Windows Vista 64-bit Today

Windows Vista 64-bit Today

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There appears to be a shift taking place in the PC industry: the move from 32-bit to 64-bit PCs.

We've been tracking the change by looking at the percentage of 64-bit PCs connecting to Windows Update, and have seen a dramatic increase in recent months. The installed base of 64-bit Windows Vista PCs, as a percentage of all Windows Vista systems, has more than tripled in the U.S. in the last three months, while worldwide adoption has more than doubled during the same period.  Another view shows that 20% of new Windows Vista PCs in the U.S. connecting to Windows Update in June were 64-bit PCs, up from just 3% in March. Put more simply, usage of 64-bit Windows Vista is growing much more rapidly than 32-bit. Based on current trends, this growth will accelerate as the retail channel shifts to supplying a rapidly increasing assortment of 64-bit desktops and laptops.

64-bit PCs running 64-bit editions of Windows Vista typically have 4GB of memory or more. Compared to 32-bit systems, which top out at around 3GB of memory, 64-bit PCs can offer added responsiveness when running a lot of applications at the same time and have the potential for greater performance and new experiences as next-generations applications are written to take advantage of this new platform.

What started out as a gradual (some would say "glacial") movement toward 64-bit PCs, driven primarily by technology enthusiasts, seems to have turned into a swift transition, likely fueled by the falling cost of memory and consumers' desire to get the most out of their PCs.

This change begs a few questions:

Is the 64 bit market ready to go mainstream?

Will consumers realize the benefits from larger chips and 4GB or more of memory?

The answer to both of these questions is yes - but a qualified yes.

Preconfigured 64-bit PCs obtained from retailers or PC manufacturers should work quite well.  This is in stark contrast to the experience of many technology enthusiasts who built their 64-bit PC from scratch and may have had to scour the Web looking for drivers.  So, unless you really love to tinker with your PC, we suggest you buy a pre-built 64-bit PC at retail or directly from a PC manufacturer.

Beyond the box, you also need to consider the hardware peripherals and software programs you plan on using with your new PC. Any hardware or software product displaying the ‘Works with Windows Vista' or ‘Certified for Windows Vista' logo must be compatible with both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows Vista in order to warrant the use of the logo. If you don't see the logo, visit the Windows Vista Compatibility Center and check the 64-bit compatibility status. Hardware and software vendors continue to test and improve their products. Please note that the Windows Vista Compatibility Center is currently in beta. In some cases it is possible that a device may be marked as not compatible when in fact it is. I recommend that you also check with the device manufacturer to see if the compatibility status of your desired device has changed.

On the performance front, 64-bit PCs can provide a more responsive experience when running many applications simultaneously. Websites such as Bit.Tech.Net and Tom's Hardware have published performance benchmarks detailing some of the improvements realized from running the 64-bit PCs. In addition, PC Accelerators built into Windows Vista, such as Windows SuperFetch, improve performance by keeping commonly used programs in memory, even when the program is closed. More memory capacity on 64-bit PCs allows SuperFetch to do its job more efficiently.  

But if you only use your PC for a few tasks, and rarely do them at the same time, then you're unlikely to realize a measurable performance benefit today.  Of course, buying extra capacity for your future, unplanned needs is always worth considering.

In the future, we expect both compatibility and performance of 64-bit PCs to continue to improve. Most hardware devices have 64-bit drivers today and most software products work unmodified because of the 32-bit emulation technology in 64-bit Windows Vista (called WOW64). But there are some gaps, especially in the long tail of the market, but we expect rapid improvement now that 64-bit PCs are getting so popular.

Over time we'll see more 64-bit-optimized programs hit the market, which promise dramatic performance and experience improvements. A few key ones, like Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop and Sony Vegas Pro video editing software, are due to be released this fall. If you're a software or hardware developer, visit our 64-bit readiness page to learn more about 64-bit compatibility and optimization.

