Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

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We set out to make it as easy as possible for everyone to upgrade to Windows 8. Starting at general availability, if your PC is running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 you will qualify to download an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $39.99 in 131 markets. And if you want, you can add Windows Media Center for free through the “add features” option within Windows 8 Pro after your upgrade.

When you use Windows.com to purchase an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant makes upgrading simple by walking you through the upgrade process step-by-step from purchase to download and then of course installation.


The Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will check to make sure your PC is ready for Windows 8. It will provide a detailed compatibility report that lets you know of anything you may have to address before or after the upgrade and outlines actions to take.


It will also inform you of any application or device compatibility issues. It will ask you what you want to keep from your current Windows installation. You will be able to upgrade from any consumer edition of Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro and bring everything along which includes your Windows settings, personal files, and apps. If you are upgrading from Windows Vista, you will be able to bring along your Windows settings and personal files, and if you are upgrading from Windows XP you will only be able to bring along your personal files. Of course, if you want to start fresh, you can choose to bring nothing along. Or if you prefer to format your hard drive as part of your upgrade experience, you can do so as long as you boot from media and then format your hard drive from within the setup experience for installing Windows 8, not prior to it.


Once you purchase your upgrade, the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant kicks off your download. It has a built-in download manager that allows you to pause and continue your download at any time as well as a check to ensure your download completes successfully.

3 4

After your download finishes, you can choose to proceed with the upgrade (“Install now”) or install later either from your desktop or by creating your own media. If you choose to create your own media, you will be able to create your own bootable USB or .ISO file which can be burned onto a DVD for upgrade and backup purposes. If you prefer, you also have the option of purchasing a backup DVD for $15 plus shipping and handling.

We believe that your upgrade experience in Windows 8 will be a breeze by offering a faster experience, a single upgrade path, and compatibility from prior versions of Windows. We’ve continued to listen to our customers and have expanded the ability to download to over 100 countries and 37 languages. We have simplified the Windows upgrade experience with the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant which supports you during your upgrade with everything from selecting your language to pausing your download to built-in compatibility checks - it’s seamless. And if you’re an enthusiast you will have the flexibility to download and control how you upgrade.

If you prefer to shop at a local store, a packaged DVD version of the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will be available for $69.99 during this promotion.

This upgrade promotion for Windows 8 Pro both online and at retail runs through January 31st, 2013.

We wanted to share information about this upgrade promotion with you as we continue to drive toward the RTM milestone for Windows 8. We will of course have more to say and more details to provide closer to general availability.

Oh, and by the way - if you’re not upgrading from a prior version of Windows and are building your own PC or installing Windows 8 in a virtual machine or a separate partition, you will be able to purchase and install the Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro System Builder product.

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  • I have already upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8 pro for $14.95 a few months ago and I hit the refresh

    button by mistake and deleted most of my programs . Now you tell me that I have to pay $39.95 to upgrade again

    I don't like windows 8 it is confusing.  And why do I keep getting popups every time I try to type this message or anything else.

  • What is the difference between Windows 8 and windows 8 Pro?

  • fogas
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    I upgrade my OS in December 2012. Why I can't add Windows Media Center today?


  • sounds to good to be true

  • is there a way to get the 39$ price in february 2013

  • I cannot find, "you can add Windows Media Center for free through the “add features” option within Windows 8 Pro after your upgrade."

  • For those that stumble on this article while surfing the net-- the catch here is that no "Full" retail copy of Win8 exists.

    For those who like to avoid upgrade copies to make re-installations easier (such as hardware enthusiests, IT professionals, and system builders), forget about it, cause they don't exist.  Keep a copy of XP, Vista, or Win7 around because you'll need it when you go to do a 'full' reinstall.  

    What's worse is that retail copies give no indication that they are only upgrade copies-- they have every appearance of a full version.  I find this incredibly misleading and it's quite frustrating to think you are purchasing a full copy (which has existed since FOREVER and has always been distinguished from upgrade copies clearly on their packaging), only to find you have an upgrade copy when you try to activate Windows.

    I personally think the whole thing is worth a class-action suit-- not even the retail stores understand the situation. They will tell you (insist, even) that it's a full version!  aye yi yi.

  • mc64
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    I bought the upgrade, chose the "install now" option, was asked to restart the machine midway through the install. after the restart the browser came up  but the install didn't resume i'm still at windows 7. How do I restart the updgrade?

