Mojave: The Experiment Continues…

Mojave: The Experiment Continues…

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I'm posting this on behalf of my colleague David Webster:

I'm David Webster --the guy "deep in the ranks" who dreamed up the Mojave Experiment. Today we updated the website with a few new videos, including sharing with you the fiercely debated demos that the participants were shown.  We encourage everyone to take a look at the videos, ask questions or air concerns (or even compliments). First I wanted to provide some context and clarify a few things.

It's been a couple weeks since we launched the Mojave Experiment, and the reaction in the blogosphere has been fascinating to watch. You should see my inbox - some of you really liked how the experiment helped you say "I told you so" to haters who'd just jumped on the bandwagon without trying for themselves. Others thought it was interesting but were skeptical about the validity of the project's methodology, and others still questioned our sanity (not the first time) for doing the experiment in the first place. There were lots of questions - some wondered if we rigged the results, cherry picked videos or even brought in actors to pose as consumers.  Fair enough. You should be skeptical. After all, the basic message of the Mojave Experiment is decide for yourself.  In that spirit, don't take my word for it either.  Go ahead and check out the new site for answers to the most frequent questions we got over the last few weeks.

We've also heard from supporters loud and clear that we needed to do more marketing around Windows Vista to regular users, and that is exactly what we are doing with the Mojave Experiment. As we have discussed, we're working to get the Mojave message out to consumers through website updates, retail activities and ads on cable stations. However, I do want to stress that while the Mojave Experiment is part of Microsoft's broader effort to talk about the value of Windows Vista, it is separate from the Crispin, Porter & Bogusky campaign you may have heard about in recent weeks. Stay tuned for more details on that one...for now I'm just here to discuss Mojave.

Well, here's why we went ahead with Mojave in the first place.

It should surprise no one that we believe Windows Vista today is a great product; it may surprise some that most current Windows Vista customers agree. In fact, we researched satisfaction levels among existing Windows Vista customers - the survey found that nearly 9 of 10 (i.e. 89%) of customers are either satisfied or very satisfied with their Windows Vista experience. And, satisfaction is increasing over time - customer sat level is 92% satisfied/very satisfied among those who bought Windows Vista during the last 6 months. More than 180 million Windows Vista licenses have been sold (as of June 30, 2008), and, as analysts have reported, corporate adoption rates are consistent with Windows XP rates in similar timeframes. So looking strictly at customer satisfaction and sales data, things are going very well for Windows Vista.

At the same time, we recognize that noise in the market created by a vocal minority can discourage regular people from trying the product for themselves. We're confident these people would find a lot to like about Windows Vista if they spent even 5-10 minutes taking a closer look. We wanted to confirm that hypothesis and see what happens when people get a second chance to make a first impression.

This led to the idea that led to the test that turned into the Mojave Experiment. And the hypothesis was confirmed when across the board, participants concluded that they needed to take another look before simply accepting what they'd heard. In fact, we had plans for a fun section of the site that highlighted any test subjects who didn't change their minds about Windows Vista. But we didn't get any.

The Windows Vista operating system delivered big changes in security, performance and graphics capabilities. These were long-term changes designed to bring customers forward and they are paying off, but it's true they also created near-term pain for customers immediately following launch - notably, some applications and devices didn't work (or work well) on Windows Vista. The product has come a long way since then. We and our partners have worked extremely hard to fix incompatibilities and optimize drivers for increased performance and stability. We shipped SP1 and countless other Windows Updates that have significantly improved Windows Vista over the last 18 months.

Again, we know from lots of user and non-user data that the closer they look the more they will like it. We just needed to give them a reason to take another look.

For a breakdown of the mechanics and results or just to see what's new, visit:

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  • I am a MAC USER NOW,why BECAUSE VISTA made my life wasted hours turned into weeks, 1,000.00 bucks wasted I used for under 5 months THAT FREAKING Vista Infected Lap TOP

    and as soon as I turned on that bastard..I got info to UPDATE TO SERVICE PACk,well from that POINT it became  a RE-BOOT up my but hours game,If I did this IT did that and so on!


