Reserve your copy of Windows 8 Pro and Pre-order Windows 8 PCs today!

Reserve your copy of Windows 8 Pro and Pre-order Windows 8 PCs today!

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Starting today, you can reserve a packaged DVD of the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $69.99 USD ERP* (U.S.) at select retailers. When you receive your copy of the Windows 8 Pro upgrade, you’ll see that the packaging takes a fresh approach, in the reimagining of Windows. Your package will feature one of 5 vibrant illustrations - you can check out all 5 here on Facebook. We moved to paper based materials (the exception of course being the upgrade DVD inside) which allowed us to make an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption. And we’ve reduced the packaging weight by 41%.


In the U.S., you will find this offer at, Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot and the Microsoft Store and many more. I suggest checking with your local retailers.

However, if you want to wait until October 26th you will be able to upgrade online via using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant for just $39.99 USD ERP*. Online upgrade to Windows 8 Pro is supported for 140 countries worldwide, with 37 languages, and 23 supported currencies!

You will want to upgrade your PC to Windows 8 Pro sooner rather than later - this upgrade promotion for Windows 8 Pro both online and at retail runs only through to January 31st, 2013.

Also starting today, you will be able to pre-order new Windows 8 PCs and devices from OEM partners such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Samsung and Sony.

If you purchase (or have purchased) an eligible Windows 7 PC anytime between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013 you will be able to purchase an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for only $14.99 USD ERP** (U.S.) which will be redeemable starting October 26th. For more details on the Windows Upgrade Offer, see this blog post.

* Offers limited to five upgrade licenses per customer. To install Windows 8 Pro, customers must be running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. The prices displayed are estimated retail price and the transaction may be completed in a different currency. The actual price of the offer will vary by region since it is dependent on a variety of specific factors including exchange rate, local taxes, duties, fees, local market conditions, other pricing considerations, and may vary by each independent reseller. The actual price you pay may be more than the advertised price due to these additional factors. Shipping and handling charges may apply to packaged DVD. 

** The price displayed is an estimated retail price and the transaction will be completed in a different currency. The actual price of the offer will vary by region since it is dependent on a variety of specific factors including exchange rate, local taxes, duties, fees, local market conditions, other pricing considerations, and may vary by each independent reseller. The actual price you pay may be more than the advertised price due to these additional factors. For complete details visit

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  • I was willing to overlook players such as Thierry Henry having their names pronounced incorrectly (" HEN-ree!") when FIFA 13 first came out, assuming that it was something that would be addressed in an upcoming patch.

  • From the readings, it seems that is Windows Pro Pack for $39.99 and then pay $15 for the disc. But that is cheaper than the Windows Professional which is $69.99 which is just the disc. So, I am confuse about the pricing and it is making me think that Windows Pro and Windows Professional are different. Thanks.

  • I installed the Windows 8 preview some time ago.  I am getting used to the new look and all.  But, I have experienced one major problem, which I cannot get any help on, and that is computer lockup.  iguess thec best way to get rid of the problem is to totally uninstall windows 8 as it can't be degraded back to windows 7 until its official release.cannot wait until win 8 final is available for me.


  • aankun
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    I just brought a new Asus G75vw laptop with Windows 7 installed, can I upgrade to Windows 8 with this product?(


  • run19
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    what Sylvia answered I'm shocked that anybody can make $6088 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you see this site link

  • Gathering info before trying Windows V8.

    I use Vista and Office 2007 Home/Student

    Will I be able to reinstall this office using the keys off the original package after the V8 upgrade ?

  • musicrab
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  • Can I upgrade from Windows 7 English version to Windows 8 English version in China?

  • musicrab
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    "So I built my own pc and bought a full version of Win7(64) Pro. How do I get this great deal?"

    Err - read the subject of this post? (go to the top of the page).

  • mpaul66
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    So I built my own pc and bought a full version of Win7(64) Pro. How do I get this great deal?

  • lfpro
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    I have a question... can i upgrade if i´m running windows 8 Pro build 9200 RTM? via the online offer?

  • musicrab
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    "How to upgrade from Windows Release Preview?"

