sigmatel driver (from Programs and Features (formally add/remove programs)) and let Windows install the default Microsoft driver. The files mentioned in the article now do not exist on the system and my sound works perfectly using the standard driver. The service pack was offered to me and I installed with no problem. This basically means using an older driver but for now until the OEMs release a new one this seems to have done the trick."

    Seems clear to me.

  • I too find it strange that Nick White starts this blog and has yet to be heard from since (after 439 "comments").

  • Compumind
    34 Posts

    You can never achieve perfection.

    It is something to strive for, though. I have a few Dell XPS 410's with SigmaTel audio.

    Considering the many thousands of them out in the field it is not a trivial matter when you cannot download SP1 nor install it correctly.

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    That had also been a problem with XP too though.  There was also a lot of issues where DOS based games or apps wouldn't work anymore, and some never did anymore...that was a few dollars down the drain...

  • Compumind
    34 Posts

    Additional points -

    To be fair, Hardware and Software manufacturers have to also work very closely with Microsoft and in a timely manner.

    Still, this should have been condidered by Microsoft before Vista and SP1 were released.

    Enough said.

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    Other than the modem that the driver stopped working with Vista after SP1, and Creative decided to stop supporting it, my SP1 experience was no worse the XP SP2.  My XP disk was from the original release, and if I don't install SP2 and my drivers, just right, it stops working.  I had to do a clean install with that too, as it didn't upgrade successfully, and everyone else that I talked to when SP2 came out had the same problem.

  • paulfp
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    Would there be any chance at all that you guys could release an ISO for download of a Windows Vista installation DVD with SP1 integrated/slipstreamed? With XP I was used to making myself a slipstream disc when SPs 1 and 2 came out, for obvious reasons of convenience and performance.

    However after some Googling it appears that this can't be done with Vista whilst maintaining all editions on the same disc, and for an enthusiast/system builder like me that'd be a disaster.

    Obviously the product would still only be properly usable with a valid product key so I shouldn't think that would increase piracy at all, and as a gesture it would be greatly appreciated by the community if Microsoft could allow enthusiasts that can't afford a TechNet or MSDN subscription to download a slipstreamed ISO. Maybe you could make us input our serial numbers first before allowing the download, to ensure it isn't abused?

    Anyway, if you could consider that I know I for one would be very grateful! Email me from my (out of date!) web site if you'd like to discuss this with me outside of this comment field :)


    Paul Freeman-Powell

  • Compumind
    34 Posts

    What is going on with this Blog?

    I have been posting comments and have not seen any updates from Mr. Nick White, regarding the many problems Vista SP1 brings - even just to download the bloody thing.

    Vista SP1 is "hailed" to be a curative solution for many of the problems which were not properly addressed before the introduction of this Operating System in the first place.

    I have only seen the opposite!!

    Never, in my entire IT career have I read so many complaints from people and the lack of Microsoft formally admitting that there are many problems that need to be addressed.

    In my opinion, Vista was rushed out the door and even more so with SP1. What has happened to Quality Assurance? Why has Vista, with in excess of 1 year out of the gate causing so much frustration?

    XP was never like this - XP SP1 and XP2 have been so hugely popular - I have clients asking me strip Vista from their systems and install XP instead. At least it is stable.

    So, I ask for an update and clarification from Microsoft on this subject. We all know that this is not the only priority within the company - even though it should be one of the top three.

    We cannot have half-backed hacker solutions to all of this, at best. We need for SP1 to be pulled back, reworked and released again when most or all of these issues have been researched and properly addressed.

    Am I wrong? Please comment!

    Thank you.

  • Hi i just recently saw the update for windows sp1 and ofcourse went to download it. However i get the error code Windows Update error 80070002. I went into safe mode and deleted the files inside the folder but then it wouldnt show windows sp1 so i restored them now im sorta stuck here. any tips?

  • iRead
    36 Posts


    Use F3 and search for the users name or the subject or use the RSS feed (top center of page) and a good feed reader (like IE7) and search the feed.

    Of course, you could use the search function at the top of the page, also.

  • I'm having a problem with sorting the postings on this site,the help instructions say;

    To sort simply click on the options button at the bottom of the screen and select your desired sort order and click 'Apply'.

    However, I can even find an options button, thanks in advance for any help

  • iRead
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    I am glad I associate myself with those who chose to educate themselves and find solutions, who share those solutions, and are willing to call people who claim to have considerable experience with the issues at hand, yet have difficulties with the very simplest of IT matters, by a name other than expert.

