Windows 8 will be available on…

Windows 8 will be available on…

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…October 26th, 2012! That’s right! Just a few minutes ago, Steven Sinofsky announced at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting that customers will be able to get Windows 8 – whether in upgrade fashion or on a new PC – starting on October 26th. Earlier this month at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Tami Reller told attendees Windows 8 would be available in October. But now everyone has a specific date to mark on their calendars. It’s on mine!


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  • imonous
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    I'm still using Windows 8 to power my home improvement blog at and I must say that it is doing me a world of good!! I don't care what they say about you, keep up the great work Microsoft lol.

    -John Galmer

    Windows Extreme User

  • I've tried it out, and it might be ok for tablet users, but for desktop pc users its a piece of crap, stick with windows 7 for pc, it has everything you need, pc users will just be waisting their money on this.

  • Isn't windows 8 more for touch screen computers than standard ones? Is there even a reason for non touch screen users to upgrade?

  • I've very impressed with the pricing for Windows 8.  It is a very fair price and it has encouraged me to upgrade  all my computers to Windows 8.  I do hope trust that you are considering a similar reasonable pricing when you release Microsoft Office 2013 rather than the current higher prices which encourage us to use alternate programs.

  • I think it is 26 October 2012. can I know where is the WINDOWS 8, for which the world is waiting.......

  • hi, does anybody know when Sruface will be available in Central- and Eastern European countries?

  • Guys is the Surface Pro launch date out yet? I assume it's after 90 days of Surface launch... Which means 26-Jan-2013... Is it? Please confirm, as i need to start planning my saving to afford it :) also any idea on Surface Pro Pricing ?

  • Good Job ,  I hope it works better than it does now

  • i have a problem with windows 8 where can i ask for it ?

  • Instead of those much new useless features you should have better concentrate on the essentiuals how to improve windows , such as tabbed Explorer ( with Mouse Autofocus (scroll without the need to click the item first to get the focus, as its for ages in OS X Finder) or EASY customizeable Icons as it is possible in OS X for ages.

    Currently customizing icons is just a mess.

  • I hope that there will be a Aero Glass Theme (with blur, shadow, rounded corners) available for Windows 8.

    Until then I wont use it even tho I got it already for free as Student.

  • MO7A545
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    Just put it in my calendar on my Focus. So glad it's on a Friday, gives me thwhole weekend to play around with it.thanks

  • MO7A545
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  • The Windows 8 Store will have between 11,246 - 12,811 Apps by November 3rd, 2012. 64,542 in November 2013. 325,161 in November 2014 and in nearly three years it will have a total of 1,638,134 Apps.

  • TheTao
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    I can see enterprise users slipstreaming something like classic shell into their custom win8 builds. Come on Microsoft, sort it out, give us back the start menu (I use it *all the time*) and boot into the desktop by default. this constant flipping back and forth between metro and desktop really makes my eyes hurt. The fullscreen metro apps like internet exploder make my eyes bleed and my brain ache. It's too loud. it's too bright. There's too much wasted white space everywhere.

  • behnam
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    mark this date in calendar :D but hope to get cheap(fairly ) price for upgrade!

  • Aravind
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    Thanks to Microsoft  and to the Windows 8 team by developing such an awesome OS for this generation. I have been using Windows 8 from Aug 17 .....It Was just Awesome...........

  • dranax
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    Probleme de compatibilité avec des applications W95 98 (jeux en autre)

    Interfaces non fonctionnel pour l'acces au panneau de configuration sur un PC non tactile

    peut pratique pour des personne d'un certain age

  • dranax
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    j'ai un probleme de reconnaissance de mon processeur pour la virtualisation Hyper V

    fonctionne avec 2008R2 mais Win 8 me dit que mon processeur n'est pas compatible

    Config : Portable Centrino Core 2 7100 avec 2Go de ram

  • breezer
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    i need a now laptop itheis1 i on i is my sis my got a bog on it

  • anur8g
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    and what about WP8???? waiting for WP8 since it was announced.