  • iwant to up grade to window 8

  • be carefull of this purchased this program yesterday error occured during download.  Lost everything and out $39.99

  • I am running Windows XP on a computer that I can not access the internet on, have some issue with my copy of internet explorer and can't access internet to down load replacement. Would install windows 8 if the complete installation  came on a CD. I should regain internet access once I installed windows 8. Am I on the right track, please advise.  

  • Piszi
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    Hello, Just to be sure before I throw out money. Can I upgrade my MSDNAA Windows 7 Pro?

  • I have Windows XP Home SP3, Can I make the upgrade?

  • JOHN S
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    I need to know if I can run win 8 in virtual box as I now run the preview version?

  • Whoops
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    What of those converting from Windows 7 32 bit to Windows 8 64 bit. The Windows store does not id whether your download is 32 or 64. Most importantly it does not give you a choice. So??? How does one tell the checkout that Windows 8 64 bit is the requirement

  • I have a ThinkPad that has a Windows XP license that I want to clean format and install Windows8.   What do I need for proof-of-ownership of Windows XP for the installation?  I have the XP Professional Key on the back of the ThinkPad.

  • rhj2008
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    Is Paypal or checking account an options to pay or just credit cards only?

  • louau
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    I just upgraded to Win 8 Pro thru this $39.99 promotion.  However, Windows Media Center is not free through the “add features”.  It asks me to pay another $9.99.  Information above is incorrect or Microsoft changed the mind.  That's too bad for wrong information.

  • If I upgrade from windows 7 ultimate to windows 8 pro, will I be able to install it on a separate section of the drive say on D instead of C and keep both C  for windows 7 and D for windows 8 (dual boot) ?

  • You used to have a Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. Now you have to pay 39.99 to find out if your computer is compatible with Windows 8. Why would I pay 39.99 to find out that my computer is not compatible with 8 windows?  When I donloaded the previous upgrade assistant for free, I installed it but the Intel graphics adaptor and a number of other devices were not compatible. The Intei graphics adaptor. worked but it was only 1024 x 768 and could not be changed to 1920 x 1200 so Windows 8 was useless even though it installed and ran fine. I have 4 identical computers like this for my business. I don't want to pay to find out that they won't work with Windows 8.

  • I’ve heard GOOD and BAD about Windows 8. Many beta testers don’t understand why Microsoft put so much effort into making Windows 8 VERY DIFFERENT from Windows 7. On the other hand, others say that it is very easy to DEFAULT TO WINDOWS 7. But, then again, why upgrade at all?

    The upgrade price looks right @$40. But there is something smelly. Why the same upgrade price from XP, or from Vista, or from Windows 7? I have 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate. I believe it would be fair to pay less than someone who upgrades from the old XP!

    Anyway, I always prepare well when I upgrade Windows. I want to avoid cursing Microsoft like an old pirate! I religiously create System Images and backup some 20 GB of data with the most important files to me. (An easy batch file based on XCOPY does it for me saliu.com/best-backup.html)

  • Woggyk
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    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit ( my pc can run 64 bit), but can I go from Win7 32 to Win8 64 from this download.

  • musicrab
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    "so is it possible to install and activate on 3 different PCs just buying only 1 (one) upgrade license of Windows 8 (considering that all the 3 PCs have a valid WinXP, Vista or W7 license) or not?"

    1 (one) upgrade license for Windows 8 Pro can be used to upgrade 1 (one) qaulifying Windows operating system (XP SP3, Vista or W7).  After the upgrade you end up with 1 (one) licence which is for Windows 8 Pro.

    Should you wish to upgrade 3 PCs it will be cheaper to buy 3 separate upgrades (@ $40 each) rather than an upgrade pack which is I think more expensive.  NB. if the Windows7 license was activated after June2012 this upgrade will only cost $15.

  • bcnu147
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    This stand-alone tool is only for the Windows' key:


  • bcnu147
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    Windows 7 has inbuilt utility to burn ISO files

    Pop a blank CD in drive and just double click any .ISO image file and a utility will pop up, allowing you to burn a disc to your optical drive

    Win 7 64-Bit Home Premium ISO : Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (x64) ISO:


  • cbutler
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    I have a new system with Win7 on the HDD.  I have not installed any programs yet but would like to migrate the OS to a new SSD.  When I get the Win 8 upgrade, will it see the Win 7 on the HDD and allow me to basically do a clean install (with all of the Dell preloads) on the SSD?  Will it boot to the SSD or will I have to disconnect the HDD allowing boot from the SSD and then format the HDD

  • @Wiesshund you write: "7) Upgrade is for 1 install, not every PC you own, that is still 3 PC's for the price of one retail license roughly". Sorry but I still don't understand.

