Announcing MED-V 1.0 Beta – Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization

Announcing MED-V 1.0 Beta – Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization

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Over on the MDOP Blog – Senior Product Manager Ran Oelgiesser has announced the availability of the first beta release of Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) 1.0 today. MED-V is the 6th product in the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack and part of the acquisition of the desktop virtualization vendor Kidaro. We acquired Kidaro in May 2008 and MED-V is the first product based off Kidaro technology.

So what is MED-V? MED-V is an enterprise virtualization solution that IT folks can use for compatibility challenges in their environments. MED-V allows IT Pros to easily create, deliver and centrally manage virtualized Windows XP or 2000 environments to run legacy applications on Windows Vista desktops.

For more information on MED-V and how to download the Beta, click here to read more from Ran on the MDOP Blog.

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  • thank you Will this work with the beta?

    I'm more or less gonna be using it for the rest of the school year so...

  • Duane Duane
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    I like your work very nice indeed have I offer my regards

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    shares with readers the most relevant and important information aspects of Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V), a the sixth product in MDOP.

  • I know it's off topic but please fix the mouse "snap to" option which only works on some dialogs in Vista. In previous versions this always worked as expected (and of course if it's enabled in control panel), click to close an app and the mouse pointer immediately goes to the "Yes" or "Save" button of the dialog that appears. Elegant! But now this only works some of the time and only on some of the dialogs. Please please please, fix this with SP2 or make sure it's functioning in Windows 7. This so frustrates me and I don't know where else to make these type of suggestions, so I had to leave it here. Thanks

  • Hey Tonyzzz7

    You can probably buy recovery CD/DVD media directly from HP if you hadnt made it already yourself.

    usually it costs $10-$30 for the recovery discs.

  • can you tell me how to remove windows 7 OS,

    is it possible to load windows XP pro in place of windows 7.

    My daughter loaded it on one of my computers(Hp windows 2004 media) that had windows 2004 media OS on the c drive ( no separate DVD) I have tried the standard reboot recovery to no avail.

    I was then thinking of purchasing a separate windows xp pro dvd (oem) and then loading that on my computer and then using windows easy transfer to move the programs, files  and settings from my second computer(compaq with xp home) to the Hp so that I would at least have my programs and files back on the hp which originally was very similar to compaq anyway...same programs, many of the same files....



  • looks good!

  • ^ MS appears to have forgotten Vista Ultimate users but already has a lot of goodies like themes, etc, ready for the Windows 7 beta users. :)

  • fredclown
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    In the last post about extras the last line said ... "We will be shipping new Windows Ultimate Extras in the near future and will post additional information here on the blog when that occurs."  That was in September.  It's now about four months later.  What exactly is the "near future" to Microsoft?  I realize that this is off topic, but where else can people complain about this?  Come on guys.  Live up to what you say.

  • Will this work with the beta?

    I'm more or less gonna be using it for the rest of the school year so...

  • First comment.