    MS answer to this has been - a bit of an untruth.  The answer is you cannot.  MS answer is "yes you can, by reinstalling your previous OS first".

  • musicrab
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    "So i can upgrade my Win 7 Home x86 SB to Win 8 Pro x64 for just 40$?"

    No. Win 8 Pro 32-bit yes.

  • musicrab
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    "If i use the upgrade and later on in the future something happened to my laptop, can i use the upgrade again to fix or at lease a license key??"

    You need to do a full image backup immediately after upgade (that's whether you did an upgrade OR upgrade-with-a-clean-disk-first).  Otherwise restoration will be 1. install orignal OS 2. install win8pro upgrade.

  • Hey Brandon, Can I upgrade my old  PC which is running Windows 7? I bought it 2 years ago. Can I upgrade it to Windows 8 Pro? I wanna upgrade to win 8 because I love the win 8 interface. Thanks

  • If i use the upgrade and later on in the future something happened to my laptop, can i use the upgrade again to fix or at lease a license key??

  • I have seen computers at tigerdirect online store that have Windows 8 installed... are these genuine? Find them here:

  • TomofWC
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    Won't be purchasing this or buying any PC with this. Would rather install Linux.  If I wanted to use a table OS I would buy a tablet.  Since I am using a PC, MS has lost a customer.

  • @sandigul, It's not possible to do an upgrade from x86 to x64. You have to do a clean install.

  • @jaijhu, unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade release preview or evaluation versions of Windows 8. I find it most annoying, but that's the way it is

  • jaijhu
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    How to upgrade from Windows Release Preview?

  • I have Windows Vista 32 Bit installed on my laptap. My laptop hardware support 64 bit.

    Can I upgrade to Windows 8 64 bit? I am fine with clean installation. Is it possible to upgrade in the above scenario?

  • FabiFTW
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    So i can upgrade my Win 7 Home x86 SB to Win 8 Pro x64 for just 40$?

  • musicrab
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    "I installed Windows 8 Release Preview in my PC, "  You cannot install the Win8Pro Upgrade. You will need to reinstall your Vista 64.

  • musicrab
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    "I thought having used Windows 8 preview, the release Windows 8 would cost $40.   Now it seems the price has changed?"

    You need XP SP3, Vista or W7 to get Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for $15 (Since Hune 2012) or for $40 before then.

  • musicrab
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    "How big will the download for windows 8 be? "   Probably not answered because 99% people have unlimited broadband (only people in the UK have limited/crap broadband :-)

    Its between 2 and 3GB.  Buy a disk if that's too big.

  • hola por mi parte es un sistema malo, mientras mas actualizado biene es mas malo, ahora eso de actualizacion no es como lo pintan ellos, no se puede actualizar el sistema windows 8 en cualquier  maquina, peor que solo soporta sistema hasta xp profesional, en algunas maquinas tampoco se pudo actualizar al windows 7 por carecer de recursos, las maquinas nuevas ya vienen preparadas para soportar estos sistemas operativos el win 7 y el win8, entonces que hago tiro mi maquina que funciona perfectamente con windows xp profecional, para comprar una que soporta el windows 8 malo y pesado y que al poco tiempo ya van a quitar todas las actualizaciones y asistencias del xp,  tampoco se pudo virtualizar en una maquina con xp pro , para conocer mas a fondo este nuevo sistema windows 8, por carecer de recursos y sale el error de no compatible, si no lograron reparar los errores de windows 7 entonces este windows 8 no tendria mucha acojida, en concreto una kagada de sistema y encima pagado.....

  • Can't believe i'm the first to ask this most obvious question. How big will the download for windows 8 be? My ISP only gives me so much data to use per month, so this would be very helpful to know.

  • so where  are the peeks  at the  new  PC's???

  • rladdi
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    I thought having used Windows 8 preview, the release Windows 8 would cost $40.   Now it seems the price has changed?

  • I have a 3-year old HP with 4 GB Ram and a 64-bit OS running on Vista SP2.  I'd like to upgrade to Windows 8 using the package from Office Max when it's available this week.  I ran the Windows 7 upgrade advisor, which showed I could do 7, but don't see the availability of the upgrade advisor for 8 yet.  I don't want to do the online upgrade, as I want the disc.  Question:  does it look like I'll be able to upgrade to 8 without reinstalling everything and do I get the 64 or 32-bit version?

