Windows at CES 2012

Windows at CES 2012

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Looking back at 2011, it was a great year for Windows and for Microsoft. We began 2011 with a little over 240 million licenses sold of Windows 7. Since then, we’ve seen incredible momentum with Windows 7 throughout 2011 (300 million licenses, 350 million licenses, 400 million licenses). As of today, more than half a billion PCs around the world are running Windows 7. The rate of licenses sold continues at more than 7 copies every second! So there are a lot of PCs today running Windows 7. And now more than ever the line-up of Windows 7 PCs is simply amazing spanning across all kinds of form factors - ranging from incredibly powerful gaming PCs, to All-in-Ones, to thin-and-light ultrabooks. Together, with our OEMS and Intel – we’ve driven advances in the chips inside PCs to allow for their designs to be smaller and sleeker without sacrificing power and battery life.

The below video, showing tonight during our CES keynote in Las Vegas, highlights many of the incredible thin-and-light PCs available right now as well as a couple that were just announced today like the HP Envy 14 Spectre ultrabook and next-generation Samsung Series 9 available in a 13 and 15 inch screen! Watch the video!

Right now is the perfect time to get a new Windows PC!

Also in 2011 – we started talking about the new generation of Windows: Windows 8. Windows 8 represents a reimagination of Windows – from the experience down to the chip. With Windows 8, the idea is that you could do everything you need with one device – whether it watching movies or getting work done like email (or writing blog posts like this one!). A Windows PC will be great for everything they need.

At last year’s CES, we announced that Windows 8 will run on System on a Chip (SoC) architectures from Intel, AMD, and ARM and ARM-based systems from partners NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments. In June at the D9 Conference we previewed the new user experience for the first time and then later that same day did the same for hardware partners at Computex in Taipei. Then in September at the BUILD conference in front of thousands of developers, we previewed Windows 8 in much greater detail highlighting many of features that will ultimately make Windows 8 great for users and the things developers can take advantage of in their new Metro Style apps. In December, we previewed the Windows Store – an important feature in Windows 8 for buying apps.

And tonight in our CES keynote, Tami Reller - Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for the Windows and Windows Live Division – previewed Windows 8. On both ARM (on a prototype hardware running a NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip) and x86 (on the Samsung preview device we gave out at BUILD) , Tami demonstrated features in Windows 8 such as the Start screen, Charms, the Windows Store, and Metro-style apps – which will be available across all your Windows 8 PCs and tablets. To see Windows 8 in action for yourself from tonight’s keynote, you’ll be able to check out the CES keynote on-demand here from Microsoft News Center (Tami is introduced at the 01:32:00 mark). You can also read my personal Windows 8 preview here in this blog post from BUILD.

UPDATE 1/13: You can watch Tami’s entire Windows 8 demo from our CES 2012 keynote in the video below!

What Tami showed was just a small preview of what’s to come with Windows 8. There is still much more. Watch for the next milestone of Windows 8 on the path to availability coming in late February.

Keep your eyes on the Windows Experience Blog throughout the week for more from CES!

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  • Camila
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  • Camila
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  • karen
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    I'm using windows vista on the HP laptop. I really like Vista. I've used many of the windows application. My brother is telling me that Mac is really good. But i'm so used to Windows that i cannot move to Mac.

    Karen from

  • linda77
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    I'm doing some research. I have windows 7 and love it. My question is windows vista before or after windows 7?

    karen, researcher for <a href=">

  • New windows looks so coool, I will be definitely buying that one when it arrives.


  • Matteor
    2 Posts

    I have to be honest. This "clicking" while you're looking at something as a replacement for clicking normally is bad. You are breaking the connection between the virtual world and reality by using your outside sense of sight to control the inner action of touch. When the mouse is moved toward the location you are looking, it should get closer to that point. This would eliminate the need for hand eye coordination. This would fix the disconnect, and I'd LOVE Windows 8! It would be like having your finger on the page pointing to every word.

    Matt from

  • Look the list goes on and on, but really MS don't do this.

