The New Windows Consumer Campaign

The New Windows Consumer Campaign

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Tonight is an exciting night for Windows. Head over to the Microsoft PressPass Windows site to check out some of the experiences and changes we are driving online, with OEM, and at retail. While you are there, be sure to check out the video interview with Corporate Vice President of Windows Consumer Product Marketing Brad Brooks discussing the new Windows Consumer Campaign. And in case you missed it on TV this evening, you can watch the debut ad of our new Windows Consumer Campaign featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld at the Microsoft PressPass Windows site as well.

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  • nycbesad
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    I have a similiar problem as mtmama47.  All day long I've been connecting XP laptops to my network using an extra cat5 connection with no problem.  Now I plug in a Vista laptop and there's no connection at all.  Who designed this operating system and what were they thinking?  Does the phrase "it just works" mean anything to MS or would you rather spend millions on a terrible ad campaign?

  • CSM
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    this is an alternate ending f the commercial, it´s funny (no offense)

  • I have a toshibia A205 with Vista and I have a dialup connection and have been told that I will have to get an external dialup modeum as I cant get connected now.  I have a Hp with XP and have no trouble getting on the internet with my dialup connection.  MY Toshibia laptop with Vista has been sent back to the depot and the modeum was replace but still cant get on the internet.  Help!

  • John D.
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    Here is John Dvorak's theory -

    Two guys meet in a shoe store. The one guys offers a churro to the other—an obvious phallic symbol, possibly a code word. The guy refuses. So the guy with the churro starts to massage the other guy's foot, and asks about what he's feeling. The guy who relented at first says a definite code word: "leather." The two look furtively at each other for an uncomfortably long time. They scene is just short of a wink taking place. One mentions "showering" with clothes on. The next thing you know the twosome, now each holding rigid churros, walk off together. One asks the other to adjust his underwear as a "sign."

  • What I got out of it was that Microsoft makes confusing products that are a joke and require additional support and tweaking to make work right. There will also be moist delicious cake computing awiting all of us in the near future. Somehow B.G. never retired from Microsoft and looks confused. The wow starts now?

  • As a Windows system administrator (that has been constantly asked questions about the M@c ads over the past couple of years now) I'm very disappointed in this first ad.  I think most people might think it is funny, but it seems awkward and does not appear to showcase any of Microsoft's advantages in the Operating System arena.  Hopefully they will come out in later ads.

    Initially I was excited that Microsoft would run this Ad campaign, but now I am slightly worried that it will just cause more people to question why we standardize on using Windows and why we think it is better.

    While I don't expect Microsoft to confront M@c directly with partially dishonest ads (like what I feel @pple is doing) I am hoping they will point out obvious things like security though obscurity/minority flaws and business management advantages of Vista and Server 2008.  I realize that these ads are targeted to the consumer and security is not normally their highest concern, but with identity theft Microsoft should be able to leverage its advantages in that area and build consumer trust.

    If they want some good ads I think they should talk about some of these things.

    -a mouse with a single button (as if most people can't use two fingers)

    -a security model that relies on hide and seek methods

    -an operating system designed for business and flexible enough for home

    -advantages of an open hardware model for the user

    -other ads that educate the consumer instead of confuse or deceive them

    Other thoughts: Microsoft should find a way to give away OneCare with accounts to show they are serious about consumer security.  Maybe an ad supported version or something.  The could have a quick blur about it at the end of some commercials to show consumers they are here to help them stay secure.

  • If you cant beat 'em confuse 'em? Is this supposed to be some sales tactic for Vista or Windows 7?  

    If it's the former - congratulations - just what we've come to expect from the crack wiley Vista team.

    If the latter thats lame - it won't be out for a year at least.

    This is a great ad for Jerry. A lame ad for Microsoft. Jerry must be laughing all the way to the bank. When is Microsoft finally going to fire these people?

  • nycbesad
    16 Posts

    When Jerry asks "Are they ever going to come out with something..." is he referring to Windows 7?  Because Vista's been out for a long time.

  • Apple ads, Verizon ads, Bud Light ads - all clever.  This ad, not so much.  Who wrote this, Paris Hilton?  Shoes?  Cake?  I'm so confused, and I like cake!

  • The ad is cute, I thought it was for windows 7 not vista.  Be careful with the dramatics after building up peoples expectations and then Microsoft announces, "Oh look it Vista!"   It may alienate people even more, because they were expecting something new and exciting, not the same old hash.  I really believe Vista is a good product, but the "Oh no we're wonderful," attitude is what caused a lot of problems in Vista in the first place. Almost all the problems that Vista has faced were brought in the Beta's and back than Microsoft kept on dancing around and saying"Oh no we're wonderful"   My suggestion is instead of spending millions on a advertisement campaign spend it on R&D and roll out a new service pack that fixes the major complaints about Vista.  Before any one states that a service pack is just for security updates Microsoft defines a A service pack (in short SP) is a collection of updates, fixes and/or ENHANCEMENTS to a software program delivered in the form of a single installable package.

  • vanilla
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    Just watched the ad. I liked it. Especially the Platinum card with the pic of the very young genius who would help transform the world as we knew it back then. No politician alive today can touch the legacy of Bill Gates. The road is always rocky, but this little ad made me smile; the future is still bright and all is well. Maybe you have to be fifty-something ...  or maybe I am just unusually happy right now because I just completed a flawless install of Service Pack 1. Indeed ... all is right as rain ... vanilla

  • the cake is a lie Ha Ha hA hmmm actually remember the vista adds?

  • nycbesad
    16 Posts

    whiskey tango foxtrot?

  • Could Brad Brooks or someone from marketing please explain to us what the sam hill you are trying to advertise here? Slightly humorous, but I'm lost as to the messages you are trying to convey with the ad. Is this supposed to be a series with some amazing and "delicious" outcome at the end that will pay off, or is this going to be the next standard of advertising?

    You've now confused millions of people with this ad. As a stockholder, I'm starting to become terrified if this doesn't start to pay off soon. Mojave was really mediocre. This is just confusing as hell. Neither addressed what the market wants. What's next? Please tell me this gets better. Please.

  • dovella
    303 Posts

    this is First ad of long series?

  • Zandor
    2 Posts

    first let me say i like Microsoft products.

    with that said i have to say this.

    this commercial sucked i think Microsoft needs to fire the ad agency they have. what did this so called commercial do. it had nothing about Microsoft in it. it had nothing about windows or office. it looked more like a shoe commercial. i have to say this was a waist of money. i don't know it did not do anything for me or anybody i've talked to. i just don't get it.

    it sure did not make me want to go out and try a Microsoft product. i thought a commercial is supposed to be about a product. oh well it's there money if they want to waist it' it's there business.

    how about a hard hitting ad on how apples are just over priced PC's with the same hardware thats in the computer your using with one deferents you pay half the price for the PC.

    if microsoft go's the wippy route this is just going to be a waist of 300 millon. but like i said your your money waist it if you want.

  • Terrible ad. We hear soft and moist and then see Bill Gates wiggle his butt. Are they trying to hook up? Jerry sure went out of his way to stalk Bill.

  • yert
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    Nice that there is a place to watch it. I honestly don't watch sports all that much, so of course I missed it.

    However I'm not sure delicious and moist are good descriptors. After all, cake is delicious and moist. And as we all know, the cake is a lie.

    Yes. I went there.

  • pcx99
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    Lets see, in apple ads, apple is the young, hip 20 something.  In Windows ads, you have two old guys waddling off into the sunset.  Is this really what you want to portray?

  • dovella
    303 Posts

    Great!!! THX :D