End of Support for Windows Vista with No Services Packs

End of Support for Windows Vista with No Services Packs

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I just wanted to remind readers that as of today, April 13th, Windows Vista with no Service Packs (also known as RTM) will no longer be supported. We recommend folks running Windows Vista RTM look at upgrading to Windows 7 or using Windows Update to update their PC to the latest service pack available for Windows Vista today – Service Pack 2. For more information on this and a change to our Service Pack Support Policy on providing limited troubleshooting on unsupported service pack versions, see this blog post on the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Blog or visit this end of support page on Windows.com to learn more about how to ensure your PC is on the latest service pack.

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  • "Vista is definitely the best OS windows have developed."

    Im not really sure how anyone can  say that Vista is the best OS ever.  Have you even tried Windows 7 yet? What about XP?

    I have upgraded to Windows 7 and am having absolutely no regrets.  I recommend upgrading immediately to from Vista to Windows 7.

  • djk1213
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  • This is really a bad news for the users using Windows Vista with no Service Pack. Vista is definitely the best OS windows have developed. I think windows should offer the OS for free just like Linux OS are. People now are completely addicted by Vista operating system and now the pack is not supported means that either they will have to upgrade it to Windows 7 or opt for a different platform which is probably the Linux.

  • maas1
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    Moment of the first test of Windows Vista and I will not tolerate

  • maas1
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    لحظة التجربة الاولى لويندوز فيستا و انا لا اتحمله

  • Ahh... Finally Vista is obsolete today? No doubt Windows 7 owns!

    M lovin Windows 7. :D  

  • Aisha
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    "will no longer be supported" means we will be unable to contact support while sending any error report??? can you clarify it little more Bradon