Get Windows 7 at PDC and WinHEC

Get Windows 7 at PDC and WinHEC

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While this blog is committed to bringing you the latest info on Windows Vista, I wanted to take a moment to take a look at what everyone's been talking about today: PDC, WinHEC and Windows 7.

The Professional Developer Conference (PDC) , taking place in Los Angeles Oct. 27th - 30th, is an event designed for leading-edge developers and software architects that are interested in the future of the Microsoft platform. If you're responsible for the technical strategy in your organization, or you're a highly skilled developer who likes to delve deep into the heart of the platform, then PDC is for you! You can register today for PDC by heading over to Hurry, spots are filling fast!

The Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC), taking place in Los Angeles Nov. 5th - 7th, focuses on designing PCs, servers, and devices that run and interface with Microsoft Windows with a focus on Windows 7. WinHEC brings together engineers, developers and testers, and product planners giving them a opportunity to stay aligned with Microsoft technology roadmaps and new product opportunities. To register for WinHEC - click here (register before Oct. 3rd and save $400!).

At each event you will hear from lead Windows Engineers including Steven Sinofsky, as well as see firsthand the next Windows OS. Just announced today - at both shows we will handing out a pre-beta build of Windows 7. By attending these events, you will be one of a select few to receive a pre-beta build of Windows 7 to take with you. If that's not incentive to head to these events, I don't know what is ;-)

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  • Duane Duane
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    I want to get win7

  • Wow, I really need a new monitor for my Desktop.  I was going to buy a nice 22 inch LCD but if multitouch is going to be integrated into Windows 7 then perhaps I should wait for new Multitouch LCDs to appear.

  • Hey, at least it's not Apple where they just delete post of people having issues with their products and replace them with "This post is not available due to a technical error".

  • anonymuos, I agree.  I stated this in the betas of Vista, and Microsoft put up wall's then. Just look at the new beta's  of IE 8 and it's blog, it is the same old wall.  As far as the UI is concerned all Microsoft wants to here is, " We love you. " If you disagree with their decisions then your are, "Just being Negative"  What it comes down to is, "CHOICE"  and living with in walls,  I don't think Windows 7 will any different, it will be, "Ribbons" and Microsoft way. it will be no, "CHOICE." It will be "Life with Walls"  I would love to see Microsoft actually, "walk the Talk." Just give us, a Choice, Just give us, "Life with out Walls....."  

  • check out how is new windows 7 looks and know about the new features of windows 7 at

  • anonymuos
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    According to

    December 2004:

    65% - Windows XP

    15% - Windows 2000

    13% - Windows 9x

    1.5% - Windows NT 4.0

    December 2005:

    74% - Windows XP

    12% - Windows 2000

    9% - Windows 9x

    1% - Windows NT

    October 2001-October 2004: Windows XP: 63%

    January 2007-January 2008: Windows Vista: 12%

    January 2007-January 2009: Windows Vista: 20% (2-3 months from now)

    January 2007-January 2010: Windows Vista: Magically reach 60%+???

    Marketshare gained by Vista in %:

    01/08- 0.95

    02/08 - 1.10 - Vista Service Pack 1

    03/08 - 0.55

    04/08 - 0.69

    05/08 - 0.88

    06/08 - 0.79

    07/08 - 0.92

    08/08 - 0.48

    Get back the XP user interface (Not specifically Luna or Aero, but get rid of the redesigned UI)

  • LOL @ the Maccie comments....yeah, keep tolling that Doom Bell that never seems to actually ring. :P

  • Ah Windows 7 finally, hopefully my new company will come into some money and decide to upgrade its software, equipment, servers everything, it needs a serious makeover!

    My old company went belly up, massive layoffs, took me 3-4 months to get a new job at a smaller company, but man does the IT infrastructure need an overhaul.  Im hoping that Windows 7 can provide that excuse that IT desperately needs to start a fresh.

    Seriously when you have to drive into work, on a Sunday, only to pick up a 2 page fax, then scan it in, and email it to your boss who is at home just so he can look at it...well, your company really needs to get a makeover.  On the bright side I have a job now.

    On the plus side my IE7 just stopped working, probably caught a trojan or something from some work files or something, but actually that may have been a blessing because I downloaded IE8 (from Firefox), as I said IE7 had the croak of death...  and IE8 is much faster than IE7 for me, perhaps even FireFox aswell.  The only thing I dont like is that the Suggested Sites takes up to much space when not used so I had to rename it to "SS".  Would be nice if it had an icon, maybe a globe with a question mark or something like that.

    Thanks guys!

  • dovella
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    I'm Italian, and this is offical Blog of Windows 7

  • There is one small feature I think Windows 7 should include, it's the separation of the games from programs in the Install/Uninstall panel in Windows Control Panel, so we might have two different sections, one for the programs (Microsoft programs separated from third party) and a Games management section so we might not have to see a list cluttered by everything installed on the computer. An optionnal full view should be included as well.

    Forgive my bad english, I'm a French Canadian.

  • dovella
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    Windows 7

    will be a historic success

  • caywen
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    The next OS X is probably well under way. Good luck with trying to keep your market share.

  • @Yert

    Considering that the next Xbox is not coming till 2012 and that Microsoft seems be quite happy to kill off PC gaming (or at least not do a darn thing about it), I doubt that it will do anything to give PCs an advantage over it's current Xbox360.

    So, number 1: I hope they'll actually include DX11 it with Windows 7 and number 2: I'm praying it doesn't become and anti-feature like DX10.

  • nonie
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    is there anyone who can help me on how can I solve the problem on my webcam which working on XP environment but when I bought a new oc with Vista on it all I see on the screen is blank black display.

  • Hello Vista SP2

  • nycbesad
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    Don't blow it this time.

  • yert
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    @Superpotato - Microsoft has been pretty constant about DX11 coming to Vista and Windows 7.

  • DX 11 upgrade for better game user is

    needed even thought a lot game have not updated to window vista which is a shame including many other software company.

  • dovella
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    Mr. Chris Flores

    Pls. for user consumer we wont a video in streaming for presentation Windows 7 PDC


  • I wonder if MS will include DX11 with it and redeem itself for messing up PC gaming with DX10 (mind you, we all know they'd like to have people playing on their Xbox360s rather than PCs... even if gaming is one of windows main advantage against OSX!)

  • caywen
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    I can't wait to see how much progress Microsoft has been making in improving on its Vista code. In the meanwhile, oh man am I loving my new MacBook Pro. Hurry up, Microsoft or you'll lose me to Apple land completely.