    1) You say: 'not every PC you own'; but you say also

    2) 'this is still 3 PC's for the price of one retail license roughly'.

     Besides the 'roughly'; so is it possible to install and activate on 3 different PCs just buying only 1 (one) upgrade license of Windows 8 (considering that all the 3 PCs have a valid WinXP, Vista or W7 license) or not?

     Please all that have some clear info on this can you give a clear and 'official' answer?

     Thank you for your kind attention and cohoperation. Regards.

  • musicrab
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    "My question is this: I have windows vista installed... Now im going to upgrade to win 8... I want a fresh installation so i have to format my hdd after booting with win 8 boot media.

    Make a full backup at this point.  In the event of a future h/w error this will save you from having to install the qualifying OS and the Win8Pro upgrade.

  • musicrab
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    "If I use this upgrade, will it really be just an upgrade and not force me to reinstall all my programs?"  The upgrade from Window7 should preserve your programs.  Make sure you select UPGRADE rather than custom install.  Backup as much as possible before you start.

  • musicrab
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    "I am currently using Windows 8 pre release,  What price will I be charged to the the final release of Windows 8?"

    About $100 (more for Pro) to buy Windows 8.  If you have a valid XP SP3, Vista or W7 installed then the upgrade price is $40.

  • When I bought my Windows 7 ultimate upgrade, I thought it would just leave all my programs alone and just upgrade my operating system.  When I installed, it took my hard drive and backed it up to file. So I had to reload all my programs from CD, and then try to put the data back in.  It was so frustrating I eventually bought a full version, formatted my drive and started over. If I use this upgrade, will it really be just an upgrade and not force me to reinstall all my programs? Or should I buy a full or oem copy and just start over. Every year when I buy Norton Interent Security, I just install and it doesn't make me start over, will this work as easy?

  • rladdi
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    So if we have been using Windows 8 preview, we are getting screwed again.   No wonder Microsoft is losing on the stock market.

  • rladdi
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    I am currently using Windows 8 pre release,  What price will I be charged to the the final release of Windows 8?

  • I installed Windows 8 Release Preview in my PC, which previously had Windows Vista Home Premium 64. Will I be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro even if I had to reformat the drive to install the preview version?

  • My question is this: I have windows vista installed... Now im going to upgrade to win 8... I want a fresh installation so i have to format my hdd after booting with win 8 boot media.

    Lets say 2 weeks later, something went wrong i want to re-install windows 8. So in this case do i have to reinstall vista and then install win 8 or can i just boot from boot media again, format my hdd and install?

  • TCJones
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    Looking forward to this...anyone need a guinea pig earlier than the 26th?  I just had to throw that in there.  Just imagine what graphics production  would be like with a touch screen?  Kinda changes the paradigm a bit...warp speed Scotty!

  • Tengo una duda, o bueno nose si no he entendido muy bien, pero SI yo compro el Windows 8 PRO debo tener Windows 7 Licenciado o en este caso no importa

  • musicrab
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    "I'd like to add Windows 8 Pro 64-bit upgrade on a third bootable drive."

    You cannot legally do that.  If you want Win8Pro 64-bit you'll have to upgrade the Win7Pro 64-bit.

    You could install "any old valid 64-bit OS" to partion number 3 and then upgrade that.  Other "ideas" would be to make a copy of the Win7Pro 64-bit partition but I will not go there.

  • Gonga
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    Like another user, I have WindowsXP 32-bit and Windows 7 Pro 64-bit in a dual-boot system.  I'd like to add Windows 8 Pro 64-bit upgrade on a third bootable drive.  Is it possible to do this with the upgrade or do I really need to pay more for the 69.99 version.

  • musicrab
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    "would i be able to upgrade from windows 7 starter?" no.

  • would i be able to upgrade from windows 7 starter?

  • musicrab
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    "2) Yes you can upgrade it you have w8 preview, as long as you own a legit version of XP Vista or 7 and have COA"

    This makes me laugh. Basically means if you have a Win8 pre-release you cannot upgrade.  Why is the answer always "yes , provided you have a qaulifying XP, Vista, 7".

