Windows: Life without Walls

Windows: Life without Walls

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Tonight, you may have caught our new "Real PC" TV ads - which aired for the first time during an episode of The Office. You may have also seen the "Life without Walls" ad in newspapers today. The Windows consumer campaign has officially moved into its next phase with a new series of TV and print ads designed to highlight that technology is supposed to help people break through barriers and overcome obstacles. To view our latest TV and print ads, head on over to the Windows PressPass site.

And starting tonight - you can also choose to take part in our campaign yourself! People wanting to proclaim they are a PC just like in the ads can upload their photos and videos to The content you upload may be selected for use in our online banner campaign or on video billboards in New York's Times Square. Users will be notified by email when they can see their content in the banners.

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  • xf55
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    evvet budur

  • Duane Duane
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    I love this "I'm a PC" campaign. As Deepak Chopra says "Collective Creativity".  I use a PC for all my internet marketing strategies.  I am so in love with my PC.

  • Duane Duane
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    I have a real concern about your "Windows. Life Without Walls" advertisements.  I have seen these on billboards.  

    You have a couple that focus on life, but two that focus on violence, death, and the abuse of nature.

    Of all the images you could have picked, why choose one about boxing?  Why show violence?

    The advertisement I find most troubling is the man holding the dead marlin as a trophy.  Would you show someone holding a dead cougar or leopard?  A marlin is a beautiful ocean creature, and I cannot understand why you would choose to show one someone has presumably killed.  This is an anti-environment image.  Our oceans are in peril, and Microsoft is showing a big, dead fish in its advertising.

    What is the message here?  That it Microsoft supports and encourages violence against humans and animals?

    The marlin billboard troubles me every time I see it.  

    Please consider the message Microsoft is giving by the choices made for your advertising.

    If you think I am not correct in this, why not conduct some focus groups and show them various images, including these?  Ask for feedback on whether people like the images, and if they communicate positive or negative impressions or reactions.

  • I don't see how the new ad campaign is related to the "window experience". Obviously Microsoft hasn't made this "clear in a number of places" if they have to keep reiterating the fact. This new ad campaign is a desperate attempt to try and beat Apple at their own game. Apple created an image and not only does their ad compaign convey the image it wants to portray, it does so with humor -- at the stake of it's competitor. That's not negativity -- that's genious. On top of that, Apple finds out what their customers' wants/needs/fears are and capitalizes on them. For example, they found out a major reason that PC users refuse to switch is because of the hassle of converting files. Not only did Apple create a solution but they addressed it in their ad campaign. Maybe PC should spend a little more time focusing on their customers' needs and a little less time trying to get back at Apple? Whenever my friends and I saw the "Life Without Walls" commercial, our first reaction was not.. "wow, I want the Windows experience". Instead it was, "They're finally reacting. Do you think Steve Jobs is scared? No way. Too little. Too late."

    I am a Mac and a PC.

  • Back in 2002, I remember having to defend Linux against attacks from Windows users who were constantly finding something wrong with my system, bitching at its performance, and the amount of time it would take me to get something working because of missing/unsupported formats and whatnot... That's what made me jump on the MS bandwagon in the first place! Being able to do my job with an OS that's just there... that doesn't put me in a position where I get criticized for someone else's work, namely the OS developers'.

    With Vista, the tables have turned... I had to defend it against

    - XP users

    - Mac users

    - Linux users

    - Other Vista users who know s**t from Shinola

    XP users tend to spew out more venom than even Linux users.

    But defending Linux is one thing... It's free, it's open source, and by and large, it was created by volunteers, so it could be held to a lower standard... But with Vista... what the heck am I defending? The biggest, richest software company in the world that has ~92% market share despite having the worst browser and the worst operating system that gets worse with every release??? Give me a break! That's almost like Bill O'Reilly's job of defending a government that failed the Founding Fathers and their ideals and still dares to call itself conservative...

    As they say, if you can't beat them join them... So now I'm joining the "Vista haters' club". Not because it did something to me personally... but precisely because it benefits .net developers at the expense of normal users, from your average secretary to your average LAMP developer who uses Windows on their workstation. When it comes to choosing technologies that others will like, I know I don't know s*** from Shinola. I've known that since I decided to go with XSLT for a project of mine... But it doesn't mean that others don't!

     If Microsoft wants to have a snowball's chance in hell of not being completely wiped out by Google & Co. and becoming "the second Apple" instead, it has to start thinking about delivering quality products to the users and actually keeping them satisfied instead of pushing products down their throat against their will and using dirty PR tricks to create the impression of a satisfied user base... just to get more people to try the product and then stick with it because they can't get their money back...

     My project manager once said, "you're the only one I know who said anything positive about Vista". So much for 89% satisfaction!!!

  • nycbesad
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    But what priority is Vista?  TOday I saw five pc commercials (which I like) and only the second Vista ad I've ever seen.  Even though most people still use XP, Vista is technically the only OS MS is selling to consumers so I'd expect it to be more prominent, unless I'm right in thinking they are downplaying it and can't wait to get over it.  A lot of people seem to be moving on.  Check the number of posts here vs the number posts at the Enginering 7 blog.  Is it too late for Vista to win over the hearts and minds?

  • "I think this is a great advertisement campaign, except I can’t see how it relates to Vista. "

    This advertising campaign is not about Vista, but it's about the whole Windows experience. Microsoft has made that clear in a number of places.