  • I installed Windows 8 Release Preview in my PC, which previously had Windows Vista Home Premium 64. Will I be able to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 even if I had to reformat the drive to install the preview version?

  • why do I feel this is going to be Vista 2?  I have been running xp and upgrading is a pain in the behind!  If I lose my programs and all my info then why upgrade?  No thanks.

  • BC1130
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    I and a lot of people in the same situation as me are not going to be able to upgrade our PCs.  When I upgraded from Vista to 7, I pre-ordered an upgrade DVD version for only $39.  I had only 1 PC to upgrade but if I remember correctly the price to upgrade 3 PC's was only about $79 to pre-order.   Now I have 3 PCs.  I cannot afford to pay $69 each for 3 PCs.  I have only a wireless limited data internet connection which leaves me (and many others) out in the cold to be able to download 8 for the lesser upgrade price.  I will be one who will be staying with Windows 7.

  • Hi! Should I get back to windows 7 if I already use windows 8 release preview for upgrade to windows 8 pro?

  • I would like to purchase Windows 8 Pro for a new build (not to upgrade an existing Windows PC).  Which version of Windows 8 do I need to purchase for this?



  • How many there is a pre-order? How delivery is carried out?

  • musicrab
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    "windows 8 looks fun use  is it better than windows 7"

    I wouldn't call it fun :-)  No, its not better than W7.  It boots in about half the time but that's only because it uses a hibernate approach.  Does the boot speed of W7 bother you?

    I have 2 laptops: one running Windows 7 and one running Windows Vista.  Will I have to buy 2 upgrades?

    If you want to upgrade both laptops then yes.  I'd just upgrade Vista.  Also, when did you activate W7?  (the upgrade is cheaper if activated after June2012).

  • mitchq1
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    I have 2 laptops: one running Windows 7 and one running Windows Vista.  Will I have to buy 2 upgrades?

  • windows 8 looks fun use  is it better than windows 7

  • As far as upgrading it was a big fail for my system.... I upgraded from windows 7 ultimate to the windows 8 release preview and had notthing but crashes... missing taskbar... interface running slow and soon as I hit the task manager system froze.  Thank goodness I did a backup image first... took 11 hours to restore... whew... But I did install a fresh copy of Win8 before the restore just to ensure my system could handle it fine which it did running on 2 SSD in Raid 0 this new OS is fast..(no support for Auzentech Xmeridian sound card though... had to use onbard realtek bleh).I will definetly be doing a clean install of Win8Pro for sure.  I have been testing win8 RP for a few months on various laptops... and older quad core machines around the house without any troubles but they were all full installations or dual boot installs.  

    I did hower come across during testing various machines that anything with Cmedia sound chip or soundcards using Cmedia chips especially the CMI8788 and CMI8787 do not work fully ir not at all.  It will take a manual install to the driver folder of a windows 7 version of the driver but you will only get basic sound functions stereo only if your lucky no 5.1 or 7.1 audio.  As far as other onboard audio products like realtek and Via they both have Win8 Drivers on their sites since June 2012 plus win8 recognized them and installed drivers anyways. So anyone running any of the High end Sound Cards like Asus, Ht Omega, Auzentech, Razer that utilize Cmedia 8788, 8787 you may be in for a long wait or have to buy a new soundcard.  Granted Asus does have some Beta Drivers but its half and half from what I have read through forums the problems they are having but at least they are trying... the other sound card makers are sitting stale with no news whatsover about win8 drivers on their sites.  so if you have the following sound cards beware:

    ASUS Xonar Essence ST PCI Interface Audio Card (Beta Drivers Available)

    ASUS Xonar D1 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Card (Beta Drivers Available)

    ASUS Xonar Essence STX Virtual 7.1 Channels PCI Express x1 Interface 124 dB SNR / Headphone AMP Card (Beta Drivers Available)

    ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 Channels PCI Express x1 Interface Sound Card (Beta Drivers Available)

    ASUS Xonar DS (Beta Drivers Available)

    ASUS Xonar D2X (Beta Drivers Available)

    Auzentech Xmeridian or Xmeridian 2G (No Drivers for Win8 listed) keep in mind Auzentech used Cmedia reference Drivers from Cmedia instead of designing their own so any sound cards from Auzentech using Cmedia chips period you are at the mercy of Cmedia for any further support if your lucky.