  • musicrab
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    For multiple clients download the ISO to USB or DVD which you can then take to each client in turn. (You will get a key for each qaulifying purchase.)

  • If I purchase multiple copies of Windows 8 Pro will I be required to do a separate download for each or one download with multiple keys?

  • I have a computer with a hard drive partitioned in 3 partitions. On 1 partition I have Win XP 64-bit and on another partition I have Windows 7 64-bit installed and I am dual booting at the moment. If I buy the upgrade at $39.99 will I be able to install it in the 3rd partition and be able to triple boot (I know how to make triple booting, what I need to know is if this upgrade version will accept to install on my 3rd partition without freaking)? I want to keep my Win XP for software & hartdware compatibility (as some do not work on Win 7), and I want to keep my windows 7 too first because some software I bought will not run if it finds that the OS has changed (checks online everytime for changes and becomes a demo if it finds any) and also because I anticipate future software incompatibility issues.

  • @diggerdog

    Install 2nd drive, begin w8 install, tell it to install to 2nd drive when you get to that point.

  • Lot of questions asked over and over.

    1) The Price is 39 dollars US Dollars, convert that to see what it costs in your country.

    2) Yes you can upgrade it you have w8 preview, as long as you own a legit version of XP Vista or 7 and have COA

    3) Yes win7 drivers work (may be some exceptions)

    4) No you wont die with out a start menu, swipe bottom right, click search, tell windows what you want, it will get it for you

    5) Yes the install lets you create media for reinstalling, in fact you must make some kind of bootable media

    6) Yes you can install to a diff directory and dual boot

    7) Upgrade is for 1 install, not every PC you own, that is still 3 PC's for the price of one retail license roughly

  • I am running win7 pro and want to upgrade to win8 pro but want to install on a new drive, how can I do this.

  • I am running Win7 pro and want to install win8 upgrand on a new drive for a dual boot system. Can I do this?

  • I would like to know where to go for 39.99 update it seems that Oct 26 will never get here I have been running sence the the first download I LOVE IT!!!

  • Ok I have windows 7 ultimate x 64 bit.  If I upgrade it will be mainly for using the app centre to sell my games.

    1) So I bought ultimate for 200$  one year back and if I upgrade I only get windows 8 pro.

    2) there is no guarantee that all my hardware ( which is a workstation) will work with windows 8 properly?

    3) No Start menu

    4) To sell apps what more things I will need? A developer license also?

    Windows whenever released are always buggy and need constant upgrades.

    So I will prefer to run it on a virtual workstation.

    What will be the cost for buying an iso for running it virtually?

  • @larry342, If you have three computers you must must purchase a license for three. One download will not cover three computers unless MS offers a family pack. It does operate like Office where you can install up to three computers. I also have three computers. 3 licenses should cost you $119.97 and that is still a deal if you ask me because if Jan 31, 2013 the price may quadruple and also you are getting a pro version for there is only two versions of Windows 8 is available.

  • I'm currently running the Windows 8 preview, and no longer have my Windows 7 software disc. Can I still take advantage of the $39.99 upgrade to Pro if I want to do so from the preview version?

  • Chuck
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    New to the blogg.  Will the upgrade be able to upgrade from windows 7 32 bit to windows 7 64 bit  without having to do a clean install?  I need to save my files and apps. from a 32 bit computer, but would like to change to 64 bit version. Also will your favorites be saved during the upgrade?

  • I installed win8 RP on my pc ( a clean installed ) which has vista os  previously . can I upgrade directly to win8 pro($39.99 ) , without installing vista again in my pc ?

  • how much time will the windows 8 pro take to download?

  • is the windows 8 upgrade advisor available in India?

    if yes what's the price?

  • Brandon, you have not answered questions about how many installs can be made with the Windows 8 upgrade.  I have three computers.

  • Okay I understand every thing for the most part but I see a difference in the retail disc version for $69.99 and the downloadable version for $39.99. It says for the $69.99 version that you can update from windows 8 release preview but does not mention it in the download version. Is this possible with the download? For the record I did have windows 7 Home 64 Bit before I clean installed Windows 8 RP would I have to be forced to buy the $69.99 version? Or would the $39.99 version work out? Thanks

  • please inform your colleagues at Microsoft Romania  about this "Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99", too.

    today was the second time i've asked them about this and they didn't have a clue about it.

    they even did not recognize this blog as being an official Microsoft blog.

    my guess is that they even don't now who you are.

    finally, a note on the poor quality assistance provided by the customer service personnel, at +40 801 022 222

    (where the supervisor is not available and always busy).



    p.s. will this "Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99" be also available in Romania, starting with October 26, 2012, too?