  • Jim
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    This video describing the 'user experience' and tools available to a Mac Leopard OS X user is pretty compelling.  Does Microsoft have a video like this that shows off what is available to users with the variant of Vista installed on most consumer machines?  (if so, could you provide the URL pls?)

  • nycbesad
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    Credit where credit is due, these are much, much better.  Getting everyone involved on the website is a great idea.

    But I agree that the Vista issue is not being addressed here.  You said earlier that these ads are for Windows and the Mojave ads are for Vista, but I've seen two dozen of the former vs one of the later.  I thought redeeming Vista was one of the main goals here. (And whether you like Vista or not, it's public image DOES need redeeming, no debate)  It kind of feels like Vista's been given up on, especially with the news that the 7 beta may be out in eight weeks.

  • Alimaggs
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    I love the Diamond.  How are you getting on with it...?

    Plus points:

    It's slim.  Looks almost Zune like.  Fits in my pocket when I go to the gym. Very light and thin.

    Picked up the desktop cradle (the official one, keeps the diamond look and feel and can connect to external speakers) and the car mount.

    The interface is stunning and easy to use, everything is a swipe away.

    The screen is the sharpest I've seen, web sites look fantastic - I rarely dig out my laptop anymore when I'm not working.

    Camera is good (although it does need a flash).

    Windows Live connects my life together, and Live Search with the GPS is fantastic with my car mount (which also hooks up the Diamond to my stereo too, so it is my music player in my car).

    Internal memory is good (could do with being a bit bigger).

    Tilt sensor is stunning (five of my friends have picked one up/are getting one based on the ball game alone).

    Down side for me:

    Needs a flash on the camera - I can't yet ditch my dedicated camera for inside/poorly lit shots.

    More internal memory would be nice.

    But for the size of the device, it makes the iPhone look like a brick, which is a far cry from previous Windows Mobile Devices.

    It's just a smart product.  Again, it fits in with the campaign you guys have started.  It's a cool product.  And everyone that's seen it and played with it thinks so.

    How are you finding it?

  • I think this is a great advertisement campaign, except I can’t see how it relates to Vista.

    Lest see Vista has:

    1)DRM, now I don’t have a problem with DRM, so it doesn’t pertain to me, but a lot of people vehemently object to DRM  because it stops them from doing what they want to do on their own computers, so to me Microsoft you put up a WALL!

    2)UAC, I turned it off I am willing sacrifice security, now it’s still there because an administrator is still not a administrator, but that don’t bother me, I actually like UAC because it keeps me from having to fix friends and family’s computers as much. To many though it stops them from doing what they want to on their computers, so to me Microsoft you put up a WALL!

    3)Program Compatibility,  Vista has problems with both hardware and older programs, games etc. So Vista stops people from using programs or hardware, this is not entirely Microsoft fault, hardware and software manufactures have a responsibility to provide updated drivers or program updates.  Alas it is still for many Microsoft’s problem, so for many, Microsoft you put up Wall!

    4) UI, now this one is my beef, I use to be able to move the tool bars, address bar, menu bars, and icon bars, now Microsoft locked them down to where they want them, so your stopping me from using my computer the way I want to so guess what, Microsoft you put up a Wall!

    Oh wait in IE8 I can resize the address bar and make the search bar bigger, Hey look there’s a little hole in the Wall I can almost see through it! Wow I am so excited…

    In closing there are the 4 Walls in Vista the way I see them, 3 out of the 4 are not a problem for me, that dose not mean they are not a problem.  Now with sarcasm aside, (and yes I am and will always be a sarcastic SOBum)

    This would be a great ad campaign if Microsoft actually lived up to it, since the betas of Vista they haven’t. Time will tell if they reverse this trend.

    I will say this I look forward to the day when Microsoft, walks the Talk….

  • Good, I was getting sick of those Mac ads. It's about time MS countered them. I would love to see it now, the cool Mac guy claiming to be a Mac then about a million other people from all walks of life tell him they are a PC. That's right Steve Jobs, with PCs no one tells us what we're are supposed to do with them.

  • dovella
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    MEGA GREAT!!!!!!!

    GO MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • great great add campaign. It's been such a long time since MS came up with a good marketing ideea ( at least in my opinion). I'm posting this from my iphone but I'm definitely a PC.

  • I'm a PC and a Linux :)  This ad is sooo kool.

    And its refreshing to see that Microsoft doesn't need to rely on negativity (like Apple does) to sell its product.

    Keep 'em coming Microsoft. Though I wish Microsoft should've started this many years ago...

  • Alimaggs, I just picked up a HTC Touch Diamond. How do you like yours? How's your experience been? Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

    Thanks for the comment!

    - Brandon

  • Alimaggs
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    "I'm a PC and I sell fish"

    A good start, I reckon.  As lame as this sounds, I feel better represented with these adverts.

    As a PC user I do the following: Web design, game design and I'm currently editing two feature films.  Yes.  On a PC.  I have an HTC Touch Diamond phone that keeps me productive on the go.

    In addition to work, I also keep in contact with friends (Messenger), share photos, stream TV and HD movies to my living room (Media Center/Xbox as an extender), play games, I have an HTC Touch Diamond phone that doubles up as my portable media player, allows me to stay in touch with friends, take photos and videos and share them instantly.

    You guys make some decent stuff.  The problem is, the mainstream isn't aware of it.  The mainstream thinks Mac is cool and PCs are Word and Spreadsheet.

    So, I think these adverts do a good job of saying "Actually, no, you've got it wrong".  It doesn't say "we're not about being productive, we're much cooler than that".  Instead it says "Actually, we do both".  So good work.