    Razer Baracuda Ac1 or any other Razer sound cards using Cmedia Chips (No Drivers for Win8 listed on their site)

    HT | OMEGA CLARO II 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Card

    HT | OMEGA eClaro 7.1 Channels PCI Express x1 Interface Sound Card

    HT | OMEGA Claro Halo PCI Interface Sound Card w/ a built-in HI-FI Headphone Amplifier

    HT | OMEGA Claro Halo XT PCI Interface Sound Card w/ a built-in HI-FI Headphone Amplifier

    It would seem that HT Omega is in the same boat at Auzentech no Win8 Drivers or mention of them on their website. such a shame these are great cards... sold many of them...

    Plus anyone who has Cmedia audio built onboard you may or may not get sound from win8 auto install and if you do it will most likely be vanilla flavored.

    Creative not alone in this... many of their sound cards are not ready for Win8 and plenty of them will never be ready considering many of them still running Win7 Beta drivers for 2 years plus.

    keep in mind this was with Win8 RP so its possible that their may be some driver updates or already included that could resolve some of the sound issues in the final release version. Granted with the track record of many sound chip makers especially creative and Cmedia they are always late to the game with updates sometimes a year late or more...

    Now of course I don't blame Microsoft for the abundance of sound issues that some may have because the audio makers have had plenty of time to get their act together especially when the world had access to the release preview providing them with tons of data in regards to sound issues.  Hats off to Via and Realtek (from my test anyways) for being prepared and providing Drivers even for their very old Legacy products.

    As far as any other test I have done with various ATI/AMD, Nvidia intel video... all seems well there.

  • eno7
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    Jarhead1407 asked:

    "Please, someone help me out. I have a PC with ONLY Win8 RP (no underlying Win7 or earlier license), can I use this upgrade edition and successfully upgrade to Win8? I've heard you need to have an underlying previous license. Please help!"

    To which, Brandon LeBlanc replied:

    "@Jarhead1407 - you should be fine. The Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will take you through the process. Thanks for testing Windows 8!"

    So he's saying that you can upgrade to Win8 retail from Win8 RP without any underlying/preinstalled or otherwise available license from a previous windows edition. "Thanks for testing Windows 8!" is MS's way of allowing you to 'upgrade' for 40$ with no previous license. I think that's great marketing from Microsoft to get more people to acquire legal licenses, instead of resorting to piracy.

    My question is, will this 40$ upgrade allow you make hardware changes to your PC in the future? If I want to upgrade my motherboard and cpu in a year's time, will I be able to re-install Win8 from my backup disk using this license?

  • Can I install the download over the beta W8 I have on its own partition?

  • Can I download and put on a DVD so I can install on two PC's  Will it help me create a new partition or should I do that myself first?

  • In order to get the true Windows 8 experience is anything else needed other than Windows 8 software and a multi-touch screen?

    1 Posts

    1. What about those who are already testing W8 / and whish to upgrade from XP?, 2. Which will be payment options?

  • Linux Ubuntu is free! an better...

  • I prefer Linux Ubuntu. Better than W8.

  • My computer is 64-bit, and my windows xp is 32-bit.

    Will I be able to upgrade windows xp 32-bit to windows 8 64-bit?

  • Amp
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    Quick question:  Is there a difference between the number of PCs you can upgrade with the pre-ordered DVD vs the online upgrade?  I have one desktop and one laptop...

  • musicrab
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    "can we upgrade from windows 8 release preview if we have a valid windows 7 serial number?"  The Upgrade Assistant cannot read serial numbers on licence stickers; W7 has to be installed.

  • Right now on Amazon, you can preorder Windows 8 Pro for $69.00, and 30 days after your order ships, you will receive a $30.00 credit from Amazon.