  • MikeyB
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  • MikeyB
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    P.S.  - Yes I admit to being a "packrat" of DVDs and CDs for over 20 years, since I've been an MCSE since Windows Server 2003 and took my first MS exams on NT 3.51....What is true in the business world is becoming true in life......

    Businesses are now being obliged to archive data FOREVER, due to government regulations.  I have to archive my personal data for a lot longer than the 7 years for income taxes and debts and so forth, because sometimes I have had to be able to provide, for example, my birth certificate.  So certain data needs to be archived FOREVER (thank GOD the hospital knew that the day I was born).  It's very unusual and very non-restrictive that Microsoft will allow an upgrade from WIndows XP to Windows 8.  I'm certainly surprised.   I'm very sure experienced Windows Administrators will be able to find a solution (I know I can).

  • MikeyB
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    P.S. - I haven't read thru all the comments, but I predict there will be a LOT of ANXIETY about upgrading....so I'll give you all a tip..... there is a feature called "Windows to Go".  It is available on the PRO version, which this blog indicates is $40 upgrade.  Check it out.  Be SURE you have a BACKUP of ALL OF YOUR IMPORTANT USER FILES (DOCUMENTS, EMAIL, POWERPOINT, EXCEL, ETC.) BEFORE YOU UPGRADE!!!!! NEVER, EVER, UPGRADE THE OPERATING SYSTEM WITHOUT A FULL BACKUP OF EVERYTHING IMPORTANT!!!! (MICROSOFT STATES THIS EMPHATICALLY) p.s. - I'm pretty sure Microsoft has a disclaimer of responsibility for loss of data, when you check that checkbox that says "OK, I'll install it", you agree to not hold Microsoft responsible if all of your data is deleted.....SO get a USB stick and backup everything important before you try to upgrade the O/S (in Microsoft's defence, I'm ABSOLUTELY SURE they have done EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to ensure your data will not be lost........and IMHO they have done an unbelievably excellent job.....with Windows to Go, you can put Windows 8 on a USB stick, and "take it with you", so it you remove the stick, your computer boots whatever it has (like Windows XP) so you can go back to before.....also, you can take your stick to another computer (like the library, if they let you boot from a USB stick) and you have your Windows 8 there....

  • MikeyB
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    Wow!  I've been tracking Windows 8 for quite awhile.  Thought it would only be upgradeable from Windows 7....now they say XP can be upgraded too (let's see, an upgrade of 3 (or is that 4?) generations....let's see, XP, Vista. oh no, wasn't there another one called "shleppberger", or was that in between Windows 98 and XP, I can't remember......anyway...this morning I ordered a 10 year old Gateway tablet-laptop, the kind with( the screen swivel, from Amazon for $ 109. 00.  It has a whopping 2.0 GHZ Celeron M, an 80 GB HDD.  And others are paying $ 500 for a tablet without a keyboard, with a 2.X GHZ non-X86 cpu (Tegra) which cannot run "legacy" apps....as in anything not designed in METRO, which covers 99%-100% of the apps available on CNET downloads.  But since there are so many people curiously addicted to Apples, I guess maybe Windows has a chance....guess what, my new tablet has an integrated DVD drive, a 4-in-1 Card reader, a 14" screen, 1 GB RAM (upgradeable to 2 GB) 2 USB 2.0 ports, integrated RJ-45, VGA to an external monitor.  But... it weighs 5.5 lbs.... 'too much to carry, my arm might break off"....

  • musicrab
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    Why do people think that they can upgrade to Win8Pro from a Win8pre-release?  No you cannot.  The requirements are very specific.  XP, Vista or W7.

  • vlukes
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    Hi, so, could You help me, pelase ? I'm using Win8 Release and I want do change to Windows 8 Pro. Can I use Windows 8 Update Assistant ??? Thanks.

  • Hi,

    I have bought last year Windows 7 Ultimate edition, So looking at the Windows 8, The Pro edition is like Ultimate right?

    I'm confused of the pricing here can anyone help?