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  • Duane Duane
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  • I have used window's since win 3.11''over the years i have grown with windows systems'' they now are getting more powerfull and clever than ever, the thing is, i have seen the 8bit the 16bit, 32bit, 64 bit, it still seem's that mircosoft is getting lost in bits and pieces, and as a user of computers that we are, the cost of upgrading to super computers is costing us our arms and legs, even so for the cost for older pcs we have had and now gone in the bin.

    we are paying good money for these pcs and software for what !! problems, i say people have had more problems with there computers then their own car.

    I myself fix broken down computers, rebuild them, for people that can not fix them their selfs, the cost for a pc man to fix you gear is a bomb, yet i have seen people crying because they did not back up there work, as they thought that they didn't need two, not kowning much about pcs and the inner insides of it.

    what i am getting to,, there seem's to be so many people that do not kown a pc as many others may do, should there be a tv channel 24 hrs aday showing around the world dummies how to mantain, fix, build, slove, how to use programs, software, networking, clean dust out the pc, eveythink and enythink to do with a computer.

    That way we should have lest then half people in the world - crying over their broken pc.

    yet bring on 128bit pcs and still end up with never ending problems that will cost you even more money.

    its what it is and how its going to be, i say its time windows got axed and mircrosoft revamp instead of keep upgrading there old 2000nt software, as far i kown vista is built of that.

    64 vista is great if you kown a pc and software, get some help before you go ahead with it fru , if you not a pc guru that is.

  • ikantik
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    Hy all!

    I'm a little hungarian engineer, and i like Vista x64, but my tvcard provider, don't make driver for x64 for my tvcard. So i think I should write...

    But I dont know how to make drivers for Vista x64.

    So i need some help for starting.

    So if anybody could send me a documentation...


    Thanks a lot!


  • I like the OS but it is still problematic as a mainstream home desktop. Have a Palm Centro? Forget synching with 64 bit vista. Have a Sky Caddie? No joy. Couple that with mystery problems (the system stopped sleeping when I added the peripherals from my old machine - a thousand threads on that topic with 64 bit vista with a thousand suggestions)and it is more of a challenge than a casual home user can deal with. For those interested, my machine is again getting its rest after loading the 64 bit downloads for the MS Multimedia Keyboard and wireless M5000 laser mouse. Running on the generic drivers proved to be the problem. Who could know?

  • I tried Vista 64 on a system I had previously built from scratch and it just ran awful. So I reinstalled XP 64 on it.

    After my power supply shortage and fried my motherboard, it was time to buy a new PC. Vista had basically told me my Processor and Hard drives were obsolete. Although I didn't think they were that old, I had planned on building a new PC anyways.

    Built the new PC with 4 gigs of memory (versus 2 the first time) and better everything else. Decided to give Vista 64 another try and I am glad I did. It runs FANTASTIC! It is sooo nice and smooth. No problems finding drivers anymore, even with my home built system. It is really fast and enjoyable when you have good enough hardware.

  • MDOC
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    x64 is great for me performance-wise except for:

    1. I've caught a computer hang (total system freeze) about twice, but I think it's probably because of SnagIt (a 32bit app).

    2. About half of my running processes are 32 bit.  Too bad Word and Excel 2007 are both still 32 bits!  There is a 64bit version of IE included with the OS, but the addons that work with 32bit doesn't work in the 64bit version.

    The upside is that this Vista Ultimate (in both 32- and 64-bit flavors) came to me free of charge from Microsoft in return for installing and running MS Windows Feedback Panel, which I gladly did.

    The other upside is I've got a very stable system.

  • I tried Vista 64 for a week. I noticed a couple of issues. My integrated Yukon network card would take up to two minutes to connect. I updated the driver to the latest 64-bit version but it didn't help. Also iTunes 64-bit would freeze up sometimes. I switched to 32-bit Vista and have none of these problems. Has anyone else seen anything like this?

