Windows Upgrade Offer Registration Now Available

Windows Upgrade Offer Registration Now Available

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Today, registration is officially open for the Windows Upgrade Offer we announced in May. If you purchase or have purchased an eligible Windows 7 PC anytime between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013 you will be able to purchase an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for only $14.99 (U.S.) which will be redeemable when Windows 8 is generally available on October 26th. If you’re still looking for a PC, check out some of our great Windows 7 PCs. Once you’ve purchased your PC you can come back and register for the offer.

Registration for the Windows Upgrade Offer is only for those who buy an eligible Windows 7 PC between June 2nd and January 31st, 2013.

Here is what you need to do to register for your $14.99 (U.S.) upgrade to Windows 8 Pro:

After buying your PC, go to the Windows Upgrade Offer website to register. It will ask you to select your country (details for the offer vary depending on country). You will then be asked to register with your personal details as well as information about your Windows 7 PC purchase – including date of purchase, retailer, and PC brand and model. You should also have your 25-digit Windows 7 product key that came with the PC handy as you may be required to enter this as part of the registration.


Then starting on October 26th, we will start sending out promo codes via email with purchase instructions. You will be directed to where you will go through the online upgrade process with the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant (shown above) as I have highlighted here in this blog post. Once you get to the purchase screen in the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, it will show the $39.99 upgrade price. However, on the order confirmation page you’ll have a chance to enter your promo code – that price will change to $14.99. Once you make your purchase, your download and upgrade installation begins!

You will have until February 28, 2013 to register for the offer to get Windows 8 Pro for $14.99.

If you experience any issues or have questions - you can click the contact support link at the top of the Windows Upgrade Offer website.

Did you already buy an awesome Windows 7 PC prior to June 2nd (or have a Windows 7 PC not eligible for the offer)? Not to worry! Starting on October 26th, you will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99!

Both the Windows Upgrade Offer and $39.99 upgrade promotion is available in 140 countries worldwide, with 37 supported languages, and 23 supported currencies (we’ve added 9 additional countries over the original 131!).

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  • etaffa
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    ok can you email me please to say response is loaded

  • etaffa
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    i have new laptop acer i5 with windows 8  oem i got buy upgrade to pro$39,99 since 31 jan 13 i got my update from Arvato in germany since end of jan till nowi cant see any data the down load still read 0% someone gave me windows pro without key i have key from Microsoft can i load my laptop and use my key please help this key is when i paid microsoft

  • Hi, good post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for sharing. I’ll likely be coming back to your posts!

  • run19
    2 Posts

    my neighbor's mother got paid $18735 the prior month. she been working on the computer and bought a $423000 house. All she did was get blessed and profit by the directions made clear on this web page

  • I purchased a Gateway system during this period and registered it.  Do you know when I should expect the e-mail with the Promo Code?


  • shozer
    1 Posts

    If I use this offer to upgrade from Windows XP Professional to Windows 8 and find I don't like it - could I then downgrade to Windows 7 Pro free of any further charge ?

  • I have Windows Vista 32 Bit installed on my laptap. My laptop hardware support 64 bit.

    Can I upgrade to Windows 8 64 bit? I am fine with clean installation. Is it possible to upgrade in the above scenario?

    What are the steps to upgrade?

  • @  Captiosus : i have 8 Consumer Preview (dual boot) running on a Dell Dimension 2400 with only 1.25 meg ram (2 512 sticks 2 256 sticks.)

    on my 8 gig  toshiba lap i have 8 CP as a second boot option. 8 is lean, i mean look, it runs on a dell 2400!

    why WOULDN'T you change to it, if it runs leaner and faster?

  • does the digital download version still have the 5 licenses?

  • Han Yin
    1 Posts

    I quite worry about the drivers of my laptop if I upgrade to win8 (with clean installation). Several weeks ago I tried to install win8, but many of the drivers were incompatible.

    1 Posts

    My Windows Vista Home Premium is on the blink at the moment. Is it possible to upgrade from Safe Mode?

  • Richard
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    my windows 7 crashed, would i be better to clean install windows 8

  • mdemars
    1 Posts

    OK so can anyone explain how I use the Windows Upgrade Offer as a business that just bought 57 new PCs with Windows 7?  This appears to be consumer facing with a limit of 5 upgrades "per customer".

