Internet Explorer 9 and Safari 5

Internet Explorer 9 and Safari 5

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Since the release of the first Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview at MIX back in March and the second in May, we’ve shown a lot of demos of IE9 with other browsers. Today, Apple announced and released Safari 5. We figured we would show IE9 and Safari 5 together running some of the demos from the Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive website. Watch the Frames Per Second (FPS) Counter.

We’re incredibly excited about the engagement and feedback from developers for Internet Explorer 9 with over a million downloads so far.

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  • adam1762
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    If IE9 installed Windows Vista RC + SP2 does not support background applications transparency in png format

    Sorry for errors but my english is not very good.

  • adam1762
    11 Posts

    Now, I installed IE 9 RC and I get this error in the sidebar windows vista + SP2, a screenshot:

  • mkzero
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    @mlgbd See, youre not better than any linux troll is...-.-" Let me guess you don't use linux and you won't do? Oh yeah, THAT IS SOOOO OBJECTIV *rolleyes* grow up man, linux has its advantages as windows and os x do.

    The only reason I use windows at the moment is because some programs won't run under mac os or linux, if they were ported to either one I would probably delete the windows partition and sell the dvd.

    At all the IE9 might be a good browser now, but its still not the best. No cross-platform compatibility, CSS3 and HTML5 aren't as well supportet( remember - FF and Safari support some CSS3 properties for some years now..)

    And only because it got hardware acceleration now you cant force users to stop using older IEs - there are still so many users with IE6, why should they change now? The other versions propably got the most of their market share because they where on the system cds/dvds...

    MS gave web devs pain for so many years no and as i see we will struggle with IE6 for at least another 2 to 3 years. For my private projects I decided to block some content of the pages  for those who use older browser versions and give them a notice like google does( on youtube)

    Also these tests are made from microsoft - that's just stupid. You can't build something and show only the bright spots of it... There are enaugh JS tests on the web that test different types of rendering, calculations and most important a full implementation of the standards(which would in most cases fail I guess).

    So even if the IE advanced to a higher level and got some nice new features, it still needs so much development to get even close to other browsers...

  • mlgbd
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    Love to see linux nerds trolling this blog like theres no tomorrow. They just can't stand to see MS releasing good software. Yea right "linux has better driver support". The users don't care about "good driver support" when your drivers are all crap and out dated. Seriously, gtfo and go look at your freaking cube.

  • gormux
    4 Posts

    Hahaha. Windows 7 + IE9, best web experience... How ridiculous.

  • Can't wait for the final version of IE9. It will be the most powerful browser in the market. Windows 7 + IE9 = Perfect internet surfing

  • @JamesManes

    It's unbelievable there are still Microsoft enthusiasts.

    Linux has innovated nothing? Everything Linux has was done first elsewhere? Do you really believe it yourself? It's just the other way around. It's Windows which has innovated nothing. They copied almost everything from Linux and Mac OS X. Almost all of the new features of Windows Vista and Windows 7 were already available in Mac OS X and Linux. How about those graphical effects in Windows Vista? All of them existed already years before Windows Vista was released and it's called Compiz.

    Windows Vista also copied a lot of features from Mac OS X:

    Windows doesn't have a good driver support. The hardware manufacturers choose to only release their drivers for Windows. If a manufacturer doesn't produce any driver for your version of Windows (like drivers for old hardware on a newer version of Windows or newer hardware for an old version of Windows), you just can't use the hardware, because Microsoft just doesn't develop drivers for that hardware. You're completely dependent on the hardware manufacturer.

    A clean installation disk of Windows (so I'm not talking about any OEM-edited version, but about the disks you can buy in the local store) supports only a small amount of hardware. After installing Windows you've got to install a bunch of drivers you've got from the manufacturer of your hardware to make the hardware work. The hardware manufacturer doesn't provide any drivers for your version of Windows? Then you're lost and you just can't use the hardware.

    After installing Windows from a clean installation disk there are mostly between 5 and 10 pieces of hardware which need a driver to be installed. LAN, WLAN, audio, video almost always need a driver to be installed for them to work properly. I've even seen systems which showed 19 (yes, nineteen) devices in the Device Manager marked with the yellow triangle to indicate it needed a driver. When I installed Ubuntu on this same system everything worked out of the box. Every single piece of hardware was supported out of the box.

