Welcome to the Windows App Builder Blog

Welcome to the Windows App Builder Blog

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Welcome to the Windows App Builder blog! This is your one stop shop for everything related to developing and selling apps for Windows. We know that building apps is about building businesses; this blog covers everything related to your business including:

  • Understanding app business models and monetization strategies
  • How Windows features help drive engagement and connect you to your customers
  • Tips and tricks for developing and testing your app
  • How to submit your app and manage the store process
  • Ways to market and promote your app

In addition, this blog is an important part of our commitment to transparency into all aspects of the Windows Store, including important policy changes and explanations.

If you’ve been following the Windows 8 app developer blog or the Windows Store for developers blog then you’ll feel right at home here. With the upcoming release of Windows 8.1 Preview, we’re combining both these blogs into one. This way, you can get all your Windows development in one place—and you can look forward to lots of details about the developer story for Windows 8.1.

And speaking of the developer story for Windows 8.1: As you might know, //build/ 2013 is just around the corner. The conference begins on Wednesday, June 26th and runs through the 28th. If you’re attending the conference, we look forward to seeing you there. Many of us who have been posting to the blogs will be at //build/, ready to answer all your questions about developing apps for Windows 8.1. If you’re not able to attend in person, all the sessions will be available for online viewing. Plus the keynote and select sessions will be broadcast live from the event.

So stay tuned to this blog —we’re excited to tell you all about Windows 8.1!

Ted Dworkin, Director of Program Management, Windows Store

Ian LeGrow, Group Program Manager, Windows

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  • It is unfortunate (but understandable technologically) that the contents of this blog does not include the two blogs it replaces; however it is very unfortunate, and I personally believe that it was a bad idea to hijack the RSS feeds from those blogs and redirect to the RSS of this blog.    I assume the purpose was to keep feeding info to the subscribers without them having to add a new subscription; however the old posts are not available via RSS anymore.

    There are plenty of good posts there and there is no way to load them for offline reading since 99% of the apps for this work from a fresh RSS source before caching...

    Aside from that, very excited about this new blog which will hopefully be able to obtain lots of useful information without having to hunt for it on different blogs, as before.

  • GTZ
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    When you create a calculator with the new Modern API, the calculator must work at full screen on a 24 inch screen, wow :-)

    In the future, when you apply to work in new companies, and you write on your resume that you are one of the people who forced everyone to write 24 inch giant full screen calculators, what do you think will happen :-) ?

    Oh yeh, this is one of the guys who converted a profitable windows os to a joke, lets hire him, yeh right good luck with that :)

  • GTZ
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    Please keep ignoring the Windows Desktop Developers

    Google is just about to complete the Packaged Apps 2.0 API, basically, full desktop apps that work offline, secure, and the same code works on Windows XP to Windows 8, Linux, Mac, and Chrome OS, and the performance goes up to 1,000 times faster (for UI elements, put 10,000 text boxes in a screen and look at the results, pointless test but a good prof of superior performance) than WPF/Metro

    And the APPS will be sold from the chrome store.

    Thank you for ignoring the desktop developer, just wanted to tell you that hey, we are ignoring you too.

  • @bperichetti you can do that with an Excel Web App survey; if you can be online for your app, embed that!

  • Is there a way to collect data in an app and then email that data. I am making a sign in app for my work's front office. I want to collect the visitors information, and then send an email alerting the person that they are there to see.

  • Is there any chance of expanding the regions where developers can actually charge for apps and get ad revenue?

  • jschroedl
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    Please don't forget this info for desktop devs -- our application will never be a windows store app.