  • xei
    1 Posts

    Hello and thanks for your helpful post.

    Is there any way to perform this operation in a country like Persia (Iran)????

    Or do we're forced to use illegal version of Windows 8 ? :(

    My compatriots prefer to use genuine Windows but sanctions against Iran forced us to use illegal and cracked Windows.

    I have a pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium in my PC and want to Upgrade it from Iran. offer a way plz...

  • Hi Brandon, I had genuine windows vista installed on my Dell studio laptop and had been using it for the past 2.5 yrs. Recently i tried to upgrade to windows 7 ultimate from a crack but it didn't worked. Now i have downloaded and installed the windows 8 release preview version on my system. and after getting a feel I really want to upgrade to windows 8 pro. Will I be eligible @$39.99 upgrade??? KIndly advise.

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  • rgvweb
    59 Posts

    Upgrading Windows 7 32bit to Windows 8 64bit, keeping settings etc. There should be any option to perform the task.

  • rgvweb
    59 Posts

    I am Amazed! I just hav purchased Win 7 -

  • uyendt
    2 Posts

    I am using win computer constantly reboots, can I upgrade the operating system to win 8?

  • NerdMom
    5 Posts

    I am building a pc right now. If I buy the Windows 7 64 bit os instillation disks will I still be able to do the $15 upgrade? The post talks about buying a Windows 7 pc but not really about building one;). And what will the new OS need to run well? We need a computer now but I want to use it as a media computer with Windows 8;).


  • Do people not read!? If you have windows 7 you can either update to windows 8 or you can do a clean install. The "upgrade offer" offers both an upgrade and a clean install option all for only $40. It's not that complicated. As for the Website, there will be no info on the website until it has finished it's beta testing, Microsoft has already let slip that Windows 8 will be available on the 26th of October, is is not and will not be available anywhere until that date.

  • Captiosus
    103 Posts

    I bought a new Core i3 laptop on this past Sunday and could take advantage of this.. but why would I? Why would I want to spend 14.99 for a forced Metro UX on a non-touch system and why would I want to pay more for LESS features over what I currently get with Windows 7 (specifically: DVD and media playback).

    Oh, sure, you've made some nice improvements but I'm not in the habit of paying for less functionality or to be  FORCED into UX that's going to flounder even on tablets and touch screen systems because of how cumbersome and unintuitive it is. [Formerly known as] Metro works great on phones and gives you lots of ad space on my Xbox (annoyingly, since I'm a nine-year paying customer and STILL CANNOT OPT OUT OF ADS) but it makes for a terrible OS interface.

  • walif
    1 Posts

    I was really enjoyed window 7 but i though windows 8 will more effective and easy use.

  • sakolig
    1 Posts

    guys do not worry about it! by now which is 8/27/2012 windows 8 are in stores now! i live in lebanon (in asia) and it has been released for over 3 weeks now im saving money to get a copy :P it is available in malls and every single computer place

  • kaka
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    I think Microsoft new logo is weak.

    bend and curvature in designing is to mean innovation .

  • adacosta
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    Yes, you can upgrade to Windows 8.

    When upgrading an operating system, always make sure you backup your data. You can even backup your Windows 7 installation and restore it if something goes wrong. See the following for more information:

  • Those who have downloaded Windows 7 from MSDNAA how can they upgrade to Windows 8?

  • Also, is there a way I could downgrade to windows 7 in the case I experience any problems with the windows 8 os?

  • My laptop came with windows 8 starter. Will I be able to upgrade fully to windows 8 without any problems?

  • adacosta
    91 Posts

    @hormel The Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will allow to use a blank DVD and create your own backup installation disc. Just go down to your local computer store now and pick up a copy. Also check for a folder named 'WindowsESD' at the root of your C drive (if you have multiple partitions this folder could be on a different partition). You will find a .ISO image that you can burn and create a backup copy.

    @n1k0s The Upgrade Assistant will detect and upgrade to the logical architecture that is installed. So if you have Windows 7 32 bit installed, that is what you will install for Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro (32 bit). will offer the choice of 32 or 64 bit though and I am sure Microsoft will let you choose to download a .ISO file you and download, burn it to a DVD or create a bootable thumbdrive and do a custom install.

    Remember to backup your personal files and settings use Windows Easy Transfer, there is no upgrade path from Windows 7 32 to Windows 8 64 bit.

