Windows 7 SP1 Available via WSUS

Windows 7 SP1 Available via WSUS

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We’ve had a great response to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) through the Microsoft Download Center and Windows Update. Windows 7 SP1 continues to roll out on Windows Update. For customers with IT departments, today we are making SP1 available on the WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) catalog, which makes it available through management tools including WSUS, System Center and others. These tools make it easy for IT professionals to deploy SP1 in their environments in an automated fashion and at their own pace.

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  • hezron
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           can i run this windows 7 on my acer aspire 3000 loptop?coz its kinda old you know,and it has only a 1.2ghz ram on it running only on a single core.can windows 7 be run smoothly?please email me as quick as possible or mail me at you...

  • Hi, i want to read more about that.


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  • I pushed SP1 through WSUS to my Win7 32bit and 64bit macines with no problems. Like all SP installs it was a lengthy process but without failures.

  • Unfortunately, if you push the SP1 through WSUS to your WIN7 64 bit system, your operating system is hosed...don't update until MS fixes it

  • cmwind
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    dear windows,

    please use the same iconography across all future versions of your major platforms (windows, windows phone, xbox). please use the same concepts (pinning, hubs, collections [instead of libraries]) to define the same concept across these platforms. please stop wasting development time and resources creating multiple products with the same goal in mind (wmp, zune, wmc) also can be seen with the xbox and windows (windows media center vs. xbox dashboard), also can be seen with competing brands (games for windows vs. xbox [hmmm which one is actually succesful in the market?]). please stop ignoring other divisions good idea and "reinventing the wheel". please make your next generation of products (windows vnext, xbox, windows phone) feel like they each belong with the other. windows phone is the best to date example. would love to see windows and xbox rethought in the same fasion. you will probably ignore me though and instead think you have a better idea... and apple/google will continue to make the headlines and slowly creep up on that marketshare.

  • Albert
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    On the subject of Windows Update, an update released today, (KB2505438), has a broken "More information" link within Windows Update in Windows 7. It launches a redirect to some random domain ( after a 404. This needs to be fixed soon, especially since the redirect looks like nothing Microsoft should be forwarding customers too. Hopefully you can forward this bit to the right folks, Brandon?