Next Phase of Ad Campaign About to Hit

Next Phase of Ad Campaign About to Hit

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So there seems to be the rumor running around that we're supposedly cancelling our Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld ads tomorrow. I wouldn't count on anything being "cancelled". It was always the plan to have Jerry Seinfeld in the first phase of the campaign and not a part of every ad. Instead, our Windows Consumer Campaign is moving into the next phase and we did mention previously that you should expect the campaign to evolve. I'll direct you to a post by Stuart Elliott of The New York Times to shed some light on what's next for our ad campaign.

More to come - stay tuned!

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  • Duane Duane
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    So, now that I was forced to buy Vista, and strain myself resisting the urge to throw my machine out the window by remembering it the problem is Vista, will I have to pay again for 7 or will Microsludge send it to me free as an apology?

  • I'm a PC, and now, I'm Microsoft-free.

  • You guys are really pumping up Vista for the masses these days, Im being bombarded with Ads on the radio and on my DVR!  I the ads sound convincing enough that if I was in the market for a new PC I might make me more likely to buy one with Vista on over buying one with Vista and installing XP side by side with it.


    Macs are still to overpriced, and actually with the Economy being shakey I would expect the Apple goods to sell less unless Apple drops their prices.

    Vista on the average machine these days with 2-4GB of ram  works great.  The only problem is that I cant figure out how to make Office 2007 default to the 2003 file formats when I create a new file on the desktop using a right click!

    Oh and why wasnt the improved WordArt component in Office 2007 Word, only in Excel 2007 and Powerpoint 2007?

    I guess thats room for improvement in Office 2009!

  • x2be- I can confirm that the original images have been replaced with ones that now say CS3 windows. someone definately coverd this up quick. not a real big deal though. a bit of a black eye though.

    brandon- did microsoft suddenly copyright the term 'pc' when we were not looking? copying apple ads may not be the best idea. it lends credence to apples strategy. microosft is playing right into the hands of their competitor.

    all- did anyone think about the term 'windows without walls' through? microsoft is setting them selfs up here. I see apple coming out with a future ad like this-

    PC Guy- 'hi, i'm a pc"

    Mac Guy- 'hi i'm a mac"

    <to the side a large wall comes crashing down starling the two. a single window is left hanging in mid air - both PC and Mac guy walk around the window in confusion>

    PC Guy- 'woah! all that is left is the window'

    Mac Guy- 'yea, i don't know why we need it now.'

    PC Guy- 'hmmm'

    Mac Guy- 'well, i have some great photos of my trip i need to make, so i will go now and good luck with this mess.'

    <Scene fades - apple logo>

    just some thoughts to think about. it's not bad. its just not great either.

  • Ceinach, did you have trouble playing the videos in the Silverlight player in IE8 Beta 2? They worked for me. I put in the word there might be some issues to some folks who can look into it.

    I'd prefer it if you continue leaving comments here. I like hearing from you and your feedback is very much appreciated.

    As long as the feedback is constructive and respectful we want to continue hearing from you.

    - Brandon

  • Ceinach
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    What do I think of the new ads? Well, running IE8:

    1. When I click on the  link I get an "error on page" at the bottom of my browser.

    2. When I click on the .mpeg file I get a Windows Media Player error.

    3. The only ones that will play for me are the wmv ones.

    Aside from that, the new ads are better...but again, what are you selling? I really don't care that Eva Longoria is a PC user. We've now had six minutes of "warm up ads" and now I'm looking at more "warm up ads" that aren't selling anything. Are these ads going to get to some point and show us whatever great products/features you are trying to sell? They also legitimize Apple's advertising campaign.

    I'm lost and absolutely nothing anyone, the press or otherwise seems to be getting through to Microsoft. Everything is always great, the ads are perfect, nothing is wrong, this how we planned it, etc. Don't get me wrong, these are definately better than the previous Jerry ads (which I believe actually damaged MS's connection with real people), but again, you aren't telling us WHY Microosft is better. WHAT does Microsoft make that you are selling? HOW is this going to make my life and business function better? etc. It's just vague statements from celebrities and such, but at the end of the day...Apple could very well have said the EXACT SAME THING. There is nothing Microsoft or Windows-specific in these ads.

    You've lost me. Really. Lost. I'm simply going to stop posting on these forums. It's really just pointless I can see.

  • doze
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    Random points...

    PC = Personal Computer

    Nowadays PC equals not Mac, but these days Macs are pretty much a PC hardware wise running Mac OS X. Hmmm...

    Microsoft is a software company, Apple is a Software/Overpriced Hardware company.

    Microsoft makes software for "PCs", Apple "PCs" too... Apple Ads are extremely confused slagfests without real facts.

    Advertising is important, mostly because the average person buys based on who has the largest voice in promoting their product.

    These Microsoft ads don't slag Apple, bravo!! It's refreshing, even if people don't get them. They are successful in that everyone is talking about them, and that is a good thing whether it be positive or negative. Can't wait to see the next phase. Hopefully they will open some eyes, and allow people to make up their own minds by experience instead of taking someone's word.

    I use both Windows Vista and Mac OS X, but still prefer the Windows just because it does more on one box than OS X... not to mention it has the games too, although when there is time to play the Xbox 360 has filled in that department.

