Update: Windows Vista and the Optimized Desktop

Update: Windows Vista and the Optimized Desktop

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A few months ago, first in January, and then again in May, Shanen Boettcher, General Manager of Windows Product Management for the Enterprise, commented on our vision for the Optimized Desktop. Today, he posted on the MDOP Team Blog about the new virtualization product releases, licensing changes, and partnerships that will help customers harness the power of Windows Vista in their organization by optimizing both the end user and IT management experience through a tight integration of physical and virtual resources. Highlights include the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) of Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 (called "App-V" for short), Microsoft's desktop virtualization technology that allows applications to run completely isolated from one another (and much more), App-V support in Microsoft System Center and Microsoft Configuration Manager, which tightens integration of physical and virtual resources across desktops and servers, and an expansion of the Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop license to help prepare Windows Vista customers for the next generation of PC users. 

There's a lot of great information in Shanen's blog post, not just about what the news is, but WHY it is so important for our customers.  You can read the full post here.

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  • Vista users will see updates to the job .. Thanks

  • "...and an expansion of the Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop license to help prepare Windows Vista customers for the next generation of PC users." - few more generations and there would be great generation of Linux or ubuntu users.

  • Duane Duane
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    canceled as a result of optimization and analysis of the desktop update was canceled beautiful vista operating system became available

  • Vec
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    Forgot to mention, can't get my 1-2 year Epson printer to work. Computer guy had it working but after he left I discovered any info related to it (in Preferences, etc.) was written in a foreign language (I believe French). I tried to reinstall and that was a nightmare that I could not get to work.

    I am so distressed - afraid to try to install other programs I had on my old computer. I'm already so frustrated with Vista I may throw the computer out the window if I can't get these other programs to work.

    I thought each new version should make things easier and improved for the user.

  • Vec
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    Vista sucks. Have had the new computer with Vista for 1 week. Three times I've walked away from the computer, it did not go into sleep mode instead it just froze, and I've had to unplug it to get it start again. Today it went into sleep mode but would not wake until I unplugged then plugged it in again.

  • CindyW, that sounds like either a browser issue or an issue with Facebook. Not sure I can be much assistance here. I would post your issue on the Windows Vista Discussion Groups as there are people there who might be better at helping you solve your problem:




  • CindyW
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    I need help!!! I am new to Windows Vista and trying to upload multiple pictures to Facebook and it will not let me select more than one at a time!!  Please help!!!!!

  • yert
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    You forgot to mention that App-V also does a bit towards streaming applications to a device without the application installed (if I remember the Channel 9 video correctly).