  • I have been waiting to buy a new PC since I initially heard the news of a Windows 8 release last year and thought it would be perfect if it came out in October 2012. I'm ecstatic!

  • Will there be a Windows 8 launch event in Portland, OR that I can attend?

  • @tw8rivera, First, the date is October 26th for General Availability.  Second you can try the Enterprise Evaluation at and click downloads.

  • I have been following and testing Windows 8 for a while and learned of the August 26th 2012 release date. Where is Windows 8? I have not seen it anywhere in the market yet. This is a little disappointing.

  • mart225
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    Hi I love windows 8 and when windows 8 is able to buy is the windows 8 release preview will be removed from my dell inspiron mini 1018 because I install windows 8 on windows 7 starter Im worried because I don't know how to install windows 7

  • T Windows
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    Thanks for the release date banner displayed on the home page, it feels good to have a firm date.

    Hey to add to the excitement and intensity – please consider adding a countdown clock or something similar to the eye catching effect.

    Another BIG thanks to Team Windows you guys are awesome!

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • norite
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    I did a fresh install of windows 8 on a spare hard drive, put it in my laptop and gave it to my wife to play with. I didn't say anything, just, 'Here's windows 8, try it out and tell me what you think.'

    She said it felt like it was designed for people with learning difficulties, or for children, or for people with poor vision...

    Needless to say, she didn't like it. She really didn't get the 'put your mouse in the far corners thing' '

    'It's a bit shitty' where her exact words to sum it up.

    I can see enterprise users slipstreaming something like classic shell into their custom win8 builds. Come on Microsoft, sort it out, give us back the start menu (I use it *all the time*) and boot into the desktop by default. this constant flipping back and forth between metro and desktop really makes my eyes hurt. The fullscreen metro apps like internet exploder make my eyes bleed and my brain ache. It's too loud. it's too bright. There's too much wasted white space everywhere. Give laptop and desktop users the option to turn metro off by default during an install.

  • hallo,

    i want to asking a question about my license.

    i have an original cd windows xp installed on my laptop and then i want to upgrade to windows 8.

    what happen with my both windows licences if my laptop broken and i buy a new one.

    1. can i install my windows xp and then upgrade it to windows 8 on other laptop ?.

    2. and what about in the same laptop,can i install windows xp and then upgrade it to windows 8 anytime and many time ?

    thank you.

  • Irfan
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    I'll buy online, get the key and install. Just the way I did for Windows7.

  • Tom Warren
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    Come on Brandon, where's the RTM post :)?

  • Mark SM
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    Retail versions/

    I use Full Versions..on DVD

    What about walking into a Staples Office Supply store?

  • wd5fdl
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    last i checked there was no close buttons onanything you open in windows 8 and certain things were  i predict a lot of phone calls to support to the point of  extream traffic congestion on thier lines and to being redickulas...

    imagine 'money symbols $$$ with angle wings "

  • Nedim
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    Tested already developer and release preview,

    AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

    My mom says when win 8 comes we go on the first day to buy them!

    And a surface table¨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Dukec7
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    hopfully my window preview activation's key can be activated

  • this will be available in India from 26.10.2012 or not??

  • will it be available in all the countries from  26.10.2012

  • I think only the WinRT version of Surface will be out at launch.  The Intel-based Pro will be a couple of months later.  Also, I'd imagine a web-installable version of the Windows 8 upgrade will be available at launch.  I'd much prefer that anyway, as opposed to going to the local retailer and buying a CD, which will be more expensive.  If memory serves, the downloadable will be the one that's $40, and the CD version will be $70.  

    On a side note, I was disappointed to discover yet ANOTHER Windows 8 metro app has disappeared from the Store.  I have both TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio installed, and when I logged in I saw there were two updates waiting in the Store.  Much to my frustration, I launched the Store app, clicked on the Updates link and.....No updates are available.  I did a search of the Store and discovered that iHeartRadio had joined the previously deleted TuneIn Radio.  

