Windows Vista SP1 Update

Windows Vista SP1 Update

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I have a quick update for you about Windows Vista SP1. The Microsoft Update Blog contains some important information about updates to the SP1 prerequisite distribution plan. Starting tomorrow, we are resuming the automatic update and installation of the Servicing Stack Update.

In mid-April, we will begin distributing SP1 (in the first 5 languages) using the Automatic Update system.  We have a lot of Windows users, so not everyone will get it on the same day.  In fact, it will go to a small percentage of Windows Vista users each day. The exact timing of when you will receive it depends on when your PC is ready for Windows Vista SP1.

In addition to starting the automatic delivery of the first 5 languages, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that also we're on track for the initial release of SP1 in the remaining languages in mid-April.

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  • Duane Duane
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    The SP1 just crashed my 2 year old Dell Computer that is running Vista Home Premium.  I cannot reboot and have tried everything.  The Blue error page comes on.  Help!!!  The computer was accidently turned-off during the downloading process.  I rec'd an automatic update sign and the process started updating.....and the rest is history!  

  • anjikanji, there isn't enough information to make any real analysis on what is causing this problem for you but I'd check your internet connect or network settings as that may be causing your issue.



  • Does anyone know please, is it anything to do with Vista that I can't log on to incoming server on outlook 2003? password not accepted for some impossible to understand reason.....

  • iragirl
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    hi! i was wondering why the photos in my screensaver won't play anymore after i have installed this latest update? the screen would turn black while showing this sentence... "an error prevented this slideshow from playing" pls help!

  • jquimby, many OEMs are providing updated SigmaTel drivers off their support websites such as Dell. I would check your PC's OEM website for updated SigmaTel drivers that should enable you to install Windows Vista SP1.



  • jquimby
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    Here we are half way through June.

    SigmaTel audio drivers versus SP1.

    Nothing new.

    Bye Vista. I gave you MORE than the benefit of the doubt. It's gone, never again to be seen again from any of my systems. How hard can this be to correct, I mean really?

    No more pumping up Vista. It's crap and Microsoft knows it. Just admit it and see to it that Windows 7 isn't crap too.

    Things for Microsoft to consider:

    1) Not everyone has the top of the like PC. Those that don't notice how big the OS is and how it slows the PC down.

    2) Not everyone uses it for pictures and audio files.

    3) Not everyone likes the foo foo crap to make Windows look pretty. If people want foo foo, they buy Macs.

    4) Not everyone has a broadband, always on Internet connection.

    5) Not everyone understands computer jargon and networking and the difference between a web broswer, email client, and anything else.

    The bottom line is, you really don't know who your customers are and what they want. Instead you give them what you think is cool and cute and what they need.

    But it's all moot. You can't even get a service pack to work with a common audio system and I'm expecting a good next generation OS? What am I thinking?????

    Vista = ME = Crap = bubbye

  • DianeO
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    Help! I don't speak "computer", but am having big problems. A few days ago, a balloon came up on the screen saying I should download Service pack 1. I have a 6 month old HP desktop, followed the directions and installed it. Yesterday my computer locked up several times.Now it runs for a few minutes, then locks up. Do you think it's related to SP1?

    Is there a way (for a non computer geek) to fix this, or do I have to take the computer to someone to have it checked out?

    Thanks for any info.

  • I'm new to vista on a new packard bell desktop. It's driving me bonkers, the latest in a catalogue of problems with hypersensitive Vista was trying to download and install SP1. After 2 hours of a continuously repeating cycle of auto shutdown, repair and configuring updates, I eventually had to resort to a total recovery and lost a load of important work I'd been in the middle of, not to mention all the time-consuming hassle of reloading programmes, links, plus lost emails etc...

    PC World/Currys Techguys have told me not to try and download this update again. So I can't trust Microsoft enough to set my pc for automatic updates? For goodness sake, Microsoft, post some info for the ordinary man in the street without whose custom you'd go bust.

  • I am a big defender of Windows and especially Vista, however it looks like MS is up to no good again. When SP1 installed it killed my Firefox. Shame on you, IE is rotten, Firefox is my preference, so why do you keep attacking the other browsers, I know you will way we don't but your court cases say otherwise. Let me use Vista and the browser I prefer.





    so can i have a new dvd drive?

    thought not

  • circulotito, please see my Windows Vista SP1 FAQ here on how to get support for your Windows Vista SP1 installation issues:

    There are Microsoft support agents better equipped to help troubleshoot your issue. This isn't the right spot for tech support.



  • I have a Dell T5400 Vista x64 and after installing SP1 I get a lot of blue screens related with system_service_Exception, bad_pool_caller and others.

    The problem was the Dell mouse suite preinstalled with the computer. The solution is uninstall SP1, uninstall mouse suite, upgrade the video drivers and apply SP1.

    You can see the process here:

  • krikkew
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  • please do let me know if there is any fix other then un installing sp1?

  • hi again i kept asking for the answers for my queries which i had made on the 14th of april regarding sp1 and cs6.0 compatablity but alas no responce can any one tell me as its not only me but many other people facing same problems

  • Just to be balanced, I had no trouble with Vista at all pre SP1 - and SP1 installed just fine (apart from propagating the RC1 bug that messes up the userfeeds synchronisation task - oops!) when I (manually) collected it from WU when it was offered.

    I also quickly fixed the subsequent nVidia driver issue but there is still an issue introduced by SP1 that reproducibly BSOD's the system. Yes, it's not like something or some legacy app doesn't work right, or some peripheral has become inaccessible, the whole system dies in a reliable and rather unforgivable way.

    Been in touch with MS Support, sent dumps, detailed stuff etc., but a month on, though I think I know what's gone wrong (iSCSI), MS have gone rather quiet (no communication for over a week now)

    System has now been running 11 days straight since I turned off the MS iSCSI - but I shouldn't have to go without... and it's not got the best UI and isn't terribly well documented or supported with "Help"...

    But most of all, I'd just like an acknowledgement that there IS a problem and some idea of when a fix might be forthcoming...

    Please? This bug did eat about 3 man days of enforced debugging effort... (oh if only that were chargeable!) Toss me a bone here?

  • Kiwozi
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    Brandon LeBlanc

    Re SP1 breaks Media Center Extenders

    Brandon my partners and I build systems specifically as Media Centers and Media Servers using Vista Media Center. We use only Microsoft and MCX certified components in our release models and we do a god awful amount of expensive Testing and R&D before we will release a model. In fact 10 days after Vista RTM was released  in 2006 I was talking with Ian Dixon attemting to pass on to Microsoft the screen blanking issue with a MCX as the screen saver was active in the default MCX profile.