  • Hi everyone, a vintage PC user (since DOS 2.0) here who is in the market for a very powerful machine to run Adobe Audition 3.x for my sound studio and video editing self-taught hobby. As I am 55, my eye sight is not so good so searching through other topics to find what I need is going to be difficult. Please excuse me if this question is a repeat. I want a machine with at least 8GB RAM, if not the top of the range audio card then the next best, a 320GB HDD, an 18x or 20x HD-DVD RW drive, a 17" monitor, WLAN, Bluetooth, Video Editing, digital TV to DVD editing, etc., and I need to know what the advantage of a 64-bit processor (or two, or more) will be. I will really appreciate a technical expert's opinion.

    Thank you.

    Ian D Samson

  • WHY YOU NEED TO READ THIS CHRIS FLORES: I'm hoping you read comments added to your blog, and remembering how ENORMOUS your ego was, heheheh, I'm thinking you do...

    Anywaysahowsies, Chris, buddy, I haven't seen nor heard from you since you split the scene from the Lilac City, good old Roch. How have you been?

    It's D. Baker, by the way, your old racquetball pal. I just came across a customer's name, Dan Flores, and I thought of you and thought I would look you up.

    I stalked you on the internet a touch and although MS slings your name about here and there (they have to look good somehow - that's why they hired you, right?), you are not so easy to find. Saw a pic of a night at Tutta Bella's for a going away thing, and an over-the-shoulder shot of you at Circuit City giving a demo?

    Regardless, wanted to say hi! After a stint at Xerox (before the $68.00 per share plunge) and then on to Kodak as a corporate cog, I up and left and moved to NYC building websites and other such nonsense.

    Would love to hear from you and hear what you've been up to. Fire of an EM when you get a chance to mfindustries @

    BTW, you probably want to delete this post once you've had a read.


  • a small problem ! i have a phenom 9550 ! in vista 32bit my WEI is 5.9 all over ! the base score is also 5.9, but in vista 64 bit the processor index is 5.8 ? why is the difference ?i cannot understand

    Shantanu Kaushik

    Microsoft MVP Windows

  • Wow.  Even Microsoft's "Genuine Windows Validation Component" ActiveX control won't install in the 64-bit IE.  So, you have to use the dumbed-down 32-bit IE to download items Microsoft deems "valuable" for your 64-bit OS.

    Come on, Microsoft.  I've been a longtime defender, but throw us a bone every now and then.  I'm getting tired screaming into the wind and not having anyone lend me a hand...

  • ltolman
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    Upgrading to 64bit; does the CD give a quick scan on your present hard drive to determine what programs are compatible and what arent?  Is there any link on the net that does such a thing? Or if a person has like 127 programs installed (says Vista's control panel in programs and features) that I need to check each one separately to see if its 64bit compatible?  Thanks

  • eberge
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    What are the exact reasons for caring whether a given application is 32-bit if it runs well on 64-bit Vista.  I guess I don't care if it runs well enough for my need.  Frankly, for anyone who really wants everything to be 64-bit we're not going to get there if people do not adopt 64-bit OSs and that won't happen without reasonable 32-bit backward compatibility.

    And, by the way, the backward compatibility for 32-bit applications on Vista x64 seems to work just great from what I can see.

  • Well I think even if Windows Vista x64 version is well designed, it's not really worth it when almost all of the software you use are in 32bits mode, even IE7 and a lot of Vista features run by default as a 32bits version.

    Maybe it'll worth it when an operating system only supporting x64 with x64 softwares will see the day. Hence, Windows 7 could be the welcoming era of the true 64bits. I heard it will probably have a Virtual PC software integrate so we can run 32bits application through it.

    The real need is only for more advanced hardware, but the softwares must also follow the architecture.

  • I agree BIGIRON, the Amiga was king of the hill in its day.  I loved my Amiga, luckily the transition to Windows 95 was relatively easy back in the day, even without Deluxe Paint.  Actually I lie, I still miss Deluxe Paint and the fast boot times and ease of use of the Amiga OS which was very compartmentalised.

    Good times.

  • kwdaves is right... at one of my clients the did do 64bit vista 64 (all new pc's in their case).   Their big mistake was buying a mix of different vista64's.