    I have provided help in this forum that has pointed some in the right direction, and have been thanked for such.  I shall recall their gratitude and ignore those who chose only to complain.

    Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

    My goals are genuine. I wish all of ours were.

  • This is amazing, and the reason for a lot of our problems with Vista. Check this out

  • timp
    1 Posts

    Just want to leave a comment on my extreme disappointment with Vista and MS overall. I dont comment often but I just felt I have to vent somewhere on my disappointment.  I bought a new system with Vista installed and am now severely regretting it.  Other than the Media Center tools, Vista is a poor system.  The performance of Vista is terrible and the compatibility lacks.  I truly dont see how Vista is an improvement over XP.  Its unfortunate but I think MS has gone backwards. I can go on and on about my disatisfaction but I wont.   At this point I really may have to start looking for an alternative system.  I'm tired of dealing with MS disappointments.

  • "IMHO, anyone with 25 years of IT, should be reviewing WinPE and building a disk image that contains the latest drivers for their equipment, not complaining in a forum."

    iRead - As far as I can tell, we all have the right to complain in these forums and state our opinion.

    All KieranM said was "the SP1 install is not friendly to existing drivers" and you come back with "anyone with 25 years of IT..." and try to tell him what to do, like he/she's some child. It's true. SP1 has massive driver problems with re-installing that make it unfriendly.

    People have legitimate complaints. May I sugggest to butt out, go see a movie, and let the official Microsoft personnal (aka Brandon, Nick, etc) address these comments. Not you. You seem to be h#ll bent on proving that SP1 is made of gold, and that my friend, is a failed cause.

  • iRead
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    IMHO, anyone with 25 years of IT, should be reviewing WinPE and building a disk image that contains the latest drivers for their equipment, not complaining in a forum.

    MS has spent much time and resources to reduce the cost of Windows IT management for their business customers.  Please review the topics available on this on Technet.

  • KieranM
    5 Posts

    Update to post earlier that one of my two machines installed 64bit SP1 OK, and the other looped in Audiodg.exe afterwards.

    Turns out that the machine I thought had installed OK was now refusing to print to my two Samsung laser printers. Ooops. Just said 'Error' on the print queue. Marvellous. uninstalled all printer drivers, downloaded latest, reinstalled, and it now works OK

    On the other PC whic had the Audioddg.exe problem, I reinstalledall my Logitech webcam drivers, and, thus far, no problems.

    Having 25 years of professional IT under my belt, I think I can confidently assert that the SP1 install is not friendly to existing drivers. I wonder why. Seems like a screw-up to me.

  • jpmct
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    I'm running Vista Ultimate on an Alienware high end exotic hardware, but solid performance with Intel chip, 680i MoBo and SLI graphics. All drivers updated. Nothing on sp1 "kill" list. Windows Update offered me sp1 and I downloaded. Installation hung on step three, machine then went into a continuous reboot cycle punctuated by a flash of BSOD which was, as usual, too brief to be of any use. I reclaimed my system with RESTORE, downloaded the standalone version, and the same process repeated itself. My AV is Onecare and all other running programs were checked and inactivated.

    I'm inventing a new word---VISTAPOINTMENT!!! That's what happens to a power user who gets sucked into early upgrades of operating systems that remain perpetually BETA!!

    So, now, to protect my self from my own OS, I have automatic upgrades turned off, the One care icon glares at me with a red eye and I await off shore Microsoft free support (worth every penny) to take me through the laborious and time consuming process of dismantling my system piece by piece in order to install this sidegrade (I refuse to call it an upgrade).

    For the first time since I started using personal computers, I'm beginning to see the value of a Mac.

    Let the Buyer Beware!!

  • I had some troubles getting Vista SP1 to show up on Windows Update. Uninstalled and reinstalled the sound drivers and there it was.

    That was back on March 23rd. It is now late on March 29th and all is well.

  • iRead
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    Are you running the 32 or 64 bit version?

    Which processor do you have?

    Do you have just the Intel Integrated Graphics or did you get:

    "NVIDIA®  Quadro NVS 135M4

    The NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M offers all the latest graphics technology to produce extraordinary visual effects, robust wide-aspect LCD support and compatibility with all major business applications."


