Upcoming Windows Milestones Shared with Partners at WPC

Upcoming Windows Milestones Shared with Partners at WPC

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Today in Toronto, Canada, at Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference, Windows Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer Tami Reller spoke to thousands of partners from around the world. She shared some exciting new details regarding Windows that I wanted to pass along.

For the first time, we provided details on Windows 8 availability. Tami confirmed that Windows 8 is on track to Release to Manufacturing (RTM) the first week of August. For enterprise customers with Software Assurance benefits, they will have full access to Windows 8 bits as early as August. Additionally, she noted that RTM is when we’ll be turning on the commerce platform so that developers can start earning money for their apps – we'll have more to share on the Windows Store for developers blog soon. Of course, right now with the Windows 8 Release Preview, all apps are still free for people to try.

Tami went on to say that Windows 8 will reach general availability by the end of October! This means that new Windows 8 and Windows RT PCs will be available to buy and upgrades will be available starting in October. She also mentioned that that Windows 8 will be available in 109 languages across 231 markets worldwide.

Finally, Tami announced a new milestone with Windows 7. There is no question that Windows 7 is the bestselling operating system in history – and the number of licenses sold keeps growing. In her remarks, Tami announced that more than 630 million Windows 7 licenses have been sold to date – and that more than half of enterprise desktops today are running Windows 7.

For Windows 8 hardware demos from our partners, I recommend watching the replay of the keynote, which will be available here later today.

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  • rgvweb
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    Very nice, very nice indeed! This will make upgrading a much more viable option. So is the "free" Windows Media Center download mentioned here the media pack that you guys were previously discussing would be available for a "small" fee? <a href="www.bankinfoonline.com/">IFSC Codes</a>

  • Good job.   A great effort so far with a lot more to do, so I hope everyone is working overtime fixing bugs.  I guess features should be completely done by now.   However, I know we can't necessarily expect all the MS apps to be fixed at RTM, since they may really be updated any time via the store.

    WOA FTW!



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  • Will it be available on MSDN in August too?

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  • Vincent
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    I find Windows 8 the best os so far, you just have to learn how to use it.I do admit that some of the apps did not respond as expected ie; mail, wanted windows mail, found that by downloading wm first windows 8 produced an app to link it.Microsoft will produce upgrades to fix relevant bugs in 8 so lets get married to the new OS in October.


  • It's nice for a computer or laptop with a touch screen, but apart from that if you don't have a touch screen device, Like most your users currently, the OS is not really worth upgrading to IMO. I tried the Customer preview and it was a joke.. The media player does not look or work correctly and for the most part I found myself having to go back into the old style desktop, so really why would anyone without a touch device want this version of windows.  I love windows mobile as the device works with it, but this OS is a joke.. It's going to be nicked named Vista 2..

  • It doesn't seem to me that windows 8 is anywhere near ready to be released. As far as I can tell, there are all sorts of glitches in the operating system and the way that basic things work.

    One example is trying to get the icons to appear from the right side of the monitor. It always takes me three or four attempts to get the icon that bring me to shutting down the system.

    Also, the basic Apps interface needs lots of work before I would use it regularly. This is an operating system for a computer and not a toy such as a Phone or a Pad. I need it to be easy to use in order to accomplish everything it takes to run a business on it. I simple list of the programs on my computer as in all previous operating systems is so much simpler to deal with then the new Start page is.

  • Can you confirm there was a design decision to dumb-down the Explorer features in Windows 8?

    According to the Moderator on Windows Answers, any application started from the Metro Start tile will only have the Charms bar for search capability.  

    Applications started from the old Desktop will have the full functionality of IE9 - icons, list, details, content with partial and full string search.

    Since integration with the IE9 browser has been the mantra, starting browser based apps like YouTube, Flickr or WordPress will remove the complex and helpful functionality people depend upon.

    I have been using Windows 8 since February and don't believe the Consumer Preview had this limitation, but I could be wrong. It is definitely the status quo with the Release Preview.  

    I write for the Tech Media so if there is someone I should be talking to, please refer me to them.

    Cheers and thanks, Stephen Pate

  • brian5
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    Any news on upgrades from Windows 8 Consumer Preview or Windows 8 Release Preview?  I have two PCs on the former and don't want to go to Release Preview (as it has to be fresh install and I don't want to have a do fresh installs now and then again in October).


  • So again does this mean end of October we can go and purchase a system builder copy of windows 8 from a store I don't like upgrading id rather have a copy of windows I can install fresh as many times as I like.

  • iznuh
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  • That digitalwpc site is absolutely BALLS.

    How come the videos don't work? Firefox, Chrome, IE, I can't load any previous videos. And when is the promised video going to be uploaded??

  • abm
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    Please bring back the metro-style XPS reader app for Windows 8 (metro), Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8.

    A reader app with XPS, XPS, XPS and PDF support along with the find, page-selection, manual-zoom-control, pinch-to-zoom, text-selection and print over Wired (USB), Wired (LAN), WiFi and Bluetooth options.

    Would be a treat if we can share XPS and PDF files with others devices over WiFi and Bluetooth !