    It's Linux which has way better driver support. Windows has way better support from the manufacturers, but Linux has better driver support.

  • ShivK
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    My take on this is that if a certain features does perform as well in Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari then most web designer/developers won't use it. So it's great to see that IE's GPU accelration works (and we've been hearing/seeing it for months now) but other browsers are far ahead in the html 5 support, Javascript speeds and basic compliance to CSS, overall page load speeds etc.

    Granted the IE team is also focused on these areas but until the browser is in production is really doesn't matter. Websites are moving to use html 5 features including html 5 video and people will switch to using other browsers.

    I think it is high time IE 9 is relased and then comparisions will actually mean something to the masses. At least the following should be done:

    1. Release an IE 9 preview that supports the touted <video> tag.

    2. Release an IE 9 preview that supports the other html 5 features that other browsers are already supporting

    3. Keep the preview releases coming every two-three weeks to keep the excitment going

    4. Announce the release date for IE 9 so people can plan around it because as of now we're just getting tired of waiting and it's holding back what we can and should be doing on our websites.

    If this preview BS keeps going for too long you're simply killing your own product. The only people who continue to use IE are those who don't know any better or couldn't careless. You know that if anyone downloads, Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari it's because they know and understand and do care and that number is growing rapidly.

  • vkzoe
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    Personally, i don't like E-9

    <a href="">Vkamobi</a>

  • Fjtorsol
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    Very simple if you remove anti-alised image stretching and v-sync you get much faster rendering speed but check out the final quality. And remember that hadware accelerated canvas support (2D or 3D) is not included in this release. The real deal is to match QUALITY and performance.

  • gormux
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    @JamesManes  - I agree with your reaction about the comment of linux-user, he should not try to push his vision. But I disagree with the rest. Every system brings innovation. You may be a "Microsoft enthusiast", but you lack some objectivity. There has been a lot of innovating things in linux : virtualization (Xen, for example, or KVM), eye-candy (the look of Compiz is far away from the others in the market, even if I have to admit that I don't like it)... I won't make a list, but there is much in Linux, as there is much in the others (cores management in BeOS was very innovating).

    For the drivers compatibility, this is not a good point. Windows has a better hardware support on recent technologies because hardware firms only provide drivers for windows. I won't troll on this issue, let's just say that the fact that windows has better drivers is not due to microsoft, but hardware makers. And Windows has a bad support for older hardware.

    NT acl is not that great, and even if UNIX permissions are simple by default (but often very efficient), there are others ways to set permissions (like SELinux). If you only talk about filesystems permissions, well, windows only have NTFS, that is not a very good one, while UNIX systems have a lot of filesystems, each with its own specificities. If you look at ZFS (ok, not available for Linux, but it is available on (Open)Solaris and FreeBSD), you are far away from NTFS. I won't even talk about FAT filesystems, maybe the worst thing ever done in IT.

    And for OpenOffice, it did not copy Office. It is a fork of StarOffice, that was developped by sun ages ago. There are things better in Office, and others are better in OpenOffice. It depends on the usage. OpenOffice is still a recent project. Plus, this has nothing to do with Linux. This is just an application...

  • gormux
    4 Posts

    How convenient, making benches between browsers using something specifically developped for one of the contenders. Unfair and stupid.

  • @Linux-User

    Do you have no life? We are Microsoft enthusiasts here, and you come here just to try and push your views on us. Get out more.

    Also, let me explain something to you. If it wasn't for microsoft and apple, linux would be NOTHING. Why? Because linux has innovated NOTHING. Everything linux has was done first elsewhere (more specifically OS X and Windows).

    Also just claiming their products suck is ridiculous. Windows has way better driver support than linux, it can sync to v blank and NTs permission system would spank any UNIX :)

    Oh and as for openoffice, it lacks proper grammar check. Got me a D+ on my paper. Super cool right? I think not. OpenOffice has copied about every feature you could think of from MS Office anyway.

    Please take your negativity somewhere else, because without Microsoft, Linux would be nothing.

