Avoid the Dark Side (of the Internet) with Internet Explorer 8

Avoid the Dark Side (of the Internet) with Internet Explorer 8

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We know Internet Explorer 8 helps you stay safe while surfing the web with great features like the SmartScreen Filter which helps block malicious downloads and websites. My colleagues in Microsoft Spain have found a pretty creative way of talking about this with their new “Yoda” campaign. Using the character from Star Wars, they have launched an online campaign designed to highlight staying safe online with Internet Explorer 8. Yoda represents the “bright side” – or the Force - of the Internet that embodies Internet Explorer 8. Yoda (IE8) helps users stay away from the “Dark Side” of the Internet by keeping them protected against identity theft, cross-site scripting attacks, phishing attempts, and malware.


Visitors who visit the campaign site and are not using Internet Explorer 8 get alerted by Yoda that they are at risk and should download Internet Explorer 8 to stay safe against the “Dark Side”. The campaign website also has a ton of information on Internet Explorer 8 including how it keeps people protected, Internet Explorer browser add-ons, contests, social media downloads, and more!

The Spanish version of Gizmodo has some fun participating in the campaign – read about their experience!

And the team in Spain are clearly having fun too, and have taken the campaign to heart.


If you live in Spain, check out this campaign. If you don’t live in Spain, still check out this campaign as it’s a fun and creative way (using Star Wars) at looking at the brighter side of the Internet versus the “Dark Side”.

May the Force be with you…

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  • Hi all,

    I am not agree with you all............

    I think IE8 is a much much better browser.  I don't know much about IE9 but i am sure there will be more features and enhancements.....

    Initially when i installed IE8 i also thought it is slow......my peers visiiting my desk forced me many  times to remove it and adopt chrome or Firefox.............But But But .........instead of uninstalling it i decided to fix the problem.

    In couple of mins of searching it on Bing i got many articles describing how to fix IE8 time to load issues. In an article i read these are the non-required "addons" which were making IE8 act slow. Immediately i decied to check my settings. I noticed there are hundreds of add-ons which i was not using at all. I removed these and resrated my browser. I published an article in blog as well regarding same here that is........meghainfotech.spaces.live.com/.../cns!EB92759E0F2A3A43!1404.entry

    It is extremely faster now. i can open tab faster and browser smarter.

    now in terms of features and security it gives me tons of things which no one else provides. Have you ever seen the color schemes for tabs, that is awesome..."NOW I AM NVERY LOST"

    Thank you

    Tarun Juneja

  • I still use Firefox. Tons of plug in support and add ons. IE has none of that. When ever I use IE it just fells very unstable and buggy.

    But when IE9 comes out I'll give that a try.

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    I switched to Chrome ever since the IE team announced dropping XP support. XP is in use and is currently the most popular OS and no amount of "XP is obsolete", "doesn't have what it takes to support next-gen graphics" lame excuses will make me upgrade to Windows 7 on all of my PCs. IE9 should have been supported on XP minus the hardware acceleration.

  • I don't agree that IE8 is secure, everyone out there know that IE sucks big time. Yes there are great feature but IE can't be compared to Firefox or any other browser!