    We have tested the lack of connection issue with XBox 360s at this time with 5 different hardware configurations that worked perfectly before SP1 was installed. Our business is based on these products so we are keenly interested in seeing SP1 issues sorted quickly so we can begin using the newly released MCX's, which we can't until SP1 is installed, which means we can't anyway because it will break all of our customers existing 360 MCX's. A Catch 22 to for us and others like us.

  • Ceinach
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    You managed to carefully avoid addressing a number of comments and only picked a few to respond to. That's your perogative, however your comment to Maranda today of...

    "They do in fact have a point of central deployment managed by corporate IT. I am just not aware of their rollout plan for SP1 nor authorized to discuss the plans for corporate IT."

    Really strikes me as wrong. It seems to imply that Microsoft has not yet rolled out SP1 to it's own internal employees. How can you tell anyone to upgrade to SP1 when Microsoft hasn't even done this themselves - and in addition you are "not aware" of the rollout plan? How can you help any customer if you have no idea how you are doing this yourself?

    At the very least, it also implies that certain employees (like yourself) handled the upgrade without following, contacting, or even understanding the IT department's goals or corporate policies regarding deployment. If they do indeed have a "central deployment" and you weren't involved or aware in that, I don't understand how you are in the position to understand any companies deployment issues.

    I think eponynousnyc's comment should be addressed, because if Microsoft has anything less than 90%+ Vista with SP1 successfully installed RIGHT NOW, they should not be recommending or allowing any of their customers to eat their own dogfood for them.

    Maybe I am not understanding this situation correctly. If so, I appologize.

  • So you can't give us a % of MS employees who use Vista at work?

  • Miranda, unfortunately you have several things incorrect. For one - your statement of Microsoft having no point for "central deployment" internally is incorrect. They do in fact have a point of central deployment managed by corporate IT. I am just not aware of their rollout plan for SP1 nor authorized to discuss the plans for corporate IT.

    You also mention the removal of the recovery disc option from SP1. This feature was a feature of the SP1 Beta from last fall - it was not a feature of Windows Vista RTM. As with ANY Beta software - things can get pulled for a variety of reasons. This isn't anything new if you've beta tested software. We're not removing features from Windows Vista nor does SP1 remove any features in Windows Vista. It did remove the Group Policy Management tool but you can now get that back with improvements.

    Also: you speak of some "magical help line" that supposedly solves everything. I am unaware of any such help line but would love to find it. We recommend users having issues with SP1 contact Microsoft Support because the support agents there are better equipped to help troubleshoot and diangnose issues. We're not tech support here unfortunately and this isn't the best place to get tech support. We're directing folks to a place where they can get the best support for their issue.

    And yes, we blog here to talk about Windows Vista and awesome things Windows Vista can do. It is the Windows Vista Team Blog right? But we do our best to address users via comments about their concerns and issues and we'll continue to do so.

    Photo1921, a service pack is designed for bug fixes not high end UI changes. However I am like you and have a strong opinion about UI. I'd love to chat with you about your comments on UI. You like Aero but dislike the permenant place of aspects of the UI. This is actually great feedback.

    richingram, glad you finally got SP1. Please continue to send in your comments.

    johnbryce, I would contact Microsoft support as they are better equipped to help troubleshoot why SP1 isn't showing up for you:

    Be sure you choose "Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (All Languages)".

    - Brandon

  • Miranda
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    Ceinach - Microsoft had very little plan in rolling this out. Most upgrades at Microsoft have been performed by the users themselves with no central deployment involved. There are a number of burned ms employees right now that can't get Vista installed as a matter of fact, regardless of what is said on these blogs. Post mortem notes? You're joking. There's solutions on Google for weeks that still aren't appearing on TechNet for critical issues. Microsoft barely knows how to deal with what they've got themselves into and are simply scrambling at this point to try and pull some positive out of this situation.

    Photo1921 - Microsoft is flying by the seat of their pants just to barely keep up. They are still ripping things out of Vista like the recovery disk option. They don't have time to add new features or listen to users.

    All - You all should realize that Chris and the others are simply the Dana Perino's and Bagdad Bob's of Microsoft. They aren't going to tell you anything other than how great ms products are and how a magical help line will solve everything. Absolutely everything works with Vista is all they are going to say. Don't expect any more from these blogs.

    My 2 cents.

    Miranda M.

  • Photo1921
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    If, "Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is an update to Windows Vista that addresses feedback from our customers" then why did Microsoft choose to ignore UI changes, being able to move tool bars, icon bars, menu bars, just bringing the up arrow has been a request for years now.  I know I feel like I'm beating a dead horse, but come on Microsoft, why can't you fix this one part of Vista that so many users complain about? If the service pack is meant to address user feed back, then why ignore all the users who have complained about this before day one, let alone now with service pack one. This is a strong word but I despise the feel of Vista, not glass, not aero, but the simple permanent placement of the functionality of the UI. Why can't Microsoft allow users their choice, I've never seen anyone from Microsoft answer that simple question. That's what I would love to see that users have a choice again other versions of Windows have this, This is a serious flaw and one that Microsoft still ignores...

  • Chris,

    I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1501 with Vista Home Basic in December.  I've had a lot of OS problems, and have not been able to get SP1.  At the advice of Dell, I performed a factory image restore on my machine 2 days ago.  All of the data that I had backed up on Dell Data Safe was somehow lost, but that's a whole other story.  Anyway, now I have a clean machine with all available updates from windows update, but SP1 is still not one of them.  I've got the prerequisites mentioned in the Microsoft Update Blog and I am 100% sure that the cause of my inability to get SP1 is not any of the 7 causes listed in the "ready" link in your post above.  I'm known for my patience, but I'm pretty close to throwing this machine out of my window and buying a Mac.  Help me out.

  • I now have SP1 on my machine. To get it I had to carry out the 'in place upgrade' as some Windows files had corrupted and Windows Resource Protection could not correct them.  5 hours after starting reinstalling updates I finally have SP1.  The MS support was good though I am not that hopeful for the future of Vista if the way to get service pack updates is to reinstall the OS.  I never had any issues at all when I had XP.


  • Ceinach
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    Any information on how Microsoft addressed these issues internally would be great. I'm sure there is some whitepaper out there that shows exactly how this was handled. Heck, there are probably hundreds of whitepapers, methodologies, and post-mortem notes that Microsoft developed while moving ALL of their OWN employees to Vista SP1.

    If we could just see this information and see how Microsoft handled these major issues during THEIR deployment of SP1, then we could all apply the same easy methods to make all of our customers and our own internal people happy - since Microsoft is apparently thrilled with Vista.