    If you shop with Amazon, it's a pretty sweet deal, getting the physical disc for the price of online download after the credit.

  • can we upgrade from windows 8 release preview if we have a valid windows 7 serial number?

  • druple
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    Should I pre-purchase Windows 8 for my P4, 1.2G, directx9, 250G storage?  I am currently running XP upgraded from Windows 2000.

  • Should I change my 2year old machine to use w8? Till how old machine is available for w8? afraid of not using old LCD screen for touch screen tech in w8. it's so sad if it's true ha.

  • musicrab
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    Re. Upgrading to W8 Pro from Release Preview.  I don't know how the Upgrade Assistant will do this (in some ways its more interesting than W8 itself!) but if you installed the Release Preview ON TOP OF AN EXISITING WINDOWS LICENSE the upgrade will be allowed.

    Microsoft wording is " previous version of Windows that qualified on the PC already and installed Windows 8 Release Preview on top of it, you still qualify for the upgrade,"

    Anybody that has installed the Preview ON TOP OF NOTHING and expects to be able to upgrade to W8Pro for 40 bucks is, I think, expecting a bit too much.

  • IanHSF
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    I installed windows 8 Release Preview and am wondering if I have to reinstall the older version of windows I have in order to get the discount rate when upgrade?

  • @Brandon Two questions about Windows 8 I need to know about. I also posted this on the other blog but posting it here as well...

    1. I'm on Windows 7 Professional (x64) now. If I upgrade to Windows 8 Pro (x64) through the online download method, does it retain all my installed Windows 7 applications or am I forced to re-install all my applications?

    2. Am I allowed to install a trial copy of Windows 8 on a machine and run it unactivated for 30 days like I can with Windows 7? Every once in a while I need to test an application separate from my production environment, and I need a temporary "disposable" copy of Windows. What I usually do is roll a Windows 7 trial VM for a couple days while I run the application, then toss it when I'm done, keeping my production copy of Windows in tact and "clean". Can I still do this under Windows 8?

    FYI for those who read this: I DO NOT do this to "get out of paying" for Windows or any other stunts. I purchase my legally-licensed copies of Windows like everyone else. Every once in a while, I simply need to create a "disposable" test environment of Windows I can toss when I'm done so as not to mess up my production environment. The Windows 7 trial method makes this handy.

    Thanks Brandon!

  • Do you have any details on Windows 8 Ultimate or Enterprise. Specifically, I want to be able to use DirectAccess to access a 2012 Server. For some unknown reason, Microsoft only made that incredibly improtant feautre available to users of Win7 Ultimate or Enterprise but not Win 7 Pro which is unfortaunte since 90% of business machines ship with the Pro versiona nd not ultimate.

  • Samrec
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    @jery-jary  1st do not confuse windows 8 with the Surface RT product. even when the Surface RT runs windows 8 it is base on the ARM processor and the only way to get apps to it other than the ones it comes with is via de MS online market (same as for the windows phone). There is going to be an intel version of the Surface tablet.  This particular blog is for the Winfows 8 OS that will run on PCs.

  • Samrec
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    Will there be a windows 8 ultimate version?

  • @jery-jary   Win 32/64 bit desktop applications will not work on this version of the surface that is available for pre-order today.  It windows Windows RT,   wait for the surface with Windows 8 pro in Q1 2013,  probably Jan.

  • Who knows, how 32/64-bit desktop apps wil work on Surface??? It's realy interesting to me.

  • musicrab
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    Re. W8 Upgrade. 5 upgrades are allowed per user.  Also, does anybody really think the W8 Upgrade Assistant will be able to read your OEM sticker or Vista box label?  No it won't.   The assistant will make its decision on what is installed when it runs.

  • Thanks Chris K for the information. I was hopping I could avoid some of the difficulties of switching from 32 to 64. I think your right the best way is to start clean. I hate the thought of loosing a lot of my data.

  • MrAOK
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    I'm confused on a friend's situation. She has an Acer laptop that had Vista and the hard drive crashed. She never created the restore disk but has an OEM license key for the laptop.. Acer says Microsoft no longer allows them to sell the Vista restore disks. And I installed a new hard drive. Can she upgrade without the restore disk?

