Reminder: Windows XP end-of-sales and end-of-support deadlines

Reminder: Windows XP end-of-sales and end-of-support deadlines

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Just a reminder that - as announced in April 2008 - as of October 22, 2010, OEMs will no longer be able to pre-install Windows XP Home on new netbook PCs.  However for a majority of our customers, they may not notice much change; many PC makers have already been actively manufacturing and selling a broad set of Windows 7 netbooks since Windows 7 released in October, 2009. In fact, according to NPD’s Retail Tracking Service, by April 2010, 81% of netbook units sold at retail in the US came with Windows 7 pre-installed.

I would also like to remind people who are still running Windows XP that as of July 13th, 2010, Windows XP SP2 will also reach the end of support. You will need to install the latest service pack available (Windows XP Service Pack 3) via the Microsoft Update website or look at moving to Windows 7 to be running a supported version of Windows.  Support for Windows XP Service Pack 3 will continue through April 2014.

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  • It's about time to put Windows XP to sleep... i mean W7 rocks and we should just move on. <a href="">used inversion table</a>

  • @JamesNT, that link is sooo 2005! :)

    By the way, I'm still running WinXP (poor me, I know). After loyally using windows for the past 15 years (and considering myself lucky the last few for having avoided Vista), my new silicon babies, arriving next month, are getting Ubuntu and OS X.

  • JamesNT
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    You linux fan-boys kill me.  Here, let me explain it to you in terms you can understand:


    Don't give me this crap about MS having an illegal monopoly as the reason why you lost.  You lost because the market decided on someone else.  But if you want to know the real reasons, read here:


  • shenke
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    July 13th, 2010, Windows XP SP2 will also reach the end of support.

    Support for Windows XP Service Pack 3 will continue through April 2014

  • I completely agree with toogreen. I just can't believe you huys are even serious. Adacosta, you're the worst fanboy I've ever seen.

    Most of the points in your post are already covererd by toogreen, but there's still one point left.

    The UI in Ubuntu is very inconsistent? You're really crazy. The UI of Ubuntu is as consistent as can be. It's the various kinds of UIs from Microsoft which are completely inconsistent.

    Wordpad and Paint in Windows 7 both use the ribbon, while Notepad and the Task Manager still use the old menu bar. If you implement a new kind of UI (the ribbon), then use it everywhere, instead of some applications.

    Office 2010 uses the ribbon, but it isn't the same ribbon as Wordpad and Paint use. In Wordpad and Paint the top of the ribbon (the area with the button called Home) isn't transparant, while in Office 2010 this area is transparant.

    Internet Explorer and the Explorer don't use a ribbon, but it's a completely different UI as the UI of Notepad and the Task Manager.

    Windows Live Messenger has its own UI which doesn't look like any of the aforementioned UIs.

    These applications are all designed by Microsoft itself and they are as inconsistent as can be. How dare you to call Ubuntu inconsistent? It's Microsoft operating system which is as inconsistent as can be.

  • So if Windows XP is end-of-sales and end-of-support, then in the future, Windows Vista will also be end-of-sales and end-of-support???

  • @adacosta & JamesManes

    You guys have GOT to be kidding me!!!

    adacosta, your comment just sounds like total sarcasm, I just can't believe what I just read.

    First of all, compatibility. Compatibility with what standards? Microsoft's own standards? Can you read Linux or Mac partitions under Windows?  When it comes to cross-platform compatibility, Windows still has a lot of work to do.

    Then, you claim networking is horrendous in Ubuntu?? If there is a platform that networks REALLY well with BOTH Windows or Mac OS, it is Ubuntu! If you use STANDARD protocols, that is! Homegroups??? Now that tops it all. Homegroups were designed SPECIFICALLY to work only between Windows (7) machines! It doesn't even play well with machines still running XP!!! OF COURSE Homegroups will NOT work between Linux and Windows! Microsoft designed it that way ON PURPOSE!!! Please stop misinforming people about Homegroups.

    Aero Peek? Interactive Thumbnails? Hahahha!!!! All that stuff showed up on LINUX first, thanks to Novell's work on XGL.

    Free collection of apps? Can something really beat Ubuntu Software Center for that?

    JamesManes: Linux Buggy? Sure, that's probably why all my Linux servers have more than 200 days uptime, and the Windows Mail server at my work needs to be rebooted every day.

    You guys are SO misinformed, it's unbelievable!!!

  • @adacosta

    Linux still lacks everything that everyone wants. It cannot even sync to the vertical blanking period so it tears.  Sad if you ask me.


    Vista and 7 are not that buggy... if you want to see buggy use linux. If opensource is so great, why are the most successful pieces of software closed source? Windows... OS X... Just sayin.

  • adacosta
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    Linux-user - who needs Ubuntu, just install Windows 7. Windows is preferred for its ease of use, compatibility and strong familiarty. Networking in Ubuntu is horrendous, I couldn't get it to see any of my machines. All I had to do on my Windows 7 systems was change the workgroup name and all machines showed up. Homegroups make sharing files even easier. Also, the UI in Ubuntu is very inconsistent and not intuitive. Features like Aero Peek, Interactive Thumbnail previews, superior search and the free collection of Windows Live apps provide cohesive experience that Linux is still lacking.

  • Who needs Windows XP? Just install Ubuntu 10.04.


    True. I completely agree with you.

  • lars66
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    Of course that still leaves Vista and 7 being the worst operating systems on the planet. The good news is that the EU is now actively warning against the use of proprietary software (huge waste of taxpayers money because of the vendor lockin mechanisms built into such software). Hopefullt this will speed up the demise of the likes of Microsoft et al.

  • Good, XP is inferior to vista and 7. XP was good but im glad to see it go