    Come ON, Microsoft, stop deleting apps this far out from launch!!!!  I don't dare crash my system since I won't be able to reinstall those apps.  This is flipping JULY.  Forcing us to wait three months to reacquire these apps is just ridiculous.

  • adieb00
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    Despite the fact that metro was designed for Phones and tablets and how the login screen requires a click to work, basically despite Microsoft's flaws in the OS, don't you think that Microsoft was actually trying to make 'the tiles child-like and boring' because that is the whole point of the metro interface? Not that it's childlike and boring non-intuitive but simple and intuitive, for people who havnt had any experience with the normal desktop of Windows 7 and before, especially, because it's like a no-brainer.  Maybe for some special IT People it will be annoying because they are used to a desktop, but that's why Microsoft was smart enough to still integrate the desktop into the UI. That basically covers Microsoft's backs.

  • Wilii
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    OH MY GOD!!! Is the day of my Birthdaay!!!!!

    Is the best gift of my life of part Microsoft.

    =D =D =D =D

    Thanks Microsoft, Thaaaaaankssssssssss!!!!

  • norite
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    Hi. I installed windows 8 on a 20 Gb drive (ripped out of an xbox 360 caddy) and installed it on a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop.

    Just like to say how disappointing it is...the metro interface is just terrible and frankly stupid....on a laptop or desktop. I can see it being useful on a phone or a tablet, but it's not for a desktop...Why are the tiles so, um plain and one dimensional looking? They look really simple, and er, ugly. Similarly for the look of the programs like Internet exploder in full, very child-like and amateurish. It is also very non-intuitive, why do you have to push your mouse all the way to the corner of a screen to get somewhere? Why do you not get a log in screen straight away? Why do i have to click to get to it?? Do you realise how much of a nightmare this is going to be for IT support over the phone?

    In order to use windows 8, I had to download a 3rd party program called classic shell:

    Fortunately, i was able to get a normal start menu, and it also dropped me straight into the desktop after logging in. I was also able to delete the metro tiles, so this made windows 8 bearable. However, i then opened the laptop in order to fit a bluetooth module to it. I booted up into windows 8 and it wasn't detected. I tried everything i could in device manager, detect new hardware wizard, etc. Nothing. I thought the module might be dead. So i pulled the 20Gb drive and fitted the 320Gb drive with Kubuntu Linux 11.04 on it. Logged on,and hey presto, Kbluetooth daemon was already running, and it took seconds to synch it to my Android phone and transfer a few files. Re-inserted the windows 8 drive, and still nothing. Nada. no bluetooth. Is bluetooth supported on windows 8?

    Good luck with your release, but i think this is going to bomb pretty badly. I don't know anyone personally who likes the metro interface on a desktop/laptop. I think you've become so focussed (obsessed?) about phones and tablets you forgotten the desktop and laptop users. Oh Dear!!

  • amazing :) the upgrade offer is realy a good idea! goodbye xp, hello future :)

    good luck with windows 8 :)

  • adieb00
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    Too close to Halloween...  good luck with that lol

  • I have upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8 preview , so on 26th oct will i be able to upgrade to windows 8 or not , and other thing is windows 8 don't support anti virus what should i do help !!!

  • I am a big Mac fan, have iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro, but also have PC desktop at home. I love Windows 8. Far and away best Windows yet.

  • I was wondering will the final release include a shutdown button that everyone can find easily?

  • hopeiy is good and working as well as others have in the past

  • giarc
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    im using windows 8 prerelease the the computer shut down part dosent work

  • Well Ill never forget the Day windows 8 Launched It was my Birthday it was also the first time in the history of my Own IT Career that I didnt upgrade within 5 days of launch Dont get me wrong Ill get a copy I just wont be installing it anytime soon

  • Hi,How much will windows 8 pro. costs?and  Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro  costs??