  • I want the old star button back in windows 8 from windows 7 and they should make it also ware when you boot up windows you can pick to start from the apps or the desktop and have the ability to disable apps if you want too. Make it fun for people then let the people choose what they like to worlds in one yet they are still one the same I love windows and am a fan boy of it and I am not wanting to get it if you don’t make it tailored to every ones likes as you say windows 8 is to connect people to each other and the web, well then let connect the OS to the people and make them feel like you think of everyone not just tablets but you think and respect the desktop community too. Thanks I hope to god you fix it because I know so many people would be mad if it stayed as is.

  • This presentation proves to me that this is just another take on MS Bob

    Yeah this is MS Bob 2.0.  It is worse than ME or Vista could ever dream to be.

    I'm sorry but Metro is the next MS Bob. There are a number of things that I don't like about Metro and the changes.

    But first I don't need a PlaySkool style interface. The cutesy touchy-feely look just sets me on edge right away.  Second it is a drag on older systems. Third is that in an established enterprise environment (the MS bread and butter) you are going to really confuse the rank and file that typically have a tenuous grasp of how to operate a computer in the first place, to force this kind of change isn't going to fly far.   I can guarantee that if there isn't a way to strip Metro out completely that it will be the worst OS roll out ever.  

    Look the list goes on and on, but really MS don't do this.  If you must just for the tablets and when that flops at least you could say that you tried.  But to do this to the Enterprise customers? Yeah we won't stand for it and will definitely skip this. Don't think for and instant that we can't as this was demonstrated quite well with Vista.  Add to that we now have 64 bit version of Windows 7 it pretty much nullifies a major need to move to a new OS.  Just say no to MS Bob 2.0

  • Camila
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    You have some good points there. I did my own search on the area and found the majority people will see eye to eye with your weblog. Thanks once more for taking the time to put this online. I unquestionably liked every bit of it.

  • Windows 8 will be worse than Microsoft Bob. EVERYONE I know is planning on boycotting Windows 8 due to the metro interface being the default. Bring back the desktop and make that metro crap for a tablet version of windows. If not this will be the biggest win for the Linux community that I can remember. And I do remember all of the flopped windows versions like windows me which had TONS of security holes but was useable at least. Better than this junk metro thing.

    So Mr. Ballmer...You are already behind the 8  ball with Linux and the open source movement giving a rich desktop experience away for free. Now you have pounded the final nail in the IT coffin by not asking your users what we like and dislike about windows. Instead you come up with marketing bs like windows reimagined.. lol Imagined by whom exactly? Your two year old?

    Metro should be on a windows 8 tablet to compete with the ipad. ONLY not on my desktop by default. I have worked in IT (fortune 500 companies) for 20+ years. And from everyone who has seen this is aghast at your decision to put this in windows let alone force us to use it and they are planning to never buy it. I write this as a warning to Microsoft of their impending failed product.

    How about we call this....


    The marketing dept likes it.... let's go with it.. What do you say Mr. Ballmer?

  • Spokart
    2 Posts

    I think she did a good job considering: she has a family, was on the road, has a trillion other things going on, never planned to be a stage superstar, was live in front of millions of people, ......if you can't do better than her, then cheer her on cause she has more guts than you do hangin' at Mom's house....Go Tami, Go!!...hope the kids enjoyed their healthy

  • TheSeph
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    I would love to see the gradient rectangles on the start screen background go away.   I'm sick of them because they were used in the Windows / Office 2000 branding.

  • @Maxim

    There's a reason why CES isn't going to be featuring Microsoft in the coming doesn't fit with any of MS's build milestones or product releases!

  • really awesome post at all and i daily visit your blog :)

  • Terablock
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    @Maxim. Do you expect a company to superficially drum up new features and news just for CES? The only thing that was not new was info on Windows 8. They showed off new devices for Windows and Windows Phone, new features in Windows Phone, talked about the release of Kinnect for Windows. CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, not Consumer Software Show.

    CES is not really a relevant show to feature software, they are MicroSOFT not MicroHARD.....:-)

  • Maxim
    9 Posts

    That was the most useless presentation. Nothing new. B-O-O-O-O-R-I-I-I-ING!

    Ballmer jokes are stupid, no new information, nothing intersting, no surprises, everything leaked to the web days before... Just a waste of time and money.