    Fortunately I got to do all the work, so I made good $$ on those systems.

    Its out there, depends on why and how much $$ u spend.

    But tod is right in many ways, that MS really needs to lead.  They are seemingly becoming 2ndrate.   Or at least acting like they are in expecting the public to put up with.

    To Bigiron:  

    Agreed.  I remember arguing with our sole hardware tech (pc & Mainframe) at Rockwell about computers.

    He thought the AMIGA (mine was a new  A3000) was a wizbang toy.

    Considering how pc's are today, then the same defination he used then applys to pc's & macs of today.

    I might consider replacing my vista64home with one of the others, but will give it time.

    Maybe by end of year things will be better.

  • kwdaves
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    toddf, you need to take a second look at HP. They are offering Vista 64 bit on a wide range of consumer desktops and laptops. Gateway has some too.

  • toddf
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    I work for an ISV.  We need the large memory support available in Windows x64, and would really like to adopt x64, but we decided against it because of poor market penetration and availability.  It turns out that it is nearly impossible to buy a mainstream laptop or desktop PC from Dell or HP with Windows x64 pre-installed.  It is typically only an option on high end workstations, which represent a tiny fraction of the market, or on boutique systems, which represent an even smaller fraction of the market.  For Windows x64 to be truly successful, it needs to be readily available on new systems from major vendors.

    My feeling is that x64 will not reach critical mass until Microsoft drops the 32 bit version.  It is simply too expensive and too impractical for most vendors to support x64 in its current form.  Supporting both 32 and 64 bit in Vista is, I think, the single biggest mistake Microsoft made with Vista.  I can only hope that they rectify this w/ Windows 7.  If not, I suspect we will be looking for a new OS.

    This is clearly an area that Microsoft needs to take the bull by the horns, and LEAD the industry.  Windows 7 should be x64 and only x64.  

  • Wanted to know your thoughts on this?

    The Red Screen of Death!

    I had several but managed to get one on camera. dump code was 00000109 and I am suprised as I was under the impression it had been removed, so why am I seeing it in Vista ultimate X64 Sp1?

    Judge Death

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    Paul I owned an Amiga 500 and a 1000, if not for the incompetence of the Commodore ownership that machine should have owned the market. I look back today and marvel at just how ahead of the times the Amiga was.

    I went the PC route after Commodore fell apart simply out of cost vs performance. I couldn't handle spending that much for a mac and deep down inside I damn well knew the Amiga was the better machine but Apple was the better marketer.

  • For me... 3 weeks ago I went shopping and was sersiously looking at APPLE ..

    I stared in 1979 with Apple and left to go to AMIGA and later pc's ..

    Per Apple being pretty good with tv & MEDIA i almost went that way.

    I liked what I saw in WMC so I went ahead and stated with pc' and got a HP 9350F .

    If I had known that WMC was not 100% 64bit capable (or at least that the 3rd party b.s.) that is added to it wasnt.... I would not have even wasted time buying a PC.

    Btw, I am a past VB devlepoper so in terms of why I bought the PC I still am happy with it... though removing WMC is goiing to be considered by end of year if the 64bit issues are not resolved.

    I no longer even look for Vista s/w only because i found that even when it says 'certified for Vista' that it may still  not work.

    I recently tried software  that was specifically for vista, and of course the 64bit stuff bit me.

    Ie; The industry needs to add a:

    "Certified for Vista 64bit"  also.

    2 Posts

    Ill admit I was a vista hater, but just recently I built a new rig I did the newegg thing with an AMD Phenom 9950 and ram was cheap so I thought what the heck 8 gigs it is. Then it came time to pick an OS, the amount of ram I wanted required me to go Vista 64 so I thought Id give it a chance. I am now a vista LOVER, the install was so easy!(by the way the new 300 gig Raptors make great boot drives) Vista went on without a problem it recognized all my hardware accept the monitor (Viewsonic has a 64 bit driver I downloaded) and the rig flys (you guys need to try the new ATI anyway I'm now a certified Vista Lover and I don't think I could live without some of the new things vista does for me.