    Cause Im going to Video it thrown out my 3rd story window when I get my INFO OFF IT!

    I hate VISTA i hatevistA I USE A MAC BOOK and do not have PAINT AND THIS SUCKS but I do not have to RE-BOOT and Waste days ...VISTA SUCKS MICROSOFT'S TOES!

    linda ann chartier


    Vista so BAD even INTEL WONT USE IT!

    how about that for bad even MICROSOFT DIDNT USE IT IS THIS All a fact?HOW COULD THEY OF IT DIDNT WORK!

    LOOK at that BETA TALK!

    IT was never ready and I DEMAND A FIXED LAPTOP THAT WORKS ....It just sits here AND 2buttons fell off its JAP CRAP"    same key-boars DELL INSPIRION and GATEWAY CRAP!  same stupid 42 part power cords MINE IS MAGNETIC GUYS......

    it pulls out before it cracks the wore!

    its all made to break....Vista never worked! IT SUCKS


  • i wonder where microsoft got these people for this "mojave experiment"? i ask cuz they must be computer illiterate and not know anything about how easy all the other windows before vista were. i just bought a new laptop with vista and i hate it. makes me wish i never bought it. i hate how everytime i close the browser it ask's me again if i want to close it or restart the browser? there are lots of other stupid lil things....what were you thinking Bill?

  • HPPS
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    I bought an HP desktop with Vista preloaded in January--didn't have the time or $$ for a Mac. I don't think Vista is as horrible as people make it out to be.

    However, a few months ago my MS programs started acting spastic--rulers and cursor icons flashing, constant "program not responding" messages. The culprit seems to be a Vista compatibility issue, based on my researching mostly useless troubleshooting help pages. The built-in Vista programs are lousy or don't work (except for Windows Mail).

    The bottom line: I also have an ancient iMac running off OS9.2 which is still easier and more reliable to use for day-to-day grunt work.

    I'd like to see an experiment with all those Mojave people--run by someone NOT associated with MicroSoft--about 6 months later, and then ask them what they think of Vista.

    That said, Apple still hasn't figure out that ridiculing nerdy business types and catering to  ipod dancing crazies who look zoned out on cocaine IS NOT the best way to make inroads with the hardcore PC crowd.

    All I ask out of a computer is something comparable to my little '91 Honda--inexpensive reliability and dependability without all the freakzoid gizmos and extras. Wish Honda made computer operating systems and software instead of Apple and MicroSoft.

  • stooble
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    Pity you didnt read Blink by Gladwell before you conducted what is best described as a repetition of Cokes reaction to Pepsi's sip test.

    That is New Coke was a failure because sipping the product leaves a different taste to actually drinking it. Check it out.

    Good try but I suspect you may do better by listening to the issues raised and solving them. Like my constantly freezing task bar(frozen now by the way).

    If I had the choice Vista would be well down the list.

    Come out of denial just fix it  

  • pdan
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    "At the same time, we recognize that noise in the market created by a vocal minority can discourage regular people from trying the product for themselves. We're confident these people would find a lot to like about Windows Vista if they spent even 5-10 minutes taking a closer look. We wanted to confirm that hypothesis and see what happens when people get a second chance to make a first impression."

    I find this particularly insulting, and not especially a wise thing to say.

    1. It's not a minority, it's much more than that, as your sales and attempts to recapture attention prove.

    2. Among this 'minority' you have basically the top techies and technology advisors in the enterprise world. Proof: I'm not aware of any major organization that has switched to Vista. Are you ?

  • Hey my name is Andy

    i work in a studio and also own another studio. i have to say i am very dissapointed with windows.  it is too slow and exspencive to own. i am a mac user and let me tell you i is great.   macs come with everything except software which you buy seperate and is a lot cheaper than windows software and also runs better. the there is windows which you buy the computer for cheap and it runs slow and it does not come with software and does not come equiped with what you need so that cheap pc becomes a slow running money pit.  LISTEN ALL PC USERS SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY AND GET A MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MACS RULE!!!!!!!!!!