  • I purchased XP for my computers and then purchased Win 7 Licensed 3-Pack for 3 computers.

    So Do I have to purchase Win 8 for each computer I have now? I am up to 5 computers in the house, 3 of which are on the Value Pack of Windows 7. That would be $200 to get upgrades to each PC if they are all  compatible for Win8...

  • musicrab
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    RE. questions about FULL version.  There won't be a full retail version of the OS; anyone wishing to purchase that will have to buy the OEM edition, which is $99 for Windows 8 and $139 for Windows 8 Pro.

  • When will be the promotions about FPP( full or upgrade version)?

    I called to MS service before and they said it'll be and soon, but till today it's still nothing about that kind of promotion.

    It only left two weeks before the launch date, on it still only have the "$14.99 USD ERP (U.S.) upgade with newly purchased Win7 PCs" promo.

    So when will be it?

  • Chris K
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    Hi Richard, I could answer so many of these questions but I'm quite busy.  Regarding upgrading seems to be the main thing here.  I've probably installed about 8 copies from regular  pro and enterprise.  upgrading, fresh installs and I know what will happen in all the cases that I was put in and what I've experienced. I am a developer, it tech onsite, and personal enthusiast who also builds pc's as well.  I can say this:  Anyone who installs OS's over and over and has been through the long haul knows no matter what that upgrading just will never ever work as well as a fresh install, period. That's something you can't argue.  Regarding building the pc, I recommend 8 pro.  I think you'll love it, or at least if you liked 7 you will like 8 because despite the obvious metro you can bypass that if you needed to and make it look like it was 7 if you weren't open at all to giving the new os a shot.  But you know I hated the metro at first, I did.  Now I've come to actually like it...I barely use it right now, but i'm gradually growing to use it more as more apps come along and it is growing on me.  The cloud OS integration (the most obvious thing about windows 8 there is about user accounts) is debatable but because of that you can choose not to use a Hotmail or live account that syncs all of your windows stuff.  However, I love it.   There's no question that 8 is better than 7 in functionality and you will run faster and better (apps, games, boot time) than 7 always no matter what.  It's just better.  It's been about two months of installing and using these OS's and i'd say you'd appreciate 8 the most with a fresh install (this includes the new pc builder, and this also includes people who are intending to upgrade).  Regarding upgrading.  It doesn't get much better than the way they designed the process.  However, if you're going to pay for the upgrade to find out that you're not able to have things the way you want you're going to be mad..    32 to 64 bit :   no.  You can't do it.  Simple answer.  windows 7 home premium (the most common I believe for people upgrading) will probably find they will be able to have probably the best upgrade there is because it will keep everything installed the way it is and the user accounts and data should remain.  It will tell you before you actually hit upgrade what you will lose (if anything) if you upgrade.  Most likely only one or two apps that don't even matter may not be able to be transferred...I've had great success with this upgrade.  However don't think you can fool yourself into believing that what is written isn't true by Microsoft.  I've upgraded and it wouldn't let me keep any programs that I installed (anything you install).  The only reason Microsoft says on the page that specific phrase is because if you upgrade from windows8 to say enterprise you will always keep the apps installed from the built-in (in the metro area) Microsoft store.   Regardless in these situations where it says you can't keep your programs installed in certain versions and you can in others,,,it's very true.  The upside?  If you do in fact still do that, it will tell you what programs it removed in a text file and in many cases has the location of where the application was downloaded encoded in a hyperlink so you can click it to goto the site where your application was created..even if it won't be able to bring it back to life.  And regarding the windows.old folder..that's something that will be created in an upgrade.  I personally wouldn't use it but if you search for information about it (on Microsoft's site...don't venture outside) you can find some ways to restore some information if you upgrade the way where you will not be able to keep the files you installed.  Hey hope this helps guys! ::)  - chris

  • Also wondering about the full version... I'm planning on building a PC. Some information on the full version(not upgrade) would be greatly appreciated. There is conflicting information available on re-sellers websites and what is on this site. It's very unclear.

  • I like some others have both a laptop with Windows 7 64 bit and a desk top with Windows XP Pro SP3 32 bit. My question is can I update my desktop to a 64 bit system with the update version of Windows 8 Pro.