    I would also contact Wave about SP1 compatibility:

    "Wave Embassy®  Trust Suite by Wave Systems security software"

    I would also review the installed memory modules/configuration and the notes on memory on both the link above and on technet for the version of windows you are running.

    Pete, can you right click on "Computer" from the start menu, select properties, click on Windows Experience Index, and tell us what the 5 scores are?

    Mine are:






    in the order shown.

    The lowest item in my list is the Intel 3.0E HT processor, which performs great with SP1.

    The next is memory, I only have 2GB installed, run very high end games and have never had a memory related BSOD, in fact I have never had a BSOD since WinME.

    The BSOD could be caused by faulty hardware, also.  Dell typically has utilites to run to check the hardware before a service return is authorized.  Check with them on that.

  • PeteSL
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    SP1 is not ready for prime-time, in my opinion.  I have installed SP1 on a Dell Latitude D630 with up-to-date drivers.  I am using MS Defender and Firewall included with Vista Ultimate.  I have never had a BSOD since purchase in November.  Since I installed SP1, I have a random BSOD every day, all seemingly memory manager related.  I have sent all dumps to MS via the auto-reporting mechanism.  I have used WinDbg to see if there is an errant driver; there is none indicated.  SP1 may speed some things up but if the cost is BSODs, there is going to be a major issue in April.  The SP1 I installed was in the stand-alone package.

  • iRead
    36 Posts


    Glad to be of assistance.


    Vista does have a file compression and extraction utility built in.  Just right click on the item(s) and click Send To>Compressed (zipped) Folder or on an already compressed folder to extract.

    The most popular third party file compression and extraction utility for Windows is WinZip.  You can find the latest trial version on where 180,573,495 people have downloaded it.  It's not free but worth every penny.

    Winzip has been around about as long as me and they likely hold some key patents on file compression and extraction that others can't copy or they don't license.

    I know many think MS owns every bit of intellectual property around, but they don't.

    I have used WinZip at work and home for many years.

    That being said, I find less need for zipping files these days with broadband, online storage, and large file sizes being allowed by most ISP's.  Also, for example, thumb drives are so inexpensive now it is often easiest to just throw it on a thumb drive and take it with you.

  • iRead - i have followed those Checksure instructions but no success.

    I am expecting a phone call from a MS person in America to go through the issues that I am having and sent him the short versions from the problem report section.  The two that are causing me problems are wcp.... and cbs... (sorry can't remember the rest as I am not on my own computer)

    Will be sending him the full detail logs soon.  Can anyone recommend a good zip program (prefereably free as i don't send much) or can Vista do it for me?

    Thank you


  • Thanks iRead,good info.

    I traced the problem to an Iolo System Mechanic component, sguard.dll. After trying to isolate it with no success I just uninstalled the entire program and that fixed the issue. I notified Iolo...maybe they will have a fix.

    Gee elhombre,

    You sound like a really nice guy. I haven't noticed any "whiney" "you People" here, just folks with problems and others kind enough to help them....and the occasional wise a$$ with nothing positive to contribute.

  • still no Vista SP1 and i wouldn't have it any other way!  IE7 has been crashing more often  since the last update was pushed on me but i am going to download Firefox and fix that.  i enjoy reading all these whiney posts.  reminds me why i lockdown end-user systems that i provide support for.  you people just don't learn.

  • Bryan
    13 Posts

    I installed SP1, after uninstalling all the unsupported language packs. (Which took 20 minutes each!) The computer is a bit faster, and a few annoying bugs were corrected. Thanks, Microsoft!

  • iRead
    36 Posts


    You should be able to find an event in event manager that will have more data.  To find event viewer, simply type event at the search text area in the start menu.

    "Many people say eventing and tracing are boring. Others complain that, more often than not, traces and events are merely by-products of secondary activities (such as debugging and self-monitoring features), and that not enough importance is placed on eventing and tracing capabilities.

    Microsoft® Windows Vista™ aims to change these perceptions, offering a giant step forward in enterprise management. Microsoft has overhauled some of the key components and their user interfaces. The Event Log service has been completely rewritten with the enterprise in mind, and tracing has been made much faster and more secure.

    Imagine having a better set of tools for discovering and resolving problems with mission-critical systems. Or how about features that let a support technician easily collect tell-tale events and traces from a user's system? Or what if your developers could diagnose and fix bugs in a deployed system using traces sent by users on the fly? Imagine you have easier, more powerful ways to gather information and quickly perform troubleshooting—now that doesn't sound so boring, does it?"