    Every Microsoft employee on these blogs keeps telling us how great Vista is, how Microsoft encountered no problems during this transition, and how everyone on the planet should upgrade and forget XP because Vista is so much better. I'm sure there is a simple method Microsoft used when they internally rolled this out to allow all of their SigmaTel users the ability to upgrade as well as developed an easy method to handle the KB USB patch that breaks mice as well.

    Unless, of course, Microsoft has not rolled this out internally. But, of course, that would never be the case. No company would expect it's customers to perform something it's own internal employees have not done - so I'm confident that Microsoft has all the answers at this point since they already encountered and have delt with 20k+ upgrades to Vista SP1 already.


  • Ceinach
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    I would also like to understand how the USB mouse and keyboard issue was handled internally by Microsoft as well for the pre-requisite patch.

    Did all Microsoft employees have to use the obscure HID driver installation trick using keyboard shortcuts?

    What was the plan and method Microsooft used internally to prevent hundreds of it's own workers from losing their Microsoft mouse during this pre-requisite upgrade?

    How did Microsoft deploy this patch to all of their employees without a major meltdown occurring?

    Truely trying to wrap my brain around this.

  • Ceinach
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    I would also like to understand something else as well. I'm not trying to be negative here, just trying to understand what's going on.

    So, if a computer with the SigmaTel audio on it works under Vista RTM, but breaks under SP1, then how can this be the fault of SigmaTel? Obviously the driver worked with the initial Vista requirements, but then Microsoft changed the code and the resulting driver broke. Is it correct to assume that each and every driver will now need to be tested against each and every SP in Vista? Is this what developers need to expect with Vista in the future - that each SP will now require driver re-writes?

    What in Vista caused this change and why is Microsoft still looking at SigmaTel to fix this problem? It's obviously a problem that Microsoft created by changing the driver api spec's to fix a major problem in Vista RTM. I think Microsoft should fix this problem at this point. It appears obvious that Microsoft has mucked with the inner workings of Vista and changed a previously WORKING driver into a non-working driver for tens of thousands of people.

    So, since Microsoft has by now, rolled Vista onto all of their computers (and Brandon, Microsoft HAS rolled Vista onto ALL of their computers - right? There's no way Microsoft would dare promote this to any other company if you didn't - right?), how exactly did they get Vista SP1 installed and use SigmaTel in the test labs and in production?

    I'm actually serious - How did Microsoft update internally all their hardware using SigmaTel drivers in the lab and in production? Or does Microsoft not use any SigmaTel hardware in the company?

  • "In fact, it appears quite obvious (especially regarding the state of OCS), that Microsoft's own development team has yet to move to Vista completely."

    Great point.  What % of Microsoft employees use Vista at work?  I remember the "Vista Hell" blog entry an MS employee posted a while back, so I doubt many of them use Vista at home.

  • rajeev
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    I still need to understand something that keeps puzzling me . I have an old laptop with XP Sp2 and recently I bought new desktop with Vista home premium, SP1 installed now . The hardware specs for vista machine is very latest ( 500 GB hard disk , 3 MHZ dual core processors , 3 GB ram ) .

    I have a fairly highspeed internet and download speed on XP machine is around 200KB/sec . But even with Vista sp1 it barely crosses the download speed of 40 KB/sec .

    Is there any explanation , has someone else experienced it too , or any setting tweak required ?

  • Ceinach
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    Brandon, do we have any indication when the RSAT toolset will actually work on Vista with Microsoft own product offerings?

    As of TODAY we still cannot get Exchange (especially some PS commands), ISA, OCS (won't run at all on Vista), or SMS management tools to work on Vista correctly. Guys, this is embarassing for Microsoft beyond belief. There is no way any respectable help-desk can transition to Vista at this time. Who is in charge of this state of affairs anyway?

    If XP is to be phased out in July and SP1 doesn't address these problems, then are these toolsets going to be available before XP is phased out? If not, then how does Microsoft suggest we manage our servers? Only use Vista with RDP and forget all the really cool things we could do with XP before this debacle started? We know the toolsets won't work. Microsoft knows they won't work. Microsoft seems to be asleep fixing them. We admins all sit an wait - an siffer - and complain - and know that if we'd jsut switch back to XP, everything would be okay again.

    In fact, it appears quite obvious (especially regarding the state of OCS), that Microsoft's own development team has yet to move to Vista completely. They couldn't have. It would break Microsoft's own product mangement tools if they had. That right there is the sad, sad state of Vista in my opinion - that even Microsoft can't get Vista working correctly with their own major product management toolsets - even after SP1 has been released.

  • Compumind
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    Hey Joe Hendrix:

    Here is the remedy for our Vista SP1 issues -

    Let's look at it from a mathematical view...

    If M = Microsoft Technical Support cannot help.


    If A = Dell Technical Support cannot help.


    If C = SigmaTel Technical Support is not there.

    Then M+A+C must equal MAC.

    Am I suggesting something?


  • I hear your pain, Compumind.  I'm in the exact same boat.  I detailed my problems and the remedies that I tried in an earlier comment, but so far our plight seems to be falling on deaf ears.

    Any chance for us SigmaTel owners to get any respect?

  • Compumind
    34 Posts

    P.S. I did not know that DELL was such a small company with limited resources.

    Their XPS Technical Support department said to contact Microsoft for any fixes on the Driver issues with SP1.

    It's the dog chasing it's own tail routine.

    Another 2 weeks and i'm back to XP pro SP2.

    That's final.

  • Compumind
    34 Posts

    To all:

    I have been quietly monitoring these comments, much to my dismay.

    Mr. Chris Flores states (on the Vista blog) that "To date: millions of people have successfully installed Windows Vista SP1 on their PCs."

    I, for one, highly doubt that!

    It is also amazing that I have four Dell XPS 410's each with SigmaTel Audio and have yet to have each work with (or even be able to download) SP1.

    I have also tried removing the SigmaTel audio drivers and reinstall, without success.

    What do *YOU* think?


  • Mattus
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    A little more info: if when using the above method Vista tells you that the best driver for your device is already installed, right-click the device, click 'uninstall' and check the box to delete the driver. Then perform a 'scan for hardware changes' and continue as above.

    Also: this update is described as a 'prerequisite for SP1', yet I had SP1 running for several weeks before receiving KB938371 (installed it from a slipstreamed DVD). So the only thing this update did on my PC was to break my USB devices. If I hadn't had another mouse which happened still to work, I'd have been faced with reinstalling Vista.

  • Mattus
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    I also had trouble with a USB keyboard and mouse stopping working after the install of KB938371. Frankly ludicrous that Microsoft can release an update (which happens to be uninstallable) which breaks such basic functionality.