  • Photo1921
    22 Posts

    I use Vista 64 and XP 32 dual boot, Mostly I use XP I just dislike Vista's lack of UI customizations.  Don't get me wrong Vista is a better operating system,  it's UI changes for many are wrong and the lack of being able to revert to a more familiar UI standard, I still can't understand why Microsoft has degraded the UI so much. XP and IE 6 are more user friendly than Vista and the beta of IE 8.  I only be using Vista if Microsoft allowed users their choice instead of choosing for me.  If I wanted a company to choose for me I would own an apple.  

  • I currently develop Using Vista 32 Ultimate.  Can you upgrade to Vista 64 and retain installed programs??  Like MS Visual Studio ??

  • dovella
    303 Posts

    Infatti non so per quale ragione anche io ho deciso di passare a 64 bit.



  • @Lambros

    Right, so why doesn't it stop programs from accessing the network? It stops programs from acting like servers but not outbound access.

    BTW- No one is making any conclusions about vista regarding the firewall, it's just a question...

  • @Superpotato

    Windows Vista Firewall is two way unlike XP. People need to get their facts straight before they come to conclusions as far as concerning windows vista.

  • @darksituation

    It's fine for stopping incoming but not outgoing... I'm looking for a more Zonealarm-like solution.

  • I want to apply for a Department of Energy grant.  I am required to apply online. My OS is Vista Home Premium.  Here is what DOE tells me about my application:

    "Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 Compatibility: is currently incompatible with both the new Microsoft (MS) Vista Operating System and the new Microsoft (MS) Office 2007 versions of Word, Excel, and Power Point. In order to create and submit your application to, you must find a computer with a previous version Microsoft Operating System, such as Windows XP."

    What is Microsoft doing to fix this?

  • I was afraid of 64bit because of horror stories i had heard through the years. I ran Vista 32 for the first year, after SP1 came out I thought I would give 64bit a try from technet. I threw 8 gig of ram in my machine and installed the system.

    I have to say, I am impressed and amazed at the lack of problems I have had with drivers and software.

    albeit i'm no gamer so I have no clue if games are an issue.

    needless to say, i'm never going back.

    Those of you who will balk at 8gig of ram, let me put it this way, with itunes, firefox 3, outlook 2007 and nothing else running i'm using 3.5 gig of the ram. What is cool, I can open my VM or a few more, move that sucker up passed 5 gig consumed and everything is nimble.

  • I've been using Vista 64 bit since about end Oct 2006 - I'd been on the beta prog.

    I've had minimal issues with 64 bit. Some differences sure as in registry/file virtualization, AV, and a few minor apps in early days, but all my devices worked from day 1 (with some manual test signing)

    In fact the only apps I had problems were with Microsoft apps (sorry guys), mostly the Live* suite, esp Live OneCare. I was somewhat disappointed to see MS not supporting their own new OS through beta programs.

    I "only" have 3Gb, but it's nice to know I have headroom, with the machine taking up to 8Gb, and it removes so many of those barriers around the 2,3,4 Gb marks so well worth it.

  • gwojan
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    I've been using Vista x64 for months now and really love it, except...

    Most of the applications that I use on a daily basis install shell extensions or other such utilities that don't work on a 64 bit system.

    It is ridiculous that Office 2007 doesn't provide any 64 bit support! It seems Microsoft is it's own worst enemy in this regard.

    I'm very sad because I'm going to have to move back to 32 bits just to get productive again.

  • @superpotato

    Is the built-in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security not good enough for your needs?

  • I started out 64bit Vista, using the AMD chip.  But, after PC issues (not processor related, but still hardware issues), I switched back to 32bit Vista.  Imagine my surprise when all of the applications I use ran faster and worked better once running 32bit.  Granted it was also a difference between and Intel chip and a AMD chip.

  • @Bryan,

    Check out Vista 64-bit codecs package:

    It even adds codecs for Media Center.