    Would be an extra-treat if we have "View Online" option for XPS on http://skydrive.com (like View Online for PDF) !!

    Thanks for asking my opinion and Your kind consideration. (-8

  • Janson
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    So come on MS where's the Video?  This is a missed opportunity...

  • @ Leigh

    The resolution was mentioned in the Surface launch videos was indeed HD, but all subsequent requests to Microsoft have been met with statements to the effect that the specs aren't locked down.

    And please don't presume to speak for "most people". Speak for yourself, as I do, and let "most people" speak for themselves.

    I, personally, want a higher res tablet than HD.

  • Leigh
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    Would love to have seen that video.   00:47 on the East Coast and nothing there.   I would think that a company as in the cloud and internet as Microsoft could make the video available in realtime, and actually stream it a few minutes after the keynote ended.

    @pierluc... seriously, a game on Windows 98 is some priority for "who" to run on Windows 8, not to mention Windows 7 or Vista?

    @zipZapRap: The SurfaceRT display is HD, which is 720p or close to it.  The Surface Pro display is full HD/1920 x 1080.  Most people don't really need an ultra resolution display to do their work, contrary to what the fruit company is trying to sell,, but if you think you need full HD, you'll have to get the Surface Pro later, not the RT.

  • Fristly, a huge congrats to Microsoft for the massive success of Windows 7. That's awesome news. It's definitely my favourite OS of all time and I'll miss it dearly when I upgrade to Windows 8 (but I'll probably keep a laptop about the house running Windows 7 for nostalgia ;-))

    Secondly, looking forward to hearing more news of Surface! Like specs and price :) Hopefully SurfaceRT will have the same FHD display as it's bigger brother. Your OEM partners are slowly learning that no one wants 1366 x 768 or similar resolutions anymore. That just doesn't cut it.

  • Gisabun
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    Last I heard Windows 8 RT Surface will be out when Windows 8 is released. Windows 8 Pro Surface will be released about 90 days after.

    MSDN is generally released within the same week of the RTM and the TechNet Plus will be about a week after [I think so that the servers don't get bogged down!]. Sometime after that will be trial versions and other offerings.

  • T Windows
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    @ Brandon

    Thanks for the link to the keynote, it’s great to see this chain reaction for Microsoft across the board.

    Hey anymore news on the Surface Tablet – how about some more teasers, man O man we can’t wait!

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • Leigh
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    Good job.   A great effort so far with a lot more to do, so I hope everyone is working overtime fixing bugs.  I guess features should be completely done by now.   However, I know we can't necessarily expect all the MS apps to be fixed at RTM, since they may really be updated any time via the store.

    WOA FTW!

  • 630M Win 7 licenses is crazy.. and you can probably double that number w/ the amount of pirated and multiple licensed users.

  • Will Microsoft begin to accept pre-orders? If so will that also occur in October?

  • abroone
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    Windows 8 release  has changed the language of my PC, I am using English now. could I swich to italian language on Windows 8 when it is available, I am not talking Windows 8 pro

  • @controlz, @Jamiet, @Stefano - the binaries should be up on TechNet and MSDN pretty close to RTM. I'd expect to see the client edition first - probalby 3-4 days after we hear about RTM,although MS is getting better and better at this. THen, a week or so later, we'll see server. At least that was more or less waht happened with Windows 7. Let's see if MSFT can do even better with 8!

  • abroone
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    You said 109 languages, please tell us which are they?

  • So does this mean that end of october we can go to a store and buy windows 8 pro ?

  • does that mean i can update my windows 7 computer to windows 8?

  • Stefano
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    Any news on when it will be available on TechNet?

  • @pierluc_cr @Aaron44126: Actually Windows 8 has native 16-bit app support. windows-8-support.com/run-your-16-bit-applications-on-windows-8-with-windows-8-support

  • Scheezo
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    My Win7 phone recently passed away and I have to bear with an old school flip phone until 8 comes out.  Its killing me but at least there is a release date.  Really wish you would be upgrading current phones to 8 so I could get something now.

  • The Surface Pro will be available later this year or early next year...  I'm going to wait for this one.  As I really want to have the pen input capability.  Just hope that it's pressure sensitive..  

    By the way, I love the new look of Windows... For once, away from those everlasting gradients (Vista) and Fisher Price XP blue.

  • @pierluc_cr

    There's no reason to believe that old Win98-era games will work any better on Windows 8 than they did on Windows 7/Vista.  (In fact, it's more on the original developers than on Microsoft to fix these sorts of issues at this point.)

  • I know that we can use software made for windows XP, Vista or Windows7 on Windows 8. But, I know that some video-games made for Windows 98 doesn't work properly on Windows Vista and Windows 7 even if I use the compatibility mode. I would like to know if this old games will work better or not at all on Windows 8?

  • jamiet
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    Will it be available on MSDN in August too?

  • Does this mean the Surface Tablet will be on sale at GA in October?

  • controlz
    145 Posts

    Any news on when it will be available on TechNet? Hopefully before October!

  • DomFinn
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    Ooh can we assume the surface will be available at the same time? :-)