    Anyway, the solution for me was to locate the devices which were not working in Device Manager (as it was a USB keyboard and mouse, both were listed as 'HID-compliant device'. Bringing up the properties page for the devices showed the message 'no drivers for this device are installed.' Flick to the 'driver' tab and click 'update driver'. Select to browse the computer for driver software. When Vista asks for a location enter 'C:\Windows\winsxs'. Click 'install anyway' at the prompt about unsigned drivers, and your device should start working again.

    I hope this helps MS in troubleshooting this issue.

  • pat
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    If I buy a copy of XP Pro how do I install it on a Vista machine? Do I have to re-install all my apps all over again? Does it wipe the disk first?

    Any body there done it yet. Too many inconsistancies and application issues with Vista and SP1 will not install having tried 3 times now with full downloads and automatic update.

  • pat
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    Well I got an automatic update yesterday for SP1. Having gone through the upgrade process in March twice with it failing on the final cut I thought this must be the fixed version. However having run for 1.5 hours it just failed and is now reverting.

    When can we have a version that works please?

  • Arkan
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    And I would like to add the following: those who like Windows Vista and who want to be on ite very edge are to wait and those ones who scold and abuse Windows Vista have earlier acces to its lates features. It is not right, whatever corporaate policy be taken. I consider that MS must more kennly treat its devoted users.

    With all my respect.

  • Arkan, no need to apologize what-so-ever. Glad to see you got SP1 up and running :-)

    - Brandon

  • Arkan
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    To jquimby

    If so, you should try to take your Sigma Tel out of PC (or simply disable in Bios, if it is laptop) and then ast in established order.

  • jquimby
    11 Posts

    I had no choice but to get Vista when I bought my Dell. I had performance and usability problems with it from the start. I gave Microsoft the benefit of the doubt and waited for SP1. Finally, SP1 arrives but I can't install it because of my Sigma Tel audio drivers. Sigma Tel says to uninstall the drivers, install SP1 and reinstall the drivers and all will be well. I can't because Vista reinstalls the drivers on start up. Next I find out that my Logitech webcam has issues too. That did it. I'm trashing Vista and installing a copy of XP-Professional.

    Dear Microsoft ... Dell and Logitech are not tiny obscure companies. I can't believe these drivers are not compatible with SP1. Also, why don't you make a cute, Hello Kitty OS to compete with Apple and a functional OS without cute stuff for the rest of us. We don't want cute, we want function.

  • Arkan
    8 Posts

    I also appologize as I am very happy to see now service pack and very pleased how it works (I have it already instaled and it is very perfect up and running), though I would like that Microsoft treated other languages in the same manner as with the first primary ones.

  • To all, we've announced the rest of the languages for Windows Vista SP1 today. Read Chris's post here:

    Serhan86, I would contact Microsoft Support where they have support engineers better equipped to help troubleshoot your issue in attempting to install Windows Vista SP1:

    Be sure you choose "Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (All Languages)".

    Also - check out my Windows Vista SP1 FAQ here:

    - Brandon

  • Now I am not having Windows Update error. But just say no new update is found for your computer... You can look to my laptop's specs from internet via this link:

    Please help me...

  • Hi Bandon,

    I am using Vista Home Basic 32-bit on my HP Compaq laptop F505EA. As I know my laptop has unproblematic driver. And on my windows update Vista sp1 still not appeared. My vista run on my pc as oem since July and auto updates are always installed. Now i am having this error code: Windows Update error 80072ee2 but before this error i got an update both with windows defender definition update and new geninue update for ny office xp. I don't know where the problem is. Why sp1 is not appear on my windows update???

  • "The gist was that we could only get NET USE logon commands to work with the UAC off, but then the LPT port mappings wouldn't work with it turned off. If you reference the following KB article for the fix. Basically, in Vista "network shares that are mapped by logon scripts are shared with the standard user access token instead of with the full administrator access token"

    Now for the fun get to do this on EACH workstation."

    Thanks, but the real fun part is when I keep Vista out of my company.  Who has time for this crap?

  • pedroL
    4 Posts

    Brandon LeBlanc:

    Thanks for your reply!

    I've tried with the device disabled and with the software uninstalled!

    I can't seem to uninstall it completely from the device manager because after the restart, Windows automatically finds the device and installs the driver!

    What should I do to prevent Windows from automatically install it?

  • pedroL, you might have to uninstall the device completely (instead of disabling it) but I'm not sure. Give SP1 a try after disabling and let me know what happens.

    We will have more to say about the 36 languages very soon.

    - Brandon

  • pedroL
    4 Posts

    I've just read that the other 36 languages are now available via both standalone installer and windows update!

    Do you confirm this?

    It is not showing on my WindowsUpdate...

    I have one of the problematic hardware: "AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor with the Atswpdrv.sys driver file – version or earlier"!

    Since I don't use it, I have it disabled in my laptop and also uninstalled the drivers from Add/Remove Programs!

    Shouldn't this resolve the "SP1 not appearing" problem?

  • Arkan, and others regarding the remaining Languages for SP1 - "very near future" means in the next few days. I sincerely apologize if my response seems "dishonest" however I am always honest in responding to comments.

    Arkan, I also appreciate the feedback and try to be more on-point with my comments and speak with more responsibility.

    But stay tuned in regards to the rest of the languages.

    BrendaB12, my name is Brandon ;-) I mentioned doing a system restore for the benefit of others also reading the comments. Sorry if you felt I didn't read your comment with enough attention. Next time I'll be sure to re-read a few times :-). Thanks for the comments.

    - Brandon

  • Brando - read my post next time. You see that I said TWO times that I did restore. Your answer makes no sense after I give you info. You are reading blogs so fast and assumeing you can't even understand what people say to you or offer help.

    This is inexcusabl - This is second time KB has released with problems. This was automatic install that mess up mouse drivers! That's not excusabl! Saying you "aware of the issue" is now embarasing. Leave our mouse drive alone and stop with the "auto break" patches and let us run our computer.

    -Brenda Bawaler-

  • pedroL
    4 Posts

    As I told you before, I'm also wating on the Portuguese (european) SP1...

    As many users wainting for the 36 languages, I also would like to know a specific date so that I can make plans for several tasks I would like to perform before actually installing SP1!

    My guess is Microsoft's "Vista Team" is trying to solve as much major bugs they can in SP1 before extending SP1 to the hole world! Extending it to the hole world DOES mean increasing exponentially the number of users that could have issues after the SP1 installation!

    I'm "dying" to try SP1, but if that's the real reason for the 36 languages delay, it's more than fine for me to wait a bit longer!