  • musicrab
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    I think until the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant (W8UA) is seen for REAL we are alll guessing quite a bit.


    1. you really must have an existing INSTALLED license to do the upgrade; the W8UA cannot read your license key from a bit of paper; it will NOT ask you to type an existing key in; also very much doubt you will be able to upgrade from ANY W8 pre-release; that would be "giving it away" ;  that's not Microsoft.

    2. if you have multiple computers to upgrade - a. select download ISO option and burn to USBstick or DVD  b. for each computer you want to upgrade run the setup from the USBstick/DVD

  • Edwatts
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    I have a desktop and two net books   Can download 8 to a thumb drive and load 8 on all three?

  • Halimah
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    Hi, I went to Pre-order win8 but it does not specify if I want a 32 bit or 64bit OS. How will I know that I will get the 64bit. I want to order one 32bit and one 64bit.  Can anyone help me. thank you

  • GerdB
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    I just upgraded my Windows 7 Premium Home with the Anytime Upgrade to Windows 7 Professional.

    What should I use to upgrade to Windows 8, the DVD or a online purchased upgrade?

  • once i download my windows 8 pro will i be able to use it again,if anything goes wrong with my pc in the future.(how many times can i install)

  • Is the locense only for one machine? I have two machines, so will I have to buy two licenses?

  • I have a recipt from Best Buy because I purchased a new desktop and got the $14.99 offer for Windows 8.  Does "Offers limited to five upgrade licenses per customer." mean that I can upgrade both of the computers in my home with Windows 8?  I have a laptop and a desktop that I would like to upgrade.  Is it also $14.99 per computer or for the license?

  • alman53
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    I read in a book by Paul Thurrott, Rafael Rivera, that there will be significant advantages to using the online install vs. DVD, in that Upgrade Advisor and Windows Easy Transfer, among at least one other utility are part of the install online process, but not on DVD. (It can be done manually, but nothing in the setup documentation even mentions the existence of these essential utiities) Is this a correct understanding? And if so, what other surprises might I be in for, since I am have been bitten before by not having done enough deep research into the process.

  • swills
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    Nice to see that UK buyers will be stuffed and have to pay extra for the priv !   £50 otr $80 !

  • praful
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    On the Windows Store for buying Windows 8 Pro (, it says about upgrading to Windows 8:  "If your PC is running Windows 7 Home Basic or Home Premium, your files, programs and settings will easily transfer to Windows 8. If your PC is running Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will need to reinstall your programs. Some features such as touch may require a new PC."

    To be clear, the second quoted sentence seems to be saying that you will have to reinstall your programs if you upgrade from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 8 Pro.

    That seems to contradict an article on TechNet, which says ( that you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro and " keep Windows settings, personal files, and applications from [...] Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate". (I'm assuming that the Windows Store's "programs" are the same as the TechNet article's "applications".)

    Please let me know what I have misunderstood.



  • Yes, as long as you have the original key for the Win7 ultimate you are good to go. The question is for those that do not have an original key!

  • jdofsd
    1 Posts

    I have searched through many, many questions and have yet to find an answer to the question: Can I upgrade to the Win8 Pro $39.99 download version if I am currently using Win8 Release Preview?  I upgraded to the pre-release and release preview versions from Windows 7 Ultimate so I do have an original Win7 key.

  • Question: I don't have my own copy of Windows 7 or any kind of windows OS. I am currently running the W8 preview. Before that I was using either linux or mac. Which version should I pre-order? Is the Windows 8 Professional ok? Also, does Windows 8 Professional have media center?

  • Scott
    1 Posts

    I test a lot of software and occasionally my system gets junked up.  So I do clean installs regularly.  

    If I understand this article correctly, it would make more sense for me to purchase the full OEM version (discs) so that I don't have to first reinstall Win7 each time.  That would waste a lot of time.

    Does that sound right?

  • rgvweb
    59 Posts

    yah! I am going to book this.

  • Mike321
    3 Posts

    I should add Mac Book Pro running Mountain Lion, with Parallels 8 virtual machines.  I see there have been some issues upgrading from Windows 7 running on some virtual machine.