    Andy Kastrinelis

  • bigjake
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    the problem with windows vista isnt that it does not work, because it does! the problem is the compatibility issues with other software. most of the stuff i try with vista just doesnt work! that is why i will stick with xp until microsoft fixes the problem or comes up with a new o.s. you can paint a turd blue, but its still a turd!

  • you no i have had vista for awhile now. when i first got my comp i wasnt to impressed with vista there were alot of bugs in it. however since then i think it has tunred into a great os. as far as it running slow and all that this comp is the fastest comp i have ever had and its a laptop of all things. but if u guys think about it every os has its buggs espeicially when it first comes out anyone remember windows mellinium or 2000. give them a break the bugs will be fixed eventually. i mean most games u play every so often u have to down load patch files to fix bugs. if u can program a better os then why dont u do so.

  • ed grey:

    Vista uses RAM to cache frequently used programs so that they can start up faster when you need them.  If you open up another program, then the least frequently used cached programs are pushed out to make room for the new program.  That's why there's hardly any "free" memory.  You already have the RAM, and it needs to be powered anyways, so you might as well use it for something.  Caching programs is the easiest and most useful thing to do with it.  

  • I've Bought a new pc about a year ago with Vista on it  and there is never a time that when I turn the system on, that I don't comment to myself  about how I HATE Vista!Also I don't know anyone that does like it.It has all these stupid pop ups that I can't get rid of.It installs trys to install updates on its own and then fails which ties up all its resources.It doesn't multi-task. It doesn't appear to be compatible with anything.I even bought a new camcorder recently(almost a year after buying the vista pc) and it is not compatible with it. I'm wanting a laptop for all my photography needs and it won't be anything with vista.So that means I will have to go to MAC or find a used laptop with xp on it.You done well with xp,but since you took xp off the market and forced vista on every one you totally destroyed my confidence in Micro-Soft.

  • David Webster for shame, i just hope your mom doesnt know what youve done.

  • bhennon
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    The Mojave experiment is just another way of calling users idiots! I have tried Vista and it is "OK" there is a lot of change for the sake of change and overall I’m not satisfied and will stick with XP until something better comes along or I am forced to change.

    I’m not sure how you can tell me that I must be wrong.

    When I was a kid I didn’t like cheese. Mom and Dad insisted that I was just being stubborn and would constantly try and "sneak" cheese into foods that I was eating. I could almost always tell if there was cheese in my food and couldn’t eat it and sometimes got sick. Mom and Dad were treating me like a stupid kid that doesn’t know what he likes so we will trick him into liking it.

    Well it didn’t work for Mom and Dad and I doubt that Mojave is going to change any minds.

  • ed grey
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    I am a bit iritated about all this mojave test results. First of all, ppl who use the pc just to send an email once in a year should't be taken part of experiments as they surely will go "WOW" .. but their wow doesn't reflect the true facts. The reality is that no one should buy an operating system that just to run itself consumes 60% of the total resources of the pc. when i bought my notebook, travelmate 5620 with 2gig memory, it came preinstalled with Vista, and yes.. i did paid for the license. My personal feeling was that i've got ripped.. yes that's a fact. I could't believe my eyes when i pop-up the task manager and saw the resource consumption was nearly to 1 gig with no other applications running so i've asked myself "should i pay 1500 usd for a computer just to have the vista on and running with the nice blink, blink effects and cool desktop? neah" Vista lasted 1 day on my brand new laptop and i'll never ever intend to reinstall. Another example is my sister in law, she went out and buy a Dell notebook dualcore2 CPU and 1 GB DDR2 at 667 Mhz. one of this days i've pay her a visit and needed to send one email from her notebook. The only time that i've saw a slower box than that one.. was on the times before pentium1 CPU  came out. Remember those 486 and 586 machines? LOL she has only 1 gig of ram.. and vista suck it up all, in task manager.. memory left shown available is 87K !!! Now this is Mojave! I will be more than happy to be part of your experiments, to let ppl know what they are into, not confuzing them with bla,bla words. I am sorry i didn't run Photoshop with vista on my 2 gb of ram to have a decent opinion about it. So my conclusion is that Vista might be a great OS if you have 3k usd to spend on a top edge hardware pc just to have Vista running smooth or you could stick to the old XP on a cheap box and run great. Once again for some ppl vista might be perfect but for me .. it just doesn't work. Also in my circle of friends and relatives no one is happy with vista. I can't see where do you found all those ppl having good words for this OS. Sorry for my english and i look forward to see if you will post this. Cheers

  • poiman
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    1. Having to come up with an ad to say that "vista doesn't suck", already tells me that it does.