  • Arkan
    8 Posts

    A conside answer "in the very near future" being quite dishonest one. I see now that in Microsoft can not tell clearly and distinktly not only when they will release SP1 for 36 languages, they even can not tell in straightforward manner when they will announce about that.

    What do you mean "in the very near future", ma be it in the near 5 months or maybe it is near 3 years.

    Please, eexpress youself more distonktly and with more responsibility

  • tjmk24
    4 Posts

    wen comming windows vista sp1 all language, in microsoft download center and MUI language pack-English/danish

  • Kiwozi, I have a Linksys Windows Media Center Extender that works fine with Windows Vista SP1. I also know of seveal others with various models of extenders and running SP1 with a issue. To say Windows Vista SP1 breaks all Windows Media Center Extenders would be inaccurate. If you would like to elaborate on your issue including the model of extender you have I can relay your issue to folks here at Microsoft.

    Also: you say "SP1 breaks DRM" - are you using your extender with a CableCard PC for HD content? Can you elaborate here what you mean by DRM content?

    BrendaB12 and jwellsman (and others), Microsoft is aware of the issue and is actively investigating. BrendaB12 - you mentioned that you are unable to uninstall the update. You can use System Restore to restore your system to a point in time prior to the installation of that update.



  • For some -  installing the mouse driver under the Human Interface Device - Unknown Device works. For some it does not work all. It's a bloody wasteland for Vista.

    This is second major problem with this same pre-requisite patch and it make me recommend to all users to turn off microsoft update.

    Microsoft - you are breaking machine all over with these damn auto updats that not working! Vista is become a headache over all these problems that are constant. Not week goes by without some major problem at Microsoft for Vista. Here we go again. Can not wait for next weeks problems. sigh.

  • Kiwozi
    3 Posts

    Hi All

    While this is a Vista SP1 issue it severely affects Media Center and Extenders.

    Extenders will not run or connect after SP1 is installed.

    I suspect it has to do with the MS guys locking out the multi-user termsvr.dll hack has affected the fast user switching components which the extender technology uses as well.

    Then again I wonder if the MS guys did what the NetGear wireless guys did and hijacked fast user switching for some other purpose( which produces the same result as that which is occuring in Vista SP1).

    Another issue affecting Media Center:

    Graphics technology (aka ATI x3200) that natively uses the new DX10 version in SP1 breaks DRM or in other words 'Video playback is screwed for all DRM video media'.

    The only way for these to work correctly is to not install SP1. Be warned that uninstalling SP1 may not result in the same network streaming performance to an extender. (We are still trying to isolate this particular issue and we can't quite get our heads around it yet as it seems to be connected to the DX10 components)

    When will we see fixes for these.

  • After installing KB938371 I had to revert back to a previous saved state as my MICROSOFT USB mouse stopped functioning. Who knew that in 2008 we'd still be having problems with USB ports and mouse drivers functioning in the biggest software release in history. Let's not forget that it's been a year and a half, the first SP1 has been released and this is STILL the state of the software? The "wow" is certainly now.

    Nothing Microsoft or anyone else suggested fixed the problem and since the KB isn't uninstallable (what a COMPLETE JOKE!!!) the only thing I could do was roll everything back and delay upgrading. At this point it will probably be yet ANOTHER year before Microsoft can even fix this basic OS functionality.

    If anyone has any enlightenment, please let me (and the others posting here) know the solution. The help-line by the way, was borderline rude and was unable to solve the problem. Free support is worthless when there is no solution to be found.

  • what about QAM support in vista media center

    u know the other software options out there have this supported IE:Sagetv mythtv

    do i really need to drop Windows software for someone elses come on guys get on it keep up with the now!!

  • Arkan, we will post information regarding the remaining languages for SP1 in the very near future.

    avic, Microsoft is aware and looking into the issue as we speak. Several others reported the issue here as well.

    kumar8abhay, I recommend getting a hold of a Microsoft support agent to help troubleshoot your post-SP1 issues with CompuServe. You can do so here free of charge:

    Be sure you choose "Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (All Languages)".

    I'd also recommend perhaps you contact CompuServe support as well.



  • avic
    1 Posts

    After pre SP1 update KB938371, thousands of Vista users noticed that Vista no longer recognize their USB mouses and in some cases their keyboards (just google for "mouse & KB938371" and you'll find lots of furious  people posting in many forums about this problem and trying to find solutions for this problem, while Microsoft seems totally silent about it. No fix has been issued for almost a week... Since this blog if from a MS director, could you enlighten us about this issue and if Microsoft is looking into this?

  • is thereany one who can answer me please I am a compuserve member and using high speed and by mistake I clicked for service pack1 upgrade since then my compuserve freezes while initialising/ as cs6.0 was made compatable to run as administrator and run as for windows xpsp2 /after tiis update i m no where / in case if there is any solution to make compatable please guide me  waiting for reply

    thanksand regards

    Abhay Kumar


  • Arkan
    8 Posts

    Microsoft does not say even a single word concerning the date of issue the SP1 for 36 languages. Why so. Please give clear and distinct answer, when it will be ready in some form for using. Such ignorance of users' wiching of knowing the date, may be approximate, looks like obvious boorishness and rudeness.

  • Hello tsstigger – From the notes I took of the updates I received on 11/04/08 I have all of the five that you quote in your post; (KB905866; KB948881; KB938371; KB941693; KB948590; KB890830; KB945553 and KB947864). I tried to the PC yesterday but I still can’t get past the Vista login screen. In all honesty I’m not even sure my post was valid on the blog as I assumed one of the updates had something to do with SP1.

    I’m no tech guru and don’t even work in the IT business but it seems to me when someone becomes a personal computer user they are obliged to invest in the periphery of computing in ways no other modern appliance/tool demands. I mean, I own a car but I don’t have to be a mechanic or automotive engineer. Sure I have some idea of how it works but that level of knowledge bears no comparison to what people are expected/assumed to know when it comes to computing - just to get done whatever the task was that the computer was bought for in the first place.

    I assumed an update that occurs automatically on my computer would only follow after automatic checks are made upon its compatibility with the ‘flavour’ of operating system running. I’m tasked with going through all of the link web pages to each of the updates I’d received (actually eight as opposed to my incorrectly reported seven!) to better understand what had occurred .

    I don’t want to attempt undoing anything until I’ve had a chance to speak with the MS support or at least until I’ve learned a bit about these updates. I know that prior to these last updates all others had been successfully installed. Until I login I can’t say if any of these eight had a problem installing.

    I hope you successfully solve your problem,


  • Ramond10, unfortunately Microsoft won't pay you to troubleshoot the issue with them. Sorry. But thanks for your comments about the issues you've experienced and your feedback. I've forwarded them on to folks here at Microsoft.