    This codec pack comes with an interesting tools:

    - Enable 64-bit WMP as Default

    This will change all your shortcuts on the desktop, startmenu, quick launch bar and set all file association to Windows Media Player to the 64-bit version. All you have to do is run it from the start menu once for ever. If you don't get prompt (and seams that it did not work), that means that it successfully performed without errors or warnings its task.

  • 64-vit Vista has been a pretty painless experience.  My only complaints are the lack of some browser plug-ins for the 64-bit version of IE, and the fact that even today it seems that 90% of the apps I use must take advantage of 32-bit compatibility mode.

    Also, as mentioned by chrishedlund, it would be nice if Microsoft would lead the way with a true 64-bit version of it's flagship product.

  • I believe users are ready to for Vista 64-bit. The problem is 3rd party vendors and sometimes microsoft in my opinion. For example, I have been running 64-bit vista ever since it came out. By then I changed at least 5 GPUs. The original driver of each GPU  always BSOD and I had to wait for at least 3 releases to get a proper driver (nVidia been the major violator although their drivers are signed). Another example is "Games for Windows" logo which guarantees games will work under windows. Some of those games need super patching and limiting game quality in order to work.

  • In light of this new trend, what are Microsoft's plans for a 64 bit native version of Office?

  • Hi

    I have been working with x64 XP and Vista since the earliest availability of these platforms, the potetial is immense.

    One question though, why does SideBar generate 600 page faults per second when simply displaying two clocks?

    There is no gain in having a superb OS if simple, basic out of the box utilities are allowed to impact it like this.

  • Bryan
    13 Posts

    Hi Windows Team,

    I've been using Vista x64 on a homebuilt tower since its release and I love it. Even with 2GB of memory, I have observed noticeable performance gains in the 64-bit versions of apps bundled with Windows including Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, Windows DVD Maker, and Windows Media Center.

    I understand the 32-bit versions of WMP and IE were set as default in Vista x64 for compatibility reasons (codecs, add-ons, etc), but is there/will there be a way to set the 64-bit version as default? Right now I've not had any incompatibilities with WMP x64, and the only caveat to IE x64 is no Flash support. Surely that will change before too long, though.

  • Vista 64 has been good to me... VERY good to me!

    I tried Vista pre-SP1 and did not think much of it, but now post SP1, oh boy! Now we're talking!

    To me it has been fast, responsive and stable, so much that I wouldn't even think of going back to XP.

    I use my PC for gaming, Photoshop/Illustrator and general browsing and I have to say Vista 64 has been an outstanding OS and a worthy successor to XP (mind you 4Gb of ram helps).

    The only issue I have is that not many people do decent, free two way firewalls for Vista 64. Does MS have any plan for a (free) firewall in the future?

  • I new PC "m840f"  I pay little over $1,000.00 for this PC Window Vista 64 bit that had great one that I can get for Video Game like a Call of Duty 4...

    First I get it,  I was Enjoying with Window Vista 64 bit it faster then Window XP, But after awhile It starting had a little bit a Problems like a Error, trying been fix that my self but I did find a ways to fix that because I been more then 24 hours to how to fix that problem my self, I did fixed it without any software or buying these dumb software...  All I do is just click on the "RUN", type in "M^^^^^^^" I'm not to spell it on here "SORRY" anyways I went all these files that were build Window Vista in the Hard Drive so I open it up, copy it, paste it on the note, I edit some of these files that the company make this Window Vista Software files, Know why? Because I find somethings missing, they didn't even did it right so I did fix these files then I copy all of it then paste it back in same area again to change it so how ever people don't know how to fix these problems because there is no ways to do that but it can because people need to think, find out how to do it them self same as the dumb company that make window vista I think that I'm only the person that find the way though this files to fix this problem, It work, greatest, faster, now in about 2 month NO PROBLEM SHOWING UP THAT SAID "ERROR" (=  I getting better fixing these these software that build of Window or Games or any of them...  I'm not super skill but I still learning more my self, do it my self, being careful not to damage my computer but so far I'm damn lucky, getting smarter then these dumb company but company are learning to in prove it lol...