    Anyone who does their own servicing on a Windows Vista computer should learn and use these valuable tools.  They are also part of XP but not nearly as robust as in Vista.  I do believe they are included in all versions of Vista.  I particularly like the ability to easily filter the logs.  The event logs will point you to some data that may be unclear to many but by simply researching online the key words and error codes one can often find a solution from others who have had the same issue.  Never download any so called fixes from any forums.  Look for tech journals, etc.

    Also, from control panel, you should find 'problem reports and solutions', which should now have an item on this issue.  Review it, and again, research a bit.

    Of course, now would be a good time to contact MS Support, also.

  • Well I got the SP1 to install by downloading the standalone version and disabling all the non-MS startups and processes in msconfig.

    Now however I get a error message:

    "Windows Process (Rundll32) has stopped working"

    The "online solution" does not help, it just closes the program.

    Any suggestions? The issue did not appear until right after the first boot up after the SP1 install.


  • iRead
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    Seeing as you have the ability to test these machines, could you share with us the data from your event logs from each machine logged on the errors you received?  The spec.'s on each machine would also prove helpful.

    As for KB943302, the Application Compatability Update, do you have any of the programs installed that this update addresses?  Perhaps it would be pertinent to remove the incompatible applications, run the update, and then re-install?  Honestly not sure of this but I would think the fact that MS is clearly informing us that these version of these programs are in fact incompatible with Vista would inform a technical tester that they should be removed until an update is present, which is update KB943302?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  • We have three systems in our test lab. Here is our SP1 installation results:

    System #1 allowed us to install sp1 on (an HP laptop), but seems slightly slower for the past 2 days. We believe it is due to the "prefetch" data issue, but as of right now, it's at least usable. At least the wireless doesn't disconnect every few hours, so SP1 seemed to fix that. All in all better, but the speed isue is concerning.

    System #2 (an HP desktop) gets to stage 3 100% and then "reverted"? all the changes. Took an entire day to perform absolutely nothing but grind the HD. Repeated it yesterday. Same issue this morning. SP1 won't install corrrectly even from Windows update.

    System #3 (a Lenovo Thinkpad) Can't apply the pre-requisite KB943302. Phone support is stumped. E-mail support was actually better, but led us through the same steps already outlined in this article with no results other than it won't install other than an 800-type error code.

    All in all, a complete bust for SP1 for us. Vista RTM actually works on all three systems. Apply SP1, and all three break. Unsure of what to think at the moment other than complete disgust for Microsoft. A typical home user doesn't stand a chance.

  • I want to say that SP1 went smoothly. I just purchased a low end system that had Vista Home Premium pre-installed. Ran WU to get current and then SP1 was offered. Intallation went without a hitch and everything was up and working within an hour. I then gave this machine to my wife in place of her XP system and she transitioned without missing a beat, paying bills, checking her email, playing music.

    I heard all the horror stories about networking issues, BSOD etc. but absolutely no trouble at all for me.

  • Compumind
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    I know about the SigmaTel driver mess, since my 5 computers all have SigmaTel Audio!

    Windows Update will not even prompt me to download SP1 and when I forced the SP1 Update via the Standalone Installer, my system crashed.

    Glad I set the restore point before I did it.

    BTW, these problems are on my Dell XPS 410's.


  • Compumind
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    Hello Brandon and Nick:

    In my opinion, a regular SP1 Status Update in this blog would be a great idea to see exactly what progress is being made in getting SP1 to download and work seamlesly.

    Nick's intro at the start of this blog is just fine, but to note actual increments of progress would be far better.

    I cannot and will not roll SP1 out to my client's systems in this current state. A good example of this is the SigmaTel Driver mess.

    Kindly advise and thank you.


  • SP1 install went fairly smoothly however it has now broken the internal microphone on my HP DV7000 laptop, which OK until the bugswitch/upgrade.

    All in all I am VERY disappointed with VISTA and would love to return to XP. My main problems are that even with 4GB RAM the performance is terrible, the defragger has no progress indicator, general software incompatibility, and I find the OS incredibly difficult to use. If you have any hardware or network problems and a driver update doesn't fix it, then you are really screwed! :(

  • Interesting blog to monitor. I'm left wondering how many SP1 installs have occured to this point and just how large a base of problematic installs exists.

