Windows 7: 300 Million Licenses Sold

Windows 7: 300 Million Licenses Sold

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Today as part of our Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2011 earnings release, we announced that Windows 7 has sold over 300 million licenses to-date.

To put that in perspective, 300 million is roughly the combined number of households in North American and in Europe! Or, to put it another way, if you lined up 300 million Windows 7 product boxes, they would stretch nearly 1.5 times around the Earth!

As of today, over 20% of Internet-connected PCs worldwide are running Windows 7 according to Net Applications.

We continue to see fantastic momentum and excitement for Windows 7. CES earlier this month was also very exciting for us where we also talked a bit about Windows 7 momentum and showcased a lot of work our partners are doing. You can see all our CES 2011 blog content here which includes the amazing videos from Ben with partners. We also continue to see strong momentum with business customers with nearly 90% of enterprise businesses already making the move to Windows 7.

For more on what was announced during today’s earnings conference call, click here.

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  • Katalog
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  • @ Andrew McNaughton. How many? Probably not that many in the overall scheme of things. Comparatively very few consumers would have. Some businesses might have to for compatibility reasons, but even then, Windows 7 Professional enables business to run XP in an integrated virtual machine -- that would cover a lot of bases.

  • and how many of those 300 Million exercised their right to downgrade to XP? That's what they don't want us to know.

  • Gisabun
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    OK. 300 million. Does that include promo copies as well as MSDN and TechNet Plus suibscriptions as wel. [TechNet Plus gives you 5 licenses. If they are included and I use 2 licenses, are 2 or 5 included in the total?]

  • JohnCz
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    Great to hear some positive news.  I'm even more very curious about the Windows strategy going forward with consumers.

  • Hey Microsoft: Why you rock so much. :) I men to say that this is the only company in the technology sector to whom I love the most. :)

    and of course Windows is no way behind. It's a mega star of the OS worldwide. That's Windows for you. :)

    Thanks Microsoft for completely revolutionizing our lives and changing the way we think and work. Hats off to you. :)

  • Kick butt. I love my Win7 Ultimate ;)

    I hear in this quarter Xbox revenue raised dramatically. Like 55% or something crazy like that.