21 days and counting…

21 days and counting…

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In just 21 days, Windows 8 will be available to people worldwide. And we’re excited! To celebrate, we have several events taking place in cities all around the world. Just a few weeks ago, we held a coding marathon with developers in Bangalore, India - which set the Guinness World Record for Most Participants in a Software Development Marathon in One Location with 2,567 developers coding non-stop for 18 hours. Coming up, there are launch events happening in cities around the world including Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, New York City and many more. Our event in New York City promises to offer an opportunity to celebrate the launch of Windows 8. And earlier today, we began sending out invites (below). Don’t worry, if you didn’t get an invite we’ll be doing a live webcast of the event too! More details to come.


Across all the milestones we’ve announced for this reimagined version of the world’s best-selling operating system – Windows 8 is the most widely used and tested pre-release product we’ve ever delivered. Across every audience, Windows 8 has been downloaded and used by more people than Windows 7 during the same period. A billion hours of feedback telemetry has been collected from all our pre-releases combined. Since BUILD a year ago, there have been more than 750 Windows developer events held in over 50 countries worldwide – and more than 200,000 developers have attended those events.

Since RTM’ing, our OEM channel has been hard at work preparing over 800 unique systems that have now been certified specifically for Windows 8 and Windows RT. You can check out many of those new designs in this blog post from Nick Parker who runs Microsoft’s OEM division.

On to October 26th!

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  • Why bother. I'll wait till they fix problems and sort out the stupid pricing issues. Sounds like a rip off to get ahead of Apple, who dominates the market.

  • I think we have the right to have our versions free now cause we tried it and gave you our feed back. Is it ok or not?

  • hyilgor
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    Window 7 upgrade 8  should be free?

  • Gestern einmal Probeweise als Update von Windows 7 Prof.  installiert. Was soll der Quatsch mit den Apps für X-Box und all dem anderen Verkaufsportalen? Ich will und muss mit dem PC/ Rechner arbeiten und weder LaLa, Videos oder Spiele interessieren mich. Das klassische Desktop auch nur noch als App - allerdings OHNE von dort aus den Rechner herunterfahren zu können. Wie schrieb jemand in einem Forum dazu: Eine Zwangsehe die nicht überzeugt. Fazit: Windows 8 ein absolutes Privat- Betriebssystem für Leute, die chatten, spielen und den Rechner als Privatvergnügen einsetzen. In Firmen wird dieses Betriebssystem so konzipiert nie Einzug erhalten. Über Systemwiederherstellung wieder mein Windows 7 installiert.

  • i like facebook aplication in the appstore in windows 8 with chat and  show invitation and message and all actualités of the facebook please

  • the google chorme and mozilla is a aplication in windows 8 On future

  • Nathan
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    @bparmind,  honestly your tone isn't professional either. The Chinese guy would have make the same argument with you over population and IT expertise. We don't care what your local disputes are, the wheel of IT industry would not stop turning due to the population of India or Pakistan for that matter. Secondly, because Microsoft claims itself as a global organization, the guy is simply pushing Microsoft to step up and show some activity in their country like they are gearing up in yours. In what way would anyone get offended by that? I don't see him letting down Indians in that argument.

  • In October 26, 2012, I'm realy excited in Opening the new OS.


  • cgizas
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    how can I get an invite to the Launch in NYC?

  • xpclient
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    I am excited Brandon for the advancements Windows 8 will bring to tablets, compared to any other tablet, Windows 8 will be far better. But for a powerful desktop PC, Windows 8 is not as versatile and powerful as it should be. It's far too dumbed down and non-customizable compared to Windows 7 or XP. Hopefully, MS realizes this for the next version. A desktop/laptop PC is not the same as a tablet PC and needs to be more customizable, more powerful, more full-featured.

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  • @genious_13: why you comparing Pakistan with India, Microsoft is worldwide , their is nothing like India-Pakistan thing, One thing India has more population then Pakistan & whole world know How many developers Microsoft hire from India each year How would you say Pakistan has more MCSE people, if you are IT professional guy such comparisons  really doesn't seems to be good from your professionalism.

  • Me Yousuf Aijaz  and others from Pakistan , felling that all our interests for Microsoft  by using its latest products and working on them as IT Professional have no value for Microsoft because they neglecting Pakistan in their major releases ,  i don't see Pakistan in Windows 8 launch event places but i see India,  Pakistan is also using their products more then India as an average we have more "MCSE" then Indians i lived in Karachi which is the economical hub of Pakistan we uses Microsoft as a major platform in our all products servers, desktops, so i request Microsoft  to remember us in all events.

  • Will there be local launch events like was done for Windows 7? I had a great turnout for the one I hosted. People still talk to me about it. It would be great fun to do a similar launch event for Windows 8.

  • How about a free Surface RT to MS Partner Network Admins? We need to test it..

  • If there's any extra space for a published store developer in NYC please get in touch. We can listen to Windows 8 and Surface tweets on my Tweaker app over DLNA via the Play To contract. Please, I am a share target for Surface reception event invite protocol!

  • Are we  going to have events  in  DC? For WP8 Surface and Windows 8?