150 Million Licenses of Windows 7 Sold, Windows Live Betas Announced

150 Million Licenses of Windows 7 Sold, Windows Live Betas Announced

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I have a couple of things to tell you about today. First off, we are excited to announce that Windows 7 has sold 150 million licenses to-date. As I’ve said before, Windows 7 is the fastest selling operating system in history with 7 copies of Windows 7 sold every second. Earlier this month, I published a post about Tami Reller’s keynote at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch U.S. Technology Conference. One of the points that stood out for me was her comment that between companies actively deploying and evaluating it, approximately 75% of enterprises are looking at Windows 7 for their organization. That’s amazing! And of course people continue to be excited about the features and benefits of Windows 7, and the PCs that our partners are delivering for Windows 7. You can read about many of the awesome Windows 7 PCs from my colleague Ben Rudolph (Ben the PC Guy) over on the Windows Experience Blog.

One of the things that people love about Windows 7 is how seamlessly it works with Windows Live, our free apps for sharing, photos, movies and communication. Starting tomorrow June 24th, we are releasing the beta versions of the new Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and Sync. You can read more about this from the Windows Live Team on Inside Windows Live. Together, the new Windows Live Essentials combine the power of the PC and the reach of the cloud to enhance the Windows 7 experience. The way people connect and share with each other continues to shift toward the cloud and we recognize that. The PC continues to be the hub for important activities such as managing email, organizing photos, watching movies and listening to music. What the new Windows Live Essentials does is blends together the best of the PC with the best of the cloud. I’ll be posting my thoughts about Windows Live Essentials tomorrow.

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  • I think you guys are trying just a little too hard to convince everyone how wonderful Win7 is. The big question is - how many people are using it and are satisfied with it?

    How much is MS selling a Win7 license for to OEMs?

    How much is MS selling an XP license for to anybody and can you still get them?

    I know several people who aren't satisfied with it and I will keep going with XP until MS finally pull the plug on it in 3 or 4 years time.

    Meanwhile I will continue to give assistance to my friends who have "up"-graded to Win7 and rely on me - as their friendly computer expert - to help them out when things don't work, they can't find something, etc. I am spending 95% of my time on Win7 problems compared to XP.

    Instead of making all the changes in Win7 to the way things look and where things are located, MS should have simply made Windows more reliable and faster.

  • yuhong
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    I second Dave Green, how many of these licenses are retail and how many are OEM. That is pretty important.

  • Hey everyone! I came across this website called funnytranslator.com, you guys should check it out! I found it funny. =)

  • barts2108
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    Beta's announced ?... MSFT needs the community again for debugging their .........

  • Web Guy
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    Congrats... keep blogging guys love the new site.

  • Weiqi
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    Good Product and great execution .

    Btw this blog layout is very neat . if only there were a possibility of replying to particular user , it would be perfect!.

  • @Allegro - thanks for the compliment! I am certainly going to be working overtime to continue getting the word out on a lot of the cool stuff coming from us in the next few months including Windows Live and the stuff we're doing with IE9. I'll be sure to start rounding up some more people here in Redmond to help me out too! I do have my pals Ben and Ashley blogging a bunch - Ben is talking about a lot of the cool Windows PCs and Ashley's latest posts have highlighed how DJs are using Windows to mix their music which is really neat to read about.

  • Impressive! Add me to the queue for the Beta! ;-)

  • Allegro
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    Good product and great result. MS needs more people like you getting the word out, Brandon. Especially right now when the media meme surrounding MS generally isn't optimal.

  • mmxida
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    Good news!

    Hoping Xp steps off the stage of history soon.

  • @islander - let me know what your experience is with the new beta that will be released tomorrow re: Photo Gallery.

    @windowsfaralimite and @Dave Grreen - thanks!

  • Windows 7 made me love computing even more ! Congratulations for your sales results, this is good work, so it pays now !

  • Islander
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    The one reason I never installed Photo Gallery was that it is just way too slow as default image viewer. The integrated software of Vista/Win7 opens instantly, whereas Photo Gallery always needed a few seconds. That's a no go for this kind of software. Let's see if with this version this has been solved, otherwise it will not end on my computer either.

  • This is good news!

    But I'm just wondering how many of these licenses are retail? Is there an official number?