User Experience Design Competency coming to the Microsoft Partner Network

User Experience Design Competency coming to the Microsoft Partner Network

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In the past few years, we've focused on improving the user experience and design of our platforms, making them more intuitive, familiar and enjoyable to engage with. Our point of view is embodied in the Microsoft design language: we sweat the details of every pixel, we let the OS fade into the background while your ideas and content come to the fore, and we believe in presenting content and controls in a way that is authentically digital.

These design principles enable our partners to create beautiful experiences on the Windows platform, like the Great British Chefs app. We firmly believe that user experience and design are going to be the next big differentiators for Microsoft and, more importantly, for the apps and experiences that you build for your customers.

Today at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Tami Reller discussed the Windows Store opportunity for developers and partners and announced that in January 2014, the "User Experience Design Competency" for Windows will launch through the Microsoft Partner Network. The competency will provide a way to train your designers and be recognized for your expertise in the Microsoft Design Language and App User Experience on Windows devices. It will ensure that all of our partners have access to the user experience and design foundation necessary to create innovative experiences that engage millions of users on the Windows platform.

To find out more about User Experience and Design on Windows, please visit

Orlando O'Neill, Product Marketing Manager, Windows Apps

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  • Dear Windows App Team,

    does that "User Experience Design Competancy" will take in account company which are recognized alread as Premier Partner Member on Microsoft PixelSense technology where the interaction and Design of application is a must, and have already prove their experience on a lot of succesfull deploiement ?

  • Microsoft throw some loot to Adobe so that All those languages are supported in Adobe Designer apps. I've been using Adobe products since 1993 and jumping to Blend or Visual studio just feels weird.

    IOs and Android is already supported by Adobe tools.

    I'm currently learning Blend and VS, But it just feels like  doing something wrong. Why not give use something like the new Photoshop or Adobe Muse where the CSS is created in the background, You can then export all that CSS with Modern layout intact to Visual Studio for more refine coding. Those who like VS and Blend can continue using them. Adobe Edge Animate could also be used to do all the transitions,Animations because it spits out JavaScript and CSS.

    I'm A graphic designer that have already created a full mock up for a Windows Phone app based on guidelines found on Channel9. Learning a new designer tool is just slowing me and a bunch of other designers who love the design language of Metro aka Modern.

    Tools Mentioned:

    Photoshop to HTML5 and CSS

    What's New in Adobe Edge Reflow CC

    I have a Nokia Lumia 920 ,Desktop with W8 and a Surface RT running W8.1

    Make this happen guys because Android is already copying the Modern look and Apple is not far behind.