  • 123321
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    wow i'm really impressed how fast Windows 8 is booting or shutting down!

    i like the Metro Interface but even if i wouldn't i would buy win8 because of that fantastic speed!

  • abm
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    Well, well .. as always I am loyal to my brand...

    - I'm gonna get it as soon as its released.

    - Then I am gonna get my first tablet ever as soon as WinRT tablets get out.

    - Then I am gonna get my second smartphone ever after WP7 as soon as WP8 gets out.

    - Also, we are expecting a major update for Xbox to make it compatible with Windows 8 desktop / laptop / phone / tablet with SmartGlass.. and please announce when are thou gonna announce the metro automobile based on augumented reality concepts ... 8-P

    Thank you much to those working on and around Windows ecosystem...

    ~ M 4 Microsoft, Metallica & Nothing Else Matters  \ m / - \ m /

  • i. ri.
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    You are going to love Windows 8 !  


  • does windows 8 compatible for my acer aspire v3-471 core 15?

    Can you help me?

  • Hey Steve!  Can you make sure that the folks in Marketing give us the option to Pre-Order the Surface!?  I need to get one for my mom, my 2 year-old, and a Surface Pro for myself!  I want to showup on launch day with my new Surface Pro in hand!!

  • Drew
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    I think I'll need to swing by the Microsoft store that day and see if they have any promotions going on, or to try out the Surface...  Currently I don't have plans to update to 8 unless I were to end up getting a Surface (either) or new computer.

  • Great News!!! I'll be hosting a MVP Open Day in Brazil for all Brazilian Microsoft MVPs at that same day and it will be exciting to have them all together and supporting this great Microsoft day!!!

  • When can we preorder windows 8

  • And as soon as it's released....we'll start to see people make up rumours about Windows 9!!!!!!!

  • It is nice to know the availability date for Windows 8. A few things keep me stayed away from Microsoft ever since I got my first Windows Phone a few weeks ago. My main concerns, does it support  EAP-TTLS Authentication Protocol ? The marketplace and region issue is like a mess. I hope the staffs in Microsoft understand that WE PEOPLE WHO OWN WINDOWS MACHINES TRAVEL AROUND IN THE WORLD. Some may move to another country and stay there for a couple of years. Are you expecting people keep creating Windows Phone, Zune, Xbox marketplace account wherever they go ? =)

  • If I am on Windows XP Professional and want to upgrade to Windows 8, is that possible without first going to Windows 7?

  • Nice I can't wait, I'm marking it in my Bitrix24 intranet calendar, and adding the notice for all my employees to see.

  • sana
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    Is windows 8 available in indian stores on 26oct?

  • Reputer
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    Will I be able to keep a win xp pro drive and a win 8 pro drive on the same pc?

  • Hi!

    I am from the lovely Austria ... not Australia ... and I wanna ask also ...  when will Windows 8 RTM be available for TechNet and MSDN Users. Thank you very much for any helpful answer.

    Nice Greetings


  • Any idea when MSDN/TechNet subscribers will get the RTM?

  • MrESWC
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    That fits well into our timing of the 12th European Software Conference taking place in Munich on November 24 in the city where Microsoft Germany has its headquarter.

  • thanx that ll so good for us to use i hope all my colleges and friend have good  and forever

  • I really hope that Microsoft have listened their customers and offer option to disable Metro on desktop/laptop use, if user want to.

    I have used Windows since version 3 and Windows 8 will be first Windows in years that I'll pass if desktop users are forced to use Metro with Windows 8 RTM.

  • Halberde
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    Again, not true. There is the System Builder version (see the link to the upgrade offer above), and as we haven't heard anything else about it, it could be different to previous OEM version, more like a Full version.

  • Yes!! Marked on my calendar to gift myself during my birthday month. Can't wait to get my hands on a Surface Windows 8 Pro with. Way to go Microsoft!!

  • @georgep001 , on Oct 26th, if they are going to give out licenses, then you may absolutely do what you want. Download a setup, keep the license key, wrap them and keep it safe for any further installations.

