End of Support for Windows 2000, Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista RTM

End of Support for Windows 2000, Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista RTM

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Back in October 2009 we talked about upcoming dates for end of support for certain Windows XP and Windows Vista versions. Those dates are getting closer and this is the time to remind customers running these versions that there is a need to take an action.

If you or someone you know is running Windows Vista with no services packs installed (also known as Windows Vista RTM or SP0), please use Windows Update to install the latest service pack available – Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (note you’ll need to install Service Pack 1 first). We also recommend checking out our latest Windows release – Windows 7. On April 13th, 2010, Windows Vista RTM will reach the end of support.

And on July 13th, 2010, all versions of Windows 2000 and Windows XP SP2 will also reach the end of support. We recommend those of you still on Windows XP SP2 to install the latest service pack available via the Microsoft Update website – Windows XP Service Pack 3 – or look at moving to Windows 7. Folks still on Windows 2000 will need to look at moving to a more current version of Windows, such as Windows 7.

For more information on the end of support for these Windows releases, see this blog post on the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Blog. This post also provides guidance for businesses of all sizes. Or you can visit this page on Windows.com.

Keeping your PC up to date and as safe as possible is something that people need to think about beyond just being on the latest service pack. I want to remind everyone of the benefits of keeping Windows Update turned on. Through Windows Update, not only are you provided with the latest security updates and service packs for Windows at no cost, but also the latest updates to products such as Internet Explorer 8 and Microsoft Security Essentials.

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  • he would sign such a beautiful work that really gives no support for older versions of windows was not necessary thanks to the Windows team

  • Gisabun
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    Any idea when Vista SP3 will be available? BEteeen non-security updates, security updates and other stuff I have 325MB of updates when I install Vista [yes I can integrate them, but still].

  • Gisabun
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    Spongbo: When it says end, that's it. You must be at the current service pack level. Example when XP SP2 support dies, security updates will only work with SP3.

  • Spongbo
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    It's the end of Mainstream support, not the end of all support. Paid support will still be available, right? And security fixes will still be produced?