    We've been up front about problematic drivers regarding the installation of SP1 - if you've read the posts here on the blog you'll find we've been very clear in discussing these probematic drivers - which are mentioned in KB948343 here:

    Microsoft is currently working with partners in providing updated drivers. I know my friend Compumind is very interested in getting updated on this. We'll provide updates in the near future.

    richingram, if you wouldn't mind sending me your contact info (email) to possibly have a Microsoft support engineeer get in touch with you about your issues, please send me a private message via the blog here:



  • Hello not a blogger and new to this but on April 8th I got 9 updates sent to my computer at 1:30am.  When I had time I shut down the computer to install. I spent 4 hours and 10+ restarts before I was able to even get the computer to sucessfully revert back to a privious version.  I thought is was something I did because of an itunes issue so I tried to install the 9 updates again. 4 took with out a problem and then the computer went into a reboot circle again.  30 minutes later I got it running again.  I now sit with WU telling me I have 5 updates KB947864 (security ud for IE7, KB941693 (Security for WV), KB945553 (same), KB948590 (same), and KB938371 Update for WV.  

    I am affraid to install these as I dont want to waste another hour of my life geting my computer to return from the black screen abyss.

    Anyone have any ideas for these issues?



  • Since the installation of the revised kb938371, I am now having problems with 'WdiService Host' and 'WdiSystemHost'. A total of 19 issues in three days.  The problem is a service hang in wdi.dll for both. Along with the over 200 attempts to install SP1 it is getting beyond a joke!


  • Brandon,

    There's comments all over the Internet and your own blogs about people having SP1 installed automatically. In fact, in your blog here:

    We can see this person actually witnessed the entire process:

    "A few days ago, 2 or 3 days ago, Service Pack 1 did install automatically on my 2.4 Ghx SR5313WM Presario, and I didn't touch a thing, and I just happened to be able to watch the update "fly...I saw the computer install SP1, shutdown, finish installing SP1 during the shutdown/reboot, but when the computer restarted, the computer "stuck" on the startup screen where the colored bars go across the screen and it just "locked up" there...Stopped cold...I actually had to unplug the computer to get it going again."

    Then the very next post as well states:

    "'ve spent the weekend trying to install SP-1. There seems to be a real issue with the way the install handles drivers...refuses to recognize my boot drive after Stage 2 restart"

    The left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing at Microsoft. It's obvious that Service Pack 1 is being automatically downloaded and people are having major driver problems.

    If Microsoft is willing to pay me a fee to help troubleshoot this issue for them, then by all means, I'll be happy to provide my contact info and let's get started viewing logs and sending watson dumps. If it's going to end up being free troubleshooting support for Microsoft to post-mortem a problem already solved, then forget about it. Not worth my time.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  • Ramond10, I have forwarded your issue of having SP1 installed "automatically" to folks at Microsoft in hopes of seeing what has occured. I am in no way trying to say what you've said here "didn't happen". I take your comments very seriously. Also: in regards to your driver issues I am also forwarding that on to folks at Microsoft. If you wouldn't mind being possibly contacted by a Microsoft support engineer - feel free to send me a Private Message:

    magellan, we've been very forthcoming with information in advance regarding SP1 and the 5 base languages. We plan to also be forthcoming in advance regarding info and dates when the remaining languages will be released for SP1. I have every intention of keeping you and other folks waiting for the remaining languages informed the best I can.

    coolcatbad, I would contact Microsoft support (free of charge) regarding your nephew's issue with Windows Vista on his MacBook Pro as they are better equipped to help troubleshoot why SP1 may not be showing up:

    Be sure you choose "Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (All Languages)".



  • Hey Brandon,

    My nephew has Vista Home Premium installed on his MacBook, via Boot Camp.

    Vista SP1 does not show up on Windows Update no matter how many guides I follow, and the standalone package quits halfway during install.

    Any ideas, please?

  • It always amazes me that when you think about the amount of computers running vista, MS tries to perform an update and all you hear is whinning and nashing of teeth.  I had a very good experience with SP1...even uninstalled to do a trouble shooting issue and reinstalled....I like SP1 and it works fine on my home premium version.

    I appeciate the efforts and talents of MS and their team.

  • Brandon,

    I never installed SP1 before. I did't even know where to download it before I came to this forum. I don't use OneCare. My computer now says SP1 is installed. An update came down three nights ago from Microsoft that basically crippled my machine AFTER I had explicitly turned off Automatic Updates. Maybe it was the KB that so many other people are complaining about here. I don't know. All I know is that some update occurred that reset my video and print drivers. In addition, I also had to re-download the USB driver as well since it wasn't recognizing my external HD either even though my mouse worked.

    Apparently you have no idea either, so this is a waste of both of our time at this point since my machine seems to be working again (with zero benefits to whatever the upgrade was from what I can see). In any case, my issues are hopefully now resolved, but bottom line - I'll NEVER turn on AU again - EVER.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  • I feel to express my displeasure about how Microsoft treats great groups of its private customers like me. I use Windows Vista Ultimate (german/portuguese UI)and it is needless to repeat my disappointment  about Windows Vista as so many others did before in this thread.

    The only reason for me to switch to Vista was its ability to provide a multi language user interface.

    Due to the various shortcomings that come with Vista I already planned to switch back to XP if the Vista SP1 would not solve some annoying performance and handling problems.

    Microsoft should notice that (some) Windows Users have a legitimate interest to know in advance when Updates will be released. Until today, there is no official release date for SP1 for ALL languages.

    On the other side, MS should first solve the most urgent issues on Vista than saying a release date for another Version of Windows (Win 7) in 2010. I dont know if I will buy another Windows version in the future simply because nobody should pay for BETA software.

  • Arkan
    8 Posts

    Please, clarify the situation with SP1 for 36 languages. You are at Microsft talk very much about 5-languages SP1. How can we treat tha? Please, answer, can we hope to see that SP1 till 31 December 2008?

  • I'm new to this blog (having got the URL from a magazine discussing Vista SP1 issues), but  hope to be able to turn off automatic updates - should I get a working operating system. The reason - after receiving seven 'modules' (for want of a better description, as they have strange "K" prefixed numbers) of MS update automatically at about 10:29(GMT) on 11/04/08, turning my Dell PC on today (12/04/08) 'essential updates..' were taking place which after it all settled down promptly left the following message:

    The user profile service failed the logon.

    User profile cannot be loaded.

    The PC Dell DM061 runs Vista Home Premium, with 2Gb has run trouble free from new (10mths ago) with McAfee Security Centre from day one - until this occurrence.

