The Windows Store for Windows 8.1

The Windows Store for Windows 8.1

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Yesterday at Build, we announced improvements we’re making to the Windows Store. With a new design, new developer features and new promotional opportunities, we’re making the Windows Store an even better platform for app builders to monetize their creations.

We're making the Windows Store a great platform for app builders to make money on their apps

You can watch a recording of yesterday’s talk on Channel 9 to get many more details about the new Store design and opportunities to promote and monetize your apps. You can also read more about the Windows Store changes in the Windows 8.1 Feature Guide.

There’s a whole lot of great information coming out of Build this week. Here are a few announcements Microsoft’s Chief Evangelist, Steve Guggenheimer, made  during his keynote today:

Adobe: Digital Publishing Suite is coming to Windows 8.1 devices in late 2013. Publishers and brands will be able to design and publish content to devices such as the Microsoft Surface, and designers can use DPS to create all kinds of dynamic and interactive apps.

Khan Academy: Using the Khan Academy web module, we demonstrated how developers can convert their HTML5/JavaScript website into a Windows Store app with barely any new code. Khan Academy’s updated Windows Store app is now live in the Windows Store.

PayPal: PayPal's SDK, now generally available, allows developers to integrate the payment experience for 128 million account holders into a Windows Store app or Windows Phone 8 app.

Unity Pro 4: Unity, one of the industry’s most popular game development platforms, with a community of 2 million developers, announced commercial support for the Windows Store coming summer 2013. Unity Pro developers will receive a free license to build, and get support for Windows and Windows Phone. In addition, developers with Microsoft Studios publishing agreements will have free access to Unity tools for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, inclusive of support for enhanced Kinect gestures and SmartGlass.

Want to keep in the loop? Check out the Build sessions and the Windows Dev Center, and stay tuned here to the App Builder Blog.

-- Ted Dworkin, Director of Program Management, Windows Store

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    I don't know if this is read, but I'd like to share some feedback (or my personal which list)

    Would be nice if you can change the order how the categories on the Store homepage are presented (Picks for You, Popular now, New Releases, Top Paid, Top Free).

    While the large application 'tiles' create a lot more exposure for those respective applications, for the user it's less convenient to browse through them. Would be nice if you can customize the 'tile' sizes in the app listing (i.e. allow the user to select the listing such as used for the Top Paid and Top Free categories on the Store home page).

    The application 'tile' views are inconsistent as sometimes you get 3 rows and sometimes only two rows are displayed (on a 20" screen this means either 4x3 or 2x4 application 'tiles').

    Some sorting options would be handy (i.e. desktop apps and modern apps are mixed)

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    After going to  the Store and trying to get Preview update,download starts but only runs until it reaches44% then freezes. Have tried this 4 times. Same results each time.Any help?

  • @jjbowles - just swipe down from the top or up from the bottom to get the App bar.  All of the categories are right there.  

  • In Windows 8.0, you could touch Store and then just start typing, and you would be searching for apps.  In Windows 8.1, you have "improved" the Store so that that doesn't work anymore - you have to touch the Search box. Why you did that?

  • jjbowles
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    Is there a way to view "by category" in the new store?  The new store was clean and easy to browse.  I get that you added new features but it's harder to find, for example, photography apps.

  • You have added serious compatibility issues with the new site and Chrome.  I can't get to my dashboard using Chrome browser.  Please fix ASAP.