Windows 7 Momentum Continues: 175 Million Licenses Sold

Windows 7 Momentum Continues: 175 Million Licenses Sold

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Today is earnings day and Windows continues to have a strong showing. We announced a new milestone in Windows 7 sales - 175 million copies. This continues our record breaking pace of more than 7 copies sold per second. And as of today – Windows 7 is now running on more than 16% of all PCs worldwide. It's exciting to see this kind of response from customers who have helped make Windows 7 the fastest selling operating system in history. We are also seeing some strong momentum with businesses for Windows 7. The PC “refresh cycle” for businesses has accelerated and we recorded the second straight quarter of double digital business license growth. And with Internet Explorer, IE8 is now the fastest growing and most popular web browser in the market and we have IE9 coming!

This strong momentum isn't limited to Microsoft  - in fact we're seeing strong growth across the tech industry. Last week we highlighted a recent IDC press release that illustrated the growth of the global PC market - more than 22.4% year-over-year for the second quarter of 2010. Intel reported its best quarter ever with second quarter revenue up 34% year-over-year. And AMD reported a whopping 40% growth year-over-year in its earnings release, due to record sales of their chips for notebook computers. It's great to see this kind of growth across the PC ecosystem and we're pleased to be part of this growth with Windows 7.

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  • toydara
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  • These sort of blogs make me want to vomit..

    YOU know this is all rubbish, I know this is all rubbish, so who the hell do you think you are kidding?

  • That's Good news!!! Congrats!!!!! Microsoft.... Hey I'm with James & Albert, can't wait for IE9!!!

  • barts2108
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    IE8 most popular or most used ? that's quite a difference

    - no twitter

    - no email

  • @adacosta - heh that's awesome you caught that :-)

  • adacosta
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    Today also marks 1 year since Windows 7 went RTM - July 22nd 2009.

  • Wow, 16% is a great number, congrats MS!  And though I'm not too big on IE, I think IE 9 will be to IE 8 what Win7 was to Vista.

  • Albert
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    Congrats! 16% is simply jaw-dropping...and I'm with James, can't wait for IE9!

  • Good news! I can't wait for IE 9.