Windows 7 at 18 Months

Windows 7 at 18 Months

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18 months ago to this day was when we launched Windows 7 and with that we’ve hit another important milestone: we are pleased to announce that Windows 7 has sold more than 350 million licenses. The momentum we’ve seen and continue to see with Windows 7 is incredible. We are seeing good momentum with Internet Explorer 9 as well!  We designed Internet Explorer 9 to provide the best way to experience the Web on Windows and we are delighted to see partners like Groupon, Slacker, Hulu, and eBay already creating great experiences for their customers.

Number of licenses sold is one way of looking at market success. Customers having a positive and productive experience with Windows 7 is also an important measure. Analyst firms like IDC estimate that more than 90% of businesses are currently in progress with their Windows 7 migrations. And we’ve seen that companies who have deployed Windows 7 save an average of $140 per PC per year – showing a 131% return on investment in just more than 12 months. Of course, each Windows 7 customer story and experience is unique. Today, we are launching a special page off the Windows for your Business Blog that will showcase just a sampling of Windows customers and the business results they achieved with Windows 7. We hope you enjoy reading these stories and hope you will continue to visit this page as we highlight new customer stories on a regular basis.

I would like to take a moment and talk about a specific customer – Feeding America. Feeding America is the U.S.’s leading hunger-relief charity, providing meals to 37 million hungry Americans every year. Their deployment of Windows 7 is 100% complete. Every one of their employees at their national office is using Windows 7 and so are their users at supported food banks (over 200 in the U.S. and Puerto Rico). And as new food banks enter their support program, PCs in those food banks are quickly re-imaged with Windows 7. Patrick Whalen, Feeding America’s Director of Infrastructure Services, talks about Feeding America’s adoption of Windows 7 and the benefits they are seeing in the below video:

We’ve done a lot in the last 18 months that improves upon the experience people have on their PCs with Windows 7. We launched Windows Live Wave 4 (which included Windows Live Essentials 2011 and enhancements to Hotmail), released the first service pack for Windows 7, and recently launched Internet Explorer 9. And we’re hard at work on further innovation for Windows. At CES this year we announced the next version of Windows will support System on a Chip (SoC) and last week at MIX11 we released the first platform preview to developers for Internet Explorer 10.

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  • This is really nice stuff! Thanks for this

  • ZOD
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    I do like Windows 7, However is it nesasary to use IE9 with it. I tried it and I did not like it. So I went back to IE8. I have not noticed any problems.

  • Not only did I beta test Windows 7, but I hosted a launch party, as well.

    I was (and still am) so pleased with it that I just purchased a Samsung Focus smartphone running WP7!

    The total integration of applications makes for a compelling OS. It was a pleasure finding my 400+ address book contacts in Hotmail, immediately available to me on my smartphone!

    When will I be able to have my microwave oven alert me on my WP7 phone?


  • I have to agree with the other comments here. I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on 5 computers and have far fewer problems than I have had with previous operating systems. I really like XP but love Windows 7.

  • Retsud
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    You did an outstanding job on Windows 7 (and IE9). Keep up the good work, I have become a great Windows/MS fan (again) after your latest product releases.

  • controlz
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    Windows 7 is amazing. I remember getting it on the launch day... that doesn't seem like 18 months since then...

  • aki
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    Can I raise a question. How can I chat with people in People tile?

  • Windows 7 is excellent! I downloaded windows within the first minutes after it was released and I've had absolutely no issues with it for the 18 months I've had it. Even the quirks that were part of older windows platforms are minimized or non-existent with Windows 7. Vista used to frustrate me to no end and I ended up installing Linux UBUNTU on my system and was running both about 50/50. I still use (and enjoy using) UBUNTU. However the primary system I use now is Windows 7. I also run Office 10 professional and that's on point too. I used windows in the past because I had too. However I use Windows 7 because I enjoy it. I never thought I would ever say that about Windows.

  • slmb
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    Ubuntu is best^_^

    Windows is bad @V@

  • I just wasted a day helping a remote user get over a virus.  Where's my $140?

  • adacosta
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    Make the Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack a permanent fixture and you will see that figure climb to 700 million in no time. Windows 7 is great and I see first hand the impact its making on lives of many daily, its so much faster, more product desktop experience with the enhanced Taskbar, desktop effects such as Aero Snap, Peek, Preview, Jump List and as you noted the new Internet Explorer 9 taking advantage of it. Congratulations!

    @Nabaraj, it has already passed Windows XP in the US, so its definitely a sign of things to come.

  • Nabaraj
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    Thats awesome! Hope to see Windows 7 passing Windows XP and become a major version worldwide.

  • kitron
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    That's great but where is windows pad/slate?

  • JohnCz
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    Thats great.  Hope to see Windows platform attract the largest percentage of consumers and build brand loyality around slate form factor devices.