  • n1kos
    4 Posts


    We are talking about upgrading from Windows 7 32bit to Windows 8 64bit, keeping settings etc, this is impossible.

    I am asking if there is an option to perform clean install, or save the 64 bit Windows 8 ISO to perform the clean install manually.

    We need a clarification on that one.

  • josah
    1 Posts

    I may be able to answer some questions people are asking, though I'm nobody special here. 8)

    Regarding systems with a 32-bit Windows 7 install, it's incredibly unlikely that you'd be able to upgrade to 64-bit Windows 8. Even within Windows 7, a 32-bit install can't be 'upgraded' to a 64-bit install. If you'd like to use 64-bit Windows 8, what you'd need to do is clean-install Windows 7 64-bit version (your serial number will work here, though you may have to call Microsoft when you activate if your OEM serial doesn't like retail copies of the OS). Then, perform the upgrade. This is likely your only path--and, frankly, I recommend it. Putting off the jump to 64-bit if you intend to do it eventually will only make it that much more of a pain in the future.

    Regarding upgrades from beta versions of the OS, this has never been recommended in the history of beta software. If you think upgrading from one version to the next is messy, 'upgrading' from beta code to final code can be a nightmare and create unique bug scenarios that waste developers' time.

    Regarding the desire to do a clean Windows 8 install, I understand this craving. There have been ways in the past to get around upgrade limitations: the famous upgrades from DOS just by formatting your partition with /s come to mind. A number of tricks existed for the old 9x Windows editions. Windows XP/Vista/7 had a variety of work-arounds (upgrade normally, back-up the activation, clean install, restore the activation). Windows 8, I think, comes with a built-in feature that should make everyone happy: factory reset.

    For the first time, Windows has a feature familiar to users of mobile devices where you can literally 'reset' the system to factory fresh, leaving nothing but what would be the rough equivalent of a clean install. I haven't played with the feature much, and I don't know how clean it really is, but I'm willing to give it a shot, and--frankly--after my upgrade, it'll be the first thing I do.

  • I want to upgrade my legal copy Windows Vista to Windows 7 to get Windows 8 Upgrade offer promo. But I got difficulty to buy the legal copy at using my credit card. Since the location to buy the legal copy only provided for those living at USA (i fulfilled the detail of my credit card on the site ) . Fyi, my location @ Indonesia. Can anyone help where could i buy those legal copy easily on web? Thanks alot

  • IL
    15 Posts

    I second n1kos question. A lot of people bought notebooks with Windows 7 x86 and 3GB RAM. They have the option to add more RAM, so what about upgrading to Windows 8 x64?

  • Can you please allow Safari to be a supported browser in the Windows OS Upgrade Offer? That way, it will be easier to allow users who bought a new Windows 7 computer between 6/2 to 1/31 to register on their iOS devices.

  • n1kos
    4 Posts

    Brandon question about updating.

    Some family members currently have Windows 7 notebooks with very resend Intel i5 processors which are 64bit.

    However the factory Windows 7 installation is currently the 32bit version.

    When these people perform the Windows 8 update they will have the ability to choose 64bit Windows 8 and perform a clean install?

    Or the Windows 8 updater will detect the 32bit Windows 7 and automatically offer the 32bit Windows 8 upgrade?

  • pmtate
    1 Posts

    When I try to fill in the UK form I cannot get past the security question and when I listen to it is ibviously different to that displayed :(

  • When will the Media Center pack be available for Technet subscribers and for the retail versions? Will there be a downloadable version of this for VM testing? I am interested in this both professionally and personally.


  • Is there the option to download a disc image (ISO) that we can burn and use to clean install?

  • hormel
    1 Posts

    Is is possible to pay an extra fee in order to get instillation disk?  I like to reformat my computer on occasion, but if I have to download windows 8 from the online store, I'm not sure how I would be able to reformat in the future.

  • adieb00
    13 Posts


    You have to go back to Windows 7 before you can upgrade. Upgrades willnot be available from a Windows 8 RC or Evaluation.

    I want to know if there will be a full version of Windows 8 that I can clean install onto a secondary partition, so I can keep Windows 7!

  • What about folks who are currently using the Windows 8 RC edition? Do we have to change back to Windows 7 first, or can we do the upgrade as is