    Anyways, if advertising and getting correct information out to the masses didn't matter, we'd all be using Commodore Amiga's now because they were light years ahead of the PC and Mac... ;)

  • x2be, whether it's a cover up or not there isn't enough there to actually say they were made on Mac. See my above post.

    Anyways the new ads are appearing and are available online here:

    What do you think of the new ads?

    - Brandon

  • Ceinach, no need to get cynical. And it doesn't look like a nightmware to me. The new ads look fantastic.

    According to the ComputerWorld article posted by x2be - only specific frames from the TV ads show files properties for "Adobe Photoshop C3 Machintosh". That's hardly anything to get worked up over. It could simply be that someone took screenshots of frames from the new TV ads and put them into Photoshop on a Mac to offer the images for download. It's far from conclusive that they were "created" on the Mac especially since they are images of specific video frames. I don't recall Photoshop making videos.

    I went to the PressPass site just now and when I download the "print quality versions" of the images in question from tonight's new TV ads they show "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows" under Program Name in the file properties.

    - Brandon

  • x2be
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    hmm someone covered it up rather quickly

  • Ceinach
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    "Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' ad images made on Macs"

    Don't worry. I'm sure Chris will come back in another posting and tell all of us that this was always part of the "plan" too.

    This is quickly turning into a complete nightmare for Microsoft I imagine. Worst ad campaign in the history of ad campaigns is what this is quickly becoming.

  • x2be
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    great job guys... great...

    "Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' ad images made on Macs"

  • Silly silly comments.

    Here is the correct link to the NYT article

    Here is the last portion of the article:

    As for Mr. Seinfeld, will he return at some point?

    “Jerry is a friend of the agency and Microsoft,” Mr. Reilly of Crispin Porter said, adding in a sly allusion to Brand X, “You like to keep your friends close — and your enemies closer.”

  • nycbesad
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    Years from now students in business, marketing and computer science classes will be studying Vista as the way NOT to do things.

  • spin



    the ads were a disaster. thats the real story here. chris you embarass yourself with your spin. dont insult intelligence here. this was never the "plan".

    this is exactly the issue with vista. you are so out of sync with reality that we can not even connect with what you state here. this i.s not good news. any method to state contrary is spin and deciet. you are insulting us by not telling truth

    ooo-Rodger Rawson-ooo

  • dovella
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  • Chris,

    The New York Times article requires a log-in and such. Could you provide us a standard-link? Googling, I'm finding every site is full of negative comments and people are not beleive that microsoft planned this. They are saying this was a panic by microsoft because the ads are not working. from my perspective I've seen 6+ minutes of ads with no point, so I assume that this is real. microsoft flubbed the ads, they are not working, they are furthering the vista type image the people do not want. MS is desperate to trying to save face at this point. all the major magazine and editors are saying the microsoft sales reps are calling in desperation this morning to try and spin. nobody is buying your story of this being planned. looks like a train wreck occurred.

    Chris, what is the counter response article from microsoft? please provide link to standard article without registration and fees requirement.

  • Ceinach
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    You hit the nail right on the head. Make a better product and it will sell itself, rather than investing large amounts on ads. The additional side effect from the effort will be that you have a better product. Word of mouth will do more to sell your product than weird, esoteric ads that supposedly have some really deep meaning. At this point the hype is so great that there is no way these ads are going to have anything other than either: a> an expected conclusion and a toned down presentation b> even more strangeness that alienates people from what Microsoft is trying to sell.

  • KnoxITPro
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    Photo1921 must never actually use OSX and change any system settings which prompts for a Sudo box.

    Infact, you HAVE to type in credentials with Sudo, there is no "prompt for acceptance" with the OK box. So infact it takes more time on OSX than Vista to clear security checks.

  • dovella
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    @ Photo1921a

    Vista annoyin resolved !!

  • yert
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    I knew that Seinfeld wouldn't be in every ad!

    (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) :P

    In any case, I don't want to see Apple get crushed by this part coming up, just the opinion of their marketing. Lately, it has been pretty sleazy.

    As for those who keep insisting MS needs the money for R&D, look at the Mojave Experiment, and pretend this was just presented to MS execs and not you, and never was intended to be shown to you. What would you think about where the money needed to go? Into R&D or advertising? If you have a good product, and the name is dirty, you know what the problem is. And I think Mojave was that test to Microsoft mainly, even if they are showing it to us now.

  • dovella
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    I wait new Spot!!

  • You know what's ironic, when Microsoft wanted to take the word processing market share from word perfect you simply made a better product at a better price, when Microsoft wanted to win the browsers wars, you did the same thing, what made Microsoft the leader that it is was; you always did what ever it takes to insure you products were the best. Now your worried about apples ad campaign, and why don't people love Vista.  Just simply do what made you the industry leader that you are.  Make a better operating system than Apple. Fix the problems with Vista, the UI, the Compatibility problems, the UAC and the DRM, that's your four main problems.  Beat them at their own game,  Beat them or anyone like you always have, by being better than them.  I really don't understand what happened to Microsoft, in your beginning if Microsoft acted the way it has since Vista, you would have been a page note on IBM's many acquisitions.    Bill Gates took no prisoners and took no sh#@ from any one ore any company. He wanted to win, and he did it by being the best....