  • Mike321
    3 Posts

    Will Windows 8 run on Mac Book Pro with Parallels 8 virtual machines?

  • Mike321
    3 Posts

    Will Windows 8 Pro be compatible with Mac Book Pro running Parallels 8 virtual machines?

  • Please Release Subscription Based for lyk $10/6mo or lyk $15/year ... o smthn lyk dt ... please try to increase sales through the ideal of "Economies of Scale" . Not retrieve investment thru the few die hard fans f windows, by charging such ridiculous prices... !!! >:P

  • Lelala
    1 Posts

    Thanks for that insightful post!

    First, i feared MS will actually break another glas with selecting very high prices (meaning much higher than 199 USD) - instead, you choosed a very nice (entry oriented) market pricing. Really guys: This may save your whole product, since W8 was not getting the best press prio to its release.

    Having consumer-oriented prices around 100USD (which is quite fair for a software system that is used every day for hours) will give you much more momentum in deploying & rolling out to an even broader base than W7 (or the good ol XP)

    Hopefully the server prices will be also in the "acceptable range" - then you may win, absolutely. Take care of that issue :-)



  • uranus
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    Brandon LeBlanc has said that on line upgrade for $40 may be made from a PC using Release Preview and you "MAY" require to have a genuine original windows 7  key or other. Its not clear how or when this is entered. I have the original Windows 7 disks. I have made clean instals  to Release Preview' but also proceeded to instal the recent Windows 8 Pro 9200 over that and it works fine. Its life is limited to 180 days without the key. Can I now upgrade for $40 from this PC to Windows 8 Pro and my final key activation key? It would seem absurd to have to clean out the present Win8 Pro, then reload Release Preview  simply to get the final product.

  • Hi, Brandon.

    Now,I use Win8 RP upgrade from Pre-install Win7, it works well.Should I reinstall Win7 for running Upgrade Assistant  to install the final version of Win8 ?

  • Bob0920
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    I installed Win8 preview in a virtual machine on my Win7 desktop, and had problems almost from the beginning. Apps consistently crashed, and I wasn't able to fix it even though I posted on the support forum. None of the suggestions worked. I'm a bit apprehensive about installing Win8 over my Win7. Initially I wasn't comfortable with Win8, but the more I used it the more I liked it. If only I could get it to work.

  • You can save $10 at newegg off any windows 8 product with this code:  EMCJNJH82  (you might have to be signed up for their newsletter/promotions, not sure)  

    72 hours only.

  • Brent
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    Another question, if I have a desktop, laptop and a slate that all three are running Windows 7 and I want to upgrade all of the to Windows 8 via the $40 online upgrade offer will I have to download the upgrade file three times?  If I purchase three upgrades online could I just download the upgrade once and use the same install media to upgrade all three systems are is something encoded inside the download that like the product key?  

    It would be helpful if the FAQ that you mentioned above be posted as soon as possible instead of waiting until Oct. 26 so that it would help people that are deciding on placing a pre order or wait until the online upgrade is available.

  • Brent
    8 Posts

    @Bmaeharris - Windows 8 RT will only run on ARM processors and will not be available directly to the public and will only be preloaded on ARM based Windows RT devices.  Also Windows RT will not be able to run traditional Windows programs (x86 & x64).  Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro will run on Intel and AMD x86 and x64 processors and lower power processors like the Intel Atom processors.

  • Brent
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    I have the same question as CRC Kenshin.  If I do the online upgrade for $40 and am able to burn a DVD will I be able to format the hard drive of my Windows 7 system and install Windows 8 on the now blank hard drive for a clean install?  As long as the system has a Windows 7 COA on it I think that I should not be restricted to not having the choice to do a clean install when upgrading from Windows7 to Windows 8.

  • Rarby
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    In the past, Activation Key Codes were linked to the type of media.  I don't mind the electronic copies, but would like at least one Genuine Win8 DVD.  If I buy one Win8 PRO upgrade DVD and then several of the download Win8PRO Upgrade versions, can I use all of the download version key codes with the DVD media, so I have a master hard copy disk with several Key Code licenses?