Announcing the availability of the Windows 8 Release Preview

Announcing the availability of the Windows 8 Release Preview

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Steven Sinofsky has announced the availability of the Windows 8 Release Preview today in a blog post on Building Windows 8. Head on over to his blog post for the details. More from me on Windows 8 later today.

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  • Almost everything seems to work alright.  People app doesn't always load & the Windows Store says I have updates but doesn't show anything.  More importantly: Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection does not install.

  • You know, I've tried the Developer, Consumer and I'm downloading this new current version now. The design is Excellent and if you had a good pc, runs great!

  • So now, I have 4 computers on win 7, gave away my vistas to xp dinosaur users. Each cost me 200$ + , 2 win 7 ultimate 64, 2 win 7 ultimate 32. I upgared all computers to a 6.0 index + (7.4) on some and now your telling me I need to go windows 8 because? you didn't keep your promise about win 7? someone hacked it? what? and all this time I cant play halo3 because i cant buy the Xbox due to this constant upgrading? video cards, chipsets, even monitors (cause they can't handle the Zizzling speeds) Motherboards. It isn't as easy as you think.

    I found this out because I was trying to get the sticky yellow sidebar note to remind myself of pending in-house appointments. Now I find out my 1500 investment is worthless, because someone decided windows 8 is better?

    This is why people CRACK the programs..... and though I'm against that, they have a gripe. like mine.

    whats next, after windows 8 windows 9?10?

  • Rowdy17
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    Downloaded and installed on a "XP" machine today....and it Will NOT work..     After Install---  it just keeps "re-cycling"---on and off--  20-30 times....-and windows nr Desktop will not open..     Its another reason I put it on a OLD Desktop--..  Was afraid it would screw up something---and IT DID..!!!      WAIT---for the Finished Product---and let others try it First....   before UP_Grading....      This is going to be a "Vista" Nightmare....     No way to contact "HELP"---NO way to RELOAD----Nothing....      Time to Clean the HD---- and re-up with "XP".........

  • Rvermi
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    Tried Preview for a few weeks now on my laptop.  I can see this working great on a tablet but not on desktops or laptops.  I think what Microsoft is missing here in simplicity for tradional PC's and laptops.  The new home screen is nice.  Windows 7 made it easy to find everything on your machine.  I now find that I have to take several more steps to locate areas which are simple on 7. (i.e control panel).  I don't understand why Microsoft took a step backwards with simplicity.  I have since put windows 7 back on my machine.  I doubt I will upgrade.

  • Ive been using windows 8 release preiview since it came out and personally i love it so much ive made it my main operating system till the final release is available in stores. The metro ui is a great interface makes finding things much easier performance is much better then windows 7 much faster also im not a business person but i do game alot and have been building computers for years i will defently be recommending windows 8 to people keep up the great work microsoft good to see change after so many years of the same plain old thing.

  • Hello Mr. Brandon LeBlanc! Although I work in Medical Coding, I've been the chosen "IT" girl for our business. You probably know that all physician's offices were required to go electronic, and I've just purchased 4 new Windows 7 HP's.  The majority of the office is 50yrs old and terrified of computers already! I'm a HUGE Windows lover & would never choose anything else- solely because of the ease of use & dependability.  After reading BPAWthe1st's review of Windows 8, however, I'm completely afraid to update our system. Gadgets are essential for us! I feel companies should be trying to make their systems even 'easier' to use, since the population is getting older & older-they are afraid of computers as it is already!

  • Esta versión esta mas compleja que las anteriores pero tiene algunas falencias en inicio, ya que no se puede apagar directamente desde la misma aplicación y estoy compartiendo algo desde facebook, se me bloquea y me toca reiniciar por reset  además los iconos de la aplicaciones no las están ejecutando, no tengo punto de soporte para que me colabore con esta incidencia que se me presenta. gracias si alguno de vosotros sabe la ruta para que microsoft me responda por estos inconvenientes

  • would like to try it  but not very good at configuring things like hard drives so i guess i a lil scared i just got this new pc with windows 7 and now they going to 8 geez i only have this  4 months now oh well out dated again,,

  • cant wait for windows 8 soo excited!!