    Having had virtually no problems with the install myself -- I've always kept my hardware "mainstream simple"-- and after several days of trouble-free operation, I'd like to offer my thanks to the Vista team for a solid update, and applaud their decision to keep working this blog through their service/support in an attempt to clear up the few remaining compatability issues that exist.

  • EarlWer
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    After 1 day wasted reloading Office, pcAnywhere, Firefox, Citrix, etc.  the system stops working.  OK, he thought, reboot and continue...

    No.  Now I get a black screen, just a cursor, nothing else.  No keys work.  Same result in Safe mode.

    I've tried multiple restores, progressivly further back in time, nothing.

    I cannot access the DVD backup I made after SP1 to do Complete PC Restore, so it's back to another clean reinstallation.

    I cannot begin to convey how frustrating the whole process has been.  I've worked with computers for over 30 years, and this Vista SP1 installation has been indescribably frustrating.  

    This will be my last install of Vista.  If it doesn't work, I'll go back to XP Pro...

  • Hi Folks, thanks for the informative site.

    No go on Vista SP1. Went thru all three stages of install then after 100% of stage 3 I got error msg "update did not install, reverting back etc......." No specific error info, just "did not install"...(after an hour of downloading & installing). I'm just a 25 year "novice user", but I've never encountered update problems like this before.

    Any suggestions?...wait a month or two until the bugs are worked out before retrying?


  • iRead
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    Not sure how you have ascertained that my last comment was wrong, could you perhaps re-read the entire comment again?

  • BHS, don't listen to iRead. He's incorrect.

    Bradon previously stated:

    "We are offering free-of-charge support to *anyone* who is having issues installing Windows Vista SP1 - even folks like pat who may be using a OEM copy of Windows Vista that came with their HP laptop."


  • iRead
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    The people who would know that would be Acer.  I suggest you look for that information on their website or call their technical support line.  The same goes for Dell, Sony, HP, Gateway, etc., etc.

    These companies typically only provide an OEM version of Windows on the computers they sell with Windows pre-installed.  That means two important things:

    1. They are responsible for support to you for Windows (they get a deep discount in exchange).

    2.  They own the software, not you - it is only licensed for that computer.  This license agreement is shown to the consumer the first time they run the computer.

    I prefer to own a full retail version because I get my support from MS then.  I also buy the full retail version with a computer and a blank HD and install it myself.  Well worth not having bloatware and an OEM version in my opinion.

    Microsft is however offering free support for Vista SP1 issues, so give them a shout!  But, don't expect them to walk you through the install process.  The support is for people who cannot install the Service Pack or people who have installed SP1 but are having related issues.  Did you say you had tried the install already?

  • BHS
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    Ive just started to view this.   I have Vista on my home system.  SP1 makes me nervous because it is our only home system.

    Is any one aware of a per-brand-name and/or per-model summary of SP1 issues?  Such a summary might make me a bit less nervous...

    My specific system is an Acer desktop, but information about other brands might be useful to others.

    Thank you for this site... and to MS for providing support that I hope I will not need.

  • iRead
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    "How can I manually install and run CheckSUR to troubleshoot my system?

    Warning Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method. These problems might require that you reinstall the operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that these problems can be solved. Modify the registry at your own risk.

    To manually install and run CheckSUR, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start , click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.  

    2. In the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue.  

    3. Type reg add HKLM\COMPONENTS /v StoreCorruptTimeStamp /t REG_SZ /d "0" /f, and then press ENTER.  

    4. Type reg delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\CheckSUR\, and then press ENTER.  

    5. Download and then install CheckSUR from the Microsoft Download Center. (See the "Update information on the Microsoft Download Center" section.)  

    6. As soon as the file has been successfully downloaded, double-click the file to install and run CheckSUR."


    Are you positive that the above steps were taken?

  • Compumind
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    Hi Brandon:

    Thank you for your kind re-invite back!!

    As a Microsoft VAR/Systems Integrator and Partner, I appreciate being able to fully participate in resolving the many-faceted SP1 problems which are holding back the growth of Vista.

    Should you also need to PM me, kindly do so.

    Perhaps Mr. Nick White should have been a bit more conservative regarding the immediate success of SP1.

    P.S. Now let's resolve this bloody thing!


  • iRead

    Have tried to install Checksur 3 times but each time I get the message that the update is not needed on my computer.

    Other updates get installed on the computer without any problems.

    Am extremely reluctant to reinstall Vista as (I presume) means reinstalling other software that I have on computer and the computer is only 8 months old so should not be having issues.