    As I'm the user and administrator I can't get past the logon attempts and hope (if I can get in touch with MS on the phone on Monday) I can avoid losing stuff.

    All I done was turned the PC on and watched and waited while it 'updated' whatever it had downloaded in the last usage session. I'd no idea the operating system would be crippled as I took on trust the update would be safe. Any ideas?

  • Compumind
    34 Posts

    Hi Brandon -

    Let me ensure that I understand this:

    "SP1 will *not* automatically install via WU."

    Then do the conditions spelled out in:

    still apply, if you give EULA consent?

    If so, then we are back to square one.

    Correct? ;0)

  • To all,

    It is important to realize that SP1 does *not* install automatically. It requires user interaction before SP1 can install. It is impssible for SP1 to install without user interaction - as there is a EULA that the user must agree to.

    On March 18th - Nick explained exactly how SP1 would be automatically distributed via Windows Update:

    "...if you have your Windows Update configured to automatically download updates and SP1 will automatically download but not automatically install."

    Essentially you give the final ok for SP1 to install. When we flip the switch to actually turn on automatic distribution (as it has not yet been turned on) SP1 will download for you overnight and be ready to install the next day. It won't install unless you go ahead and choose to install it and go through the installation wizard.

    There is no need to turn off automatic updates for Windows Update if you are not wanting SP1 to install. You simply do not need to install it. It will not install by itself.

    jeffward24, as I've stated above - please send me a PM so I see about getting your issue resolved for your neighbor.

  • Compumind, I'm not really the guy in charge of making those decisons ;-) I also don't think it will be "suicidal". I know your concern is with drivers and we're continuing to work with partners to provide updated drivers for SP1.

    richingram, glad some Microsoft support folks are looking into your issue. Keep me posted.

    Ramond10, thanks for bringing this to our attention and I've forwarded your feedback to folks here at Microsoft. Do you have Windows Live OneCare installed?



  • I would still love Windows XP with all its simplicity and ease of use. I recently installed Windows Vista ultimate which at present I reqret the decision of buying it in the first place. As far as I am concerned , I would like to get my work done rather than play around with the slide bar and aero features. I have a bunch of friends who are considering buying Mac OS X simple because it has the features to help usability and not only just look cool like aero. I dont see a reason why people should buy Vista and I dont blame enterprises shying away from it untill they have to migrate. I am still pro- windows and really hope they get their acts together for the next release.And please dont force people to move to a new machines when u release the new operating system.

  • Hopefully someone can clarify, since I know I set those updates to NOT automatically update and I believe something from Microsoft switched this setting back.

    Is it correct that disabling the Security Service entirely will 100% guarantee that no further Automatic Updates are applied to the machine. I don't want anymore updates at all without my authorization. I don't want the AU process even updating itself. In other words, I want it completely off and disabling the service accomplishes that right? I can still go into Windows update and manually perform this on my schedule right? No update from Microsoft will be able to switch it back on again, right? I don't want to wake up any morning again and find some reboot update process has kicked off without my approval first.

    Not angry with MS over this (at least not yet), just want it off permanently as this was very close to being a disaster situation if I was unable to reload those drivers.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  • Compumind
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    Hi Brandon -

    No question in my mind that *pushing* SP1 out in Automatic Mode would be potentially suicidal.

    Why not just postpone it until the major problems with SP1 are addressed. Obviously there are too many problems with this SP, drivers included.

    Think about it. Makes sense, right?


  • Compumind
    34 Posts

    Hi Everyone -

    I have been reading all these comments and recommend that turning "OFF" Automatic Updates is a *great* idea.

    Until this SP1 disaster is "resolved" it would make sense to force a System Restore on your working system and even back it up externally.

    Have fun! :0)

  • pedroL
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    "In addition to starting the automatic delivery of the first 5 languages, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that also we're on track for the initial release of SP1 in the remaining languages in mid-April."

    I'm waiting for the Portuguese (european) release of SP1.

    What does that "inicial release" statement means?

    Does it mean that I'll be able to update to SP1 on April 15 or so?

    Thanks for your help!

  • To mirror the comments of Jeff Ward above, our main desktop computer automatically installed SP1 last night as well. I woke up to find the computer had rebooted during the night. The screen resolution was reset. I had to reinstall the printer driver as well as reinstall the video driver. I also noticed that the automatic updates had been switched back to on, so I went and absolutely nuked the AU services to prevent anythign like this in the future.

    I verified that my OS version now indeed says "Service Pack 1". The only other computer in our house is a laptop and is running Vista RTM. It did not receive any update.

    It does indeed appear that something was automatically downloaded and installed on our computer as well. Fortunately it only took me about an hour to fix the situation and didn't have to call support.

    Have a nice day everyone.

  • Just to add more comments.  I have had KB938371 installed on my machine by WU though I had it and the other SP1 pre req KB installed but still SP1 fails to install.  I am having assistance where MS are looking at the error logs and are trying to decipher them.  I think the total number of failed SP1 installation attempts is between 150 - 200 as i have given up counting!!

    Was wanting to say 'Houston we have a problem' but I best not.  Oops just did.


  • jeffward24, I'd like to try and help if I can.

    First off: SP1 is not being installed automatically on people's PCs currently. The automatic distribution functionality is not set up yet for SP1.

    Regardless, if its ok with you can you send me a Private Message with your email address? I'd like to pass this incident on to some folks at Microsoft and see about getting this issue taken care of and resolved for you and your neighbors. You can send me a PM here:



  • Hello everyone.

    I'm a Network Administrator who received a knock on the door this morning from a neighbor who had just experienced an Automatic Download of SP1, and upon reboot, it never made it to the desktop. His Dell 531S machine is 3 months old, 3 GB RAM, 3.07 GHZ Dual Core, well appointed little machine. No prior issues at all.

    I assisted by doing a Last Known Good, Safe Mode w/ Networking, w/Command Prompt, Normal, Disable Digital Signing, used the Dell DVD to try Repair which failed, and when I went into Restore from a previous date, it failed stating there were errors that needed to be fixed. Over 2 1/2 hours later, it was still doing nothing in Repair mode. From the DVD, I brought up the Command Prompt option, did a chkdsk /r, and it failed. I also did this earlier with Command Prompt from F8, and it too failed. I called Microsoft and the guy laughed in my ear after 3 hours of waiting and having him walk me through all of the things I performed before calling, telling me the Service Pack is not the issue, and blamed the hard drive, having performed no bench tests or diagnostics. He said to pay a local store to wipe the hard drive, and told me he would no longer discuss the issue, as it was not the fault of SP1, even though it has repeatedly caused this issue world wide. He told me that he had a friend by a new hard drive, installed Vista, and putting SP1 on, which caused the machine not to boot. He stated it was the hard drive. I stated it was apples and oranges comparison because the drive has no history of successful run time, and this machine was flawless for months until the update. He then proceeded to hang up on me.