  • dgasior
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    Down loaded and installed the pre release version. What a cluster. No support 1/2 the programs on the computer no longer work and the shut down will not even turn the computer off. If the version that goes on sale is the same then here is VISTA II so wait till the next version comes out

  • Wtblock
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    What happened to the remote desktop in the new release?

  • Hi, This is my first Blog for a Tafe course I am doing, Certificate II in Business Studies. Hope you are doing well! Have a good day.

  • I have to agree with BPAW's comments about the Metro interface for desktop users.

    A lot of what I'm seeing reminds me of the Windows Live Movie Maker fiasco. Initially, there were lots of promises to listen to users. But very quickly it became clear that the WLMM team had no intention of listening to the withering stream of complaints from "power users" about essential items like a timeline. The development team had an agenda, and there was no altering its course. These days, I don't know anyone who uses WLMM.

    With Windows 8 -  obviously a much bigger project with bigger implications - we still see the same stubborness and refusal to make significant changes to the core issues, like the desktop vs. the Metro interface. The key features are set, and no amount of dialogue will change the core weaknesses of Win 8. Unfortunately, the consequences for MS could be much graver than it was for WLMM.

  • Listen to your consumers. LISTEN TO US! Have you seen the comments in the Windows blog folloiwng Sinofsky's announcement of the Release Preview about feelings towards 8? You have cut off a major portion of users by wasting time and energy promoting this Metro interface that most people are never going to use. Ever.

    I’ll provide some examples. I want to check the weather. Three obvious options: go to some weather site, use the Metro app, or glance at my weather gadget. easiest choice? weather gadget. it’s already there, occupying a tiny percentage of my screen, and tells me what I need to know at a glance. if I need to know more, I can click on it. A weather site might be more informative. So I have two choices. Use IE from the desktop, or IE from the Metro start screen. One, again, occupies a moderate amount of my screen but still have quick access to my email and desktop icons. using the Metro IE, I have to waste the whole screen. As for the weather app, obviously loser since I still have to use the whole screen just to check the temperature. And yet, you are actively KILLING desktop gadgets, probably one of the only good things to come out of Vista’s introduction. Desktop gadgets are far easier to work with and mange than full screen Metro apps.

    Another example. I use Outlook tasks to manage my todo list. Before you guys started killing off gadgets, I found a particularly useful Outlook tasks gadget that syncs with Outlook and my third party Android app (since you guys are actively working to not support Android, but that’s a rant for a later day). I checked for an updated version of the Outlook gadget; you guys don’t even offer it anymore. did you have to destroy the entire gadget library? seriously, gadgets are more user friendly to the DESKTOP user. and don’t even try recommending docking the weather app. it took me forever to figure out how to do it after googling across several forums, and it still takes up too much screen space.

    Another reason Metro will never catch on. Your OWN Metro apps SUCK. Mail, People, Calendar, Music, Video...all worthless. There are absolutely no settings. No personalization or customization. The primary advantage Microsoft holds over Apple. My calendar displays five different calendars, and yet I can’t choose to hide some, or change colors on them, or anything. There is no reminder feature, no nothing. For Mail, there is no notice that you got a new email, no calendar integration, none of the features natively built into Live Mail. And yet you are killing the Live brand in favor of Metro apps. You can’t change your favorite people in the People app, or combine, separate, or delete people. The music and video apps are a joke. stop promoting your store and let people manage their libraries. If you’re so intent on people using Metro instead of working with files, give people the ability to DO something in the Metro apps.

    There is also no tie in between the metro apps and anything else. combining two people in my settings does not combine them in people. my Watch List does not sync with my Finance app watchlist. What is the point of using Metro apps when I have to start all over to get them to work? if you advertise things “just work” shouldn’t they all tie in with the programs I already have?