    Game "Area 51" CD:  It don't let instill on window Vista on 64bit or 32bit  because It not letting instilling it all the ways... But the ways I did the same things that I did tell you on the top of this one. I put area 51 cd in my PC, I open it to the Files I copy it all of them, paste it on my Desktop on my window Vista, Edit it these files, then when I done I burn it on CD, then the CD are done I click on the CD then it open it self in it instill all the ways and now I can play (=

    When I playing game on XP before the picture was suck, being suck on window xp and it don't matter what highest Video card, CPU, Memory you got in that PC it still sucK!

    On my Window Vista when I play: WOW WOW WOW "Holy SH**"  Picture it self Is so much like real, it don't even got a wired little line or any things on these Picture, it really damn faster to playing online or offline...

    Window Vista 64 Bit is so damn Badass for every things about 100% then any of Window XP or other... I not damn Sh**ing about this because mostly my fix was here watching me to fix these up my self, got it working, more fastest, no more Error or problem  before they buy them self a Window Vista.. They did buy them I fixed it them up for them less then as 2 hours then last time when I fixed my Window Vista files over 24 hours because I write it down on my note book and the Title said " How to fix your computer, Window it Self, The Games CD Files" and also it said Company are dumb but they need to think harder before they sell them aways. They need to be check 100% deeper before they are sold in the Worlds.

    Thanks you for your understanding about these!  

    By the ways There is notthing better in this world tell you the trues every things is learning and it don;t mean this is better then that or blah blah blah it don;t even matter...

    Why is even damn matter to make a dumb comment about better or not better....

    Another things need to tell you is then you guys buy PC, it fast for ya but yea it is also there is a ways to make it 50% to 100% more faster then it was, it easy to do it because I will had a Website that I'm working on for people to Fix, Faster, etc. Also it will show you how to do it what I had been doing these all my self that no one know how i bet so....  It will be done in next few years I guess...

    Hit me up if need anythings or help!


    Aim: Brmba2008

    Xfire: 88ball88


    also go check on the

    Video about Foxfire 3 to making it 300 times faster then before (=

    Check it out but I need to make that Video better but it sh** video oh well Lolz          

  • someone
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    "Is the 64 bit market ready to go mainstream?" This shouldn't be the question MICROSOFT is asking. It should lead the way in supporting 64-bit across its entire breadth of products. Hopefully, this will change during the Windows 7 timeframe. 64-bit Windows should be on 100% parity with 32-bit, not 99.9%, it's a decision MS should take and make efforts to fulfil like they did for security. I'm still waiting for 64-bit Windows Live apps, 64-bit Silverlight and Flash and all of the new (and important old) downloads on becoming 64-bit.

  • Trix, try running Nikon's latest codec installer (1.4.0) - I ran it two days ago on my 64-bit PC and it worked and I can now manage my .NEF Nikon RAW photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

    Let me know if it works.

    And yes - PlanetAMD64 rocks! Thanks Guru for the comment!

    - Brandon

  • guru
    23 Posts

    Don't forget PlanetAMD64 which has been supporting the 64-bit community since 2003!

  • I find Vista 64-bit way more polished than the 32-bit. It's worth the change!

  • Trix
    10 Posts

    I love Vista x64. My only complaint is Nikon doesn't have 64bit codecs for their raw codec. Adobe doesn't have 64bit codecs for dng either. In explorer I can't see the pictures, neither can I in photo gallery.

  • Vista 64-bit has advanced security features (e.g. Data Execution Protection). Using Windows Update and Malicious Software Removal Tool to collect data, do you have hard data that shows Vista 64-bit to be more secure than 32-bit Vista? This would be another advantage of 64-bit Vista.

  • I've been using Vista X64 since May 2007.  I hope all Microsoft groups are on the same page. I'm waiting for Windows Live toolbar and Silverlight for IE 7 64-bit.