  • Why doesn't Microsoft just stop developing browsers (and operating systems and office suites)? Their products suck! Who needs Internet Explorer when there's Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera? Who needs Windows when there's Mac OS X and Linux? Who needs Microsoft Office when there's and iWork? Without Microsoft the Earth would be a so much better place.

  • Can we have the same comparison with Opera ?

  • The video should be back online and playable. Our apologies for the issues!

  • @AlcesAlces - we confirm there is a video issue unrelated to IE or Windows 7 or any browser or OS. Our video folks are investigating and we expect the video to return shortly. We also just pushed out an update to the blog that fixes the issue you were seeing regarding the menu being hidden behind the video. Thanks!

  • @JamesManes - we've not yet announced a release date for IE9. But keep your eyes on our blogs here as we'll be talking more about IE9 in the coming months!

  • @Spencer - sure, Safari 5 is a full product release and IE9 is currently only at the Platform Preview stage for developers. But as you can see in the video, even at the Platform Preview stage, IE9 is showing some good performance against a fully released product.

  • I can't wait for IE 9 :D

    Anyone have an estimated date of release?

  • @mleut Don't worry, I can't even view the video under Windows 7 using IE. Although, helpfully the menus are hidden behind the video, more Silverlight failure.

    As a web developer, here's my feedback. I don't care how fast your browser (or Apple's for that matter) is until it is opened up and available to everyone.

  • mleut
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    Too bad i can't even view the video with safari or chrome or firefox or opera .. oh, the irony. and no, moonlight doesn't help.

  • Spencer
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    Perhaps it's time to release IE9. If you weren't aware, Safari 5 is a production-level release.

  • It doesn't help your case that this blog is built in xhtml running a heavy case of divitis in the code... and the IE9 Test Drive website is xhtml running a heavy case of divitis and tables for non-tabular data... and then expecting me to look at either of these sites as a source of how far ahead you are to the competition.

    Sure we're not talking front end code here at this exact moment, but it's like a driver sitting in his Gremlin yelling to the girls on the street that you have a Lamborghini in the garage at home, trust me, you're an expert at cars.

  • Actually, Safari is at somewhat of a disadvantage in these demos as it's designed to use CSS transforms for these types of animations. This includes 3D transforms that would reveal the back faces of elements. As such, It's quite likely that Safari is actually doing twice as much work.

    For example, just adding -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; to #board img speeds up the flying images demo significantly.

    A version of the flying image demo using CSS transforms required increasing the number of images to over 500 before the frame rate dropped into the teens on my early 2009 MacBook Pro with NVIDA GeForce 9400M GT . (Link available on request)

  • @adcworks Raw performance - which for end users translates to page load speed - is also a very important part of Internet Explorer 9.  Javascript is one area of page load speed but it's just one subsystem of many : HTML parsing, CSS parsing, applying CSS rules, rendering to the screen.  If you check out Dean Hachamovitch's keynote from MIX, he talks briefly about this : .  Dean starts talking about performance around 4 minutes in.  The beauty of hardware acceleration is that it removes one of the bottlenecks in the rendering pipeline.  The video Brandon posted illustrates this well.  The demo needs a fast Javascript engine to do some of the calculations of where to place the images and how big they need to be.  But even though Safari has a fast Javascript engine it struggles because the bottleneck isn't in Javascript, it's in the ability to render the final image to the screen.

    Rest assured raw performance and page load speed - including Javascript - is an important part of Internet Explorer 9.

  • adcworks
    17 Posts

    That's great for graphics and I suppose this is hardware-accelerated? But when Safari and Chrome etc.. talk about speed I think they mean overall page load/browsing/javascript experience. H/W acceleration is nice of course.

  • who do you people actually consult before you make changes to the msn spaces layout... I have used my msn space for the last five years and the changes that are made like those today are done so without consultation of those like myself that use this as a forum and communication space for poetry and the like... I am peeved to see that you have removed the view statistic from the service as this gives an indication of whom visits the site and how popular certain poems are... I for one am already looking for an alternative venue as your lack of consideration is becoming all too apparent in your do what you like attitude no wonder so many are looking towards alternatives from windows and it's draconian practices....

  • @lars66 - the blog post states a million downloads not a million developers. Thanks.

  • lars66
    8 Posts

    A million developers ? That's great !!!

    Maybe they'll finally come with something to get those IE6 users moving.