    No wonder the slogan MicroSux is gaining strong favor and popularity.

    My neighbors are Polish couple in their 60's who simply want a machine for basic use, don't use any 3rd party software, have reliable Antivirus/spyware removal, and up until today, trusted the Microsoft would not release anything that would now cost them several hundreds of dollars (Without my help, and I'm still struggling - other than slaving the drive, backing up data, and re-installing Vista). Not even a Custom install would work - machine just hangs.

    He bought the Dell from Best Buy, but only has the "Basic" (And I mean Basic) 1 yr. warranty. Best Buy says to call Dell, as the Service Tag shows almost a year left on Dell to provide Phone Support, and Dell says it doesn't apply when you buy in a store, contradicting the Service Tag info on Dell's website. Between calling Microsoft, Best Buy, Best Buy Corporate, and Dell again, I was on the phone for over 10 hours, being transferred over and over, to no avail. When I called on his behalf today, being the first call to Dell, they registered the PC in my name (I informed them who owned the machine to get a case #), but he failed to pay attention, spelled my last name wrong, and had the wrong email, even after I asked him to confirm all details. When I called back later, they refused to speak to me, and I was passed to 9 departments before they realized, with much persuading that it was Their spelling error on my email, and last name...and it was Phonetically similar to my last name, but they refused to apply logic. He told me to log into Dell and do a Owner Transfer to fix it. I said "How genius...if you won't tell me how You misspelled my name...and I need that info for the Prior owners name, that would be an act in futility". After much discussion and frustration, he saw my point, and spelled my name right, but I still had to do a transfer, because only part of the name can be adjusted on their end. He also informed me that my neighbor Could buy an extended warranty from Dell...something they said was impossible do to a store purchase.

    Any help would be most appreciated, along with similar experiences.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Windows Update pushed down the KB938371 update and Vista no longer recognizes my Dell USB mouse or my Logitech MX700 wireless mouse.  I get the dialog "Found New Hardware - Unknown Device)" with the following text:

    Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device

    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

        HID-compliant device

    An error occurred during the installation of the device

    The driver installation file for this device is missing a necessary entry.  This may because the INF was written for Windows 95 or later.  Contact your hardware vendor.


    This occurs with any USB port on my machine and with both mice.  I have a mouse with my Wacom tablet that still works.  It has it's own drivers and MS didn't touch them.  This is specific to 938371.

    If I do a System Restore, it all works.  As soon as I install 983731, I lose the mice.  At my office I've been the sole voice sticking up for Vista when people bash it.  This is really frustrating as 983731 is a prerequisite for SP1.

  • JDSX
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    It's just tragically comical now.  Not only can't I install SP1 but when I run the standalone installer for that "fixed" prerequisite patch KB937287 it tells me "The update does not apply to your system."

    I don't have any outstanding updates showing via Windows update either.

  • Compumind... thanks, but my point wasn't that SigmaTel is part of Intel.  My point is that Intel, being a "leader" in the industry, should have the latest and greatest on their website available for download.  Intel should have close relationships with SigmaTel, or IDT or whoever now owns the blasted devices, and be right on top of this.

    And...  since Audio drivers are such a basic function within the Windows environment, one would think that Microsoft would have taken great pains that the latest drivers were widely available via Windows update before the release of SP1.  

    No need to say that "MS doesn't have control over other companies drivers".  That just doesn't fly.  MS has great control over what is put out there.  In fact, they should've done due deligence to make sure that these basic of drivers were available to everyone who needed them before SP1 was available.

    Sorry for the rant, but I already did the web surfing to find the correct drivers, and made the stops at SigmaTel and IDT, who then passed the buck over to the "OEMs".  If no one is willing to take responsibilty for this, then I am assuming that I, and probably thousands (millions?) of others are left in a holding pattern for getting SP1.

    End of rant.

  • Just download and install it! Trust me!

  • mada381
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    I am new here and not very good with computers.

    I need to ask a question if any one can help me .

    Ihave just bought a new tv 19 inch, HDMI DIGITAL.

    Although when i plug it into my computer to use as a screen it says it auto focus, it does not do it very good.

    All the writing is blurred and out of focus, i have tried to change the resalution but it makes no difference.

    Can any one help me?


  • alt-92
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    @ Ceinach

    "Now for the fun get to do this on EACH workstation."

    Psh. I'd rather use a Group Policy to enable that setting.

    Judging by the key itself chances are you can use GPMC.msc to configure that policy on your domain.

  • Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is an update to Windows Vista that addresses feedback from our customers. In addition to previously released updates, SP1 contains changes focused on addressing specific reliability and performance issues, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging standards. Windows Vista SP1 also addresses some management, deployment, and support challenges.

  • Ceinach
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    I did some research since we had that same problem with logon scripts awhile back and a customer using Vista Business.

    The gist was that we could only get NET USE logon commands to work with the UAC off, but then the LPT port mappings wouldn't work with it turned off. If you reference the following KB article for the fix. Basically, in Vista "network shares that are mapped by logon scripts are shared with the standard user access token instead of with the full administrator access token"

    Now for the fun get to do this on EACH workstation.


  • dovella
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    OK Doctor Brandon :D

    In Italy (and world) we wait you ;)

  • dovella, the remaining languages for Windows Vista SP1 have not yet been released. More details to follow in the near future.

    eponymousnyc, you should be able to use a logon script to map a network drive just fine in Windows Vista Business. I just tried it out myself on a PC I have running Windows Vista Business and it seemed to work for me. Is there something that says Windows Vista Business isn't suppose to let you use logon scripts to map network drives or is it something you're having issues with? Let me know.

    Compumind and Joe Hendrix, we are continuing to work with partners to provided updated drivers - stay tuned for more information.

    - Brandon

  • Compumind
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    Joe Hendrix:

    Just to clarify, SigmaTel is not part of Intel.

    The company was bought by Integrated Device Technology.

    As per Brandon's comment (to me) above, I would hope that they are working with Microsoft (or vice-versa) to resolve the incompatibility issues with SP1, since so much of their audio hardware is out there.


  • Compumind
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    Found this at:

    "Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) is the complete set of Windows Vista updates Microsoft has issued over the past year plus additional enhancements to improve your PC experience. SP1 doesn't add new features or require you to learn anything new—it simply makes your PC more reliable, run more smoothly, and even more enjoyable to use, all at no charge."

    Oh, how nice! Isn't that the way your PC is supposed to work in the first place?