    If i upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro (assuming there is nothing like Windows 8 Ultimate edition) how much do i need to pay? I would be using the same method show above, Upgrade online. But I need a Physical CD as well..

    Please let me know the price keeping all the points above :)

  • Could someone please tell me how I can do the following:

    I will be upgrading to Windows 8 on Oct 26 for $40, but before I do I need to install a new hard drive on my computer. Is it possible to install the hard drive after I format the old one during the clean install process (then just switch the two out) or do I have to do something special? Your help is very much appreciated. You can also contact me on twitter @mcuomo2013


  • ?  Is Win 8 Pro VM-ready, offering a copy of XP for legacy programs, ala 7 Pro 64-bit?

    ?  Will "Ultimate Extras" (ala Vista Ultimate) be available?

    ?  Will there be a native Win 8 option to revert to a traditional Windows Start/Programs desktop (as opposed to having to install 3rd party apps)?

  • CT88
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    @Brandon Leblanc My DVD player cannot play DVDs ("unsupported file formats") after I downloaded W8 RTM; any advice to fix it please.  Will I have problems upgrading to W8 Pro without a functioning DVD player; will Media Center fix the player; will the W8 Pro upgrade fix the player, or will Windows Update fix it ?  Thanks for the info dissemination you are spreading a great deal of goodwill !

  • swash
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    Sounds like a great deal. But I'm confused about one thing (well, at least one). If the Upgrade Assistant is now only available through the actual product (unlike Upgrade Advisor for 7), how do you know before you buy Windows 8 if it's going to work on your machine? Seems odd, even at these good prices, to have to buy it before you can find out if it will work for you? (I'm looking at leapfrogging an XP laptop up to 8 to try it out before upgrading my 7 desktop).

  • shmuel
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    Thanks Brandon for all the details. You answered all my questions.

  • I don't know if you guys are so new to windows you've never upgraded on release, or your so old you don't remember the $50 upgrade price (physical media!) from win7 when you pre ordered it, for the same thing its $55, thats an increase, although you don't have to get the physical media you can create it yourself making it $10 cheaper this time round.

    And yes it's a good deal just not the bargin you think it is because you didn't want to upgrade as soon win7 came out and so only saw the $120 price for win7 after release.

  • I understand that UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 8 is a license upgrade, so you lose your Windows 7, for example, license and you become a windows 8 license owner.

    Then you can format and create a installation from scratch even with a blank harddrive. Am I right ?

  • When will I be able to purchase the upgrade version of Windows 8?

  • goanddo
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    I know I will eventually upgrade to 8 and would love to take advantage of this deal, but I'm wondering if I can buy the upgrade now and save it to a disc, then wait to install it until something akin to a "service pack 2" is released? Whenever I get on a "new software bandwagon" it seems to falter... maybe I need to lose a few pounds or something :)

  • @Brandon Two questions about Windows 8 I need to know about.

    1. I'm on Windows 7 Professional (x64) now. If I upgrade to Windows 8 Pro (x64) through the online download method, does it retain all my installed Windows 7 applications or am I forced to re-install all my applications?

    2. Am I allowed to install a trial copy of Windows 8 on a machine and run it unactivated for 30 days like I can with Windows 7? Every once in a while I need to test an application separate from my production environment, and I need a temporary "disposable" copy of Windows. What I usually do is roll a Windows 7 trial VM for a couple days while I run the application, then toss it when I'm done, keeping my production copy of Windows in tact and "clean". Can I still do this under Windows 8?

    FYI for those who read this: I DO NOT do this to "get out of paying" for Windows or any other stunts. I purchase my legally-licensed copies of Windows like everyone else. Every once in a while, I simply need to create a "disposable" test environment of Windows I can toss when I'm done so as not to mess up my production environment. The Windows 7 trial method makes this handy.

    Thanks Brandon!

  • clubbah
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    The link is here: www.microsoftstore.com/.../pbpage.Windows_8_Pro

    You can see that it's offering it for $39.99 after October 26th (look under the Pre-Order button)

  • Will I be able to able to easily upgrade to windows 8 pro from windows 7 that was originally installed as an upgrade from windows vista?

  • Offering Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 and a free Media Center is nice, but I am wondering if I reformat my hard drive can I use the DVD that I will definantly backup to reinstall or do I have to go back to Wimdows.com to do it? I am also entertaining the thought of letting MS send a back up DVD. It does not matter to me to use my Win 7 discs to verify ownership. Also if one uses the backup disks do you have to enter a code or will just depend on the Windows 7 Discs.