  • dpoveda
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    @dnationsr This is not true, OEM will exist in Windows 8, upgrade is just another way to have an original operating system

  • I am feeling well with windows 8 preview release. It is working good on my mini laptop which has already low resolution... And  it is a very good OS for all Pc, other than tablet...

    will buy it

  • Just don't disappoint us with any ill issue in it. Test it hundreds of times to ensure there is nothing lacking or disturbing.

  • Albert
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    I'm hopeful that you guys will be able to launch the most revolutionary take on Windows with the most revolutionary hardware PC design...simultaneously. Otherwise, where's the excitement in a 'delayed' Surface launch?

  • Davele
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    For those who say they can't wait. Get a copy of MSDN. New products are available for download immediately they are released. Often a lot earlier than they are available in stores.

  • zed260
    21 Posts

    how much will windows 8 costs id love to have a copy signed by ballmer mailed to me lol email me if you know anything about price or preordering etc at or better yet just send me copy

  • T Windows
    116 Posts

    @Brandon LeBlanc

    Dude thanks for post, and tell Steven Sinofsky he’s the MAN!

    This announcement for the firm date on 8 is overwhelming – but we can hardly wait for the SURFACE.

    I feel like a kid on Christmas morning... are better yet we all feel like this guy –

    Thanks again Brandon.

    - Stay Powered by Windows

  • Pretty cool. I hope it works better than it does now.

  • Shareholders beware! Sell before this launches!

  • TimDunn
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    When will Surface be out? I am excited, even if a little shafted by Windows Phone 7.5 not being upgraded...still, I'll settle for a Nokia WP8 in due course, after all the first gen bugs are dealt with.  Still, though, Surface is the baby I want.  i think!  Exciting time.  Show Apple what you still got!

  • Isn't windows 8 more for touch screen computers than standard ones? Is there even a reason for non touch screen users to upgrade?

  • I just want to ask When I install the windows 8 Realease Priveiw .... The instal Wizard told me that my CPU didn't match the requirements my Cpu in  Dual - Core with 1.9 GHZ ............what that's .... I see the requirements and my cpu is match it

  • Oh my God my Patinet will empty to this datye and time

  • if i use windows xp 2000 can i up grand

  • madjah
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    @Reyes56  Yes Surface will be avaliable on the same date.

  • Reyes56
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    I'm running Windows7 ultimate. Won't Windows8 PRO be downgrading ?

  • Yes! I'm looking forward to upgrading. So, this means that the Surface will be available around the same date right?

  • Huurraaaayyyyy, such a sweet news and I hope all about Windows 8 (PCs, Tablets & Windows Phones) are all coming on that day....uunless I'm wrong here.

  • Mikez
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    If I have Windows 8 Release Preview installed over the top of Windows 7 am I still eligible for the cheaper upgrade price to the full version of Windows 8?

  • I looking forward impatiently on October 26...

  • Everyone needs to remember.....the ONLY way you can install windows 8 is for upgrading..there will not be a OEM version.

  • Good to finally see a fixed date for the final (RTM) version. I hope that is a global availability date; i.e. will us Canadians get it as well?

  • Jazlork
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    when it comes to windows these products are awesome.........

    when windows 7 was launched it was a great hit after windows XP

    now by looking at the features of <a href=''>Windows 8</a> i believe this gonna be another hit by microsoft

    Good Luck Windows 8

  • Is windows 8 available in stores on the 26th?

  • But when will the surface be available?!? Really though, is this date a surprise to anyone? Isn't that when all Windows releases are? That's like saying Call of Duty will release on the closest Tuesday to Veterans' Day every year.. :)

  • DannyVN
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    Hopefully is Windows 8 also immediately available in Belgium

  • How about surface :O, I WANT IT

  • Does that mean on October 26th well be able to go to a store and purchase a copy of windows 8 ? cause Id like to have a copy I can clean install anytime id like.