    Another small grievance (small compared to the others, but still annoying enough that I won’t use Metro till it’s fixed) is that Metro insists on using whatever picture file it can find and making it a folder art. In my documents folder, I have recipes screenshotted and saved as jpgs. One of them is my default pic for the entire Documents folder. do you know how silly that looks? and I can’t even change it. SETTINGS, people. if you want people to migrate to Apps, let them control them the way they can control Programs.

    Aside from this, there numerous other problems. Two Control Panels and two Windows Updates is unnecessarily confusing. Going to the desktop control panel and then being told “Making changes to my account in PC Settings” is absurb. I don’t WANT to use Metro, and forcing me to do it is only going to make me hate it more. No recent documents or access to the Startup folder readily available? yes, I know I can dig around in the AppData folder to find them, but is that really necessary? you couldn’t have a devised a much simpler method to access these very useful and used to be very easy to find functions? Also, folder views in Explorer do not “stick” once you leave the folder. I want a parent folder to be List View, and the sub folders to be Small Icons. But whatever view your in when you access the folder is what you view the folder in. Didn’t used to be that way. one more reason to stick with 7.

    if I'm searching for a file, it would be a heck of a lot easier if type in ExcelFile.xlsx, and there is obviously no app or setting named that, that it should default to File for search instead of making the user click on File. I'm used to hitting the Start key and typing. i understand I can use Win+F, but to accommodate to what people are used to, if Settings and Apps yield 0 search results, default to Files (same goes for typing specific Settings name, like Computer Management, which doesn’t even show up when you type it in anymore [try it in 7, then try in 8. why the break??])

    I love Microsoft products. I want to keep using a single brand for everything, and Microsoft is the best choice...for now. it is rapidly going downhill. limiting SkyDrive to 2GB is a huge deal breaker. Metro is a huge deal breaker for Windows 8. The only good thing about Windows 8 is the account logon with transports your settings, but even this can be more robust by syncing WMP settings and other baked in Windows programs. this would be a truly “synced” experience if my default desktop icons, office settings, everything just synced over to my other computers.

    There are so many frustrating things with 8 that people are are complaining about left and right and you have turned a deaf ear. you talk in your blogs about championing the people and listening to feedback. I have seen almost no major changes to respect what people want and need to continue upgrading with Windows products. I can understand the DVD thing and WMC, but the features I talked about here are stuff that were either previously VERY easy to use and access or things that are going to turn people off from Metro and wait for Windows 9.

    I really hope you guys get your act together and save this OS. As of the Previews, you have turned a lot of people off who will be very unwilling to give another go round if things aren’t obviously improved.

  • before the final version please try to add some updated graphics card drivers. i got an old toshiba satellite with Ati card and the drivers that come with Windows 8 is as old as Windows 7 ones so i can't play games like Diablo 3 and i can't use the drivers update of the AMD since my laptop can't use them so i have to stuck with Windows 7 because of the driver support

  • Leila
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    @gverduzcoc, @abm

    The supported virtual software which can run Windows 8 are:

    - Oracle VirtualBox

    - VMWare Workstation

    Its a shame, Microsoft's own Virtual PC is unable to run Windows 8. It gives the following error:

    " :( Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn't handle, and now it needs to restart. You can search for the error online: HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED"

  • you know if windows 8 RP supports virtualization applications?

  • Seems much more stable than the CR. I'm really liking the simple graphics in the Desktop environment. Boot time is less than 10 seconds and it's very responsive.

  • abm
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    Still not running on Virtual PC!

  • My download is almost done. Can't wait! Will be installing soon. I hope there have been many improvements.

  • Has ran the Windows 8 Dev and Customer Previews.  Very excited to try this version as the first two were more stable and reliable than any other pre-releases from Microsoft to-date.  I am looking forward to the marketing and how Microsoft is going to be able to sell this to customers.  Windows 8 is a beautiful, easy to use, and smart system; I just hope it doesn't end up with the Zune HD marketing plan of nothing.

  • Drew
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    Good timing.. I just got a computer system with a blank hard drive so maybe I'll throw this on to play with for a bit, before installing anything more long-term!