  • Weldon
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    Will it work with a 32-bit system? Can it be a dual install with WindowsXP?

  • uranus
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    Brendon LeBlanc has said that on line upgrade for $40 may be made from a PC using Release Preview and you "MAY" require to have a genuine original windows 7  key or other.I have the original Windows 7 disks. I have made clean instals  to Release Preview' but also proceeded to instal the recent Windows 8 Pro 9200 over that and it works fine. Its life is limited to 180 days without the key. Can I now upgrade for $40 from this PC to Windows 8 Pro and my final key activation key? It would seem absurd to have to clean out the present Win8 Pro, then reload Release Preview  simply to get the final product.

  • JimJ
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    I'm with the guys above--where the heck do I sign up for all this?  ie, Win 8 upgrade assistance, XP to Win8 upgrade special offer.


    Jim J

  • I'm not able to to find a link on Microsoft's website to allow me to purchase this...

    Can someone please shoot me in the right direction, I feel like an idiot lol

    Thanks a bunch =]

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    Will an original MS serial number for Win XP written on the outside of my computer qualify for upgrading?

  • Brandon,

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and have a few question about the promotion and the versions going to be available on release date. When Windows 8 is generally available on October 26, what are the versions going to be? I have a custom built computer, and want to put Windows 8 on a separate hard drive, but when you mentioned for anyone building a computer, what is the Windows 8 Pro System builder Product? Thus, is Windows 8 going to be available in a full version or is it just going to be available as an upgrade version? And finally, I know that Windows Media Center is going to be available as a separate add-on, but why isn't that implemented in Windows 8 right out of the box?


  • so far so good, but many people like to buy a version in a box on a dvd or download that installs straight away, no upgrade version, just the OS. Is that possible?

  • is windows 8 pro available for those who bought pc or laptop before june in the philippines?

  • if my notebook has only 64gb free of 454gb harddisk, and its running win7 ultimate x64, can i upgrade successfully? where is the url to pay and download?

  • I called the Microsoft store yesterday and the rep didn't know anything about the $39 upgrade price for Windows 8 preview users. She said the only upgrade discount is for purchases of Windows 7 PC since June. Where is the upgrade for preview reviewers posted on the Microsoft website? Thanks.

  • i want to  get my payment in and i want to get my keys for 4 pc's 2 vista and 2 seven the wating is killing me i just cant wate :)

  • My laptop came from dell  pr-installed with windows 7 Home Premium,  My laptop did not come with an OS Disk, But i have a OEM INDIA version key for my  windows 7 Home Premium given by Dell ,will I be eligible for the offer?

  • Will I be able to use the $40 upgrade on a PC I am using as a server, with Windows Home Server 2011?

    Please copy response to jpaterjr@gmail.com

  • I recently put win 7 on my main computer. It works well.

    I have 2 other work computers & one home one.

    The price is excellent - well done Microsoft - smart move.

    I will get Win 8 at this price, but


    Almost everyone wants the start menu - I know you can add the start menu without a great deal of hassle.

    Grouping most used programs in this manner works for most people - we like the start menu.

    Even if you put it in a Windows Update after release.

    PLEASE !!

  • Is this offer valid for an upgrade from MSDNAA licensed WIndow 7 Pro?

  • I've been a sucker for following & supporting your preliminary versions of win8, beginning with consumer review, on to release preview. at each upgrade step, there was no way to save my files or programs; it was a washout.  Past upgrades provided an option to save stuff in a special file after you started; not so with win8's.  

      Don't know if it was an intentional way of wiping us out or not, but I'm stuck now.  What I want to know is "WILL I BE ABLE TO UPGRADE FROM WIN8 RELEASE PREVIEW WITHOUT GOING BACK TO WIN7 OR  NOT?


    Fool me once, shame on you ,fool me twice, shame on me, fool me three times & I quit dealing with you.

      respectfully, Carlton Eugene Bates

    RSVP requested:   genebates1@cableone.net

  • I'm getting an ERROR Message from my Action Center to Activate my Windows 8 NOW, it says the Product is not Activated

    Error code 0xD000000D

  • If I use the process and upgrade a windows 7 laptop, can I use the upgrade on a different machine if the laptop goes bad?  In other words can the upgrade be used on a different machine than the one I go through the process with to upgrade the machine that later goes bad?

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