    2. The ads completely fail to tell us the "why it's better" part. Just a bunch of illiterate computer users being duped. Whoopee. How does this translate to Vista making my life easier?

  • Ceinach
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    The "Mojave experiement"'s time has come...and gone. It's time to let this one go and move onto other things...

    Frankly, it's beyond insulting that Microsoft is spending $$$'s telling us how stupid we were when it's ironic that borderline fraud is still surrounding the "Extras". I've searched these boards and found at least 23 different people asking questions about the state of Vista Extras with literally ZERO response from Microsoft on the issue.

    Microsoft can say all they want about Vista and how that solves their marketing problems...but it's obvious to me that when they try to solve their CUSTOMER'S problems...well, that's a whole different animal. There's no money in why develop for it...right?

    Insulting and selfish. Continually beating your high horse over Mojave is insulting in the bigger context of what is going on. Customers got shafted on promises to help them. All Microsoft is doing here is helping themselves.

  • nycbesad
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    If you turn UAC off and set the theme to Windows Classic, Vista works a whole lot better.  Otherwise, stick with XP.

  • CSM
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    I been using Vista and after SP1 all the annoying problems like BSODs were soluted; Vista work very well in a good machine with at least 2GB of RAM and a good processor ideally a Dual Core; on the other hand if you use a Celeron and 512 of RAM and Vista Starter(a total rip-off) well, it will be the worst day of your life and the worst thing is that usually you can´t downgrade to XP because the lack of drivers.

  • This project shows than the problem of perception of Vista could be solved.

    There are another iniciatives working now like all the effors in show to the usera how they could help improving the planet with Windows Vista.

  • lloydt
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    Kudos to the Mojave Experiment!  

    Maybe you guys need to contact the MythBusters over at the Discovery Channel and let them take it further. 8^)

  • You say that you're "working to get the Mojave message out to consumers through website updates, retail activities and ads on cable stations."  I think that you really need to get ads out on broadcast (non-cable) stations as well.  Not everyone has cable, so you should get the message out as much as possible.

  • jaxim
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    I've always liked Vista since I got it. I never understood the level of dislike to it. However, I do wish Microsoft would fix some of the little annoyances.

    For example, sometimes when I try to delete/rename files (or try to unzip a zip file), Vista tells me that I can't. The only solution is to turn off the UAC, which is a major annoyance because other than those annoyances, the UAC is helpful.

  • As a volunteer member of a "Featured Community" I watched Vista through its development and subsequent release. The Mojave Experiment is a great tactic that will help dispel some of the negativity out there.

  • Nice update, also to the website itself. Good to see Silverlight in action on more and more websites.

  • There's a spelling mistake under the second clip at the lower right of the screen: "compatability".

  • yert
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    We're confident these people would find a lot to like about Windows Vista if they spent even 5-10 minutes taking a closer look. --->

    This sounds like the punchline of an ad campaign of itself. Short, sweet, and sends the "Decide for yourself" message out clear. If you guys weren't doing CP+B's bit, this would be my suggestion.

    In fact, we had plans for a fun section of the site that highlighted any test subjects who didn't change their minds about Windows Vista. But we didn't get any. --->

    Sounds very doubtful, but since Mojave wasn't very big, I suppose it could happen. I acknowledge that there will always be a few who want an alternative, but since the Vista beat down, my impression of those who genuinely don't like Vista has been clouded by the crowds of FUD spewers. It is hard to tell a true unsatisfied from the crowd, punishing those who could give the best feedback to improve Windows.  

    Nice post overall.